Pronunciation of Stained
/stˈe͡ɪnd/, /stˈe‍ɪnd/, /s_t_ˈeɪ_n_d/

Antonyms for stained

untouched, more uninfected, more well kept, more crimeless, more clarified, more laundered, speckless, stainless, more unoffending, more cleansed, un spotted, unpolluted, unblemished, un-contaminated, dis-infected, perfect, more uncluttered, de contaminated, anti-septic, wellkept, most unspotted, more uncorrupt, whitened, un-sullied, most unpolluted, lily white, uncluttered, un-offending, most uncontaminated, virginal, cleaned, most unsmudged, un-impeachable, most speckless, clearcut, un-tarnished, well kept, most uncluttered, shiny, not guilty, de-cent, un infected, more guilt free, neat, un-wed, un tainted, free of, neat as button, ordered, un-blemished, more unpolluted, most cleansed, de cent, more speckless, neater, most taintless, neat as a pin, well-kept, Taintless, most dirtless, immaculate, most guiltfree, lilywhite, spic and span, unstained, in the clear, un-corrupted, re strained, clear, purified, un-defiled, de-finite, more uncensurable, graceful, limpid, monogamous, more disinfected, cleanhanded, un-guilty, more taintless, bright, un sullied, most guilt-free, un affected, spic span, groomed, most intemerate, un blemished, more guiltfree, unguiltier, most crimeless, more dirtless, anti septic, most wellkept, more unsmudged, un involved, in-culpable, un tarnished, Unguilty, un-polluted, in nocent, un impaired, sparkling, more well-kept, un soiled, uncontaminated, un adulterated, un-guiltier, un corrupt, in-nocent, un guilty, most uncorrupt, un-adulterated, un-soiled, in culpable, most uncensurable, more unspotted, guiltfree, de finite, Intemerate, more wellkept, combed, Uncensurable, un impeachable, most guilt free, un-tainted, un contaminated, unsmudged, dirtless, cleansed, Crimeless, unoffending, spotless, un wed, most monogamous, more monogamous, most decontaminated, unpainted, most well kept, most cleanhanded, clean, neat as pin, un-infected, unspotted, re fined, tidy, most disinfected, un smudged, orderly, more uncontaminated, un guiltier, more decontaminated, Uncorrupt, un stained, most purified, clear cut, un guiltiest, wholesome, un-spotted, re-strained, neat as a button, un-guiltiest, un defiled, dis infected, un polluted, in experienced, flawless, un-smudged, most impeccant, un cluttered, more intemerate, undefiled, bleached, un-impaired, pure as driven snow, in-experienced, uninfected, most laundered, de-contaminated, un-cluttered, un-involved, more purified, un-stained, most well-kept, un-censurable, cleanly, guilt free, innocent.