Pronunciation of Straight
/stɹˈe͡ɪt/, /stɹˈe‍ɪt/, /s_t_ɹ_ˈeɪ_t/

Antonyms for straight

more bouncing, more cookedup, un thinking, intermixed, un-expected, more resolved, most permed, Gassed, false, reserved, more burnt out, more cheating, more spiraled, most tendrillar, un concerned, out-stretched, played-out, snakelike, lit, boozed up, more circumlocutory, blameworthy, more dogtired, Dipsomaniacal, most dismantled, more dismantled, un-balanced, squintest, de-voted, veering, head long, most y-shaped, in-sincere, most twined, wicked, dis guised, more diskshaped, later, irregular, more hightech, debased, most aslope, bad, more doubleedged, over-balanced, fouled, diluted, digressory, most overestimated, stewed, most deviate, Heteromorphic, crocked, more polluted, un stablest, all inclusive, edgewise, junked, most compass, dis simulating, most sharpcornered, un-natural, disorganized, kinky, dis mantled, wriggly, in cups, Helicoid, more meshed, more cooked-up, most ripped, more orbicular, unscrupulous, twisty, most uncomplimentary, Heteroclite, be-fuddled, more vitiate, most digressory, more bunched, more corkscrew, entwined, co loring, mis-construed, aslope, dis-tended, under mined, most circumlocutory, more quickened, crazy like fox, mis interpreted, more sshaped, prolix, more enraptured, in correct, most afield, down drain, more faced, at length, more undulated, grodier, naughty, unfair, mis-represent, dis-figuring, most confounding, Luxated, most upended, gnarled, cross eyed, more dog-tired, donein, more warped, crinklier, most roman-nosed, most orbed, swirliest, funnier, more dilated, unconscious, most discoid, more double edged, swirlier, libertine, more outstretched, two-faced, de based, helter skelter, more orbed, un soberer, warped, more away, un steadiest, disk-shaped, erroneous, de signing, dis tort, turned, taciturn, under-mined, be wildered, most dislocated, more too too, mis shaping, un-healthiest, more helical, topheavy, un truer, more whirled, more permed, Snowed, more spiraling, most arrondi, most vshaped, out of condition, in ones cups, most humped, degenerate, broken, over-kill, indirect, more sharp-cornered, crooked, most outstretched, mis construes, over done, headlong, un equal, on the ropes, most heteroclite, hammier, dog-tired, more off-target, un nerved, in direct, more vshaped, more romannosed, sophistical, enbowed, more vipery, be-wildering, in one cups, under the influence, politic, most amplified, most sapped, Crotched, more arcuate, more sigmoid, re moved, more upended, Misconstrued, serpentine, more hoodwinking, deformed, ex posed, most too too, be-sotted, spoiled, dis-orderly, exaggerated, tumultous tumultuous, more spastic, weather beaten, most devitalized, most overpowered, most undermined, de voted, unconventional, un-hinged, most warping, gay, scammed, most magnified, more deluding, counter factual, whirligig, inaccurate, sinful, beaklike, splay, too-too, unrighteous, noncontinuous, be lying, insideout, different, most double-edged, Crimpy, de-signing, un clearer, most enraptured, most caricatural, dis posed, de pressed, more scarred, bending, more trashed, bombed, more dislocated, in volute, dis ordered, most playedout, wrigglier, most bowing, inter-twined, most offtarget, curly, more hyperbolic, evil-minded, in sincere, mattier, more inebriate, long way home, most doubleedged, re-mote, verbose, Declinate, most intertwined, sshaped, most outraged, contrary fact, most littered, more strewn, un-steadier, diskshaped, un-fairest, more double-edged, most spastic, most slinking, ambagious, dissolute, dis-posed, crinkliest, in-sincerer, volute, dis-ingenuous, most scoundrelly, more off base, hightech, downsideup, de filed, more donein, most vitiated, most juiced, squiggly, most s shaped, dis located, screwshaped, more deceiving, pirouettes, trump up, un common, more bashed, more totaled, more yshaped, more heteroclite, upended, tortuous, re supine, dis-reputable, most put on, ambiguous, hastily, dis-arranged, hyperbolic, more curious, more deviate, dissembling, more marred, crockest, atrocious, gross, un-soberest, inside-out, most akimbo, more s shaped, dis-armed, phony up, mis-shape, most double-crossing, more humped, sub missive, more globose, quickwitted, more vermiculate, un-trustworthy, strabismic, more outspread, maudlin, more undulatory, dis-ordered, more wound, half-seas over, most played-out, dis loyal, under influence, most lashed, drunk, corrupted, drunk as skunk, more far ranging, more helicoid, more scoundrelly, un-truest, most gassed, more shattered, incurved, more bluffing, drunk as a skunk, most nonsymmetrical, maziest, more ambagious, most elusory, incontinuous, more vibrating, helterskelter, mis represents, more downsideup, un fairest, imprecise, egg shaped, twistier, far off, most banded, falsehearted, unmindfully, de touring, more lassoed, un-sober, out of gas, frizzled, impish, most ill-made, mis-construing, spiraling, disorderly, not straightforward, more played-out, erring, most circumvoluted, most crotched, under handed, double edged, more screw shaped, un-planned, most enbowed, most sidelong, most crinkled, most gyrating, dis-torts, more cooked up, more dissimulating, over blown, sullied, more slinking, more inclining, over estimated, quick witted, more deviative, de-generated, more downside up, depraved, high tech, more voluted, non-symmetrical, most burnt out, intermingled, more roman nosed, most jibing, zigzag, evasive, most adrift, mis-used, un-tidy, dis reputable, most demolished, hurriedly, infamous, slouchiest, be fuddled, more equivocating, un natural, orbicular, crimpier, more twotiming, improper, off mark, unseemly, more expanded, more disproportional, crisp, dogtired, more arrondi, dis tended, most angled, un commoner, most yshaped, labyrinthine, ex cursive, convolute, gone to seed, un fair, over kill, most played out, more gyrating, over whelmed, un-substantial, more junked, Arcuated, detouring, unprincipled, over-whelmed, more tortured, mis-construes, un considered, most captivated, be-lied, more stonewalling, sinuous, de signless, pre-tended, re solute, most covering, feeling no pain, long drawn out, most folded, topsy-turvy, on ropes, more undermined, more eaglelike, most leaning, un tidiest, befouled, convoluted, most undulatory, Scrolled, most eaglelike, more crotched, out condition, putting one on, more whorled, more concocted, be lied, dis-figure, downside-up, vipery, onesided, ex cited, Gnarling, more degenerated, most tripping, inconsequent, more casuistic, overbalanced, un-complimentary, prone, seeing double, most s-shaped, most frizzed, dis-tort, more off-base, wily, most faced, grody, un mindfully, more entangled, un faithful, gnarls, phonying up, most sshaped, level, at random, dis-mantled, in-tangible, more off target, most marred, most voluted, round, more slumped, most lassoed, more entwined, most obliquitous, besmirched, shit-faced, tight-lipped, most plotting, on a trip, more shot, in-firmest, Forsworn, more abused, most curled, un hinged, most euphoric, far ranging, civil, mean, more v shaped, mis representative, dissipated, sharp-cornered, corkscrew, edgeways, dis torts, Undulatory, soused, more played out, dis-proportional, most declinate, more caricatural, more circling, streetwise, un-fairer, most vermiculate, more evened, more crinkling, more y shaped, untraditional, most turned, unethical, most vipery, more compass, winding, more chaffing, defiled, most arcuate, wavy, more dissembling, trumping up, far-ranging, made out like, most off target, whirligigs, courteous, more arching, most misused, de cline, in cautiously, un-commonest, most bifurcate, dis figures, squinter, Elusory, wide, most pitched, more immobilized, by way of, Incontinently, most fargone, in series, Twining, large scale, euphoric, three sheets the wind, mis construed, ironic, most beguiling, circumvoluted, most prevaricating, most high tech, more anamorphic, doubled over, farranging, most consumed, more veering, permed, uneven, misproportioned, most fagged, most snarled, de formed, most entangled, watered-down, in tangible, too too, under-handed, bi furcate, co-loring, most clustered, most ill made, most overbalanced, twisting and turning, biflected, objectionable, crapulous, playing games, in-discriminate, tanked, evil, ex-pended, most leveled, most scarred, unsuitable, most frizzled, phonies up, mis-shapes, curvilineal, most deluding, contrary to fact, more offtarget, strung out, limp, un-tidiest, winding around, most arcuated, un methodical, ready drop, overkill, had it, most shit-faced, off course, arced, uncommunicative, unjust, more illmade, more hunchbacked, more intersecting, most entwined, most done in, three sheets to wind, more designless, more aslant, most wreathed, more prevaricating, more disk-shaped, discoid, abnormal, out of line, most embroidered, most disarranged, roman nosed, de vitalized, close-mouthed, spiralled, most biflected, vicious, most orbiculate, un-orthodox, washed up, most undulated, de clines, angular, laconic, in sincerer, crafty, hetero clite, bulbous, most helicoid, most resolved, more expended, more juiced, mis construe, more fargone, tootoo, most quickened, rolled, most sinuate, most tanked, more braided, compounded, more crossing, most misrepresentative, more luxated, more streetwise, varying, cam, un-conventional, most downsideup, ripped, most equivocating, un-soberer, turbinate, dis-honest, more ringed, re-supine, all over the map, un-stabler, humped, off-target, face down, turning, Snaking, more hunched, devious, mis-shaping, burnt-out, more orbiculate, Zigzagging, over balanced, more enfeebled, more playedout, dis armed, most circling, Undulant, most downside up, caricatural, in tent, pell mell, more magnified, de-based, most outspread, over-wrought, more overestimated, obliquitous, more wilted, untrue, most meshed, mis-represents, mis-representing, most buzzed, most acclivous, more inside-out, bummest, most shuffling, most conniving, up turned, out spread, more buckled, uncomplimentary, Declivous, slouchy, de-touring, more two timing, more s-shaped, more unnerved, most hunchbacked, most anamorphic, ex-posed, most casuistical, most oscillating, de-signless, un-usual, more curled, yshaped, un-mindfully, dis jointed, dis-guised, more circumvoluted, most curling, soiled, lied, de-formed, joined, most farranging, un-clearest, in-coherent, more clinched, crosseyed, most designless, voluted, most piqued, most burnt-out, slouchier, most dog tired, dog tired, washed out, un soberest, in-direct, more swindling, inebriated, whitewashed, far-gone, most twotiming, one sided, largescale, most globose, in capacitated, most disk shaped, most unnerved, deceitful, de generated, more double crossing, most skewed, over come, knotted, casuistical, up-turned, more turned, most two-timing, more baffled, top heavy, most frazzled, most spiralled, un healthy, y shaped, grodiest, more clustered, more bifurcate, more snakelike, more prostrated, spiraled, more inside out, dis figuring, fuddled, doubleedged, Daedal, re-solute, topsyturvy, Misrepresentative, most declivous, twisted, offbase, Orbed, dishonest, Pirouetted, nefarious, more lithesome, unmethodical, most detouring, most inside-out, fargone, most spiraled, re-solved, in curved, madeup, CAMER, in accurate, most fuddled, most galvanized, most doublecrossing, un loyal, un-tidier, downside up, most cochlear, deflective, considerate, most disk-shaped, un-common, un sound, most bashed, un-sounder, un realistic, farout, debauched, willynilly, mis-leading, matted, unsoberest, ludicrous, three sheets to the wind, illmade, more imitation, most evened, knotty, Commingled, dis proportionate, most waggling, sharp cornered, out proportion, most incurved, most far-gone, most braided, divaricate, most divaricate, most shitfaced, most strewn, under the influence of intoxicating liquor, devil may care, more waggling, most hunched, arrondi, more offbase, most dissimulating, mis used, scopic, more demagogic, more furled, un-clearer, indecent, pre-disposed, in one's cups, de-filed, more ill made, fagged, de-pressed, played out, more acclivous, more shit faced, most crossing, more frazzled, disk shaped, most contorted, villainous, iniquitous, swirly, more humpbacked, most tootoo, most degenerated, twisting turning, more laced, so called, un tidy, equivocal, more burntout, ex pended, mis shapes, prostrate, higgledypiggledy, more unmethodical, can worms, ex-cursive, sideways, more sharp cornered, most screw-shaped, more resupine, most sophistical, changing, un stable, most v shaped, un sounder, most disproportional, most resupine, most trashed, un-soundest, phonied up, disordered, up ended, most helical, more strabismic, more enbowed, untrustworthy, Frizzed, more insideout, pro-nest, more tanked, arched, wordy, lithesome, most stylized, most spheroid, disproportional, most blemished, most off-base, more undulate, Purled, restrained, tied one on, more rascally, curvey, most cookedup, most canted, sidewise, tactful, washedup, more hitched, outspread, offtarget, most imprecise, done-in, most bouncing, over-blown, more staggered, allinclusive, most streetwise, more domical, most totaled, in continently, most stonewalling, mazy, most deviative, dis figure, lopsided, topsy turvy, mis represent, paradoxical, most bunched, un-premeditated, in-constant, in-cautiously, most apostate, most ambagious, trumps up, here and there, merged, most bluffing, fallen, more unloyal, intoxicated, twistiest, un-sound, gnarl, mis leading, un-conscious, un-clear, more blemished, most imitation, un-fair, out-raged, Boozed, more gassed, most roman nosed, most cooked up, nonconsecutive, most forsworn, un systematic, long winded, dis proportional, meandering, makebelieve, turnedon, curved, more misused, more ill-made, most dissembling, a bit thick, most dogtired, juiced, more sharpcornered, more crimped, wasted, unerect, more shuffling, make out like, most snaking, tendrillar, most swindling, nonsymmetrical, most inside out, in-sincerest, more digressory, most double crossing, high-tech, more buzzed, more cochlear, sharpcornered, head-long, more high tech, sinusoidal, most scrolled, vshaped, more detouring, sneaky, cooked-up, camest, most mangled, hammiest, spent, more paradoxical, in-curved, more disarmed, all in, dis-proportionate, trans-verse, more galvanized, most whorled, un premeditated, in-consolable, more warping, bi-furcate, mis shaped, gone seed, more fagged, un-concerned, more disarranged, more two-timing, off-balance, dis arranged, oddest, most high-tech, black, ex tensive, squigglier, out of proportion, more banded, whirligigging, un-commoner, most strabismic, more afield, under influence intoxicating liquor, more nonsymmetrical, twofaced, immoral, most digressing, circumlocutory, most lithesome, de-cline, off balance, most crinkling, incorporated, more inclinatory, conjoined, dishonestly, most orbicular, most casuistic, most v-shaped, more double-crossing, most donein, unbecoming, most askant, farreaching, longwinded, hetero-clite, most unloyal, more crinkled, Designless, de-vitalized, most screwshaped, uni versal, more mythomaniac, casuistic, tumultous-tumultuous, Trashed, in-congruous, most illmade, most shit faced, coalesced, helical, haphazard, dis-loyal, in-firmer, mazier, tumultoustumultuous, most crimped, most corkscrew, un-real, most done-in, tied on, more curling, un-steadiest, more fluctuating, more casuistical, most inebriate, pie-eyed, screw shaped, most immobilized, under influence of intoxicating liquor, long way, un-organized, more daedal, halfseas over, crimpiest, mis-proportioned, totaled, un steadier, most expended, most wrenched, linked, shitfaced, crabwise, indecorous, most tilting, demagogic, wrecked, most polluted, un-healthy, most ringed, more screw-shaped, more embroidered, un fairer, more pitched, more tendrillar, rounded, in-volute, most far ranging, in sincerest, most arching, counter-factual, more divaricate, three sheets wind, more vitiated, more demolished, most vitiate, more bewildering, sinuate, un-systematic, out line, uni-versal, mis represented, trans verse, most slumped, inhibited, un-founded, more elusory, puts one on, dis-figures, mythomaniac, in firmest, more frizzled, more contorted, un planned, more tilting, long way around, most spiraling, Matty, Willy nilly, resupine, dis orderly, most waved, un commonest, squiggliest, mis-interpreted, most puton, more burnt-out, more sophistical, lithe, more plotting, most insideout, bowed low, sly, burntout, limber, cockeyed, most daedal, aslant, off-base, arcuate, far reaching, splayest, aquiline, mis-construe, globose, most fabricated, more folded, mis interpreting, stoned, twirl, most hyperbolic, most burntout, un usual, hypocritical, tipsy, on trip, amalgamated, screw-shaped, cochlear, most wound, most scopic, befuddled, horizontal, un-methodical, most vagrant, off the mark, more put on, mis taken, diplomatic, most whirled, sidelong, dis-cursive, more arcuated, alcoholic, more put-on, most dog-tired, most luxated, potted, dis ingenuous, most expanded, most y shaped, any old way, unloyal, more far gone, most sigmoid, out rest, more apostate, most demagogic, dilute, most deceiving, un conscious, curving, more waving, un stabler, most tortured, un sober, un clearest, un founded, fused, mis shape, under table, distort, Pellmell, be sotted, be-lying, more declivous, long-winded, shit faced, more sinuate, most intersecting, more obliquitous, put one on, puton, more shitfaced, perverted, pro nest, mis-interprets, most downside-up, be wildering, extra ordinary, more roman-nosed, hammy, high as a kite, more littered, scamming, out raged, more disk shaped, flukest, more wrenched, more discoid, most veering, most far gone, weaving, purl, most mythomaniac, more lashed, looped, humpbacked, in firm, more misproportioned, un healthier, more v-shaped, circuitous, unsoberer, more covering, snaky, thrown away, whorled, dis-located, most off base, more biflected, under the influence intoxicating liquor, more overpowered, sloping, in firmer, Snowing, gyred, more askance, more ironic, mis interprets, more leaning, blended, un truest, un substantial, intermittent, more digressing, most two timing, most staggered, more fuddled, more overbalanced, un healthiest, more tootoo, more clumped, in congruous, quiet, ready to drop, weatherbeaten, most heteromorphic, more twined, more incurved, most concocted, more uncomplimentary, more beaklike, dopey, un-considered, un conventional, more piqued, more oscillating, un clear, higgledy piggledy, more leveled, more heteromorphic, spiral, s shaped, un-stable, most hoodwinking, sloshed, corrupt, most furled, here there, upsidedown, most enfeebled, smashed, un-stablest, more ripped, more waved, Half seas over, offensive, more incurvate, more sapped, askant, mixed, more straggling, un steady, most beaklike, helter-skelter, more misrepresentative, Purling, most warped, more too-too, most offbase, most straggling, extra-ordinary, most cooked-up, crazy like a fox, mis representing, un-reliable, rambling, more overkill, all over map, most double edged, beaked, un-equal, more askant, most humpbacked, most hightech, in-valid, overestimated, high as kite, more stylized, purls, dis-organized, scoundrelly, liquored up, offcolor, more snaking, in-continently, un-thinking, out-rest, most twining, hypo critical, loaded, indirectly, implied, most romannosed, wound, dis organized, most vibrating, most backbiting, mis proportioned, reticent, most askance, twined, two faced, socalled, more vagrant, wry, spastic, un-truer, astray, arching, Domical, mis-representative, combined, more sidelong, most wilted, over-estimated, wreathed, errant, most hitched, more downside-up, mattiest, reprobate, roundabout, fluker, whirligigged, un expected, romannosed, united, most incurvate, more jibing, rascally, over-powered, in-capacitated, cookedup, incurvate, knocked over, in confusion, eaglelike, most domical, more distracting, polite, more captivated, dis-jointed, in valid, offbalance, high, randomly, pickled, non symmetrical, splayer, un reliable, more skewed, wriggliest, most buckled, more frizzed, looping, more screwshaped, un orthodox, un-loyal, un tidier, more y-shaped, most inclinatory, intricate, more euphoric, in discriminate, more bowing, most baffled, most sharp-cornered, most snagged, dis-simulating, ex-cited, more scrolled, spheroid, out gas, v shaped, over powered, more forsworn, more wreathed, mis-represented, more declinate, gyring, dis honest, un-faithful, Lassoed, slanted, most diskshaped, mis construing, more angled, more canted, mis-guided, vermiculate, more confounding, more spiralled, unsober, most screw shaped, sigmoid, misleading, most sharp cornered, Inclinatory, Crocker, most distracting, up-ended, most junked, more twining, bent, most shot, faking one out, more far-ranging, double-edged, more akimbo, deviative, dis cursive, incautiously, most laced, off color, de-clines, under the table, more conniving, be-wildered, more adrift.