Pronunciation of Strong
/stɹˈɒŋ/, /stɹˈɒŋ/, /s_t_ɹ_ˈɒ_ŋ/

Antonyms for strong

flat on one back, most light-footed, most fine grained, in accurate, un-truest, more reactive, ex-plosive, in capacitated, wellbred, un inspired, stiltest, unequipped, more contracted, meta-physical, gone to seed, most starknaked, softer, more muted, most stinted, dis-concerted, white bread, incapacitated, un-dependable, more feeling, Fortuneless, in-apter, most middle of road, subordinate, worn-out, more well born, most good for nothing, more disheartened, scraggiest, tame, in the buff, un reactive, ripe, insignificant, twobit, most anticlimactic, sylphlike, unsteady, mis taken, most fluctuant, hairtrigger, more well-born, un-ruffled, more amazed, hazy, pallid, in-definite, dis-organized, creaky, basket-case, dis-tasteful, more cut-rate, stilter, Unthriving, most low hanging, un friendliest, most forceless, far off, Commiserable, helpless, more splintering, lowdown, unglued, un-worthier, bleeding-heart, most unsufficient, in-capacitated, un-assertive, in-expert, up for grabs, unreliable, wornout, un substantial, more mild mannered, Unconsequential, sterile, dis heartening, blueblooded, dis-agreeable, washed out, linear, overripe, nonbelligerent, in definite, in-expensive, un clad, most unprosperous, Unmasculine, lowset, more wellborn, all in, bland, waferthin, not have it, more whitebread, over indulged, more light-footed, lamest, smooth, in-frequent, un-promising, most mirrorlike, gradual, most pigeonhearted, Fracturing, wabblier, most fretted, more faltering, most unfitting, nice, un-seemliest, in-eligible, dis armed, most frosted, spineless, most unaligned, not solid, in curable, Wabbly, un-ablest, dis quieted, un-prejudiced, more unsatisfying, most dehydrated, most quavering, more light footed, un-pretentious, un dependable, most unconsequential, most yellow-bellied, anile, whitebread, more badgered, re gular, most driveling, un safer, wobbly, un-manlier, fair minded, more attenuate, in sane, more malfunctioning, de generate, cut-rate, in fecund, low down, sub best, not set, de vitalized, sluggish, unmanlike, most purportless, changeful, weakkneed, dis concerting, most undernourished, more hobbling, more gracile, more controvertible, tottery, most peanut, most disqualified, un-concerned, more out-of-commission, in defensible, mis tier, bad tempered, more played-out, meanspirited, trans-lucent, around in circles, un-sounder, more depreciated, more pigeon, in-distinguishable, most undignified, frail, dis-robed, un-deviating, undignified, off one feet, all aquiver, in-disposed, starving, un-enthusiastic, most badgered, indefinite, more bleached, more lovey-dovey, pint-sized, dis advantaged, more fluctuating, most tumbled, whitish, lusterless, more devalued, pointless, de-pressed, under hand, dis-eased, twiglike, like sitting duck, sub altern, more bleeding-heart, craven, more ill-equipped, in disposed, in-experienced, pro-found, poorer, more played out, featherweight, polest, doughier, depressed, un biased, in apter, more low down, Qualmish, feeble minded, yielding, under-standing, light, Gossamery, un refined, in adequate, upsidedown, weaponless, most subaltern, out on one feet, found wanting, vulnerable, yellow, illdefined, most paper tiger, un troubled, Impuissant, more sensile, in saner, un responsive, ill fated, un-gracious, anti climactic, de-finite, dis-orderly, most imponderous, more unbacked, gimpest, more hindered, sickly, trivial, more stark naked, more cushiony, more supersensitive, effeminate cockney, most hungering, good tempered, mis-tier, most hair-trigger, small fry, toneless, needle in haystack, most low-toned, more silvery, incomplete, half-pint, Subalternate, in-variable, off feet, unassured, most cowering, most dispersed, on limb, unforceful, easy, more unassured, re-tiring, cant cut it, trans parent, crispy, more twilight, paper-thin, most far-gone, indistinct, most playedout, more flatitious, Shattery, in-saner, on line, meaningless, more disheartening, meager, more browbeaten, more cutrate, more cured, un sustaining, most weak kneed, dis respectful, unrestful, flat on ones back, unable, more unproficient, unfitting, more pussycat, more noncombatant, dangerous, tapped out, more hairtrigger, most foreboding, un imaginative, more middle of road, uncertain, bummed out, dis agreeable, Substract, most ho-hum, most bleeding-heart, more lowlying, more discomposed, weak-kneed, faint, more pint-sized, more tender-hearted, most done-in, mis-leading, more hogtied, inter mediate, most uncool, more caressing, emotionable, lilylivered, in-defensible, marked down, under sized, dove like, more tender hearted, more waferthin, un-trustworthy, most beanstalk, un firmest, more fracturable, more sucker, creakiest, under average, most stalled, fraught with danger, Dudder, in-decisive, more hamstrung, in-consolable, unskilled, pukish, doughiest, goodnatured, most lightfooted, more hairline, limber, un covered, more lenitive, un aligned, ailing, meek, in-commensurate, un worthier, cant hack it, most toppled, good natured, invertebrate, wishy-washy, in competent, wussier, most splintery, Butter-fingered, most wellborn, more perturbable, insipid, more weaving, de-hydrated, lowkey, more skeleton, gone seed, most butter-fingered, most tumble-down, most harassed, in the altogether, be draggled, most subalternate, ho hum, more unclothed, inept, going for broke, un-clad, more deadened, more blended, ill-bred, sweet-tempered, more anguished, un clothed, in-credible, most cut rate, counter-factual, unfitted, un gracious, weak willed, de-based, dis orderly, most constricted, most basket-case, hands tied, finegrained, more mildmannered, more dehydrated, more recherche, more amoebalike, de-pressing, most lemon, on sidelines, over-wrought, ashake, not able, most hamstrung, wellborn, doubtful, upper-class, most floatable, ghostest, secondfiddle, house of cards, dog-tired, most planate, more lowborn, under privileged, untrustworthy, more trembling, calm, Poltroonish, ill, un easier, faltering, de terminate, hairline, most attenuate, most rippleless, dis-tressed, noncombatant, more undeviating, in cautious, most diluted, mild mannered, in bad way, feeling rotten, out limb, idle, in securest, more velvety, un prejudiced, more yellow bellied, hyper-sensitive, most consumed, tremorous, most illbred, un suitable, most light footed, un profitable, Fluctuant, un-prosperous, most sapless, dis ordered, powerless, most gracile, sickish, de pending, in distinct, un varying, more slashed, more humbled, shantier, un even, in conceivable, sub-standard, good-for-nothing, low toned, non-germane, most skeleton, non belligerent, more rock-bottom, most unbacked, disadvantaged, un-guarded, more hog-tied, in line fire, most laid low, more subnormal, controlled by, not there, be arable, most papertiger, un ablest, jellylike, Bummed, in sufficient, un-qualified, most thinned, emptyhanded, in-animate, un-becoming, hypersensitive, most achromic, more subaltern, re liablest, in pits, most dove-like, flimsy, boiled down, feckless, more chicken, more nontoxic, diseased, unretentive, more declining, faint-hearted, house cards, more bared, more poltroonish, barely sufficient, most groundlevel, most weaponless, un heaviest, more frustrating, most defeasible, not so hot, more piano, more unconfirmed, most emasculated, weatherbeaten, un assuming, un-fit, most disheartening, down the dumps, more butter-fingered, careworn, un-favorable, un-grounded, un-convincing, more discolored, un qualified, un apter, stale, most craving, more basketcase, most controvertible, bedridden, outta gas, in-conceivable, most substract, most illequipped, most unpromising, most ripened, in experienced, more smallfry, unsettled, more impugnable, goodtempered, more splitting, more collapsing, more fragile, more full flavored, impotent, un-restful, out of shape, dove-like, well born, breakable, more groundlevel, in-proficient, more expended, fore boding, most taper, off ones feet, up tight, de pressed, un-substantial, dis-interested, most disenfranchised, wrong number, more white bread, most recherche, dis colored, shatterable, overindulgent, more unsufficient, more polluted, hardly any, most unbroken, un masculine, un-broken, lame, most wiggling, more low toned, gracile, in operative, played out, in valid, fainter, under-sized, all torn up, undemanding, more dwarfed, un-predictable, un-friendlier, unarmed, in-appropriate, most painless, most unfulfilling, more unshielded, dis solved, end angered, more faint hearted, most small fry, sub missive, most qualmish, in-effectual, more broomstick, un shielded, un couth, touchy, more below, shrimper, more paper thin, de pressing, most unscrewed, unadapted, more nongermane, lily livered, off deep end, tricky, dis-advantaged, fruity, slowmoving, more tumble down, more jellylike, most bilious, more small fry, dead tired, complacent, Hungering, un-safe, low grade, most mild-mannered, in animate, Errable, most compressed, un-heavy, un-varying, bone weary, most full flavored, played-out, inexpert, more changeful, moderate, un promising, most cut-rate, falling short, more blemished, most burnt-out, most brahmin, in line of fire, dis composed, un-fitting, out of condition, haggard, most pent, more stretched, listless, tender hearted, irrelevant, wiggliest, de lightful, most emptyhanded, in-secure, un desirable, cant make grade, with hands tied, flexible, most whitish, un amplest, most upper-class, most finegrained, out sorts, more bendable, hair trigger, more errable, more bilious, most basketcase, most muted, more dovelike, most hohum, in birthday suit, in-adequate, most unshielded, most circumscribed, not to, more butterfingers, more unassembled, bare-skinned, more floatable, most milquetoast, more finegrained, more papery, most fracturable, more muttering, more shattering, more brahmin, bilious, most white bread, harmless, mild, un-soundest, most vexed, more whitish, most empty handed, most malfunctioning, sissier, un suited, low-down, un clear, Pithless, in efficient, most shoestring, dis reputable, more tumbled, down in mouth, unaccented, little, un kindest, in auspicious, more emasculate, inactive, un exciting, un reliable, more unglued, most nonirritating, most teetering, more halfpint, non-irritating, fore-boding, out of earshot, in-firmer, un-costly, inconsequential, turned on to, most emasculate, not enough, wafer-thin, un-fortunate, dis honorable, most younger, more fretted, un-inspiring, most nontoxic, more dynamite, unproficient, more poker faced, bystanding, unassertive, more low hanging, frosted, more disquieted, more bated, not make it, in vicious circle, most dog hungry, de-generated, un-lucky, most neutralized, flowery, worn down, most anile, in-accurate, light footed, small, thin skinned, un interrupted, most pithless, Imponderous, straiter, more small-fry, more beanstalk, stickest, most malnourished, dis engaged, tippier, more unnerved, in-sufficient, dangersome, in the line fire, most butter fingered, pigeonhearted, in a decline, most bleached, more nonparticipating, flat back, more stark-naked, Beggared, de generated, most tearing, unimportant, unsound, more fracturing, dis robed, up set, most chicken, more sweet tempered, un-firmer, un-important, more vitiated, most yellowbellied, un consequential, Finicking, more easy-going, in buff, more cowed, most trembling, most splitting, un fitted, wimpest, un-real, in commensurate, lethargic, most out of commission, most dissembled, most unpeaceful, weakest, un-defined, most tender-hearted, more anile, most ill bred, most unassertive, un-fitted, most depending, un healthier, inadequate, silvery, most ill-equipped, reediest, most unadapted, had it, more foreboding, dis-passionate, tipped over, more ripened, hanging by thread, niggardly, unfirmest, un-manly, most weak-kneed, re-served, erroneous, more gossamery, most sweet-tempered, glitchest, weakwilled, unhealthy, most under, most etiolated, paper-tiger, imprecise, planate, stone broke, more limping, un-happy, more fortuneless, too little too late, glitcher, most rock bottom, down drain, fragile, un confirmed, stalkiest, in the line of fire, light-footed, co wed, tippy, peckish, un dignified, most disarmed, wide the mark, pigeon, most lowhanging, more nothing, most reckoning, jerry built, more sapped, kind, more dog-hungry, un-quietest, un happy, dis qualified, unsatisfying, retro grade, un manlier, more pampered, more emotionable, most unmanful, more flawed, more bummed, more cracking, mild-mannered, scraggy, unassembled, boneweary, more hair-trigger, most flatitious, on the spot, in a bad way, more slow moving, more stalled, not taut, most paper thin, more bleedingheart, most half pint, in corporeal, quiet, un-cool, disciplined, more low-down, more wasting, most blurred, low set, non-toxic, most unzipped, disappointing, Strengthless, un-stabler, most lovey dovey, ground-level, un-trained, un healthful, in the pits, uncostly, sick as dog, de formed, touchy feely, non partisan, in-vertebrate, laid-back, in-distinct, most dogtired, more circumscribed, most bone-weary, halter, un-safest, most lowborn, un-refined, under-privileged, un involved, most lovey-dovey, be reft, nobody home, most half-pint, un-profitable, unfit, most nether, sustained by, all nerves, dis-mayed, de-feasible, unstressed, stupid, sick as a dog, un sounder, infirm, non-belligerent, more substract, more out of action, more worndown, crispiest, more etiolated, more driveling, unhandier, more hohum, most papery, slow, more middle-of-road, treacherous, un careful, under-hand, un luckiest, far fetched, most disciplined, lower, in proficient, un-handy, un-demanding, in vertebrate, more defecting, more ill bred, un-sustaining, un-safer, more half pint, de-grading, no way, most unassured, adulterated, more shriveled, weak, un-assembled, fine grained, re tiring, most flawed, around circles, more hair trigger, more unpleasing, insufficient, more basket-case, most unglued, most waferthin, undeviating, more ho hum, incompetent, more lightfooted, singing the blues, over-ripe, not up scratch, more strengthless, most laid-low, on sick list, most stark-naked, not a prayer, most smashing, un-quiet, more forceless, most bystanding, ground level, most ruffled, unpeaceful, wide open, zilcher, slackspined, nonirritating, un abler, more dispersed, de-moralizing, most hairtrigger, un-firm, donein, non aligned, pre-carious, bottommost, out a limb, most faltering, sick, in fertile, out on one's feet, dis loyal, un broken, more taper, weak-willed, dis-composed, more unstressed, more tapered, uninspiring, un ampler, be-draggled, in frequent, more achromic, in raw, more white-bread, in significant, more shadow, more secondfiddle, most tender hearted, mean spirited, on slippery ground, de moralizing, most commiserable, un-ethical, lithesome, lowpitched, anticlimactic, re-liable, most laidlow, most rockbottom, un-necessary, re-gular, more fine-grained, more unzipped, in efficacious, de hydrated, most frustrating, under-average, mellow, most pint sized, papery, low-toned, un stable, un kinder, most sweettempered, in-securer, in eligible, jerrybuilt, rickety, perilous, most bared, recreant, unsteadiest, laidback, out ones feet, deficient, most splintering, sub-normal, most slashed, un sound, open to attack, wabbliest, un-steady, most cracking, most rock-bottom, tissuelike, nocent, un handiest, most rattled, easily affected, most sickish, strait laced, in-complete, defeasible, falsehearted, abstinent, more yellowbellied, ill mannered, in need, more sweet-tempered, de grading, dis-qualified, emasculated, unreactive, un offensive, most unrestful, Mistakable, more frosted, un draped, most aside, disabled, tenuous, reactive, more undernourished, most smallfry, pappier, most cured, more secondstring, most humbled, woodsy, Unsustaining, more crouched, more toneless, tied to apron strings, squattiest, not excessive, most fine-grained, can't make the grade, scurviest, in-valid, un-successful, more painless, in-considerable, faint hearted, precarious, more immobilized, most slack-spined, un hinged, most hobbling, un-accented, un-persuasive, more good for nothing, most worndown, more sensatory, more enfeebled, in nocuous, un fulfilling, most disrobed, more uninspiring, more unthriving, slack, most handcuffed, most ground-level, un healthiest, most abased, more overpowered, un-desirable, most apostate, unstable, subbest, un-responsive, de filed, laidup, more bruised, more ashake, out on limb, more lowhanging, in-auspicious, re-active, most tremorous, more slackspined, impugnable, un-even, agreeable, nonparticipating, most unassembled, more neutralized, more cowering, Purportless, out commission, down in dumps, un luckier, more undignified, dis tressed, most burnt out, irresolute, full flavored, incidental to, scurvy, most donein, lowborn, sensatory, most contracted, lowgrade, more basket case, more peeled, more sickish, most pint-sized, trans lucent, under-stated, de-vitalized, most amateur, more nowhere, more attenuated, more qualmish, wide of mark, un veiled, sub alternate, more tissuelike, more upper class, in capable, fallible, more toppled, more second-fiddle, more nonirritating, un-clearest, doghungry, un stressed, pappiest, most improficient, more invertebrate, most yellow bellied, more overripe, most secondfiddle, more papertiger, more unadapted, ready to drop, not equal to, malfunctioning, uncompelling, most sapped, most ashake, zilchest, in firmest, flatitious, defenseless, over come, puny, ticklish, most undraped, more unmasculine, all off, most unveiled, most caring, more burntout, non toxic, feeling terrible, un-moving, most pinned, upperclass, spicy, gimpier, fore sighted, unenthusiastic, fagged, more softie, down and out, tasteless, most blended, more tempered, more shatterable, most lenitive, most mellifluent, most cut, reedy, un-kinder, most second string, ex-pended, most lowlying, more degenerated, most slow moving, most waxlike, in-nocuous, Doubtable, more paperthin, in credible, more weak kneed, most bare skinned, qualmy, most hospitalized, more bare-skinned, degenerate, most stark naked, most subsided, uncool, most piano, discriminated against, in-different, most unmasculine, see through, un-inspired, in-firm, in decisive, most blemished, de-graded, more unprosperous, sweet tempered, un-manliest, under stated, most unpleasing, un stabler, most dynamite, re strained, on fence, most sluggard, more frictionless, more starknaked, most wasting, un assertive, fracturable, starknaked, more low set, under-mined, most unnerved, peaceful, in appropriate, most low set, un-palatable, most poker faced, wide mark, watered-down, more weak-kneed, most woundable, more fine grained, most unconfirmed, un nerved, un becoming, more shaven, weakened, un-manful, off color, more faint-hearted, a wreck, un seemlier, un handy, bundle of nerves, more forbearant, most errable, in considerable, sticker, shrimp, dependent, bleedingheart, re-lying, most enfeebled, un-sufficient, most milk and water, without a stitch, most forbearant, un successful, ignorant, not much, most played-out, most empty-handed, in-capable, more pint sized, most bruised, dis pleasing, more cottony, more weaponless, most twilight, by-standing, bareskinned, demure, most bummed, most busted, un retentive, most undermined, more chiffon, un-satisfying, in-competent, on the qui vive, more dismayed, un-steadiest, un-believable, in different, re served, unscrewed, flat tire, most shattery, un fit, runnier, un enthusiastic, more rattled, poler, un assembled, upset, un-backed, unguarded, shallow, more demulcent, come apart, more stinted, sub-alternate, most played out, in poor health, un-assured, un easiest, under mined, laid-low, ho-hum, in-effective, more smashing, un-imaginative, up-set, more inproficient, on qui vive, no good, most nongermane, un-involved, dis interested, un predictable, crumby, out shape, in solvent, crippled, painless, more unpersuasive, lovey-dovey, fairminded, more murmuring, in-active, wimpier, runniest, most rattleboned, un-easier, more peewee, un equal, scurvier, leafless, up creek without paddle, more unpeaceful, most seconds, on thin ice, flat broke, all heart, more linear, most appurtenant, most gossamery, like silk, under-handed, un happiest, in-fertile, un-easiest, un worthiest, aquake, most warped, in effective, more teetering, more dove like, more unelevated, most wimpish, dis enfranchised, doughy, most pampered, down mouth, more satellite, slow moving, un-exciting, sissiest, most botched, most overindulgent, shrimpest, un trained, most divested, most doubtable, tender, unpleasing, exhausted, un-retentive, shaky, re-mote, most full-flavored, more dog hungry, most boneweary, un-shielded, Perturbable, most bated, more pinned, most quaking, more undermined, more abased, most beneath, most low toned, most cowed, most paperthin, broomstick, bottom-most, most finicking, most defecting, in-efficient, most cottony, most declining, more worn down, more butter fingered, all wet, more impuissant, mid way, uncaring, more unscrewed, re fined, unmanful, truly needy, most hair trigger, malformed, fullflavored, more empty handed, unfounded, dis-ordered, chiffon, most bone weary, fully developed, more quaking, in distinguishable, scraggier, illogical, most out-of-action, un founded, more hungering, more seconds, under-weight, more fagged, out earshot, most unequipped, more tapped, qualmiest, flat, more illbred, on spot, most browbeaten, velvety, more purportless, broken, half pint, crumbiest, most infecund, cant make the grade, singing blues, un committed, milk-and-water, un-thriving, most infected, peakier, running temperature, unfulfilling, un-suited, hopeless, more second-string, most velvety, in turmoil, anguished, most niggardly, runtest, more nether, un-reasonable, most shadow, more unpromising, un elevated, most adjuvant, most perishing, unmanly, most incapacious, more under, junkest, dis-quieted, more bare skinned, queer, most faint hearted, more unbroken, gentle, in variable, more bareskinned, most frictionless, more slack-spined, more nonbelligerent, un productive, most shatterable, un peaceful, dis-armed, most supersensitive, adjuvant, most lowdown, most reactive, pro-nest, narrow, un faithful, un aptest, dis eased, most limping, off one's feet, amoebalike, most muttering, de cadent, bendable, white, most small-fry, ex posed, most fargone, more tremorous, liable to, povertystricken, most invertebrate, over indulgent, most weaving, un-founded, un concealed, undependable, not high, dis tasteful, more confining, pettish, most dangersome, un-masculine, incredible, most paper-thin, un-worthiest, de-ranged, more lithesome, most middle-of-road, un-pleasing, more appurtenant, uni form, more compressed, un-friendliest, most milk-and-water, over whelmed, most nothing, de-pending, savorless, un backed, more weakkneed, more ground-level, wussy, minor, pro founder, tuned in, more stifled, more pettish, dis-engaged, psyched out, de-valued, un washed, most mildmannered, most peewee, un truer, unconvincing, un skillful, innoxious, bundle nerves, naked, de ranged, more innoxious, shoestring, crumbier, most bare-skinned, most cutrate, most polluted, under handed, pussycat, more ho-hum, low-lying, failing, poker-faced, turned to, more wafer-thin, immaterial, more aside, un pleasing, more careworn, unknown, more rinkydink, bottom most, most strengthless, more milquetoast, Well-born, more nocent, brokendown, out gas, more loveydovey, unample, more slow-moving, most unpersuasive, transient, un-productive, in-securest, un-principled, slack spined, re-strained, unqualified, more mellifluent, pre carious, disenfranchised, un-truer, sub tile, illfated, more milk-and-water, non-participating, most broomstick, most chiffon, more easy going, ill defined, most pining, most slackspined, below mark, more far gone, insecure, more uncostly, worndown, un-aligned, neutral, de-filed, in-noxious, un-stressed, more lowset, like a sitting duck, easy going, be neath, more prostrated, most hindered, more overindulgent, wigglier, most overindulged, un sufficient, un satisfactory, most pukish, not pertinent, sidelined, most upper class, diffident, in consistent, most slowmoving, quicktempered, empty handed, more sidelined, most devalued, most hogtied, most unreactive, underaverage, un seemliest, butter fingered, un demanding, more botched, white-bread, re lying, most shot, more mild-mannered, well bred, more hypersensitive, more lovey dovey, scrimpy, un-concealed, more finicking, offcolor, diluted, on the ropes, more mollifying, un adapted, more dove-like, un-protected, forceless, dis-appointing, un-glued, paper thin, cutrate, most pettish, un proficient, laidlow, poverty stricken, more rootless, second-string, insubstantial, un lucky, sub-ordinate, un thriving, down dumps, sub sided, tumble down, most second-string, ill-equipped, in-efficacious, on treadmill, more sapless, unbacked, null void, resistless, un-finished, bone-weary, most marred, basketcase, un-troubled, most perturbable, most imprecise, most disconcerting, more ruffled, un-equal, un-hinged, most dog tired, small time, most burntout, beanstalk, in sipid, most nonbelligerent, most accessory, un-wholesome, milk and water, defective, de-formed, more disarmed, like clay pigeon, undraped, most peeled, more unassertive, more low lying, on the line, tippiest, un-healthiest, in securer, tuckered, most butterfingers, more daunted, inefficient, un-fulfilling, most vitiated, most bleeding heart, in consequential, laid back, down out, more ill-bred, un-luckier, sub tiler, un-proficient, washed up, un-sanitary, out-of-action, enervated, most sensile, out side, un heavier, open attack, most inproficient, dis heartened, more understated, in determinate, more tormented, more zero, done-in, dirt poor, un pleasant, more unconsequential, more unmanlike, under control of, un decided, most unelevated, Dovelike, over powered, most white-bread, under-nourished, re-liablest, un ample, in-solvent, faulty, un cool, more unequipped, ungrounded, be-neath, laid low, knocked over, un-manlike, un assured, un-skilled, in-salubrious, unheaviest, supersensitive, subtilest, more blurred, more second string, un-assuming, most uncostly, most fracturing, more pining, most pussycat, un prepared, most uncareful, over ripe, more beanpole, rinkydink, needle haystack, un availing, not rich, gimpiest, more disenfranchised, halfpint, over-whelmed, creakier, un-firmest, out action, un glued, more infected, sapless, more sluggard, more dragged, down the mouth, limp, out condition, yellowbellied, more lusterless, butterfingered, scanty, dis-honorable, squattier, second-fiddle, un defined, non irritating, most toneless, out of gas, old-fashioned, most deadened, goodhumored, not up to scratch, wishywashy, more twiglike, most shifting, sub-tile, gimper, unsafe, most unaccented, more defeasible, up creek, most splenetic, thin, un-careful, un-satisfactory, more warped, unheavier, subtiler, un-apter, un finished, rock-bottom, more bone weary, fly by night, burnt-out, most lowtoned, more half-pint, dis-loyal, most stifled, unfixed, on bum, more bone-weary, un-objectionable, more sylphlike, small-fry, hohum, trans-parent, un tenable, un-offensive, un propitious, facile, vapid, un-zipped, in-sane, in-nocent, most confining, most unretentive, dis-solute, most immobilized, flying light, softie, most hurtless, regular, un-seemlier, more shot, more waxlike, not up to, in noxious, most discolored, duddest, un truest, spent, most tapered, more mirrorlike, more rockbottom, more subpar, most below, most far gone, sensile, non-partisan, un steady, more illequipped, un firm, flawed, yellow-bellied, can't make grade, scrimpiest, dis solute, most dog-tired, out of, un-stablest, unpersuasive, more contaminated, more starved, straitest, Mellifluent, more dangersome, dis-solved, up-tight, more ineffective, more unretentive, most dismayed, un-developed, more oversensitive, Incapacious, intermittent, more murmured, de-tailed, rattleboned, un clearest, most sensatory, un-eventful, in conclusive, inproficient, invalid, impaired, un ruffled, badtempered, over-indulged, un grounded, in elegant, top pled, more hog tied, more fullflavored, unpromising, prostrate, most beggared, most well-born, most ungrounded, pro-founder, dis-colored, most murmuring, dis passionate, most hog tied, up the creek, most ill-bred, more frazzled, in-corporeal, un-faithful, thinskinned, nontoxic, flavorless, de-liberate, in congruous, hardly enough, most amoebalike, in altogether, most caressing, un-availing, more unfulfilling, un favorable, yellow bellied, dull, more uncool, shallower, un-healthier, more tumble-down, most undemanding, more burnt out, lenitive, ex pended, un-draped, in want, un safest, shantiest, paperthin, un principled, most anguished, most pauperized, more pent, low key, un screwed, in secure, un-kind, more low-set, un worthy, Unhandy, more dissembled, co-wed, more worn-down, un believable, more handcuffed, most hog-tied, in-consequential, wimpy, over-powered, not prayer, slender, un fruitful, un-dressed, playing with fire, low pitched, touch and go, pleasant, un guarded, un-suitable, in audible, most expended, most pinched, nothing much, un necessary, sub-best, wafer thin, over barrel, in-firmest, graceful, most ho hum, on fritz, re liabler, un convincing, most basket case, most uninspiring, more burnt-out, middle of road, more unsustaining, in-substantial, in-congruous, dis graceful, most loveydovey, not fixed, pre-tended, more pabulum, undernourished, thrown away, more abstinent, most paper-tiger, more rattleboned, un-heavier, unbalanced, un quiet, more quavering, most rinkydink, more shoestring, ex-posed, most changeful, appurtenant, most mild mannered, dis mayed, more overindulged, anonymous, most amazed, ready drop, crispier, can't cut it, most moneyless, ex plosive, most jellylike, heavyhanded, un-abler, in complete, rootless, more divested, under weight, un healthy, uncareful, un stablest, most impuissant, more unmanful, re-liabler, more unfitted, tied apron strings, be-reft, most sidelined, cushiony, most butterfingered, de void, most weakkneed, fore-sighted, un reasonable, more pukish, more malnourished, de-generate, most poker-faced, most collapsing, wideopen, most dragged, under thumb, shooting blanks, broken down, mis leading, un ethical, out of action, touch go, stalkier, more donein, below the mark, un manly, in-cautious, on a limb, obscure, most attenuated, in salubrious, un-fruitful, papertiger, sub standard, most overripe, more cut, most mollifying, emaciated, breaking, more lowdown, more fluctuant, most softened, unassuming, more vexed, moneyless, more bottommost, more caring, vague, feeling awful, most degenerated, un prosperous, more upperclass, washedout, de-void, more younger, uni-form, un fitting, dis-reputable, in-tangible, more busted, un-kindest, in sanest, in-operative, wiggly, silky, in famous, demulcent, unfirm, unshielded, out lunch, more laid-low, more dog-tired, un-steadier, lean, un equipped, most silvery, de-terminate, timorous, most faint-hearted, un-friendly, more anticlimactic, under standing, more fargone, meta physical, most rootless, most tempered, un-peaceful, more pithless, no go, non germane, more pauperized, more cheapened, un steadier, Stalky, hospitalized, subpar, Infecund, most pabulum, unprosperous, un handier, un steadiest, wishy washy, in-elegant, most battered, more peckish, un concerned, most underaverage, more emptyhanded, super sensitive, un-heaviest, in-curable, un-available, illbred, more lowtoned, un firmer, far-gone, wimpish, counter factual, more moneyless, most linear, more milk and water, most done in, be-arable, mutable, un-handier, like a clay pigeon, more depending, in decline, un-skillful, un-amplest, dis-enfranchised, more low-toned, more infecund, most dove like, un-sure, more suffering, more ungrounded, most wafer-thin, regulated by, more yellow-bellied, in substantial, most denuded, in the raw, slight, more pigeonhearted, under weather, un-equipped, full-flavored, loose, most tissuelike, dis concerted, un-elevated, reedier, way off, most nocent, got the bug, nonalcoholic, weather beaten, most lowset, weak kneed, flat one back, most tapped, most out-of-commission, un interesting, pro found, anemic, indecisive, in correct, more blundering, dis-graceful, in-sipid, more butterfingered, more slack spined, in firmer, more playedout, more tearing, short of, un-screwed, un soundest, groundless, most crouched, most pigeon, loveydovey, middle-of-road, malnourished, most murmured, lazy, most tumble down, un restful, more marred, most hairline, more unveiled, Tender-hearted, prudish, more wiggling, dis organized, un-healthful, unamplest, most dimmed, most bendable, more rock bottom, un easy, most sylphlike, un dressed, most relying, qualmier, nongermane, most wafer thin, more adjuvant, dogtired, un-settled, most devitalized, more underaverage, more uncareful, haltest, dis-concerting, un-stable, in-audible, un-balanced, cottony, un-armed, sub ordinate, most second-fiddle, gossamer, lovey dovey, most unsustaining, un-healthy, un manliest, more beggared, easy-going, most noncombatant, seethrough, most disquieted, un-committed, un kind, more imponderous, de-cadent, more hospitalized, trifling, un practiced, un fortunate, smallfry, burntout, soft, flat on back, more emasculated, low-set, more dimmed, most sucker, more harassed, more disciplined, super-sensitive, un settled, de valued, un-reactive, in ill health, more reckoning, more worsen, lowhanging, bushleague, bare skinned, in dishabille, in nocent, low, got bug, most worn-down, mid-way, dis-respectful, in-conclusive, more wafer thin, cut rate, Teetering, decrepit, silker, by standing, more constricted, most tormented, incorrect, de pendent, more subsided, dis-pleasing, most innoxious, warped, tottering, pint sized, peewee, out order, de-lightful, broken up, ineffective, more undraped, non-combatant, timid, most shattering, more full-flavored, un-washed, wimper, more unaccented, in question, de-mure, down with, Unpowerful, more pinched, mis-guided, Controvertible, un disturbed, in expensive, un-pleasant, un-decided, more cut rate, peaky, in-fecund, most cushiony, unintelligent, worn-down, more out of commission, more battered, Unsufficient, de based, not cut out for, wan, most poltroonish, hanging by a thread, in-consistent, most easy going, de feasible, aged, behind eight ball, most depreciated, most nowhere, more shattered, de tailed, un available, un-couth, most abstinent, un happier, most well born, blue blooded, least, no fat, un accented, most careworn, most ill equipped, un-sound, runny, un heavy, more dissolved, more perishing, de liberate, more peanut, on the sick list, un-prepared, poor, de mure, most worn down, in-constant, most laggard, unskillful, sweettempered, more relying, anti-climactic, more undemanding, wimpiest, more shattery, most oversensitive, un safe, most lusterless, un moving, heavy handed, most beanpole, most impugnable, half hearted, more dogtired, feeble, sensitive, most unthriving, most fagged, un-veiled, more splintery, temporary, unhandiest, dis-heartened, poker faced, not all there, most disheartened, jerry-built, more low-lying, washedup, unampler, Subtile, out one feet, non participating, spiritless, Hurtless, illequipped, un initiated, un-ampler, un seemly, Fainting, fargone, more woundable, without punch, in firm, more amateur, de graded, moving, fine-grained, most low lying, more wimpish, most slow-moving, on ropes, more bystanding, ill bred, most overpowered, most stretched, Floatable, unfirmer, most lithesome, un costly, more good-for-nothing, dog tired, most unstressed, most frazzled, un manful, more low-hanging, most subpar, not effective, un-clear, out on ones feet, dis appointing, most emotionable, more softened, Woundable, delicate, slow-moving, un-tenable, in effectual, most fortuneless, nowhere, un skilled, most hypersensitive, sub-altern, palpitant, un-reliable, hazardous, down in the dumps, recherche, more commiserable, de-pendent, de finite, uncelebrated, wussiest, dis-heartening, unelevated, most blundering, bowed low, not to scratch, un sure, most out of action, more incapacious, incapable, more bleeding heart, on collision course, inconclusive, most upperclass, in expert, perishable, most dwarfed, in tangible, most zero, good for nothing, nameless, illmannered, mortal, more unfitting, non combatant, un-clothed, pale, more disqualified, un friendlier, sub normal, lowtoned, most ground level, most unsatisfying, un persuasive, dog-hungry, most good-for-nothing.