Pronunciation of Subjection
/sʌbd͡ʒˈɛkʃən/, /sʌbd‍ʒˈɛkʃən/, /s_ʌ_b_dʒ_ˈɛ_k_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for subjection

disorganization, advantage, dis imprisonment, inconstancy, cheer, Self Determination, increase, relaxation, emancipation, un restraints, subtraction, help, disgrace, pride, re lease, immunity, dis-respects, egoism, niceness, lawlessness, dis-charge, citizenships, mastery, lying, dis respects, pastime, forthrightness, resistance, distrust, plenty rope, want, over-familiarity, license, strength, abolitionism, freedom, faithlessness, un restraint, inability, relinquishment, dis-charges, undependability, de-liveries, de liveries, over familiarity, neglect, failure, forthrightnesses, disaffection, treason, arrogance, rampancies, Freedoms, sedition, chaos, blessing, exemption, extriction, un-restraint, re lief, dishonor, freeing, elbowrooms, unconstraints, self-importance, rebellion, weakness, ease, liberty, entertainment, kindness, enlargement, in-formality, laissez faire, ingenuousnesses, dis engagement, full play, full plays, happiness, directness, re-leases, disobedience, dis imprisonments, pretentiousness, dis-engagement, helplessness, dis-respect, hindrance, disloyalty, directnesses, liberation, re-lease, own accord, independence, idleness, dis-engagements, dis-imprisonment, citizenship, fight, Elbowroom, overfamiliarities, passivity, full swing, irresponsibility, disimprisonment, re leases, dis charges, mismanagement, dishonesty, delight, boldness, dis respect, yielding, forfeit, dis-imprisonments, representative government, disimprisonments, overfamiliarity, unfaithfulness, over-familiarities, lethargy, release, dis engagements, fun, over familiarities, in formalities, confidence, incompetence, ingenuousness, lack of restraint, peace, loss, dis charge, renouncement, treachery, aid, manumission, Unaccountability, surrender, abolitionisms, in-formalities, immaturity, de livery, un constraint, disagreement, extrictions, un constraints, re-lief, enfranchisement, representative governments, lack reserve, un-constraints, asset, indifference, self government, benefit, discouragement, unconstraint, own accords, selfgovernment, powerlessness, joy, democracy, de-livery, assertiveness.