Pronunciation of Submissive
/səbmˈɪsɪv/, /səbmˈɪsɪv/, /s_ə_b_m_ˈɪ_s_ɪ_v/

Antonyms for submissive

more iron-handed, most overruling, more five-star, most absolutist, untraditional, stubborn, in driver's seat, headstrong, obdurate, most self admiring, self serving, first, self willed, more insubmissive, more five star, stuck up, most wrong headed, most impliable, as matter of course, un swayable, thick skinned, mulest, most directing, un faltering, more ironhanded, no catch, more hard-hearted, most challenging, most first string, opinionated, un tarnished, more crack-the-whip, most locked in, most murder, pre eminent, most self-willed, un-mitigated, more excathedra, on high horse, un-abridged, in driver seat, un-equivocal, more self-concerned, head strong, over bearing, more locked-in, pre-dominate, in arms, more iron handed, most five star, un abridged, out lawer, in-subordinate, inner-directed, more selfinterested, more gladiatorial, megalomaniac, wilful, un-conditional, more fivestar, most deductive, wrapped up oneself, un-shaken, most hard hearted, dominating, un erring, most ironhanded, most firststring, most lockedin, as a matter of course, overbalancing, in destructible, most fivestar, set ones ways, more self concerned, out-right, un ambiguous, most cussed, most outweighing, un-wavering, wrapped oneself, more boasting, over-weighing, by natural law, more rockhard, dictatorial, militant, iron handed, pre vailing, in tolerant, crack-the-whip, more self interested, most overbalancing, self-governed, un compassionate, self-willed, un-restricted, dyed in the wool, egocentric, most self-governed, most selfgoverned, most strongminded, more self admiring, over ruling, most apostate, more first string, rock-hard, disobedient, insolent, hardnosed, most opinionative, most obsessive, more outweighing, more inner-directed, as matter course, un yielding, in subordinate, stand one's ground, in exorable, most combating, un-changing, ironhanded, un compromising, un-questionable, high handed, iron-handed, dissident, narrowminded, self absorbed, more stiffnecked, in submissive, set in ones ways, selfserving, upper-most, more resolved, more primo, pre-siding, de-finite, topdrawer, wrapped in oneself, top most, most stiff-necked, most insubmissive, stuckup, un-controllable, self-centered, more individualist, self concerned, most backsliding, head the line, absolutist, high mighty, top notch, un governable, un flinching, intent upon, Self-interested, more backsliding, selfgoverned, most intransigent, more stiff-necked, most wrongheaded, un mitigated, renegade, selfconcerned, more self-admiring, nonconformist, pigheaded, most self-loving, most inner-directed, un-compassionate, by nature, un movable, errant, more ranking, gladiatorial, un-changeable, out-weighing, overweighing, un reasonable, self admiring, set in one's ways, ex-act, doctrinal, most selfloving, head of the line, un manageable, more self-loving, un relenting, more self-governed, locked in, most unsentimental, more deductive, ex-cathedra, most predominate, un alterable, most stiff necked, most schismatic, out side, un sentimental, narrow minded, set one's ways, stiff necked, more bragging, un qualified, more surpassing, most strong-minded, most disciplinarian, un-movable, inner directed, un-deniable, tough nut, more dictative, more schismatic, queenliest, undisciplined, set stone, pig headed, more selfgoverned, tough nut to crack, muler, un adulterated, intractable, more locked in, unadaptable, more monarchial, more self-interested, dictative, more disciplinarian, more wrongheaded, unsentimental, noncompliant, selfloving, top list, more inner directed, stand ground, more overweighing, primo, absolute, leadest, more predominate, singleminded, un faithful, wrong headed, most monarchial, top of the list, more rock-hard, more absolutist, most surpassing, most obtaining, hard nosed, para mount, un-faithful, impudent, un-shakable, thickskinned, hard-nosed, straight out, more selfadmiring, Unimpressible, most rock hard, reckless, more overruling, in-destructible, re-solute, sovereign, in solent, stand ones ground, self centered, firstrate, in-solent, un shaken, no joke, most indurate, royal, most self-interested, obstinate, un deniable, hard core, most self concerned, inflexible, dogmatic, self-loving, more wrong headed, more crack the whip, un realistic, hard boiled, most selfwilled, un traditional, lockedin, most resolved, un-realistic, as a matter course, most crack the whip, pre siding, tough nut crack, more apical, un compliant, single minded, rockhard, firstclass, more self loving, peremptory, out right, onesided, Unswayable, authoritarian, out rightest, in-evitable, crack the whip, insubmissive, wrong-headed, most immalleable, self loving, un-adulterated, fascistic, un adaptable, more self-willed, un-tarnished, un-reasonable, un-impressible, un-traditional, first-string, most reasoned, queenlier, intent up on, more strongminded, rock hard, more first-string, most apical, self governed, fore most, firststring, more innerdirected, strong minded, most self loving, in flexible, upper most, most locked-in, top, one sided, more challenging, self indulgent, most self-concerned, outlawer, no ifs ands or buts, re-solved, crack whip, most bullhead, doctrinaire, immodest, most dictative, pre-eminent, un bendable, most ranking, in-exorable, more persisting, un-bending, most assertory, more selfwilled, more unswayable, on faith, de finite, more contending, more lockedin, selfassertive, un conditional, most untraditional, more megalomaniac, hardshell, stiffnecked, steeliest, over balancing, over-riding, un wavering, most unimpressible, un-swayable, ruling, un flawed, stuck on oneself, most stiffnecked, hard line, un-flagging, no strings attached, re solute, pre-dominant, most selfinterested, in drivers seat, top of list, unyielding, un-blemished, dis-loyal, more unadaptable, immovable, throwing weight around, more bullhead, opinionative, more opinionative, most primo, stiff-necked, pivotal, more cussed, out-lawest, over riding, un feeling, fighting, fivestar, selfcentered, self important, un-adaptable, set ways, re-splendent, personal, outlawest, un-emotional, dominant, most gladiatorial, most iron handed, un impressible, most boasting, intransigent, over-ruling, self-concerned, set in one ways, most fascistic, set in stone, un shakable, pre dominant, sur-passing, domineering, most self interested, most inner directed, self-admiring, out-lawer, over weighing, in dependent, determined, selfindulgent, top flight, hard shell, more apostate, more combating, more firststring, apical, pro vocative, in-flexible, in-tractable, up arms, more monarchal, top the list, un controllable, out righter, un-cooperative, most excathedra, more selfconcerned, more strong minded, most individualist, most self governed, monarchial, un-daunted, wrapped up in oneself, in tractable, more obsessive, most self-admiring, un changeable, firm, more indurate, un equivocal, more selfloving, steely, most first-string, over-balancing, bullying, unamenable, more impliable, unservile, un-qualified, dis loyal, un-compliant, un restricted, more obtaining, Hard-hearted, first rate, more stiff necked, most wrong-headed, un emotional, innerdirected, un-flinching, bullhead, selfwilled, in-finite, in-submissive, most hard-hearted, more immalleable, most crack-the-whip, mule, set one ways, Impliable, wrongheaded, un bending, set in ways, un-limited, more hard hearted, un-alterable, un-governable, un-relenting, strong-minded, un-yielding, more assertory, more hard nosed, in-tolerant, hardboiled, by fiat, highhanded, more guiding, unsubmissive, selfinterested, in finite, rude, most self willed, most megalomaniac, most unadaptable, un-compromising, more wrong-headed, monarchal, resolute, in-fallible, excathedra, selfabsorbed, most monarchal, fore-most, defiant, out lawest, un daunted, five-star, top drawer, most five-star, in-dependent, out standing, in evitable, Over-bearing, out-righter, dead set on, first class, un-sentimental, most contending, more strong-minded, top-pest, more self governed, un cooperative, more murder, deductive, un sympathetic, most selfadmiring, peevish, more rock hard, more self willed, locked-in, ex cathedra, most guiding, head-strong, selfadmiring, un changing, most innerdirected, stuck oneself, Assertory, most selfconcerned, more fascistic, resistant, un-manageable, un-faltering, more unsentimental, most unswayable, most bragging, pro-vocative, no ifs ands buts, more untraditional, most doctrinal, most strong minded, out-standing, hard hearted, self interested, level headed, out weighing, pre dominate, more unimpressible, ex act, para-mount, strongminded, most rock-hard.