Pronunciation of Subordination
/sˌʌbɔːdɪnˈe͡ɪʃən/, /sˌʌbɔːdɪnˈe‍ɪʃən/, /s_ˌʌ_b_ɔː_d_ɪ_n_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n/

Antonyms for subordination

enjoinder, re-percussions, insurrection, pigheadedness, in-subordinations, dis-orders, enjoinders, what it take, over familiarity, be-hest, whip hand, greater part, re-volutions, citizenship, dis regards, dis-regard, influence, un restraints, pre valences, contumacy, re volutions, non conformity, recusancy, ex pertness, non-compliance, adjurations, de-fiances, might main, pre potence, intractability, legups, driver seat, devoir, non-cooperations, dissidence, re volt, be-hests, ex-pertness, full swing, greater parts, re turns, re-source, dominion, noncooperation, self reliance, pre-potence, citizenships, un-restraint, lack of restraint, pro vinces, independence, ex action, own accords, imperatives, pre potences, in subordinations, pre-potencies, mutiny, in subordination, prepotence, might and main, de-crees, dis-order, obstreperousness, pro fits, disobedience, absolute rules, up rising, preponderance, abolitionism, enclave, dis-respects, pre-potency, elbowrooms, rebelliousness, defiance, self rules, re source, selfreliance, be hests, mastery power, Imperia, absolute rule, sayso, re quests, demesnes, influences, dis obedience, re percussions, in-formality, mischievousness, hardheadedness, re-volution, directnesses, non observances, Extensiveness, self government, stomping ground, regnancies, forthrightness, bigger half, selfsufficiency, dis-respect, prepotences, unconstraint, uprising, pro vince, lions share, supremacy, re turn, dis respects, in-dependence, might mains, super vision, expertism, de fiances, POWS, dis respect, leg ups, dissent, dis-engagements, right, up rightness, factiousnesses, dis-imprisonments, in-tractablenesses, obstinacy, nonobservances, spite, in-formalities, de-liveries, freedom, forthrightnesses, dis-obediences, overfamiliarity, dis sent, obstinateness, dis regard, in-dependences, in formalities, non-conformities, pro vocations, authority, inter-diction, Freedoms, INS, super-visions, disrespect, re-percussion, power, un restraint, re cognitions, in-tractableness, pre-valence, up-rightness, on top, disimprisonments, powerhouses, revolt, what it takes, in dependence, on tops, pre potency, ingenuousnesses, throwing the gauntlet, re-cognition, dis charge, dis-sent, self-rule, Insurgence, pre dominances, unruliness, stubbornness, risings, self-will, ex pertnesses, adjuration, pro fit, over-familiarity, dis-obedience, representative governments, in-discipline, re lease, throwing of the gauntlet, supreme authorities, un-constraints, pro-vinces, re-lease, mastery powers, dis obediences, drivers seat, dis engagement, re percussion, in dependences, pre-dominance, non cooperation, transcendences, extensivenesses, rudeness, impudence, paramountcy, impugnments, full plays, pro-vocation, re-volts, re lief, pre eminence, pre valence, whip hands, de liveries, non-compliances, in junctions, pre dominance, pre script, Re-turn, in junction, stomping grounds, outbreak, be hest, ace hole, selfgovernment, contrariness, non cooperations, abolitionisms, de-livery, liberty, re sources, dis imprisonments, pro-vocations, Elbowroom, self-rules, ingenuousness, non-cooperation, un constraint, command, throwing gauntlet, dis-charge, unconstraints, license, pow, bigger halves, dis charges, pro vocation, pro-vince, what takes, de cree, non compliance, expertisms, pre-potences, dis-engagement, rebelling, own accord, refractoriness, demesne, re-quests, pre-eminences, Regnancy, reign, disimprisonment, throwing of gauntlet, up rightnesses, in disciplines, willfulness, dis engagements, plenty rope, Impugnment, dominance, pre potencies, in tractablenesses, de mesne, knowhow, pre eminences, re cognition, ex-action, balkiness, dis orders, enfranchisement, un constraints, dis-charges, lack reserve, Imperium, de crees, re-turns, ex actions, nonobservance, might and mains, re volts, insubordination, inter diction, noncooperations, representative government, re-sources, rebellion, enclaves, perversity, indiscipline, pre scripts, self-sufficiency, mulishness, laissez faire, insurgency, up-risings, recalcitrance, what take, over-familiarities, devoirs, noncompliance, ex-actions, Self Determination, Factiousness, up-rightnesses, mostests, re leases, extriction, re-volt, pro-fits, de-fiance, over familiarities, non-observances, extrictions, naughtiness, selfrule, max, selfrules, indisciplines, super-vision, lion share, entitlements, ace in hole, overfamiliarities, frowardness, rule, in tractableness, dis-regards, directness, dis-imprisonment, Prepotency, super visions, de livery, re-leases, ace the hole, up risings, self sufficiency, waywardness, know how, in-subordination, legup, re-lief, leg-ups, pre-eminence, full play, trump, mostest, pre-script, pre cept, dis sents, in-junction, insolence, in discipline, rebelliousnesses, up-rising, misbehavior, rampancies, goahead, dis imprisonment, Non-observance, de fiance, dis-sents, dis order, leg up, pre-cept, de-mesne, de-cree, ex-pertnesses, self rule, strong arm, say so, in-junctions, transcendence, powerhouse, principality.