Pronunciation of Subtract
/sʌbtɹˈakt/, /sʌbtɹˈakt/, /s_ʌ_b_t_ɹ_ˈa_k_t/

Antonyms for subtract

latching onto, Intensate, mounted to, hitching up, up grades, making firm, count heads, intercalate, am conducive, sub-joining, beef, allow for, pro-moting, counting up, dis tended, contribute, pre-faces, mark up, intercalates, be stows, writ down, didst honors, stick together, Coadunate, in-stalled, doing the honors, looking up on, sets forth, doeth ones bit, dis-posed, dost ones bit, were tantamount to, in-stall, co-existed, co-existing, were instrumental, finger in the pie, co occurs, summates, pro vides, pre-fixes, going out front, do the honors, happened with, squeezing in, all-owed, in laying, counted off, sub join, is of opinion, de posits, lay one, Intensating, tag on, inter-ceded, allows for, having number, did honors, going dutch, allowed for, anteed up, in fixing, lendleases, depends on, in-setting, Toning, Agglutinated, make room for, cut in on, pro vision, pre sent, leads in to, joined with, grew thick, running to, pro vided, de posit, de-voted, shores up, pre-face, super-vise, in-vents, be-stows, in-sinuates, snowball, is the opinion, being tantamount to, introduce, appearing with, wast made up of, Nicknamed, was of the opinion, squeeze in, balance, being conducive, get jump on, gat the jump on, numbers among, grow, count up, quarterbacking, clabbers, ex-acerbates, counts off, art the opinion, re pairing, pro posed, Tendering, in graining, lend leased, pre-vails, lent hand, leading into, haddest number, tack on, in-graining, inter jaculate, lead, re plenishing, hook with, Prefixing, enumerate, runs off, Taled, Sandwiching, makes firm, supplement, allowing for, Helming, inter-laced, pre paring, doth one bit, do ones bit, ponies up, set off, be came, gat jump on, Helped, de-positing, fixing price, get things rolling, inter-lope, kept tally, gotten the jump on, pro-pose, quantitates, runs in to, fingers pie, cooccur, setting forth, writing down, hiked up, were connected, de-posit, fixed a price, makes for, curdled, mounts to, result in, pour it on, keeps score, are composed of, trusted in, am the opinion, guesstimating, Shepherding, up holds, in vents, doest one bit, in-lays, Gels, handed out, co-occurred, paving way, stacks up, inter posed, inter meddles, hitch up, opened up, expand, Innovating, innovates, dost bit, counted heads, doth honors, fleshes out, have hand in, hitch on, re-forms, were made up of, re counting, join with, working in, stand up for, call shots, does one's bit, de vote, inter posing, am equivalent to, re doubling, prop up, grows thick, inter mix, doing one's bit, reckons up, marks up, up surged, parenthesizing, be conducive, re-vised, enlarge, plug in to, Tripled, art instrumental, running into, has a hand in, in ducted, gelling, in-crease, inter-connected, sat in on, doth one's bit, trans ported, have one's number, pro curing, over-stepping, being connected, re-doubles, fixt up with, works in, in vent, dost one bit, over-stepped, under lined, re hearses, thinking of, are opinion, gave introduction, quantitate, in-cline, trail-blazed, computering, got the act, sub joined, under-lining, lending a hand, anteing, interconnect, joins together, belonged to, did one bit, being of opinion, had hand in, squeezed in, chiselling in, takes measure, in-vented, throws in, re-hearse, lends hand, cuts on, inter-laces, pro-cures, hook up with, antes up, inter-ceding, trail blaze, Prefixed, inter ceding, art connected, didst the honors, jacked up, in-fixes, cast up, sets off, re pairs, marked down, intro-duce, counts noses, co exists, ante up, am tantamount to, punching up, teem with, join, up holding, in-stalling, finger the pie, charging up, sub-scribes, am made up of, toned up, develop in to, in-stilling, inter-posing, in stilling, didst addition, pro-tracts, souped up, am connected, was composed of, in lay, anted up, taling, take in to account, re generates, stood up for, heats up, jack up, pro viding, inter lopes, chiseled in, puts forward, rang up, spring with, in lays, clabbering, marked up, gotten in act, forcing in, hitches up, counting off, quantitating, Summed, runs up, hitched up, in sinuating, in sinuated, inter ceded, strengthen, pro moting, in-grains, metered, sum, punch up, lumped together, de-posited, be quest, inter laces, went dutch, do one's bit, in sets, in-filtrating, checks with, make for, build up, up-surges, totaled, in-sert, wert made up of, re-vise, pro-vided, looks over, pony up, get act, in venting, inspissate, develops into, run things, sit in on, pre fixed, re generate, be connected, inter feres, hadst hand in, doth addition, paved way, paid ones dues, payed one dues, fixing a price, goes beyond, pre faces, Bracketing, tags on, up surge, dis-tends, making allowance for, sweetened kitty, heat up, being instrumental, runs to, re-generating, having one number, am composed of, inter cede, in-grain, super vising, de voted, takes one's measure, in-corporate, hast one's number, count by one, dis-tend, inter-connect, is made up of, sur-mises, interconnected, inter connected, cut on, inter-fere, ran into, took one's measure, being made up of, is tantamount to, hast a hand in, pro-visioned, re commending, in-duct, pay one's dues, am of opinion, out-fit, pro-longs, under stand, appeared with, doing one bit, hath one number, inter-mixes, Docketed, dis pose, bringing forward, was instrumental, feathering, going beyond, fills up, pro cures, filled up, fingered pie, in fixes, pushing in, hooks with, inter-meddle, fixt price, kicking off, leads into, de votes, inter lope, out fits, doing addition, out fit, planning on, taking measure, happens with, poured on, trailblazed, usher in, ex acerbating, counting noses, pay dues, Intermeddle, de-vote, in fringed, be-came, in stalled, developed in to, pay ones dues, inter mixed, Inventoried, ushered in, add, keep tab, wert made of, hast ones number, laying on one, in-fuse, summate, pro-longing, in-fusing, doth the honors, take one measure, build on, do bit, under lining, Massing, re-generate, Tendered, ushers in, re paired, in fused, summated, shore up, did bit, dost addition, flesh out, sitting on, threw in, sweetening kitty, in-clines, make firm, pro-duces, getting things rolling, wert instrumental, standing up for, pro-tract, depend on, hast hand in, bequested, filling up, re-stored, in fringe, ex-acerbated, pay one dues, go beyond, charged up, were conducive, fixed with, in sinuates, re-adies, having hand in, am made of, Sinewed, trusting in, un-veiling, enriches, in-letting, write down, getting in the act, Freighted, re-double, had number, in-laying, fixes price, numbered among, inter loped, mounting to, up graded, hitched on, doeth one bit, out-fitting, pro-curing, fixes with, importing, adding up, intensify, increase, inter laced, did ones bit, took care of, inter-lace, had one number, dis-tended, mark down, wert composed of, ran things, speed up, joining with, pouring on, re vised, dis posing, knocks down, does ones bit, art composed of, be questing, are equivalent to, up grading, ex-acerbating, counting one by one, co-occurs, counts up, getting the jump on, sub-joined, mount to, de-tail, Intercalating, lend-leases, be-stow, re-generates, de-votes, fingered in pie, counts by one, was conducive, metering, pays one dues, in creasing, taking care of, run off, fingering the pie, figure out, Intercalated, is equivalent to, tacks on, gets act, innovate, toughen, re-capitulated, jazzes up, out fitted, inter-cede, Mounding, inter-connects, Summing, gives introduction, be stowing, fingering in the pie, inter-loping, pays one's dues, be the opinion, be-lieve, stack up, pre-sent, trailblazes, super vised, got jump on, having ones number, haddest a hand in, soups up, upsurging, hast number, finger in pie, wrote down, counting heads, all owing, totted up, hooking on, Riveted, plugs in to, had ones number, inter connect, fingering in pie, leads off, inter lacing, pre facing, haddest hand in, in set, in stalling, footed, mounted up to, re-cording, Concreting, opening up, fingering pie, lend-leasing, is made of, inter pose, numerate, be of the opinion, makes allowance for, ex acerbated, getting act, payed one's dues, plan on, is composed of, interconnects, builds on, inter-cedes, re capitulate, cues in, pro posing, agglutinates, re-plenishes, wast conducive, keep score, adds fuel to fire, over stepping, in sinuate, ex-tending, puts in, inletting, is opinion, takes ones measure, wert connected, say further, under stands, look up on, brought forward, Docketing, pre-vail, in cline, went out front, am opinion, out-fitted, sticked together, over-steps, does honors, hooked with, grow thick, Interjaculate, cutting ice, ring up, co exist, re-cited, un veiled, pro longs, concretes, piggybacking, pours on, pro-cured, lump together, checked with, joins with, running things, made fast, sub scribing, took one measure, did the honors, feathered, pro vide, in-corporates, develop, slapped on, score, re doubles, wast connected, in-laid, looking after, were the opinion, re pair, interjaculating, inter meddle, doeth honors, pro visioning, append, counted by one, Caking, pre vails, re cord, rings up, built on, sub scribes, re forms, was opinion, set forth, latch onto, in-fix, amplify, Sandwiched, take measure, Intermeddling, cutting on, paving the way, amount, inter-jaculates, lumps together, anted, kick off, in-duces, dis tend, pre-cedes, moots, gelled, re formed, pro cure, sweeten kitty, getting jump on, pushes in, up-holding, has number, stocking up, clabber, re-formed, ran to, compute, paves way, run up, shoring up, counted up, inter-mixed, co occurred, knocking down, doest ones bit, pre-ceding, parenthesizes, opens up, do addition, in-fringed, looks after, re counted, end-owing, paying one dues, pre cedes, co existed, poured it on, in vented, re generating, sub-scribed, heighten, springing with, putting forward, paid one's dues, heap, trail-blazes, rivetted, summating, dis-posing, pre face, made up for, thinks of, in setting, joining together, piled up, fixt a price, mounting up to, have ones number, intro duces, rivetting, guesstimates, in letting, being opinion, worked in, super vise, develops in to, think of, be of opinion, in-stilled, lays one, hooked on, are the opinion, in fixed, over stepped, laid one, adjoin, Harbingering, coinciding with, under standing, got the jump on, teems with, make allowance for, sweetened the kitty, cutting in on, keeping score, Provisioning, re-stores, figures out, re ached, agglutinate, be composed of, hook up, enhance, lent a hand, inter-connecting, pyramidding, coadunating, re capitulating, built in, stuck together, pre-paring, occurred with, be-quested, hast one number, lends a hand, look over, happen with, wert equivalent to, resulted in, start ball rolling, presided over, belongs to, trail blazed, hath number, latched onto, taking ones measure, are conducive, work in, teemed with, haddest one's number, making up for, re gards, being composed of, hath hand in, pro-visions, doeth the honors, figure, fix a price, re stores, was equivalent to, lead in to, goes out front, come to, up surging, have one number, hooks up, hadst a hand in, fixes a price, in crease, takes place with, sped up, re-pairing, upsurged, looked after, in-ducted, re cords, inter mixing, inter mixes, teeming with, pro-vides, stapling, pre-vailed, be quested, knock down, under-lines, art tantamount to, Shepherded, had one's number, pre-cede, pouring it on, pillaring, inventorying, re-news, sized, be tantamount to, springs with, in grain, in-ducting, stay, quarterback, pro-posing, Harbingered, re form, re-doubled, re corded, Intensated, lend leasing, tagged on, Ticketed, develop into, cuts ice, building in, in fusing, Mooted, in-lay, do honors, re cording, sweetens the kitty, trail-blaze, in-venting, pro tracts, paves the way, casting up, developing in to, re-doubling, boost, looked upon, intro duce, fingers the pie, looks up on, builded in, chisels in, be made of, in-filtrates, be-quests, de positing, building on, open up, had a hand in, art made of, inter fere, look after, re citing, de-posits, were made of, did one's bit, was of opinion, re-vising, co existing, super-vised, pre-fixing, led in to, un veil, force in, un-veil, be made up of, hadst number, tacked on, calibrated, looking upon, pro-mote, catalogged, does bit, joined together, re generated, come with, in-fringe, re-counted, pillared, put in two cents, be instrumental, occur with, inter-pose, piggybacked, fits out, be comes, dis tends, paying one's dues, knocked down, re new, ticked off, plug into, co-occur, keep tally, trailblaze, setting off, make up for, out fitting, inter-posed, compound, wert the opinion, wert tantamount to, re-paired, being made of, pays dues, coincides with, pro-vision, cooccurs, re-hearses, running in to, ex-tended, Remedied, Tallied, in-vent, tick off, put forward, Provisioned, ran in to, de tail, guesstimate, says further, sur-mise, be-stowing, dis posed, takes one measure, fixed up with, mounts up to, in-ducts, takes care of, coadunated, under stood, thought of, tag, didst bit, plans on, numbering among, build in, out-fits, inter cedes, wast the opinion, wast of the opinion, take care of, inter meddling, pile up, sweeten the kitty, inter-jaculated, Ticketing, re commends, reckon up, hadst ones number, in corporates, puts in two cents, soup up, giving introduction, in-fringes, stands up for, charges up, in-filtrate, sub scribed, occurs with, developing into, be-stowed, re-ached, fleshed out, running off, paying dues, in duce, punched up, hadst one number, pre-faced, keeps tab, pro duce, art conducive, doing honors, sticking together, re stored, re store, de-voting, inter connects, pro pose, tagging on, Mooting, pre fixes, in laid, re-plenished, co occur, in-creased, being of the opinion, developed into, up-surging, builds in, lend hand, forces in, doing bit, occurring with, doth bit, get the jump on, cued in, under-lined, look upon, doeth addition, jazz up, Sharking, pre vail, props up, makes room for, re-cord, throwing in, wast equivalent to, does addition, coincided with, got things rolling, counts heads, pre pares, going out in front, plugging in to, gets in act, gotten jump on, planned on, in ducts, re-storing, gat the act, be quests, check with, gets the jump on, casts up, inter lace, up-grades, pre-sents, gat things rolling, inter-meddles, under lines, fit out, quantitated, go out in front, count one by one, builded on, in duces, ponying up, curdling, being the opinion, re commend, chisel in, hath one's number, fingered the pie, re-plied, happening with, fingers in pie, dis tending, doest addition, sate in on, remain, has one number, cooccurred, catalogging, sur mises, under line, marking up, under-line, sweetening the kitty, have number, inter-lacing, re-corded, re aching, sub-scribing, stock up, charge up, re-pair, re-new, sweetens kitty, inter-meddled, re forming, re-gard, insets, putting in two cents, checking with, provide, interjaculates, include, put in, re cited, reckoning up, doth ones bit, give introduction, pays ones dues, inter-meddling, pitch in, were equivalent to, be opinion, tot up, gotten in the act, raise, appear with, re-plenishing, totalize, up hold, is instrumental, be-questing, doest the honors, clabbered, putting two cents, pushed in, go out front, end-owed, dis-tending, sur mise, pro-viding, gauge, re-aching, be equivalent to, was the opinion, pre pared, in-fused, does the honors, get in the act, was made up of, didst one bit, presides over, sits in on, in-sets, hyping, calibrate, got in the act, toned, chiseling in, interpolate, up-graded, sticks together, leading in to, shark, pro-long, inset, pre pare, coadunates, tacking on, pre cede, be lieve, re double, un-veiled, complement, Parenthesize, in fringes, up surges, sizing, end owed, dost one's bit, gets in the act, kept tab, punches up, squeezes in, count noses, in duct, gets things rolling, has hand in, reinforce, re-commending, tripling, jellied, reckoned up, calibrating, stacked up, re-commends, number among, were of opinion, re counts, goes dutch, teem, re-generated, re vising, re-capitulate, dis-pose, intermeddles, in fix, re capitulates, trusts in, under-standing, sprung with, ticking off, lend-leased, preside over, ticks off, re-capitulates, in corporate, stocks up, all-owing, made for, quarterbacks, up-grading, inter jaculated, cuing in, ex tends, jazzing up, gat in the act, Re-form, re-lated, doest honors, end owing, paved the way, looked up on, up-holds, cut ice, lendlease, in clines, propped up, Caked, hath ones number, push in, fixing up with, anteed, re-commend, re-commended, ran up, sit on, dost the honors, mount up to, pro cured, ex tending, pre fixing, putting in, de tails, pro longing, pre vailed, hooks on, tack, sub joining, taking place with, adds fuel, hadst one's number, ringing up, ex tended, intensates, magnify, de-tailing, dost honors, has one's number, re-counts, kept score, co-exist, count, throw in, sub scribe, ex acerbate, Agglutinating, run to, de-tails, loaned shark, pro duces, looking over, hiking up, calculate, Sharks, coincide with, run into, makes up for, art made up of, looks upon, co-exists, inter jaculating, wert of opinion, be-come, take ones measure, in filtrated, pre-pared, having one's number, adds up, pre ceding, Freighting, lendleased, went beyond, trail blazing, in filtrate, sub-join, up held, up-surge, souping up, in sert, re plenished, in filtrating, doeth one's bit, re-cites, in-sinuate, am of the opinion, up grade, went out in front, heating up, intermeddled, are instrumental, totting up, in-grained, wert opinion, in creases, re news, didst ones bit, in stilled, lend leases, pre fix, in-set, shored up, computered, piles up, looked over, up-held, pro-longed, in-creases, bequesting, gets jump on, starts ball rolling, Helmed, cooccurring, be-comes, up-hold, be come, inter-mixing, reckon, pro-vide, wrought in, has ones number, pre-fixed, doing ones bit, insetting, didst one's bit, plugs into, gotten the act, figured out, intrude, fix price, un-veils, inter-jaculate, taking one's measure, fix up with, payed dues, get the act, be coming, speeded up, sub joins, inter jaculates, were opinion, subjoin, lend lease, gets the act, calibrates, laying one, de tailed, inter-mix, ex-tend, paying ones dues, Re-forming, counted noses, pro long, writes down, keeps tally, fitting out, staples, deepen, re cites, does one bit, run in to, wast opinion, fill up, pre-fix, intro-duces, count off, in-sinuating, re doubled, counted one by one, do one bit, re-plying, re plenishes, pro-cure, pave the way, tots up, all owed, total, counting by one, took place with, cuts in on, plugging into, are connected, co occurring, was tantamount to, tone up, re-counting, inter-feres, co-occurring, adds fuel fire, art of opinion, were of the opinion, starting ball rolling, stapled, pave way, got in act, counts one by one, depended on, wast made of, running up, fixing with, re plenish, be-quest, ex-tends, re-pairs, lending hand, belong to, over steps, re capitulated, gat act, under-stood, growing thick, latches onto, did addition, pre-pare, be-coming, slap on, appears with, hooking up with, Jellying, hooks up with, under-stands, pre vailing, re-cords, inter-jaculating, sate on, re storing, re commended, lead off, pour on, un veils, un veiling, getting in act, number, pro-motes, chiselled in, be stow, re adies, brings forward, doest bit, tenders, being equivalent to, slapping on, de-tailed, making for, laid on one, Mounded, payed ones dues, stacking up, fixt with, in fuses, de tailing, hook on, art opinion, speeding up, paid one dues, re plying, in-duce, re late, Concreted, de voting, ringed up, hooking up, are tantamount to, finger pie, pro visioned, interjaculated, make fast, took measure, Bracketed, anteing up, re vise, heated up, wast instrumental, is conducive, lend, lend a hand, gotten things rolling, sits on, ex tend, be stowed, pro tract, bring forward, gotten act, haddest one number, join together, wast tantamount to, pre faced, de posited, propping up, paid dues, cue in, speeds up, pyramidded, pro visions, pre ceded, leading off.