Pronunciation of Task
/tˈask/, /tˈask/, /t_ˈa_s_k/

Antonyms for task

gluttony, athomes, re-creations, enjoyment, fun games, lovings, hobby, happiness, unburden, Regalement, luncheons, sur prise, Gluttonies, coffee klatch, in to, whoopee, recreation, foolery, field days, blessing, re-gard, entertainment, relaxation, athome, de light, at homes, de-light, clownings, distraction, lots laughs, clambakes, interest, de tours, living up, re-creation, living ups, fake outs, soiree, de-tours, re-lief, turnon, lots laugh, Leisure Activity, be-wilderment, non sense, coffee klatches, buffoonery, re-laxation, fun and games, pre occupations, Fooleries, turn-ons, de-lights, turnons, Leisure Activities, fun gameses, de flection, merrymakings, assist, dis-traction, festive occasions, luncheon, irresponsibility, at-homes, re pose, non senses, comingout, idleness, lots of laughs, inti, merry go rounds, dis-order, deflections, re laxation, blow out, junketing, be wilderment, gettogether, whoopees, lifework, re creation, dos, jokings, de-tour, movable feasts, self indulgence, diversion, inactivity, REC, lots of laugh, blow outs, enjoyings, re-laxations, re lief, de tour, fake out, festive occasion, living it ups, teasings, divertissements, junketings, benefit, fun and gameses, clambake, unemployment, deflection, selfindulgence, good times, re creations, pre-occupation, field day, living it up, rompings, at-home, merry-go-round, sur-prises, re laxations, turn ons, wingding, do's, dis-tractions, pre occupation, be-wilderments, Buffooneries, be wilderments, health, at home, turnings, help, beguilements, fun, good health, turn-on, de-flections, dis orders, dis tractions, dis order, gaming, dis traction, dis-orders, RECS, Divertissement, exonerate, de flections, r r, joyrides, sur-prise, play, non-sense, merry go round, wingdings, party, merry-go-rounds, pre-occupations, carousings, beguilement, re-pose, sur prises, pleasure, re gards, aid, de lights, regalements, merriments, de-flection, game, socials, pastime.