Pronunciation of Teach
/tˈiːt͡ʃ/, /tˈiːt‍ʃ/, /t_ˈiː_tʃ/

Antonyms for teach

cracks the books, pre-pare, gotten hang of, tripped over, un-covers, wert trained, became able, abandon, get knack of, wading through, becomes able, get down pat, pore over, gotten the hang of, drink in, is trained, listen, under-stands, commits to memory, drunk in, committing to memory, un earthing, digging up, falsify, gets the hang of, hide, trained in, specializing in, crack the books, confuse, accept, cracked the books, gets the knack of, re view, became versed, commit to memory, soaks up, major in, are taught, brush on, dig up, dis cern, smokes out, un earth, gets knack of, under stands, un-earths, re-viewed, were trained, pre pared, majoring in, training in, got knack of, un-earthed, wast taught, minored in, misrepresent, committing memory, become able, gotten down pat, catches on, keep, stumble upon, get the knack of, re views, getting the knack of, obscure, gets hang of, distort, be taught, under-standing, under standing, pre-paring, pre paring, destroy, taking course, un-cover, re viewing, un covered, getting knack of, getting the hang of, gat knack of, re-view, be trained, am taught, improving mind, gotten knack of, art trained, gat the hang of, being taught, digged up, pre pares, improve mind, secret, pre-pared, un covers, neglect, soak up, cracks books, brush upon, tripping over, waded through, catching on, cracking the books, pored over, gat hang of, minors in, become versed, minor in, apprenticed, digs up, conceal, re-views, cracked books, stumbles up on, got the knack of, got down pat, stumbles upon, took course, ignore, under-stood, answer, art taught, train in, soaking up, becoming versed, committed to memory, gotten the knack of, un-covering, take course, wades through, stumbling up on, Apprenticing, smoking out, un cover, was trained, cracking books, specializes in, majored in, becoming able, caught on, takes course, becomes versed, wade through, un earths, soaked up, mislead, catch on, un covering, specialized in, learn, under stood, stumbling upon, under stand, pre pare, getting hang of, trains in, trips over, gat the knack of, smoked out, is taught, committed memory, improves mind, re viewed, drinks in, crack books, majors in, burn midnight oil, minoring in, poring over, un-earth, get the hang of, commits memory, being trained, trip over, pores over, am trained, are trained, un earthed, wert taught, wast trained, stumbled up on, were taught, smoke out, commit memory, improved mind, stumbled upon, got the hang of, dis-cern, un-earthing, got hang of, drinking in, drank in, was taught, getting down pat, specialize in.