Tell truth

Pronunciation of Tell Truth
/tˈɛl tɹˈuːθ/, /tˈɛl tɹˈuːθ/, /t_ˈɛ_l t_ɹ_ˈuː_θ/

Antonyms for tell truth

de-fraud, catching at straws, bring into being, re-plicated, tear off, dis-favoring, think up, mis-guiding, re-produce, toss off, blowing out of proportion, follow example, putting up a smoke screen, Illuding, clouding the issue, Overdrawing, laid it on thick, dost a take off, IMPROV, thinks of, out lined, cover up, de-vising, clouds issue, picked pieces, re-producing, de-basing, didst likewise, hoke, by-passed, counter-balance, doing take-off, bearing false witness, circulated bad money, out-raged, make mockery of, Cribbed, invent, reject, Humbugging, over-emphasize, mis construed, phony up, poke fun at, misreporting, dost like, played a role, out-weighing, passing oneself as, stepped on toes, gotten ready, pretend, aspiring to, puts on front, poking fun at, be getting, argufied, making amends, dashing off, lay on thick, mis represented, re adies, Misreport, fakes out, Gnarling, did bit, hyper criticizes, by passing, four flushed, catches straws, fake, art deceitful, over estimate, creates out thin air, dis-gracing, mis report, de pressed, dragging name through mud, goes to extremes, stab the back, kept distance, brake promise, looked like, begged question, were like, dis favor, STATS, passing around, passing off as, comes to terms, double talking, dost a takeoff, being hypocritical, frames up, lied, parented, mis reporting, claims falsely, mis leads, passing oneself off as, makes a big thing about, be trays, making a big thing about, dis guised, was hypocritical, keeping distance, STAT, co-oked, counter vailing, glossed over, dis-honored, psyching out, over drawing, lay low, dis simulated, doest take off, dis appointing, fourflushed, construct, de-riding, play role, covered up, beat around bush, knocked together, cobbling up, Shrouded, pre-pare, Overdrew, put up an argument, be lied, doest takeoff, sit fence, reduplicates, wearing cheaters, sate on the fence, Illuded, tost off, whipt out, made a big thing about, pieced together, dis-appoint, Snowed, dis figure, under estimates, played on, de vise, dis simulates, monetizing, modelled after, writes, mincing words, pre figured, mis-shapen, built castles air, libel, mis-instructing, pre-tend, begs the question, over done, leading on merry chase, evade, made light of, mis spoken, did a take off, put front, up-reared, dis honor, make a big thing about, Burlesqued, over-emphasizes, sees ones mind, do likewise, de sign, go to extremes, re producing, cobble up, under-estimate, stretched the truth, am like, in vents, beg question, drags name through mud, out weighs, counterfeit, had it, was like, Fantasied, pass as, put act, creating out thin air, running around, prefabbing, passes around, put an argument, makes a mockery of, off the cuffed, blow out of proportion, steps one's toes, laid on thick, be-tray, in vented, stepping on toes, de file, torn off, de signs, gave black eye, slapped together, counter balancing, doeth number, re deemed, faking it, dost take-off, be gotten, dis-guising, re-duces, makes big thing about, four-flushed, fake out, follows footsteps, misreported, overdraw, put on a false front, shows contempt, builds castles air, mis interpreted, laying it thick, dis oblige, de filing, fib, hokes up, doing like, over-emphasizing, doeth a takeoff, tergiversing, in-venting, cut the quick, de-famed, dis-guised, Incarnated, re did, leading on a merry chase, sitting on fence, re duce, pre tended, dis gracing, saw in one mind, seeing mind, begging the question, Suckering, building castles air, is like, fit together, laying low, paralogizes, co oked, passes off as, deaconed, bring in to being, dis respect, de famed, be smirching, over-stated, clouding issue, creating fiction, mis lead, brings in to being, puts one on, burying the hatchet, be-gotten, mis-reporting, mis-quote, doth a number, counter-balanced, dis-figures, bulling, dump on, double-cross, tell white lie, pre-figures, put a front, spoke with forked tongue, blow hot cold, insult, breaking promise, did takeoff, monetized, dis simulating, cutting to the quick, made like, doest a bit, circulating bad money, creates fiction, Bulled, argued over, led to, off the cuffs, overestimate, de basing, covers up, be guiles, laid low, seeing ones mind, were hypocritical, re presented, was untruthful, counter vailed, de-picts, Disfavoring, passing up, doth takeoff, be untruthful, steps toes, dis covered, leads on a merry chase, dragged name through mud, sees in ones mind, puts argument, re porting, de-grade, double-talking, pro-duces, de-filing, passed up, mis-guide, nit-picked, haddest it, dis-simulate, dis tort, doest number, broke promise, leads merry chase, re peat, goes like, mis-guided, travesty, was deceitful, dumped on, puts airs, art like, didst number, doctor up, minced words, re-done, dis-appointed, over-stating, didst take off, cloud the issue, fourflush, lays on thick, play by ear, mis shaped, de-clines, phonied up, dis obliges, Pirated, lays it on thick, tore off, lays low, doeth a take off, showing contempt, dissemble, de-base, psychs out, puts false front, puts an argument, dis regards, doeth take-off, out-raging, spoofing, builds castles in air, de fames, over did, buries hatchet, did likewise, talking back, doeth likewise, brings into being, Paralogize, counter-vailing, does number, pro creates, de-fames, pro creating, come with, tell a little white lie, cuts to the quick, de fame, blows out of proportion, Illude, passed oneself as, sitting on the fence, over-doing, argue over, trump up, stretch truth, didst a takeoff, make money, talk back, doth a takeoff, dis guises, give a black eye, making light of, passes oneself as, over-drawing, make, slapping together, do a number, draft, mis speaking, lay thick, de-file, mis-represented, double-talked, mis-speaks, dis-respect, re-deems, fitting together, puts on airs, prevaricate, stepped one's toes, making big thing about, counter vail, glosses over, laid it thick, dis-respected, dis-regarded, over state, re-dressing, skeletoning, thinking of, out lines, mis-lead, personate, misinstructing, counter balance, putting false front, by passed, dis-favor, giving runaround, creates out of thin air, follow footsteps, make up, simulate, wears cheaters, thumbing nose at, make big thing about, dis-guise, shook hands, de-graded, doubletalk, scammed, mis-construing, four-flush, dis honoring, gat around, pro-created, salted, forgive forget, re presenting, counter-balancing, telling white lie, putting on a false front, imagine, Burlesquing, doubletalked, mis-shapes, de feat, blows out proportion, gives runaround, sitting the fence, four flushing, step one toes, counter-poising, took leaf out book, doth number, mis shaping, faking out, pick to pieces, go like, shaking hands, pieces together, bare false witness, chicaning, structuring, mis quoting, doing take off, putting smoke screen, buffooned, am hypocritical, take down a peg, takes leaf out book, cut to quick, dost bit, under-estimated, mis-instructed, gives rise to, making a mockery of, out weigh, gives appearance of, catching straws, assume the role, hast at it, be smirched, make light of, re quite, did a take-off, soft-soaping, dashes off, counter-vail, sneak away, pre paring, told little white lie, putting a false front, de ludes, Double dealing, hast it, haddest at it, forgives forget, dis-credited, put false front, hypercriticizes, showed contempt, deaconing, jives, doubletalking, made big thing about, co-loring, Shying, dis-appointing, makes show of, up rearing, dis covering, acting like, fudge, mis-stating, prefab, mis-spoken, mis-reported, dis-obliges, dis-covers, stepped one toes, told a white lie, get around, gets around, pro created, burying hatchet, making money, forge, selling down river, dost a number, pass around, ad lib, passing as, distort, dis graced, out-lining, plays a part, shies, doeth takeoff, put on act, create out of thin air, mint, noise about, see one's mind, antiquing, pass off as, tosses off, pre-fab, flip-flopping, taking down peg, cobbled up, whitewashed, mis-leading, sees in one mind, Mocked, de-presses, mis shapes, made show of, whip out, didst a bit, dis figured, mis guides, Misspeak, re-dresses, stretched truth, mis instructed, tossing off, rumor, created out of thin air, authoring, doing a take off, is deceitful, under estimated, cuts to quick, telling little white lie, Cribbing, fibbing, Misguiding, mis informing, mis interprets, did take off, puts up argument, makes light of, build castles in air, puts on false front, dis honored, make show of, de lineated, over estimated, de grading, hyper criticizing, put a smoke screen, Whites, counter poises, tells little white lie, fudge together, doing a takeoff, dis-obliged, slipping out, re-plicate, went extremes, passes oneself off as, makes amends, de base, pre tending, dis-respecting, piece together, Caricaturing, re dress, re-does, is untruthful, dis-grace, mis stated, sees in mind, jazzed, counterpoised, mis-construes, gives the runaround, lays it thick, whomped up, counter-poises, giving rise to, dis-appoints, leading a merry chase, doctoring up, re presents, clouded issue, lie, misinstructed, puts up smoke screen, pro-fesses, came to terms, make as if, gloss over, up-rear, sees one's mind, improvved, did like, doth a take off, mis-represent, out-weighs, de faming, giving run around, come to terms, sits the fence, come terms, dis respects, doest a take off, break promise, wast hypocritical, mis-shaping, stepped toes, pro moting, tampered with, doth a take-off, hoking up, makes peace, de-signed, de-faming, assumed the role, pre fab, disgrace, patterned after, misspeaking, getting ready, be hypocritical, counter-poise, cobbles up, giving a black eye, doing number, imitate, hoke up, be lying, palter, makes mockery of, gets ready, assume, mis-shape, over doing, had at it, dis obliging, forgive and forget, marks wrong, dis-oblige, fitted together, keep distance, dis-covering, does a takeoff, put airs, re-produced, bear false witness, saw mind, gives run around, pick pieces, cop plea, do a takeoff, mis-quoting, improvs, double deals, sells down river, pro-vided, stepped on one toes, de based, saw one's mind, out weighing, see in mind, didst takeoff, passed as, carboned, nit picked, doublespeaks, re-doing, stretching the truth, dis-favored, dis guise, tampers with, make like, rumors, puts a false front, led merry chase, incarnates, affect, pattern after, re vile, steps one toes, picking to pieces, by pass, mis interpreting, slaps together, gat ready, clouded the issue, blew up out of proportion, cutting quick, tampering with, de-pict, pro-vide, did a bit, cloud issue, ran around, builded castles air, catch at straws, giving black eye, dis-guises, runs around, shucks and jive, pass oneself off as, re duces, nit picking, sneaks away, step on one toes, fourflushing, over-did, leading to, passed off as, flipflopping, going extremes, speaking with forked tongue, mis-stated, Disfavored, counter-balances, marked wrong, tells white lie, authored, heads trip, following in footsteps, buncoed, de frauds, plays on, disguise, being untruthful, lay it on thick, dis-torts, Fabulizing, stepping one's toes, dost take off, fabulizes, in vent, doest a number, setting off, covering up, by-passing, parenting, minces words, mis-construe, create fiction, dis favored, dittoed, re duplicates, de grade, giving appearance of, dis figures, creating out of thin air, tar feather, four-flushes, de presses, beg the question, caught at straws, hoking, re dresses, catch straws, playing role, being deceitful, mis-state, mimeo, told white lie, tells untruth, doeth a number, follows example, step on toes, claimed falsely, statting, pro duces, taking leaf out of book, picked to pieces, de vised, sets off, dis-respects, circulate bad money, de clines, over estimating, re-did, antiqued, be-lying, disavow, get ready, steps on ones toes, out line, am deceitful, doth take off, re plicates, give run around, dis crediting, saw in mind, disrespecting, out-weigh, re does, re-duce, under estimate, talked back, shucked and jive, put up a smoke screen, takes leaf out of book, bluff, cutting the quick, hyper-criticized, put up smoke screen, Visioned, art hypocritical, dis-cover, dashed off, hyper-criticizes, shucked jive, marking wrong, ADLIB, dis-figuring, de pict, four-flushing, picks to pieces, de-press, dis-simulating, stepping ones toes, be-guile, sneaking away, de-files, pro-fess, blew up out proportion, looking like, fudges together, out rages, does a take off, scamming, over-drawn, altercate, over drew, re present, is hypocritical, dis regarded, dis-regard, coming terms, made out like, flip flopping, thumbs nose at, mis-spoke, made up, play a part, phonied, hyper criticize, de filed, heading trip, out-rages, laying claim, came terms, created fiction, doeth like, throws together, do a bit, pro create, misguide, be tray, doing a number, made as if, blows up out of proportion, pro-create, overstate, patterns after, mis-instruct, pettifog, over-estimating, make peace, Slurring, over-estimated, over-drew, dis regard, mock, followed footsteps, dittoing, gave run around, carboning, aspired to, slipped out, gives black eye, counter vails, mis quoted, argufies, are like, mimeoing, does a number, psych out, put up a front, dis graces, passed around, de-ride, didst bit, thumbed nose at, noised about, following footsteps, doing a bit, look like, improvving, de pressing, over stating, put on false front, sits on the fence, mis spoke, de-ludes, dis credit, led on a merry chase, gnarls, puts smoke screen, beat around the bush, making mockery of, laying on thick, dis-favors, catches at straws, dis figuring, stepped ones toes, leads a merry chase, dash off, doest likewise, set off, sit on the fence, pro-creating, wast deceitful, clouds the issue, doing takeoff, did a number, put on a front, mis-quotes, re deeming, beating around the bush, soft-soap, mis states, off-the-cuffed, twotime, brought into being, mis-speak, feign, bury hatchet, co loring, out-lined, mis speak, Caricatured, soft-soaped, am untruthful, blowing out proportion, put a false front, snuck away, were deceitful, be-trays, stretch the truth, play on, hyper-criticize, illudes, disrespected, be like, pre-paring, seeing in one's mind, led a merry chase, roughs, step one's toes, dis guising, re plicated, counter-vails, sold down river, beating around bush, whipping out, Visioning, making show of, mis-leads, didst a take off, passes as, whips out, dis-honors, buried hatchet, pro duce, Re-present, doeth a take-off, doeth take off, sitting fence, de-cline, bears false witness, dost number, dis respected, took down peg, taking down a peg, dis appointed, dost a bit, de-feat, laid thick, de cline, beats around the bush, Personating, re done, reduplicating, de rides, nit picks, tergiverse, acted like, doublespeak, mis construing, give rise to, saw one mind, being like, see mind, thinking up, lead to, pre figures, sat the fence, taking leaf out book, de signing, putting airs, lead a merry chase, stretching truth, IED, be smirch, beared false witness, phonies up, pre pared, re-adies, begging question, dis-simulates, put up argument, slap together, lead on a merry chase, de-feats, softsoaps, fourflushes, stab back, telling a white lie, re-plicates, didst a number, gave a black eye, makes up, laying it on thick, double deal, putting one on, copy, pre tend, wert like, telling untruth, cutting to quick, mis-representing, sit on fence, mis-represents, over emphasizing, put an act, structured, fakes it, dis-figured, mis instruct, selling down the river, dis-honoring, sits fence, dis-credits, claiming falsely, throwing together, misinstructs, falsify, altercates, followed example, cut quick, getting around, hath it, stepping on one toes, over-estimate, sees in one's mind, over draw, gives a black eye, whomps up, are untruthful, does take-off, out lining, patterning after, skeletoned, lead merry chase, phonying up, storified, puts up a smoke screen, de-signing, de-based, made a mockery of, assume role, double dealt, noising about, mis instructing, hath at it, re-duplicate, do like, sit the fence, counter poising, pre figure, knocks together, wear cheaters, shucking jive, do take-off, dis-tort, de feats, in-vent, pre pare, are deceitful, step toes, dis favoring, re peats, over emphasizes, prefabs, overestimated, put on airs, over-estimates, overemphasize, Pirating, counter balances, show contempt, overemphasizes, created out thin air, pro-creates, trumps up, step on one's toes, tamper with, got ready, de picts, re-peats, fabricate, buffooning, put one on, seeing one's mind, playing on, doctored up, see one mind, chicanes, Altercated, going like, think of, tell untruth, put up front, tergiverses, whitewash, mince words, art untruthful, counter poise, pre tends, lays claim, over emphasized, gnarl, mis-report, makes as if, seeing one mind, fudged together, stepping on ones toes, tell little white lie, having at it, buries the hatchet, pro-viding, putting up front, assuming role, jazzing, batching, mis representing, sell down river, picks pieces, sees mind, modeled after, stab in back, re duplicating, pre-figure, shakes hands, play part, step ones toes, thinks up, shucks jive, re-duplicating, re-quite, co oking, create out thin air, blow up out of proportion, framed up, forgiving and forget, gave runaround, re-produces, made money, de-pressed, begs question, wore cheaters, misspoke, steps ones toes, puts up front, played a part, mimeos, forgiving forget, de-lude, blew out proportion, fake it, argues over, dis appoint, re ported, nit pick, plays part, slips out, pro vides, dis-covered, sent up, builded castles in air, sees one mind, setting to, does like, re-presented, putting up a front, de-sign, pre-tends, hoked, over-draw, dis-figure, storifying, dis obliged, storifies, de-rides, monetizes, dost likewise, send up, saw ones mind, buncoing, fudging together, BSED, misreports, pre-figured, dis credited, dis-simulated, de-fame, up-rears, overestimates, leads to, japed, soft-soaps, playact, up rears, followed in footsteps, be-guiles, begged the question, cuts the quick, deny, de lineate, tells a white lie, Counterpoising, mis leading, Imaged, give black eye, set to, sat fence, mis reports, de-lineate, drag name through mud, de signed, putting on front, doth take-off, de ride, sold down the river, seeing in ones mind, sending up, blows up out proportion, de graded, passed oneself off as, BSES, thumb nose at, pro fesses, pre-pared, does a take-off, Whited, Personated, acts like, doest a take-off, chicaned, steering clear of, be guile, didst like, form, in venting, flipflopped, personates, hyper criticized, cut to the quick, gave the runaround, mis-quoted, dis respecting, forgave and forget, pre-figuring, model after, dis torts, hem haw, Attainted, re deem, does a bit, caught straws, knocking together, iing, putting up smoke screen, putting on a front, pass oneself as, fool, over does, psyched out, Winging, off the cuffing, mis-speaking, pro-moting, co-oking, take leaf out book, stepping on one's toes, badmouth, doest bit, out raged, make a mockery of, buncos, jive, sell down the river, de press, spoofed, lays thick, sneaked away, re duplicated, de vising, are hypocritical, re-presents, by passes, mis-informed, jiving, puts on a front, do a take off, sends up, counter-poised, shake hands, threw together, over estimates, mis-construed, de-vise, doth likewise, under-estimating, up-rearing, misspeaks, told a little white lie, do bit, mark wrong, dis credits, sells down the river, passes up, doth a bit, brought in to being, four flush, whiting, throw together, see in one mind, playing a part, see in one's mind, stepping one toes, By-pass, reduplicated, following example, dis appoints, de-lineated, mis guide, blowing up out proportion, Fabulized, assuming the role, re-deeming, bad mouth, dis-graced, mis speaks, roughed, de-filed, de-grading, doest a takeoff, phonies, puts a front, nit-pick, be-smirches, re duplicate, pass up, steps on toes, overestimating, equivocate, lay claim, shuck and jive, overdraws, dis-credit, tears off, re dressing, re-duplicates, bore false witness, pre-tended, soft soaping, de-frauds, counter balanced, buried the hatchet, be deceitful, de-signs, talks back, come up on, assumed role, mis-instructs, trumping up, doublecross, mis-interprets, Snowing, nit-picking, do number, beats around bush, mis guiding, re-dress, dost takeoff, aspires to, monetize, counter poised, takes down peg, dis-regarding, sham, puts on a false front, dumps on, dis simulate, thought of, having it, pre pares, de fraud, re-plicating, de files, roughing, doest take-off, be-smirching, shucking and jive, pro vided, built castles in air, under-estimates, dis honors, went to extremes, dumping on, hyper-criticizing, re-ported, blowing up out of proportion, dis cover, played part, Fabulize, takes down a peg, dis-honor, bringing into being, have it, out-rage, bringing in to being, sat on the fence, statted, doublespeaked, build castles air, breaks promise, over-draws, de riding, four flushes, mis construe, batched, double cross, mis shapen, pre-tending, chicane, were untruthful, out-lines, wast untruthful, follow in footsteps, looks like, de-vised, re-porting, Overdrawn, steers clear of, glossing over, Attainting, re plicating, speak with forked tongue, puts front, pro-vides, by-passes, hypercriticizing, do a take-off, reduplicate, wert hypocritical, putting on false front, blistered, claim falsely, telling a little white lie, up rear, pro-mote, noises about, dis grace, mis represent, out weighed, over draws, dis regarding, aspire to, doth like, doing likewise, went like, re produces, made amends, counter-vailed, steer clear of, Humbugged, re-peat, do takeoff, playing a role, does bit, Storify, whomping up, wert deceitful, puts up an argument, make amends, tells a little white lie, over emphasize, comes terms, hoked up, speaks with forked tongue, tossed off, mis quotes, dis covers, hypercriticized, tell a white lie, laying thick, fools, de grades, faked it, did number, dis-regards, nit-picks, re-deem, didst a take-off, mis represents, mis-interpreted, shrouding, headed trip, mis informed, spake with forked tongue, bunco, doth bit, fits together, lay it thick, i, pro viding, faked out, bsing, blow out proportion, told untruth, doctors up, assumes role, dis favors, in-vented, hypercriticize, pro vide, mis shape, steps on one's toes, putting a smoke screen, de-pressing, off-the-cuffing, concoct, be-smirched, blew out of proportion, pro fess, deceive, be smirches, de-grades, mis-inform, re-dressed, hyperbolize, Paralogized, prefabbed, de lude, dis-crediting, didst take-off, out-line, make out like, re-vile, softsoaped, Incarnating, giving the runaround, be-lied, sat on fence, re-duplicated, soft soaped, gotten around, in-vents, fantasying, circulates bad money, does takeoff, step on ones toes, Paralogizing, sate the fence, re-presenting, misspoken, over states, blow up out proportion, doing bit, dis-obliging, poked fun at, made mockery of, saw in one's mind, be-smirch, did take-off, did a takeoff, be-getting, doublespeaking, japing, dis-graces, double talked, mis-states, wert untruthful, laid claim, modeling after, building castles in air, coming to terms, overemphasized, re produced, assumes the role, tearing off, cuts quick, pro-motes, Altercating, sets to.