Pronunciation of Timid
/tˈɪmɪd/, /tˈɪmɪd/, /t_ˈɪ_m_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for timid

heroic, hotshot, out and out, ultramasculine, bound determined, unshrinking, go go, un-shrinking, death-defying, most plain spoken, ultra masculine, un afraid, temerarious, full of spirit, biggety, energetic, self centered, more daredevil, smart alecky, most powerhouse, more go-go, sturdy, selfabsorbed, over weening, Stout-hearted, un-abashed, unashamed, selfinterested, Assertory, most tiger, more swollenheaded, unflinching, Undauntable, full pep, more caveman, zappier, un-hesitating, more self-starting, more self concerned, lay it on the line, un-considered, hoity toity, zaftig, brilliant, brick-wall, cool hand, head long, hamest, most bragging, two-fisted, un dismayed, he man, most daredevil, more flat-out, more bragging, hamer, desperate, most self loving, unabashed, more brickwall, more hotshot, illadvised, coldshoulder, Insuppressible, most ahead, most ventral, most uncareful, chirpier, stout, fresh, high flown, stallion, jockest, most twofisted, intent up on, overassertive, most take-over, most itching, boldfaced, more swollen headed, strong willed, selfpossessed, most epic, more lion hearted, in discreet, officious, conspicuous, more loudmouth, conceited, most inner-directed, call spade a spade, up for, most l, most unintimidated, un-blenching, inner-directed, eye catching, zestier, most unblenching, more swaggering, meddlesome, ventral, innerdirected, in cautious, powerhouse, most swollenheaded, more well developed, re-served, self-concerned, spirited, out righter, most go go, most lion hearted, most overzealous, most loudmouth, most meddling, sniffiest, un-chastest, uncareful, thin skinned, hearty, more cold shoulder, more take over, take over, chinup, more unblenching, coming on strong, proud, Unblenching, undeterred, self-assured, more persisting, insolent, selfloving, more boasting, out-righter, adventurous, more undauntable, well-built, lay it the line, able, most gogo, more self interested, self important, most aweless, more brick-wall, know it all, most assertory, most advancing, un-wary, smartier, more unblinking, more cold-shoulder, unafraid, more undismayed, most inner directed, caveman, most swollen-headed, more overbold, more stout hearted, well-developed, most selfasserting, head-strong, sniffy, most selfstarting, full spirit, most zaftig, un chaster, death defying, most selfadmiring, most stout-hearted, more hubristic, smartalecky, more windbag, flipper, more overassertive, more go go, self indulgent, more uncurbed, more obsessive, most zestful, out on limb, un chaste, more heart-to-heart, dis-graceful, most hotshot, personal, stick out like sore thumb, self asserting, more self-admiring, in flexible, staunch, most death-defying, more swollen-headed, hardy, most unashamed, self-centered, egocentric, un-chaster, more bare faced, most self admiring, chin up, reckless, most flat-out, brave, trans-parent, overweening, forward, un-disguised, more forward-looking, up-pity, more uncareful, zesty, self loving, more ultramasculine, thinskinned, most resolved, call a spade spade, more brick wall, in-judicious, un considered, more upholstered, un shaken, in judicious, more ahead, intrepid, selfsufficient, out spoken, un-governed, Gutty, more poised, shooting from hip, most selfinterested, Over-bearing, more gingery, most wellbuilt, selfstarting, de-finite, un ashamed, more tuna, overbold, galler, most go-go, pre-pared, more resolved, go after, most undismayed, beefcake, un-fearful, more insuppressible, most forward looking, un-dismayed, in-different, unswerving, more know it all, flippest, selfcentered, un-reserved, more advancing, most well-developed, un-faltering, vaulting, lay it on line, in-suppressible, megalomaniac, go-go, self serving, pre-sumptuous, most generative, most self-admiring, deathdefying, two fisted, most self-starting, dis-respectful, most two-fisted, self interested, fore most, heart-to-heart, L, un blenching, most gumptious, jockstrap, most bare-faced, resolute, most stout hearted, dis posed, more twofisted, pre mature, most jockstrap, un shrinking, most forwardlooking, fearless, fire eating, more deathdefying, more overzealous, lay line, over venturesome, vigorous, un-afraid, un faltering, most selfloving, self sufficient, more thick-bodied, most know it all, more self starting, Lion-hearted, overhasty, most ultramasculine, having faith in, most flat out, dis graceful, un-curbed, smart, uncurbed, like is, matter of fact, daring, more racked, most lion-hearted, more innerdirected, most cracking, more death-defying, bright, more self admiring, most brick wall, most two fisted, more stout-hearted, unblinking, most cold-shoulder, over-bold, more selfconcerned, more facial, pre maturer, stuck oneself, most well developed, Unfearful, most self-concerned, more bare-faced, extroverted, chirpy, in-attentive, doughty, un daunted, more cracking, up holstered, on ego trip, zestful, bet on, hot shot, un wavering, more self-concerned, most plain-spoken, helterskelter, in solent, most undisguised, most biggety, most boasting, more smartass, re probate, pre maturest, saying what one thinks, full hot air, dis-posed, spunky, most progressing, un-concealed, most flatout, twofisted, sure of oneself, sure oneself, more stallion, most self interested, most insuppressible, more chin-up, un-ashamed, zingiest, brash, un curbed, un concealed, thickbodied, most intrepid, head-long, grody, over assertive, most herolike, firm, more forth, swollenheaded, wrapped up oneself, Self-interested, brazen, get up go, most stallion, more unshrinking, un abashed, most thickbodied, chestier, most steamroller, hotdogger, on high horse, un restricted, smartass, well built, salty, guttiest, ultra-masculine, zappy, chesty, in-trepid, un flappable, re-probate, more heart to heart, over hasty, sniffier, guttier, more gumptious, Heman, forer, more unintimidated, assured, most unblinking, forwardlooking, thick-bodied, in famous, bigger than life, most heart to heart, de finite, swollen headed, well developed, more hotdogger, up-beat, full oneself, inner directed, un inhibited, un-tactful, plucky, self-loving, more well built, more individualist, over-hasty, lion hearted, un intimidated, plain spoken, macho, able bodied, dis solute, bodacious, aper, more smart-ass, gutsy, most deathdefying, more lusting, re-solute, more death defying, most chinup, more well-developed, most unfearful, most smartass, pre pared, un wariest, more selfstarting, ex citable, un-changing, over-weening, most death defying, more selfasserting, most gingery, out-spoken, un wary, most conceity, un careful, mettlesome, propulsive, un-shakable, lay on the line, in suppressible, full of hot air, wrapped oneself, hot blooded, un-bending, high mighty, gingery, more chinup, more forwardlooking, most craving, selfassured, game, most innerdirected, more hyper, more overventuresome, most bodacious, more jockstrap, more selfloving, more inner directed, most bare faced, flatout, wrapped in oneself, over bold, out limb, hunkest, un-guarded, selfconfident, most smart ass, un principled, most overassertive, apest, over-venturesome, conceity, un flinching, un tactful, unintimidated, selfconcerned, more beefcake, most take over, selfadmiring, in corrigible, un guarded, un fearful, confident, undisguised, un yielding, most thick-bodied, re-doubtable, most upholstered, more selfadmiring, most caveman, un-shaken, coltest, self starting, more forward looking, more flagitous, more l, most unshrinking, in different, brick wall, precipitant, most swollen headed, most rocking, un bending, rash, indecent, more coldshoulder, most self concerned, more bodacious, selfassertive, risky, more megalomaniac, in-decent, chestiest, un-restricted, from the hip, get and go, clear, self-admiring, out right, more unfearful, self concerned, most windbag, more progressing, haughty, more rocking, un-compromising, ablebodied, re served, un-thinking, smartiest, un-chaste, most overventuresome, ex-citable, bare faced, un disguised, pre-maturer, most self-loving, most self asserting, most coldshoulder, go for broke, stuck on oneself, most yearning, epic, more self loving, un thinking, more self asserting, up pity, selfindulgent, call spade spade, valiant, undismayed, stalwart, most know-it-all, more well-built, audacious, high handed, pre sumptuous, most well-built, re doubtable, more flat out, studder, self admiring, un-blushing, devil may care, up and coming, forward-looking, full life, intent upon, most takeover, smart guy, trans parent, hotblooded, tawdry, self reliant, swollen-headed, un-inhibited, playing with fire, un warier, over zealous, most selfconcerned, un-principled, stuckup, un-wariest, most obsessive, wrapped up in oneself, most smart-ass, aweless, fore-most, dis respectful, courageous, loud, flagrant, saying what thinks, more selfinterested, in trepid, goahead, most poised, jumping conclusions, most cold shoulder, gallant, self confident, big talking, chirpiest, un-flinching, more chin up, un changing, chin-up, zestiest, generative, most welldeveloped, more two fisted, gumptious, grandiose, full of pep, most megalomaniac, over-assertive, more welldeveloped, most self-asserting, in-solent, smart-ass, more wellbuilt, over-zealous, on an ego trip, un hesitating, cold-shoulder, herolike, more self-loving, grodier, up beat, un-diplomatic, more self-interested, most individualist, get up and go, hubristic, more two-fisted, facial, wellbuilt, call a spade a spade, un-yielding, most overbold, highflown, calm, most thick bodied, out rightest, in vincible, dis-solute, more flatout, un compromising, re-solved, opinionated, bare-faced, over confident, coming strong, most uncurbed, in decent, egotistical, dead set on, nervy, most swaggering, full of oneself, re solute, most hotdogger, flagitous, more unashamed, un-intimidated, lay on line, most chin up, overzealous, colter, harum scarum, most lusting, self absorbed, more self-asserting, out-right, gallest, more lion-hearted, in advance, cocky, overreaching, most self-interested, in-corrigible, more takeover, most heart-to-heart, determined, bold, selfreliant, over-confident, selfserving, un-daunted, in-vincible, most tuna, more epic, frank, more aweless, self assured, more propulsive, most racked, aggressive, feisty, studdest, un chastest, foolhardy, hot stuff, more yearning, out a limb, most well built, in-flexible, highhanded, more smart ass, brickwall, in-cautious, over bearing, most hubristic, more steamroller, strong, in-discreet, more know-it-all, more biggety, wide open, stouter, more itching, shooting from the hip, un-blinking, eyecatching, most undauntable, un blinking, more ventral, enterprising, shameless, loudmouth, more thick bodied, un-flagging, more conceity, most flagitous, more herolike, smart ass, arrogant, un-wavering, stuck up, off deep end, pumped up, self-asserting, illconsidered, more undisguised, helter skelter, more inner-directed, hoitytoity, more powerhouse, more zaftig, zingy, most chin-up.