Pronunciation of Undaunted
/ʌndˈɔːntɪd/, /ʌndˈɔːntɪd/, /ʌ_n_d_ˈɔː_n_t_ɪ_d/

Antonyms for undaunted

lily-livered, dis-mayed, Milk-livered, more aroused, most yellow-bellied, more faint hearted, Cowhearted, scared stiff, lilylivered, nervous, most rattled, most spooked, panicked, most chicken-hearted, appalled, weak, more chicken hearted, in awe, irresolute, up-set, shrinking, dis-inclined, running scared, more yellow bellied, terrorstricken, yellow-bellied, run scared, disquieted, more terror-stricken, un willing, most cowed, un-eager, unadventurous, dismayed, yellowbellied, nerveless, more weak-kneed, in disposed, dis-heartened, up set, ungallant, most weak-kneed, dis inclined, re-tiring, yellow bellied, more cowering, most uneager, most aroused, most terrorstricken, faint-hearted, more dismayed, scared to death, un-willing, un eager, chicken, disturbed, agitated, gutless, pigeonhearted, terror stricken, lily livered, more cowed, most pigeonhearted, more cowhearted, anxious, spineless, unheroic, diffident, careful, un happier, co wed, disconcerted, having willies, dis mayed, more terrorstricken, most terror-stricken, pusillanimous, most cowering, heedful, more yellow-bellied, uneager, wimpy, most terror stricken, apprehensive, upset, perturbed, unnerved, more spooked, most caitiff, dis-tressed, more faint-hearted, dis tressed, more terror stricken, most disheartened, startled, most dismayed, more pigeonhearted, un happy, terror-stricken, most weakkneed, unmanly, in-disposed, chickenhearted, most weak kneed, more weak kneed, lacking courage, yellow, cautious, un happiest, more caitiff, more nervous, afraid, most yellow bellied, un-happy, softer, more rattled, no guts, more disheartened, craven, having the willies, co-wed, prudent, most trembling, dis heartened, panic stricken, panicstricken, concerned, more yellowbellied, most cowhearted, panic-stricken, dastardly, scared death, weakkneed, re tiring, cowardly, Chicken-hearted, more chicken-hearted, more daunted, poltroon, more weakkneed, poor-spirited, faint hearted, chicken-livered, weak-kneed, most faint-hearted, have cold feet, most yellowbellied, spiritless, cringing, chicken hearted, more trembling, most faint hearted, worried, most daunted, coward, weak kneed, most chicken hearted, timorous.