Under standing

Pronunciation of Under Standing
/ˌʌndə stˈandɪŋ/, /ˌʌndə stˈandɪŋ/, /ˌʌ_n_d_ə s_t_ˈa_n_d_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for under standing

conclusion, unwise, numbness, uncompassionate, nasty, prejudiced, ending, discouragement, dull, troubled, undiscriminating, care, frustration, selfish, cacophony, lot, division, delay, unappreciative, greedy, refusal, derogatory, overlook, tempering, harsh, vomit, desert, heedless, abuse, dissimilarity, aloofness, blunt, exclude, unthoughtfulness, unimportance, dislike, vacuity, grow, inhumane, distress, hurting, mistake, let go, bad manners, unsympathetic, Disliking, disregard, dissuade, undemonstrative, unconfident, annoy, exude, imprudence, impoliteness, estrangement, disadvantage, dubious, forget, wanting, negligent, deny, hard, impartiality, being, body, postponement, cruelty, dark, detrimental, fierce, uneducated, discourteous, break, distrust, lifeless, heedlessness, bottom, ill will, uncultured, prove, disparagement, rip-off, abstention, uncertainty, sisterly, unrealistic, neglectful, misinterpretation, hurtful, miss, lose value, worry, agitated, disbelief, dispute, happiness, uncivil, peace, cool, unreceptive, divorce, misplace, stupidity, imbalance, idiotic, free, knowledge, freedom, fighting, disbelieve, paralysis, imbecile, careless, periphery, contest, confusion, abstain, senselessness, scorn, hatred, end, cause, loud, subtract, ignore, economical, dissatisfaction, good fortune, strong, difference, cowardice, indifference, lose, inexperienced, quarrel, unwilling, disunity, doubt, nap, foolish, clumsiness, link, irrational, Misjudgment, heartless, annoyance, antipathy, dishonor, unconcerned, fail, uncharitable, laid-back, dissension, instability, unsusceptible, proof, destruction, incautious, insanity, aversion, irresponsibility, impassive, disproportion, disapproval, rough, expressionless, scatter, malevolent, unsure, moderating, tough, lacking, failure, tactless, plant, cold, cruel, need, not take, emit, unmannerly, incapability, idiot, stupid, indiscreet, mercilessness, writing, inconsiderateness, know, insensitivity, incapacity, stop, immaturity, eject, tolerance, incompatibility, push, violent, tactlessness, existence, strict, ugly, be ignorant, old, inconsiderate, bitter, lack, intolerance, disunion, prohibition, inexperience, hostility, separate, unknowledgeable, criticize, apathy, disperse, insensibility, reckless, spread, deferral, allot, unemployment, uncreative, origin, trouble, poor, disallow, inattentive, disadvantageous, loathing, criticism, rudeness, agitate, normal, finish, unsociable, unkindness, frustrated, specific, disapproving, certainty, thoughtless, repudiation, foot, leave, obscure, agitation, craziness, decrease, moderation, malevolence, neglect, dissipate, ungrateful, wavering, thoughtlessness, obtuse, misinterpret, wild, measure, amateurishness, spew, not adapt, harshness, asset, repudiate, not deliberate, reserve, let off, head, be unaware, actuality, unfamiliarity, amnesia, limitation, disrespect, Abstaining, unfriendlines, rejection, insignificance, truth, trust, blessing, unhelpful, disagreement, repulse, hateful, dissent, unsociability, objection, indifferent, inexpressive, unmindful, be blind, calm, uninventive, callous, reject, loose, inadequacy, cloud, unwatchful, barbarousness, omission, refuse, conservative, direct, physicality, group, fill, selfishness, joy, measurement, typical, limited, disinclination, fight, opposition, fear, want, impolite, insensitive, amateur, unfeeling, numb, doubtful, teach, indetermination, animosity, not do, discard, let alone, fact, jangling, exterior, clash, unfriendliness, inanity, madness, strangeness, unfriendly, disinterest, antagonistic, weakness, indiscretion, unconscious, be real, procrastination, triviality, disturbance, carelessness, distract, disassociation, hostile, hurt, ignorance, distance, disdain, meanness, disfavor, Uncompanionable, indefiniteness, disharmony, ungenerous, separation, surface, enmity, nonbelief, veto, obtuseness, reality, misunderstand, hindering, discourage, meaninglessness, injurious, unresponsive, divide, blindness, stranger, distribute, misconceive, mistrust, sororal, denseness, harmful, ineptitude, mean, uninformed, forgetfulness, Ungiving, be honest, turn loose, worn, unstudied, coolness, unthoughtful, merciless, unsound, turn away, calmness, impatient, unintentional, cheer, negligence, concrete, callousness, Exteriority, corporeality, ambiguity, ineptness, unsoundness, surrender, unlearn, narrow, disagreeable, unintelligent, controversy, follower, disgust, deferment, upset, senseless, impotence, unimaginative, sleep, protest, unresourceful, unconsciousness, unenthusiastic, discord, thrifty, antagonism, moderate, loss, thick-skinned, bad, thing, yield, calculation, aloof, uncivilized, unaware, excogitate, incompetence, connect, source, dismiss, not get, kind, temperance, be numb, outside, unfavorable, inefficiency, vacancy, depreciate, hate, deal, calculate, advantage, unreasonable, inability, severe, uncaring, fairness, distaste, ignorant, unkind, substance, depreciation, rear, unaccepting, beginning, unpromising, associate, imprecise, disparage, repulsion, not believe, unsophisticated, unrefined, frigidity, be critical, justice, denial, misunderstanding, solid, disclaimer, passive, disapprove, punish, confuse, intolerant, mix up, uncertain, unstylish, slow, information, mystify, tyrannous, rude, misconception, biased, indecency, release, abandon, indecision, unneighborly, sightlessness, narrow-minded, renounce, be immune, allow, unobservant.