Pronunciation of Under-Taking
/ˌʌndətˈe͡ɪkɪŋ/, /ˌʌndətˈe‍ɪkɪŋ/, /ˌʌ_n_d_ə_t_ˈeɪ_k_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for under-taking

refrain, immobility, surrender, dissent, tangle, unfasten, hindrance, vocation, nothingness, turn off, harmony, protest, cowardice, protection, assurance, withhold, repose, disapprove, defer, loose, oppose, banish, reply, stretch, pleasure, certainty, disavow, answer, turn away, discontinue, pastime, idleness, faithlessness, wavering, demur, health, put off, relaxation, fall behind, repulse, misconceive, divorce, dissension, recreation, refusal, ignore, delay, aid, give up, leave alone, disapproval, lose, fasten, incompetence, overlook, disorganize, fun, impossibility, end, amusement, mull, help, neglect, discard, disagreement, depart, offend, latency, bore, unemployment, go away, ruin, maintain, break-up, dissuade, assemble, disconnect, disinterest, slowing, meaninglessness, nothing, accord, loosen, failure, extend, break, derange, renounce, open, disbelieve, doubt, fire, halt, eject, opposition, inertia, truth, blockage, keep, advantage, disclaim, be idle, take, misunderstand, give, amplify, confuse, offer, relax, disarrange, passivity, dispute, be lazy, destroy, exclude, zero, stop, receive, die, stillness, give in, invalidate, inactivity, disagree, happiness, inaction, avocation, wonder, uselessness, repel, begin, bear, complete, misuse, inutility, cease, consummate, yield, abandon, indifference, please, mismanage, avoidance, unexpected, breach, disregard, retreat, success, break up, live, hopelessness, be immune, dislike, hesitation, leave, blessing, disbelief, Unauthorize, realness, stagnation, let off, expand, repudiate, forego, defeat, good health, close, introduce, hold, prevent, fact, renege, expel, take back, pause, fear, enlarge, ignorance, withdraw, create, dilate, lengthen, desert, discourage, disorganization, disturb, cessation, reality, stay, refuse, suspension, want, miss, stoppage, peace, spread, loss, disgust, laze, quiet, let go, genuineness, disengagement, dismiss, abstention, insignificance, release, disallow, get, quit, free, forget, denial, blackball, agree, hold back, hide, irresponsibility, uncertainty, slight, surety, rest, be careful, check, decline, hobby, start, be honest, procrastinate, hatred, shun, work, broken promise, idle, hesitate, giving in, treachery, abstain, conclude, untie, dodge, direct, undo, profession, task, disenchant, oust, cut, make well, follow, disorder, put together, retract, agreement, hurt, rejection, break off, mend, use, find, sluggishness, truce, veto, condemn, benefit, passiveness, inconstancy, plan, distance, commence, defuse, cancel, finish, decrease, deny, indolence, safety, hate, waver, not finish, discharge, disobey, unsettle, silence, lack, add, join, pass, calm, laziness, need, destruction, repress, falsify, delight, entertainment, increase, fail, indecision, avoid, conceal, weakness, be willing, reject, question, naturalness.