Pronunciation of Uneager
/ʌnˈiːɡə/, /ʌnˈiːɡə/, /ʌ_n_ˈiː_ɡ_ə/

Antonyms for uneager

unhesitant, engaged, developing, passionate, fiery, glad, unashamed, composed, cool, fast, caring, agog, Unfearful, resolute, cordial, certain, engrossed, most appetent, enthusiastic, fearless, self-starting, healthy, unopposed, interested, feverish, disposed, valiant, impatient, rarin' to go, sure, most hankering, brave, hot-blooded, smart, indiscreet, most self-starting, warm, most fervid, rarin to go, unafraid, friendly, genial, heroic, ahead, to the front, tending, happy, unreserved, desirous, willing, enough, thirsty, immodest, wholehearted, more pining, decisive, for, most selfstarting, loving, red hot, more hankering, bold, agreeable, ready willing, kind, calm, forward, rash, unwavering, rarin go, fervid, extroverted, exuberant, more appetent, vehement, most yearning, well, courageous, undismayed, dying to, more eager, intrepid, raring, avid, prepared, liking, precocious, uncareful, most pining, dying, unshy, proud, leaning, hot trot, warmhearted, outgoing, adequate, intelligent, venturesome, more selfstarting, definite, careless, sufficient, rarin' go, believing, self starting, more self starting, anxious, overeager, more warmblooded, more yearning, hot to trot, incautious, most craving, ready, more craving, de siring, impassioned, sympathetic, intense, aggressive, de-siring, bent, keen, ardent, eager, hot, ready and willing, unworried, hearty, heedless, more self-starting, warmblooded, more fervent, undaunted, in tent, conceited, confident, approving, most warmblooded, selfstarting, egotistical, unabashed, inclined, most self starting.