Pronunciation of Unfashionable
/ʌnfˈaʃənəbə͡l/, /ʌnfˈaʃənəbə‍l/, /ʌ_n_f_ˈa_ʃ_ə_n_ə_b_əl/

Antonyms for unfashionable

snazzy, contemporary, Well-born, more wellborn, well mannered, re strained, faddiest, distingue, in-thing, more upper class, well made, drop-dead gorgeous, more stylized, more upscale, more well born, be loved, crowd-pleasing, swagger, pre vailing, wellliked, upper-class, ragest, most in thing, ex citing, dressed to the teeth, more long-haired, more exclusory, most selling, most circumscribed, swank, crowd pleasing, hip, restrained, more exclusionary, swish, more voguish, Exclusory, welljudged, elegant, eggheaded, un divided, dis-criminating, Exclusionary, more recherche, right, more peacocky, un affected, well-proportioned, modernistic, trend setting, quickwitted, neat, most well-judged, most captivating, long haired, more wellreceived, most luxury, upscale, with-it, more run after, more well proportioned, more welljudged, in style, giltedged, in good order, splendiferous, most upscale, most stylized, swashbuckling, most in-thing, most trendsetting, flyest, in the latest style, be-witching, more eggheaded, most chi chi, more selling, more on the spot, dressed teeth, vogue, most wellkept, more well dressed, ex-act, in good shape, well groomed, more withit, Olde Worlde, first-string, un obtrusive, dis criminating, becoming, more well endowed, faddier, most ornamented, inthing, dressed nines, up the minute, highclass, more in-thing, more first-string, skuller, firstrate, more with it, in with it, more longhaired, most well dressed, crowdpleasing, more chi chi, on-the-spot, New Look, more welldressed, simple, most longhaired, well received, rich, most gilt edged, runafter, well-bred, in-dependent, over done, spick and span, LASTWORD, most giltedged, latest fad, up-to-date, most well liked, dressed to nines, more well-received, ex act, voguish, most first string, snappy, most cliquish, more well-kept, natty, most well-kept, in fashion, spiffy, be-loved, well-kept, more firststring, more trendsetting, most crowd pleasing, skullest, more wellkept, re-gular, a gogo, De Luxe, co pious, latest fashion, most on the spot, up town, most last-word, most first-string, more well-dressed, fitting, most well proportioned, appropriate, suitable, most five star, jaunty, ostentatious, latest wrinkle, high class, more ornamented, well turned out, fine, red hot, crazest, most eggheaded, more chi-chi, dapper, blue blooded, more sought-after, rakish, caught on, more lastword, most recherche, more wellliked, avant garde, well liked, most fivestar, more well-liked, swanky, most withit, with style, tasteful, dis agreeable, dis-criminative, most harefooted, quick witted, faddish, long-haired, quaint, fadder, most cracking, un-obtrusive, more uptown, upperclass, more upperclass, up to minute, more well liked, faddest, proper, most well born, more wellendowed, most lastword, most firststring, glamorous, spruce, wellmade, happening, most wellreceived, a go-go, most embellished, more well-endowed, most well-born, re-strained, most wellendowed, whizer, in favor, de-luxe, top notch, more well received, in latest style, newfangled, more swashbuckling, well-dressed, most runafter, well-endowed, classic, up-town, most well-liked, well bred, well kept, most chi-chi, dashing, more runafter, uptown, cliquish, most run-after, peacocky, nowest, most happening, on cutting edge, dressed to teeth, more last word, good looking, mod, in, avantgarde, trendsetting, most wellliked, classy, well born, drop dead gorgeous, seemly, re gular, more inthing, more faddish, looking like a million, more crowd pleasing, most uptown, most inthing, be-coming, thinger, more well-born, nower, more five star, more genius, the rage, most peacocky, most exclusionary, groovy, most well received, most distingue, more soughtafter, more promoted, in dependent, more well judged, dressy, blueblooded, be witching, be coming, gilt-edged, most upper-class, dappest, dis criminative, whizest, chic, neat as a pin, most well-endowed, more first string, aesthetically pleasing, in vogue, more happening, modish, la di da, all rage, well-liked, un-real, most soughtafter, chi chi, safe, well endowed, well judged, thingest, in demand, more embellished, most wellborn, smart, most well-received, well turned-out, wellgroomed, correct, re-splendent, quicktempered, in the mainstream, welldressed, withit, re sourceful, wellbred, recherche, most well-proportioned, most well-dressed, stylish, more luxurious, well-received, looking like million, more wellproportioned, most well judged, looking sharp, most voguish, fashionable, neat as pin, dressed the teeth, most splendiferous, up to date, crazer, most faddish, most welljudged, most long haired, dressed to kill, fivestar, dressed kill, exquisite, firstclass, last-word, most wellproportioned, quiet, top-pest, more with-it, most last word, five-star, in tolerant, up to the minute, in good taste, dis-agreeable, a la mode, raffish, most swashbuckling, sought after, popular, out standing, more harefooted, soughtafter, well dressed, un-divided, more five-star, more crowd-pleasing, more fivestar, sophisticated, up-scale, trig, goodlooking, exclusive, on the cutting edge, out-standing, up scale, more cracking, cool, chi-chi, most siren, more captivating, more run-after, clean cut, most with-it, wellbehaved, more last-word, well turnedout, first rate, more well kept, more luxury, co-pious, in mainstream, more giltedged, dressed the nines, handsome, wellborn, old-time, trendy, refined, posh, most exclusory, most well endowed, up minute, first class, un-premeditated, on the spot, understated, latest, most with it, genteel, a go go, conservative, ritzy, firststring, socially correct, cleancut, re fined, most five-star, most upperclass, more well-judged, wellendowed, faddy, more in thing, more circumscribed, rager, most on-the-spot, in thing, all the rage, most upper class.