Pronunciation of Unfixed
/ʌnfˈɪkst/, /ʌnfˈɪkst/, /ʌ_n_f_ˈɪ_k_s_t/

Antonyms for unfixed

serious-minded, most hushful, un harmed, more tapered, more stiff necked, be calmed, un-perturbed, most deadlocked, imprison, in continent, stiffnecked, in compliant, prepared, immobile, more cemented, regularized, more unfluctuating, more unpermissive, true, more hypersonic, more confining, done, more unexcitable, never-failing, actual, enslave, fuddy duddy, hyper sonic, more serious minded, de-limited, traditionalist, most psyched-up, more questionless, confirmable, brick wall, having down pat, out of harm way, devil may care, re liablest, damn, more anchored, most wellbuilt, most silhouetted, stated, determined, stiff necked, most well set, more set up, undistorted, more gaffed, well made, content, more self gratifying, most coordinated, unabridged, most gridlocked, in-active, in tended, most confirmable, unaffecting, unadjustable, in dubitable, put right, more malfunctioning, for real, un yielding, de liberate, more constricted, nofooling, used up, brickwall, un damaged, locked on, impede, more moored, in disputable, un workable, most transmitted, more demarcated, minute, unmixed, more stalled, un-progressive, hire, in corruptible, no end of, un varying, pre-dominant, even tempered, most positioned, more neverfailing, most constricted, more long established, unexcitable, time honored, more jelled, clean cut, maintain, hardnosed, more substantive, un-movable, most fuddyduddy, all set, super sonic, monochrome, most format, most allembracing, happy, more strong minded, re-liablest, re-solute, bounded, more immotile, established, more sewed-up, settled, ex tended, pre-carious, confine, brick-wall, re assured, most substantive, more predestined, monophonic, most preponderating, most defined, more doctrinal, un flappable, un-mixed, Moored, on the up up, most tapered, more fuddyduddy, hard fast, situated, tight, un equivocal, most pinched, all over, most planed, Sandwiched, more minding, burden, unite, more unblinking, pre-pared, most gaffed, in jiffy, pre-occupied, more wellset, unblinking, dis-posed, un-deniable, out spoken, more chiseled, well set, de fined, die hard, un-changeable, singleminded, in-extricable, tough nut to crack, in tent, equanimous, most strong-minded, unalloyed, de-fined, more gridlocked, ex press, most close fitting, more tightened, gather, in vulnerable, out harm way, most sited, holding to, most terminated, most secured, most strongminded, more unalloyed, more high principled, eventempered, trustworthy, more risk-free, clear cut, button, most pinned, more stipulated, small, timehonored, more unmixed, in-variable, un-wrinkled, un chastest, more wedged, most shoo in, cinchest, un daring, re-liabler, un qualified, de terminate, more silhouetted, most decontaminated, widely used, more monitored, more chopchop, more adjusted, more designed, Sited, most speedball, Gaffed, un-mistakable, on double, dis solute, more permanent, silhouetted, most reassured, most attenuated, un-broken, Cinched, more positioned, most up, hard core, un ruffled, more all-embracing, selfconfident, wellmade, all bases covered, more taper, more undoubtful, bind, neverfailing, at rest, in nocuous, more never-failing, most true hearted, by numbers, un bendable, de fended, more stiff-necked, more stationed, in tenser, most hard-as-nails, constant, more prepped, most systematized, most jelled, most glued, stiff-necked, most establishable, most arranged, nonpoisonous, like rock gibralter, shoo in, hard nosed, most attached, in flexible, more aligned, mono-chrome, geosynchronous, still, most serious minded, at standstill, ex-act, un-daring, limit, un compromising, even, hushful, establishable, more stabile, out harm's way, most uninjurious, uniform, invariable, in-continent, most linear, un-faltering, dead set on, hard-as-nails, white bread, employ, on the up, in noxious, un movable, undoubted, surefire, more poised, obstruct, most groomed, intended, more clogged, continuous, in a jiffy, restrict, torier, in alterable, most mirrorlike, more resolved, more shielded, rightist, un shakable, in fine feather, most wellestablished, narrow, in-alterable, staunch, most screwed, most warped, most rigged, un creative, non-stop, more arranged, join, un failing, definite, on level, pre determined, Lickety Split, more wellmarked, innoxious, more speedball, most neutralized, more planed, most self gratifying, un-polluted, most shooin, truehearted, most nailed, lasting, well built, more brick-wall, tough nut, in-noxious, more all embracing, de signed, well-proportioned, more attenuated, right of center, de finable, most all-embracing, un-modifiable, close-fitting, un-hesitating, ex-press, un impeachable, in-disputable, heavy-duty, hairtrigger, most succeeded, safe, ironjawed, more attached, undiversified, chopchop, most predestined, solid as a rock, most unfluctuating, pre arranged, more iron-jawed, most stipulated, re gular, neverending, behind one, most ensured, more regularized, in-corruptible, super-sonic, more leveled, smooth, more heavy-duty, un-divided, most incapacious, clear, fasten, de contaminated, more true hearted, more true-hearted, wellbuilt, more stiffnecked, in-compliant, trueblue, more unstirring, pre dominant, most riskfree, like a bat out of hell, most iron jawed, sure enough, un troubled, set in concrete, most aligned, highprincipled, more brick wall, most questionless, incorrupt, most truehearted, more nofooling, more warped, more unswayable, set concrete, in-vulnerable, Riveted, on treadmill, on up and up, un-workable, on the and up, strait laced, un-impeachable, unvaried, most all embracing, most confining, most intransigent, more unpolluted, linear, stable, more well proportioned, re-solved, more consentient, long-lived, rightminded, more frictionless, cleancut, un-feigned, pre-destined, on plane, most confiding, fast, more sorted, un-chaste, most riveted, un-fluctuating, allembracing, in line, in order, never failing, long-established, more braced, snapper, most undiversified, most wellmarked, more nontoxic, more becalmed, re-liable, most iron-jawed, detain, clearcut, most highprincipled, most velvety, hard as nails, most brick-wall, more aforethought, deep rooted, bent, un doubtful, Uninjurious, un doubting, un-diversified, steadygoing, fix, condemn, un-yielding, in corrupt, most checked, most unalloyed, un faltering, like get out, more coordinated, doubletime, more wellestablished, more heavy duty, unmoving, most ascertained, most brickwall, intent, out harms way, most stalled, more checked, un fluctuating, more fuddy-duddy, more racked, gridlocked, a couple, attach, more pinched, buttoned down, in-tended, in-exorable, most well-established, most nofooling, most lodged, in-controvertible, non poisonous, most predominating, well-built, most cemented, most chop-chop, immotile, made fast, close fitting, un modifiable, permanent, geostationary, True-hearted, on one plane, un-anxious, more hairtrigger, most agreed, most minding, more unbroken, pre-dominating, more well-set, most flashing, more undeviating, Calmed, wellmarked, on par, most long established, more selfgratifying, most well proportioned, un-failing, most monochrome, on up up, more hitched, most regularized, most hairtrigger, in dividual, most well-set, obturate, most apoplectic, like mad, strong-minded, stay, most immotile, most well-built, ex-tended, more shaven, keep, over-powering, steady going, most obstructed, more well built, most frictionless, apoplectic, long established, unchanging, more format, un-moved, like rock, nononsense, most expeditive, calculable, hardboiled, re doubtable, un-reserved, in controvertible, merge, hold, more effected, hypersonic, most circumscribed, more nailed, in-corrupt, hitch, in variable, true hearted, selfindulgent, more mirrorlike, more close fitting, beyond doubt, on a treadmill, there, most unmodifiable, most well-proportioned, more wellbuilt, therest, most contracted, well grounded, most racked, un permissive, strong willed, most well built, de-finite, un-injurious, in terminable, un disturbed, in nocent, in-tense, more cinched, undeviating, solid, on up, re-fitted, most planate, in readiness, supersonic, compel, traditional, in-animate, ablebodied, most psyched up, refitted, more never failing, most never-failing, BLUE STREAK, most doubletime, unwrinkled, de-liberate, most shoo-in, most ironjawed, like crazy, more trammeled, un ceasing, most high-principled, most well-marked, more immobilized, tighten, never ending, un mixed, re-assured, un erring, most monophonic, like a bat out hell, desegregate, de voted, more concentrating, more hushful, un remitting, pro cessed, like all get out, measurable, most prearranged, un-chaster, in-fallible, upwards of, stationary, set stone, single minded, more long-established, more wellproportioned, in-nocent, most heavyduty, super-vised, un written, most certified, hard-nosed, plug, sure, assured, non toxic, more deadlocked, back together, no fooling, most pent, rigid, of piece, skintight, most well marked, screamin', most leveled, most velocious, more equanimous, most designed, more well established, more undistorted, Incapacious, glued, most strong minded, close mouthed, stockstill, more incapacious, more serious-minded, de limited, more linear, little, most halted, blame, all embracing, most chopchop, sentence, hook, rightwing, pre carious, hyper-sonic, more gadabout, un-concerned, pro-cessed, un-written, most no-fooling, enduring, un-alloyed, most risk-free, complete, un-creative, more confiding, more seriousminded, un-troubled, more continued, more undaring, un hesitating, planate, more up, exact, increase, day night, taken for granted, consentient, most taper, most stiff-necked, well-set, most malfunctioning, most unmixed, most unvaried, re-doubtable, most performed, more ensured, un mistakable, jammed, most clogged, injure, most fuddy duddy, in-temperate, locked in, more unanxious, most innoxious, selfassured, more psyched up, un-shakable, most neverfailing, occlude, un feigned, more neutralized, Out of harm's way, nontoxic, dis-solute, most undistorted, engage, most nontoxic, convict, able bodied, most consummated, a few, un excitable, most unanxious, more ascertained, most terminable, pre vailing, in-dividual, connect, most unexcitable, on and up, risk-free, restrain, more risk free, prepped, most sorted, more lodged, cincher, in-nocuous, more monophonic, un relenting, most hitched, ex act, un-shaken, most stretched, un questioning, link, pre-determined, more situate, most true-hearted, more preponderating, no-fooling, double-time, most tightened, more nonpoisonous, in temperate, like a rock, more adherent, out-spoken, un stirring, more double-time, doctrinal, un-alterable, more sandwiched, conservative, deathly quiet, in style, more supersonic, like rock of gibralter, of a mind, more hard as nails, most supersonic, most well established, stabile, self gratifying, most adherent, long, old line, safe and sound, un progressive, most serious-minded, most psychedup, risk free, string along with, more expeditive, pre occupied, more redneck, sewed-up, inter-minable, un-doubted, re served, more consummated, in-tensest, more agreed, unfluctuating, more transmitted, in dissoluble, un polluted, most double time, more sewed up, more innoxious, fixed, in-dubitable, stock still, steady, more longestablished, most welded, more psyched-up, most situate, most unblinking, staying put, de-terminate, in corrigible, punish, un doubted, most risk free, in decent, most unpermissive, most resolved, more succeeded, un alterable, most gadabout, decided, taped, more leaning, most barred, more riskless, more brickwall, clammed up, close, bound, most unstirring, un-assailable, un changing, out order, be-calmed, dead set, most immobilized, wellset, more incorrupt, more patterned, un deviating, un interrupted, un diversified, un divided, un-moving, more welded, most delimited, chop chop, reliable, suppress, most undubitable, no lie, stick to guns, un anxious, most transfixed, firm, un ambiguous, re liabler, more pinned, more barred, un deniable, hellbent, more heavyduty, un chaste, more rigged, permit, un blinking, honest god, un relieved, Folker, un broken, in-variant, most longestablished, re-gular, unexciting, validate, most wedged, un swerving, seriousminded, more prearranged, DO, most unswayable, un distorted, more systematized, de-contaminated, riskless, most shielded, more unwrinkled, straitest, more stretched, regulated, set, jam, un imaginative, most stationed, deadlocked, immovable, un-harmed, most braced, psyched up, in-corrigible, velocious, level, more doubletime, more high-principled, of mind, well established, no nonsense, more defined, more strong-minded, more well-marked, un-swerving, most blocked, in a rut, most undaring, more monochrome, motionless, un-compromising, sur faced, most sewed-up, wellbalanced, self indulgent, in animate, most unbroken, straiter, out of harms way, arrange, most surfaced, most soldered, more riveted, un chaster, selfpossessed, more meant, tried true, post haste, un shaken, un varied, pre-scribed, buttoned up, at a standstill, shooin, dyed in the wool, resolved, most wellset, most sewed up, most chiseled, more chop chop, abiding, more compressed, un flinching, more surfaced, un concerned, un-distorted, hell bent, more iron jawed, set-up, hurt, most nonpoisonous, un wavering, more refitted, lengthy, up on, for ever ever, re-served, more ironjawed, more blocked, toriest, in bag, de-finable, most set-up, of same height, more close-fitting, most demarcated, most selfgratifying, un-remitting, unfree, set on, more double time, at ease, more concluded, more contemplated, mono phonic, approve, most skintight, iron jawed, most unwrinkled, unmodifiable, in-flexible, more transfixed, un-chastest, finite, serious minded, predictable, more well-built, snappest, most seriousminded, most stiffnecked, like bat out hell, un-flinching, distinct, deeprooted, strong, un-dubitable, solid as rock, un-equivocal, de-signed, de finite, sur-faced, not extreme, tie, certain, un-swayable, day and night, most never failing, most certain, not vague, most set up, longestablished, on a line, most wellproportioned, more setup, more clinched, leaded, more sited, un-blinking, asked for, uni form, pro posed, harm, most stiff necked, most undoubtful, more hard-as-nails, tiny, most consentient, more confirmable, terminable, most hypersonic, dis posed, most rippleless, more set-up, in working order, un-imaginative, more well set, aforethought, right minded, undaring, trans fixed, more undiversified, most close-fitting, un-changing, more pent, all systems go, more shooin, speedball, block, prearranged, whister, un perturbed, un affected, psyched-up, in-tenser, super vised, un injurious, earnest, velvety, more persisting, wellgrounded, de cent, in tense, in-grained, remain, set in stone, most anchored, uni-form, pre-arranged, tough nut crack, most prepped, most rehearsed, more hard nosed, most trimmed, more secured, un-questionable, most moored, all-embracing, un wrinkled, most compressed, un-damaged, most long-established, stick guns, wellfounded, in rut, most hard as nails, un-bending, un-permissive, un-excitable, in-terminable, more circumscribed, more psychedup, a wrap, most no fooling, more told, uni versal, most poised, more groomed, re solute, un changeable, non-toxic, de-voted, pro-longed, un-deviating, invariant, well marked, most adjusted, clearly defined, foreseeable, more apoplectic, unemotional, more fuddy duddy, most redneck, more delimited, most undeviating, more chop-chop, on line, safe sound, self assured, more contracted, psychedup, incarcerate, un-ruffled, most incorrupt, couple, unpolluted, most meant, pre dominating, most concluded, de-cent, un swayable, most told, un moving, un-wavering, countable, over powering, most monitored, entangle, un-eventful, most doctrinal, deathly still, collect, most assigned, most heavy-duty, more unmodifiable, sewed up, most stabile, most setup, most refitted, more screwed, mono-phonic, combine, in extricable, secure, un-doubting, more terminable, more assigned, more no fooling, marry, nailed down, un-qualified, de-fended, more glued, un-varying, static, more velocious, un-varied, re fitted, associate, un bending, more riskfree, uni-versal, attached, most brick wall, pre pared, un-relieved, more well marked, more decontaminated, most leaning, pre-disposed, hard line, welldefined, most patterned, in-decent, pre scribed, wellestablished, Planed, all in, whist, riskfree, chop-chop, more velvety, pre destined, folkest, malfunctioning, most riskless, Undoubtful, strong minded, close up, most continued, high-principled, limited.