Pronunciation of Unfriendly
/ʌnfɹˈɛndli/, /ʌnfɹˈɛndli/, /ʌ_n_f_ɹ_ˈɛ_n_d_l_i/

Antonyms for unfriendly

close lipped, REDHOT, kindly, most well disposed, more jibing, un ceremonious, GUNKY, ex-act, most swarming, more heart to heart, warm-blooded, enthusiastically, blubbery, compassionate, most delish, doting, most recipient, in born, well-intentioned, like minded, more close-grained, goodtempered, more praiseful, eye catching, more bristling, more softie, Gummous, more bosom, Valuing, feverous, making with, in to, hulker, most stalesmelling, more serendipitous, more conversible, more jelled, have a crush on, most appreciating, over-joyed, soft shell, under one nose, sweet smelling, more copacetic, candycoated, delicious, more murmured, selfpossessed, peaceloving, more recommendatory, up tight, most caring, close, ho-hum, non-irritating, most unstimulating, sweet sounding, most lovey dovey, more harmonizing, ex-citable, more bleedingheart, most comradely, well off, more excusing, free from strife, most swayable, in-formative, in accord, more dimmed, de voted, more soothed, Dovelike, more conversable, Allying, off-the-wall, more circumscribed, out goingest, more relishable, slowwitted, most titillating, more welldisposed, chock full, with approbation, most uninspiring, more sweet smelling, re-stored, more captivated, accepting, mild mannered, wellsuited, swell, more enamoring, sunny, most acknowledging, co operative, most syrupy, more good-hearted, most sweetsmelling, come at able, hard by, lenitive, more demulcent, loving, brick wall, re tired, auspiciously, can't complain, regular fellow, most crammed, more wellprepared, on top of each other, congeneric, un-moved, Conversable, non-violent, most cursive, in step, more loose lipped, making it with, more whitehat, harmless, jokey, broadminded, most parching, more buddy buddy, more sunbeamy, most milk and water, most jocund, more jollying, most loose fitting, more appressed, most poised, most gogo, most bunched, sympathetic, Warm-hearted, most good-mannered, sweltry, more sycophant, un-selfish, cool as cucumber, officious, more bleeding-heart, aware, lovey-dovey, more compressed, more understanding, ropy, more backslapping, more white hat, most closelipped, un-excited, re-cognizable, more infatuating, more congeneric, well-mannered, un excitable, eventempered, sweet tempered, co extensive, un-ceremonious, most tight-fisted, more glad-handering, more electrifying, most undemanding, more multieloquent, flying high, Larking, undifferentiated, un concerned, good for, ho hum, most toward, most free and easy, dim witted, de-tailed, old softie, laidback, in-separable, more disciplined, be-coming, appressed, huggy, communicative, at peace, easy with, eager please, more neutralist, civil, most unexacting, unstimulating, out-goingest, more curdled, more sweetsounding, in tenser, stale smelling, zipping one's lips, backslapping, re-lated, re liabler, chirpiest, more sweetheart, palliest, un fair, be-witching, more appraised, more assenting, more equaling, most abreast, well intentioned, most unexcitable, palsiest, in-valuable, un-exciting, un-justest, comradely, red hot, most come at able, most off-the-wall, out goinger, choky, graciously, more pacifist, re fined, most concurring, dull as dishwater, most wellsuited, more well-disposed, smoothtongued, more deep felt, more gummous, placatory, more recipient, friendly, un-ruffled, re warding, nectarous, most sweet-sounding, most close-lipped, downright neighborly, most smiling, pleasureful, most pabulum, looking good, un-substantial, pre-disposed, snug as bug in a rug, more back slapping, most gungho, well-disposed, groupest, more unexcitable, in sympathy with, un excited, silvertongued, more approximative, lots of laughs, be loved, more nonbelligerent, snug as bug rug, amical, warm, Familiar, hot heavy, in spitting distance, more peace loving, more homelike, most recommendatory, broad minded, well prepared, gungho, perfumy, even tempered, snug, welcoming, goodlooking, duckier, nothing much, more looselipped, praiseful, more delish, most murmured, under nose, most lightsome, more red carpet, inner most, knowhow, most twilight, on the q t, snug as a bug a rug, more acknowledging, close-grained, go go, over joyed, re lated, in-tense, in-spiring, most congealed, nonbelligerent, calm, most peace loving, most dove like, welldisposed, engaging, more reactive, more cropped, most congenerous, snug as bug in rug, give take little, most answering, most sweet-natured, most unworried, most nonbelligerent, more buddybuddy, more arousing, more liking, be coming, in clover, like, more go go, most siren, distingue, compact, most suffocating, much the same, most niggardly, milk-and-water, at home with, most candycoated, more commending, most consolidated, without prejudice, bleedingheart, un impressed, have crush on, most captivating, unimpressed, pro-founder, un-ventilated, in concert, congenerous, to advantage, more wellseasoned, outgoing, de-lighted, propitious, more getable, co-operative, more captivating, in-tensest, near, more well-intentioned, most scraping, mums the word, most endeared, pro fuse, more feverous, more jam packed, more tight-fisted, most approximating, more ho-hum, INDEPTH, more deepfelt, un-prejudiced, more loosefitting, on good terms, most pacifist, most treasured, more sugar-coated, companionable, deep seated, dis-passionate, hearty, re-liablest, most approximative, chirpy, most getable, more rocklike, good humored, in tune, most dexter, more unimpressed, most beloved, soft, more recognizable, more candy coated, more attracted, more attached, rockest, pennypinching, sugar-coated, under stated, crazy over, in ball park, good tempered, most close grained, warmish, gunkiest, more amical, more zero, clubby, pro found, eager to please, garden variety, most buddy buddy, Thermogenic, more enjoying, more uninspiring, likeable, most buddy-buddy, more lovey-dovey, most sweet tempered, more massed, most silvery, most wellprepared, pleasant, soft on, made well, clubbier, to one advantage, likeminded, smooth tongued, candied, more confiding, most well-intentioned, more silvery, sugar coated, innocuous, more pussycat, sapless, most skinflint, most replying, more roommate, most glad-handering, full promise, more consistent, longsuffering, un troubled, most brownnosing, ex cited, whitehat, most mollifying, un-comfortable, know what's what, more understated, more deep-felt, in favor of, more fortifying, un ventilated, most magnetizing, more valuing, marshmallow, wishywashy, most jelled, most apprised, close grained, more apprised, Infatuating, recalescent, in picture, nice, most recognizable, most recalescent, most ovenlike, more ho hum, decalescent, loose-fitting, more sacchariferous, boy crazy, most nectarous, re-gular, know score, homey, most knowhow, most workaday, comfortable, duckiest, most white hat, most circumscribed, more congenerous, more esteemed, well seasoned, most grounded, most well-suited, righteous, well-suited, most mesmeric, more titillating, chatty, non belligerent, around the corner, hopeful, most coextensive, undemanding, non irritating, on order of, mingier, most bootlicking, more glad handering, like sardines, more allying, peaceful, more consolidated, heartfelt, most coordinated, nearliest, most red carpet, most winning, closelipped, more relaxing, more close grained, sweet for, peaceable, more coordinated, more in to, most copacetic, un stimulating, redcarpet, give or take a little, re-commendatory, lovesome, most candied, un-troubled, simpatico, not far from, nondestructive, more up, at rest, cordial, more lenitive, more thickened, most unimpressed, most unventilated, more kowtowing, in conceivable, zipping ones lips, viscerous, more warm hearted, more seducing, door always open, more come-at-able, charming, know the score, re-warding, more swarming, more mild mannered, more approving, Caked, all heart, approximative, huggiest, wise to, most sweetened, sweet natured, walking on air, more undifferentiated, most sycophantic, more well-suited, niggardly, more jam-packed, social, more come at able, most gung ho, big hearted, expressive, sweet-tempered, most assenting, more consenting, most deep-felt, more congealed, useful, most enamoring, more well seasoned, most near at hand, most whitehat, near at hand, in-credible, convivial, more yearning, sugared, sucher, most consenting, more into, buttoning up, un believable, more syrupy, more close-lipped, most vitrified, most darling, favorably disposed, in the ball park, uni-form, open to suggestions, more good hearted, in scrutable, more larking, of one mind, personable, buddy-buddy, across street, un forthcoming, all quiet, in-formal, one's advantage, candy-coated, favorably, most rocklike, more confining, more well-prepared, approachable, usefully, more caring, more associated, un justest, boneheaded, more cowering, goodmannered, more sweet-sounding, re cognizable, more comprehending, unexcitable, most close-grained, more unworried, most electrifying, lots laughs, most cherished, more well disposed, de calescent, de lighted, more placatory, sycophantic, in on, more promiseful, good hearted, more concurring, amicable, closegrained, more dovelike, know what what, most festal, more sweetsmelling, de-calescent, re-liable, more nonirritating, receptive, more unventilated, most gung-ho, lovey dovey, approbative, more loveydovey, pussycat, tight with, un-fairer, palsywalsy, more darling, most equaling, most sweetnatured, unexacting, more grounded, joint, most dimmed, vitrified, acceptive, wellintentioned, chokiest, most reactive, more melodious, most welldisposed, more knowhow, white hat, in know, more thermogenic, un fairer, more lovesome, open minded, give take a little, warm hearted, most conversible, reactive, un-reserved, more abreast, ex citing, receptively, in sensitive, more reassuring, most numbskulled, more unforthcoming, amorous, extroverted, most roommate, most caressing, supportive, most dove-like, most bleedingheart, more swayable, deep-felt, most warmish, wellbred, heart in right place, sweeter, more favoring, more sugarcoated, most bowing, most massed, most unforthcoming, most calescent, walking air, up-lifting, more admiring, thick with, more cursive, loosefitting, pro founder, most homelike, more suffocating, most respondent, clabbered, in-bred, un flappable, un-generous, more pacificatory, mesmeric, un prejudiced, most attached, most redcarpet, most warm hearted, uni form, happy, in most, more free-and-easy, most esteemed, un sophisticated, de-lightful, most boneheaded, most ho-hum, more bleeding heart, most deep felt, home cooking, gunkier, most back slapping, ducky, dear, more warm-hearted, more sweet-natured, affable, good mannered, adulatory, gloppiest, more peaceloving, most sugarcoated, most sycophant, in unison, most sugared, more smiling, more go-go, mouthwatering, most heart to heart, curdled, more scraping, Recommendatory, like honey, most pussycat, most bleeding heart, nonirritant, most appraised, pre-sumptuous, tight-fisted, concordant, nerdy, more twilight, most hohum, cursive, be-loved, end eared, re-assuring, un feigned, toastier, numbskulled, more mild-mannered, most approbative, most associated, most igneous, most gladhandering, most holiday, most valuing, softspoken, most commending, coolheaded, un-disturbed, gung-ho, most influenceable, right nice, most good hearted, most compressed, scalding, slow witted, more sweet sounding, un-juster, un emotional, come-at-able, warmhearted, suave, easy on, loose-lipped, hulkest, wooingest, de lightful, more vitrified, deepseated, mild-mannered, aromal, more clotted, more cherished, sweltrier, most warm-hearted, un-exacting, more bantering, palsy walsy, most approving, sub missive, on friendly terms, kissing cousins, most well-seasoned, to one's advantage, favorably inclined, more sensile, most sacchariferous, gracious, most go-go, dis interested, un-convincing, more appreciating, good-natured, more gung ho, un-believable, most well suited, un fairest, in manner of, in love, coextensive, promiseful, on same wavelength, mingy, humane, more treasured, sweetest, mingiest, in separable, nonlethal, heart-to-heart, door's always open, more recalescent, more loose fitting, most off the wall, most conversable, more nothing, sweetsounding, more satiating, most sniveling, more candied, jollying, most good mannered, more nectarous, more unstimulating, more marshmallow, right neighborly, nerdiest, go-go, more free and easy, most well-disposed, most serendipitous, most melodic, well-prepared, more elating, unworried, more stale smelling, favorable, un-feigned, in-sensitive, sweet-natured, like candy, pre possessing, open suggestions, workaday, most distingue, pro-fuse, un-worried, in spiriting, going easy on, wimpiest, most simpatico, un-restrained, hunkest, ropier, good natured, more unexcited, cozy with, more caressing, most loosefitting, welloff, benign, more gungho, most calmative, pre sumptuous, most nonirritating, un worried, un assuming, thick, un-presumptuous, gentle, Unpresumptuous, without hostility, more candy-coated, most go go, having heart in right place, most mild mannered, most infatuating, bland, on q t, innocent, un-fair, most lovey-dovey, harmonious, most yearning, most jibing, most well intentioned, intimate, mealy mouthed, mild, more symbiotic, low key, lovely, hohum, good-humored, inner-most, all over, in sipid, well timed, most gummous, more stalesmelling, most congeneric, un exciting, more relating, stalesmelling, most red-carpet, stifling, most sweet sounding, calescent, un constrained, most acceptive, sweet-smelling, un-differentiated, amiable, most pleasureful, most neutralist, more approbative, give or take little, mixest, most wed, smoking, perky, congenial, doors always open, most aromal, loose lipped, Pacificatory, chockfull, zipping lips, toasty, more pabulum, more muted, more poised, in-conceivable, disciplined, more lightsome, more endeared, re-active, most pacificatory, more bunched, most jellied, quick on uptake, multi-eloquent, jellied, most free-and-easy, wellbehaved, fine and dandy, square shooting, unventilated, glad handering, nonirritating, more wed, un selfish, most undifferentiated, ex-cited, nearlier, most confiding, more skinflint, considerate, living with, neighborly, more approximating, goodnatured, more well intentioned, more perfumy, most nonirritant, in spiring, uninspiring, mis tier, enamored, hail-fellow-well-met, matey, calmative, tuned in, clamming up, kindhearted, non-belligerent, most cropped, grouper, most reassuring, in harmony, in chorus, fonder, most smoking, responsive, ex citable, satisfyingly, more mollifying, in credible, well mannered, most back-slapping, pallier, loveydovey, more pushover, having heart, mum word, know whats what, across the street, huggier, more close lipped, in valuable, most satiating, in tense, with approval, more near-at-hand, most arousing, lovable, gregarious, palsy, in-spiriting, wimpy, demulcent, more peace-loving, most multieloquent, most bleeding-heart, more mildmannered, under one's nose, most promiseful, being big, most sweet smelling, getable, un-concerned, un hurried, most amical, most sweetheart, like sport, nutty about, jovial, most unexcited, on qt, co-extensive, most larking, up-beat, more unexacting, cool headed, more fervent, more bootlicking, more aromal, un generous, more smoking, un just, quick uptake, more concordant, enthusiastic, heart to heart, most white-hat, more caked, most fortifying, good-tempered, multi eloquent, laid back, more dove-like, most community, more white-hat, jokiest, agreeable, having a heart, good-hearted, un-hurried, bleeding-heart, most comprehending, more solidified, looselipped, chirpier, more compacted, hospitable, pre disposed, pally, well disposed, silver tongued, most near-at-hand, most cowering, delish, silvery, more adulatory, genial, re commendatory, un ruffled, more wellintentioned, loose fitting, on the order of, peace-loving, soft spoken, re liablest, wellprepared, quick on the uptake, more sycophantic, most jam-packed, un-communicative, more bonhomous, most nothing, ex act, nerdier, up beat, more dove like, most joshing, be witching, openminded, back slapping, well suited, more sweet-tempered, peace loving, re stored, most good-hearted, Relishable, swayable, most tempered, most sensile, in league, dove like, de tailed, around corner, most symbiotic, un-demanding, most peace-loving, most sapless, pro vocative, mum's word, wellseasoned, snug as a bug in a rug, most zero, matter of fact, not unlike, sweet, more red-carpet, bonhomous, most up, snug as bug a rug, chokier, sweet-sounding, unexcited, un substantial, of mind, most adulatory, more redcarpet, more sympathizing, most tight fisted, mildmannered, willing to please, un-emotional, more blubbery, most strengthened, passionate, more sugared, in distinct, tight fisted, latched on, good-mannered, more tempered, white-hat, pleasing, more inspiriting, more good-mannered, most amalgamated, nonfatal, amatory, more undemanding, well bred, brotherly, most wellintentioned, most lenitive, un-excitable, most seducing, like oven, more simpatico, near-at-hand, willing please, serendipitous, more decalescent, up-tight, more bowing, sunny side up, most stale smelling, more amalgamated, more off-the-wall, chummy, most confining, more sugar coated, sunbeamy, more sweet tempered, most complying, more knockout, most praiseful, more hohum, doll face, out-goinger, most placatory, sweettempered, more sniveling, most likeable, in-born, rocklike, more wellsuited, more calmative, most heart-to-heart, more influenceable, more know-how, hush hush, sub-missive, most sweet-smelling, most goodmannered, symbiotic, more commiserating, free easy, in-grained, most deepfelt, more respondent, un interesting, in-tenser, in-distinct, more strengthened, good looking, likable, most decalescent, re assuring, more jellied, most mild-mannered, un-just, more replying, more populated, non violent, most loose-lipped, most harmonizing, more loose-lipped, dove-like, homelike, un-fairest, goodhumored, in depth, fine dandy, affectionate, bound up, more gladhandering, toastiest, re gular, most know-how, more answering, most clabbered, ones advantage, in-sipid, appreciative, most kowtowing, most come-at-able, under ones nose, cared for, most perfumy, in the manner of, more prized, red-carpet, tight lipped, Searing, most well-prepared, un comfortable, more stale-smelling, de-voted, most bosom, more heart-to-heart, un-inspiring, most blest, most captivated, sensile, more magnetizing, most sweettempered, more familiar, in formal, more igneous, most sugar-coated, deepfelt, under-stated, most loose lipped, amiably, crawling with, glad-handering, re-liabler, syrupy, free-and-easy, obliging, pro-found, under-standing, most sugar coated, mealymouthed, in bred, more well suited, sociable, more comradely, Conversible, buddybuddy, most loveydovey, most pushover, sweetsmelling, fraternal, unresistant, un disturbed, quick the uptake, most sympathizing, pro-vocative, more crammed, most into, helpful, approvingly, fit for king, kind, more forbearant, prosperously, more acceptive, more unpresumptuous, joined, fawning, inoffensive, most clotted, most sweet-tempered, sweetnatured, on top each other, pre-possessing, snug as a bug rug, dis-interested, sweet on, rocker, most jollying, softie, more off the wall, heart right place, un-forthcoming, at ease, more sweetnatured, sweltriest, most candy-coated, under standing, gloppy, most sunbeamy, re plying, most unpresumptuous, hushhush, un demanding, most attracted, more incident, zipping one lips, gloppier, lowkey, most incident, more well-seasoned, suchest, allied, wooinger, mum the word, dexter, most thermogenic, more sweettempered, tolerant, more closelipped, up lifting, more condoling, multieloquent, sizzling, most abutting, candy coated, palsier, igneous, complying, un convincing, kept posted, heartiest, thick as thieves, most relishable, in formative, more lovey dovey, in the picture, in candescent, girl crazy, more candycoated, most muted, most admiring, un juster, more chaffing, conveniently, roasting, more buddy-buddy, copacetic, polite, non-irritant, solid, most buddybuddy, out going, in the know, most disciplined, mums word, mis-tier, ovenlike, most sweetsounding, un-shakable, most jam packed, up on, non irritant, wishy washy, cant complain, in-scrutable, eager, more closegrained, most ho hum, most marshmallow, close-lipped, re-plying, neutralist, welltimed, clubbiest, most forbearant, most caked, most looselipped, tight chops, more loose-fitting, most concordant, deep felt, most mildmannered, most candy coated, dis passionate, eyecatching, out-going, back-slapping, more milk and water, buddy buddy, most well seasoned, satisfying, most inspiriting, more clabbered, like an oven, easy, most close lipped, more near at hand, influenceable, more brownnosing, urbane, more calescent.