Pronunciation of Unimportant
/ˌʌnɪmpˈɔːtənt/, /ˌʌnɪmpˈɔːtənt/, /ˌʌ_n_ɪ_m_p_ˈɔː_t_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for unimportant

in dispensable, more inducing, more lengthened, highprofile, most front-page, more whopper, oversize, most admired, prevailing, un customary, more symbiotic, signal, in-tolerable, more demanded, more well ordered, most claiming, most heat-on, most monster, ballbuster, carrying a lot weight, famous, most midmost, most epochal, more too-too, iconic, more cardcarrying, high minded, more bottom line, up hill, most all-consuming, most bigticket, un commoner, cold sober, arch, more intensified, re doubted, more biotic, cyclo pean, more long faced, most godawful, more page one, unfading, most exceeding, most second to none, un forgettable, most prickling, de solate, champion, more unassociated, in estimable, most killing, highpitched, more abovementioned, extra ordinary, more forming, phoenixlike, topranking, re warding, in-wrought, in finite, most decent sized, more unacquired, most bottom-line, characteristic, big-deal, appreciable, more lionlike, constituent, un-deniable, most heavy duty, in-credible, most headmost, more believeable, most outweighing, all-important, more well-thought-of, lowkey, mattering much, most twenty four carat, more needle-shaped, more wellbuilt, presentday, high sounding, ginormous, re-gular, most blighting, more unimpassioned, most allpowerful, most handed-down, nittygritty, most go-getter, un-shared, most wellbuilt, reproachful, more first string, most well done, most delphic, thicken, more page-oner, inwrought, overlying, more world-class, most smouldering, up-raised, greathearted, more longish, most stand-out, most ascertainable, whalelike, more handpicked, bigname, beta, most prized, more reasoning, diacritic, more ranking, most nascent, most germinal, more prize-winning, having direct bearing on, more upper class, more highpower, in grain, more all important, Lionlike, urgent, fullmouthed, more convictive, more smoking, more something, pricey, co-operative, arresting, more super-duper, rolypoly, most big-gun, beyond compare, un-wonted, informational, fore-going, noteworthy, more red-blooded, salt earth, more forgoing, most wellordered, de-meaning, worthwhile, most idiopathic, High-reaching, ex-act, most substratal, inner-most, most splitsecond, most welldone, most toppriority, in choate, gogetter, more harassing, more resultful, in-divisible, more pretensionless, un fathomable, dis similar, over-cast, Toilful, un-manageable, most unsmiling, ex-pressing, more calumniatory, tall order, more annihilative, touch go, far reaching, in dependent, something write home about, superior, in-flamed, more bangup, more beanstalk, most smashing, most hundredproof, more laureate, more spread-out, glitziest, fab, highcaliber, immortal, head, forerunning, more evergreen, fatter, a few, more bang up, most oxidizing, most muchpublicized, sup rior, most tip top, more high caliber, more upper-class, inner most, allimportant, out side, re served, most guiding, most vanward, in-fallible, most lead-footed, un stablest, most inbuilt, whaler, re-liablest, hunky-dory, protrusive, more censuring, world-class, more caring, more pondering, un healthier, more all consuming, ball fire, upper-class, bigdeal, most well-done, re-levant, conformant, facial, handed-down, co operative, fit for king queen, major, more pioneering, most astronomic, coal and ice, symbiotic, most white-hot, dis-criminating, hulker, most nit-picking, more abnegating, more dismaying, more holdup, fore running, most forcing, more too too, most fervid, ex-posed, red hot, high-caliber, superstar, head most, un-yielding, fore ordained, blimper, un associated, incomparable, substrative, un mixed, more upperclass, significant, un mistakable, in demand, powerhouse, more go getter, more redblooded, un historic, more designated, more four star, more heat-on, butterball, more scowling, in famous, more longfaced, un due, more selfgoverned, more obtaining, more big-name, on button, super-starrest, most valuable, superstarrest, more dragged, in-evitable, more correlated, life death, most depleting, un-comfortable, flyest, most never-ceasing, more amoebic, more decent sized, in depth, most accented, more deathdealing, more high reaching, most hot dog, in credible, more aforeknown, loudvoiced, one for book, righthand, more out of sight, more ear-splitting, more treasured, Acroamatic, re-sonant, most constraining, more informational, most good-sized, more hotshot, most well thought of, grody, more white hot, more good-sized, more bovine, most highlevel, more high-power, de fining, in spiring, most self governed, more undisguised, more axiological, biggun, life-giving, de fined, more heat on, most implanted, terrible, matter life and death, in-corruptible, most nonpareil, self important, Headmost, handpicked, more page oner, more overruling, most pageone, in flamed, allpowerful, re iterative, most high priority, more unequalled, unshared, more first-string, most showdown, unmixed, de-sired, more rocklike, singled out, in frequent, most superduper, bodacious, biotic, fabber, most toilful, most another, high ranking, more stretchedout, un ambiguous, low key, more commencing, more name of the game, re-iterative, more right-hand, off beaten path, strong minded, ear splitting, sincere, hectic, whizbang, over-shadowing, splendiferous, in formative, for real, can't miss it, four-star, more heart-rending, un conditional, head of the line, over-riding, widely known, de-noting, most caring, prize-winning, Ineludible, ex citing, un-diminished, coal-and-ice, over whelming, un-customary, more doozie, co pious, in escapable, most terrorizing, more prevenient, top the list, a whale of a, most jelly belly, long-faced, dis-approving, most high-principled, more needle shaped, more mostest, more ahead, beastlier, all encompassing, pre-requisite, more guiding, more life-giving, most wideranging, more extrusive, top heavy, unassociated, more powerhouse, handeddown, inherent, dangersome, needle-shaped, exalted, most attached, sub lime, most nameable, fine, matter of life death, more super-colossal, cant miss it, dis criminating, de-voted, five star, dis united, most piked, more terrorizing, dis passionate, strategic, over critical, fore-running, doozie, most lifegiving, most disunited, most highfaluting, most upscale, over priced, depressive, un-healthy, un pleasant, pretty penny, re-splendent, endest, more desired, unexclusive, overly solicitous, loud voiced, more constituting, more prickling, awe inspiring, more wideranging, talked of, bottomline, more preponderating, out of world, most telling, more stretched-out, more big-shot, barn door, epic, de voted, more resident, meaningful, queenliest, most dragged, most coal and ice, un-pleasant, most daunting, more anatomical, largescale, un-historical, more euphoric, Unacquired, most undissembled, time honored, more top priority, most well-thought-of, Museful, most steamroller, more unevolved, more pageoner, telling, in-curable, dreadful, big-gun, most cherished, neverending, copacetic, choice, too high, pro-longed, in evitable, in the saddle, most intensified, most lionized, decent-sized, more five-star, deadlevel, most cracking, para-mount, climacteric, hurryup, more worldclass, most no-fooling, more elect, worldwide, most conformant, fantastic, in corruptible, highpriority, more plasmic, more long-faced, more precursive, dangerous, more obverse, more money-making, blow by blow, warm hearted, more super eminent, most stretched, high-profile, more ear splitting, most sharpened, un excited, well made, most pageoner, Arrestive, in terminable, more condemning, un-wieldier, fullgrown, more pageone, re doubtable, un equaled, un-shakable, de-finite, most ginormous, more highlevel, most bovine, most smoking, earth-shaking, crucial, more claiming, one for the book, more mainline, acute, more whiz bang, vast, out righter, behemothic, having to do with, most applicatory, sore, full, un-nerving, more exceptive, more revealing, Cavillous, most earth-shattering, calumniatory, more stupefying, rockest, topdrawer, more unshared, more topranking, most condemning, toppriority, most plasmic, highpower, native, un dissembled, more crackerjack, multitudinal, superincumbent, material, more aok, most bottom line, un feigned, most underlined, most racking, most elongate, fivestar, scadser, out-spoken, central, Clear-headed, foremost, most bragging, more out-of-this-world, most admiring, more compacted, un-disguised, end eared, twenty four carat, most bodacious, ex-acting, most biggun, more smashing, upwards of, great big, radder, in flames, out this world, more applauded, sky-scraping, luxurious, more germinal, earth shaking, most name-of-the-game, striking, rocklike, strictly business, de rogatory, more highestranking, useful, more telling, more disunited, more ascertainable, more acute, chief, hanging by thread, pre-dominant, goodsized, more warm hearted, sizable, most applicative, most high level, most generative, more needleshaped, unhumorous, one, most firststring, most beetling, most desired, most endeared, most critic, more fivestar, be-coming, top-priority, Warm-hearted, most acuminous, most caviling, more figmental, ex-press, potbellied, un wieldier, more up-front, midmost, bigwheel, more coal and ice, at cutting edge, needleshaped, most wide-ranging, clean cut, ball of fire, more endeared, more finer, more predominate, most revelatory, most underived, pre dominant, more arrestive, most meaning, most something, super duper, most front page, un-duest, paramount, highest ranking, namer, top drawer, most appurtenant, malefic, big-wheel, more centric, most anatomical, more expressing, helpful, most handpicked, most dangersome, a cut above, grownup, more two-ton, most axiological, most decent-sized, more earmarked, more hundredproof, more highprofile, decent sized, most gogetter, wellmade, in dissoluble, dis crete, most unhumorous, decisive, in-ordinate, self indulgent, un thinkable, marked, tall, out world, more monarchal, card carrying, high flown, tough proposition, stretched out, in errant, go for broke, pre-cursive, on level, most directing, more beginning, de liberative, most upfront, in-controvertible, more grim-faced, un-acquired, re-solved, more strong minded, more high principled, un-blended, staple, zestful, jelly belly, more delphic, sub stratal, more biggun, most much-publicized, forer, most pleasure-loving, more unescapable, on-the-spot, strengthiest, more unalienable, in-grained, more unalloyed, in the foreground, in-born, pre destined, spun out, in-temperate, stately, second to none, more life giving, un-historic, most overpriced, more deadlevel, mindblowing, most reflecting, sky high, Magnifico, in the lap of luxury, in augural, most world-class, worthy, longish, un duest, most allconsuming, un-restricted, most ear piercing, well grounded, most grass roots, more prominent, more overweighing, wide ranging, more forerunning, most super-eminent, most defined, more shattering, re-warding, prizewinning, ex-tended, most censuring, formidable, most ignited, most particularized, sur prising, more inerrant, organic, most inaugural, more acuminous, most uplifted, most first-string, in built, of great consequence, un-commoner, pre-siding, well ordered, most self-governed, more ending, hundred proof, right up front, un blended, in dubitable, most steller, most highreaching, more all powerful, more second to none, emphatic, more designful, most nitty-gritty, monarchal, un fading, sky scraping, in control, over bearing, most fabricated, more prized, more all-consuming, more nonspiritual, super-starrer, most twenty-four-carat, more stretched, unalloyed, risky, most shattering, more apical, highsounding, unmatchable, profound, super incumbent, more decentsized, in-dubitable, most high up, most abovenamed, re cognizable, an arm leg, further-most, mondo, twoton, more big name, all-embracing, more well thought of, full-mouthed, dominant, important, most portion, most exceptive, most unescapable, more called for, in wrought, more alight, more thumping, most upper-class, most above named, more clear-headed, most red-blooded, clear headed, bigticket, well-thought-of, most split-second, extrusive, most all-powerful, un matchable, de-cent, more midmost, dire, blueribbon, in divisible, never ending, under nose, storied, anguished, wieldier, more kingsize, more self-governed, of consequence, most tanked, most aforeknown, over riding, over-powering, pretensionless, more eager, lost thought, undisguised, most altitudinous, cat pajamas, large, on up and up, re gular, in temperate, most massed, more a-ok, more substrative, brick wall, mid-way, more bigwheel, more bigname, most wide ranging, most well-ordered, middlemost, more above named, hard to please, more ingredient, out-righter, more dangersome, in securer, most meritable, Omphalic, out and out, out-of-this-world, well thought of, De Luxe, most highup, allembracing, unamusing, pro-founder, pre sent, most somebody, more allencompassing, un-healthiest, present day, un-attached, wanted, up raised, most malefic, most clear-headed, in-discriminate, builtin, dead-level, most dead-level, unusual, more surpassing, bangup, more grassroots, most all consuming, principal, self respecting, pre-destined, rad, like is, most singledout, more grass-roots, lost in thought, most tip-top, top pest, un lucky, highminded, more valuing, most all embracing, in bred, well pleased, fatal, most high-reaching, unverifiable, in tense, hard to understand, death dealing, most farranging, carrying lot weight, well-ordered, strengthier, un evolved, most hurry-up, most topranking, salt of earth, most lead footed, inauspicious, fit for a king queen, more celebrious, in destructible, more pealing, in-tense, more bodacious, more earthshaking, more four-star, upperclass, more natal, Unhistorical, be ginning, most super-duper, the max, most big-deal, more difficile, super star, more earth shattering, more uneconomical, more preexistent, most hand picked, more nameable, bullier, most heretofore, most top-priority, consequential, most handed down, paunchier, more far ranging, in-estimable, Famed, cyclo-pean, super-incumbent, most told, most grassroots, un rivalled, more admiring, hotshot, paunchy, Undissembled, most mega, wellpleased, gilt-edged, most gilt edged, utmost, in-bred, high, most unacquired, deeply felt, most frontal, un-exclusive, un-selfish, most bang up, more dynamite, un-derivative, selfindulgent, more highcaliber, Clocklike, most natal, axiological, more hand-picked, potent, un selfish, in formational, most dynamite, most murder, ill starred, leadest, most orphic, aflame, farranging, most up-front, more esteemed, most appreciated, re-sounding, sound, up-tight, longfaced, un-doubted, inter mediate, needle shaped, supra, un real, over cast, rocker, more high up, most lionlike, pointful, more pleasure-loving, nit-picking, nitty gritty, in style, un-verifiable, in-escapable, most serendipitous, at premium, grand, most claimed, most meat-and-potatoes, far ranging, in secure, most bigshot, in limelight, most kingsize, more stretched out, most prize-winning, relevant, most ineludible, no end, most stand out, monarchial, pre-carious, vintage, meat-and-potatoes, more continued, most heart-rending, most bruised, more handeddown, most thumping, demanding, more witting, more forcing, much, in-comparable, most reproachful, un escapable, well appointed, superduper, un defeated, more wellordered, most sky scraping, grassroots, more suasive, un stabler, most big ticket, most overruling, workaday, most substrative, able bodied, un happier, most titantic, more nuclear, most highest ranking, Designful, most big deal, most heart rending, bulliest, more humbling, queenlier, more nittygritty, holding the reins, more heavy-duty, alpha, most nuclear, un luckiest, personal, more hotdog, natal, most underivative, more well pleased, ex act, more singled out, un-divided, most neverceasing, most protrusive, un-alloyed, most pleasureloving, high-falutin', more petrifying, in-dependent, most spiring, most belittling, utter most, mortal, on the spot, pre carious, in the limelight, de finite, dis tended, un common, senior, more firststring, more money making, more toilful, more protrusive, most potbellied, most a ok, more whiz-bang, protuberant, more centroidal, valid, most singled-out, un impassioned, front-page, un-impassioned, more twoton, de liberate, most cellular, grave, ex cited, leading, more perseverant, on up up, re tired, re-liable, most witting, most overlying, more top-ranking, most heirloom, most multitudinal, most created, most shooting, most well built, solemn, expensive, un-familiar, highranking, more critic, nameable, Plasmic, most designful, built in, cherrest, most a-ok, most powerhouse, an arm and a leg, to the point, most outstretched, inspissate, more monarchial, more high-profile, more far-ranging, meat potatoes, long, most card carrying, precursory, loving, most out of sight, most page-one, spread out, more tootoo, more death dealing, far flung, more transcendent, re-cognizable, more name-of-the-game, most ahead, commanding, un historical, drawn out, most overshadowing, most called for, redblooded, hotdog, zillion, more white-hot, momentous, most clear headed, most symbiotic, re quiring, more lead footed, more handed-down, most earth shattering, Resultful, most high-power, most umbilical, most dismaying, most bigwheel, most undesigning, more fraction, necessary, most ballbuster, collectible, wellheeled, wellordered, splitsecond, super excellent, super-eminent, more world class, most coal-and-ice, most earthshattering, most inevasible, high priced, un restricted, de-lightful, most all important, most high caliber, fateful, more splendrous, most world class, most fraction, Strengthy, more highup, Dead level, splendid, upscale, more above-named, most comprising, profitable, most five star, wellknown, pre dominating, most predominating, most foreordained, well heeled, most pretensionless, to the max, long faced, most big shot, lead off, more pointful, more high profile, most calumniatory, astronomical, in-dividual, more king size, more differentiating, more primogenial, intense, more fourstar, most invigorative, more depleting, more applicative, bound determined, more necessary, most embossed, whitehot, most hot-dog, under ones nose, most death dealing, gargantuan, more titantic, re solved, pre-meditated, more warm-hearted, in auspicious, more heart rending, most unshared, at leading edge, more stretching, most aok, far-reaching, most axial, more unhumorous, serviceable, re-lated, giltedged, most challenging, more consolidated, vehement, at the cutting edge, un divided, informative, more high power, more denoting, un-fortunate, most uncompounded, very large, more unamusing, historic, most rubric, more lead-footed, most denoting, well known, de lightful, most unnerving, more tip top, more correspondent, more tip-top, much-publicized, more loudvoiced, more bruised, most life giving, imperative, astronomic, overpriced, most heat on, most whitehot, most superincumbent, most nitty gritty, particular, most red blooded, un-bounded, topser, in-conceivable, top list, magnificent, more hurryup, most commencing, leonine, more jelly belly, more screaming, un safer, most highpriority, nononsense, beetling, more initiative, inter-minable, most stretched out, serendipitous, more hot-dog, most believeable, most mainline, jelly-belly, sobering, Vanward, more highreaching, re-cognized, deep rooted, more justified, un doubted, re-eking, page-one, disastrous, more division, more high-up, most anguished, most designated, critical, ear-piercing, more well built, de tailed, carrying a lot of weight, majorleague, highclass, more hot dog, most demanded, more supra, big-name, most oppressing, pre sumptuous, most pealing, nubbest, more somebody, allout, good looking, most paragon, in controvertible, pet, dark, unheard of, Rememberable, hunky dory, in-vented, overbalancing, most inducing, mind blowing, un relenting, big ticket, more redoubted, most long-faced, up-scale, un-evolved, extra-ordinary, to point, out right, up tight, high-principled, insistent, all out, most hunky dory, bigleague, exceptional, Difficile, most middlemost, open and shut, more racking, most soprano, instant, more prize winning, fat, most worldclass, unitary, most climatic, more agitating, most high-up, super-colossal, more astronomic, farflung, in-errant, most stickler, more unexcited, ventral, re eking, more jellybelly, most second-to-none, needed, most distingue, something else, convincing, applicatory, upfront, more middlemost, un ruffled, most resultful, more personalized, self governed, more bigdeal, selfgoverned, elementary, cellular, prickling, more meat and potatoes, more big-wheel, more upfront, most heavyduty, most crackerjack, in tenser, most far ranging, most two-ton, heavyduty, newsworthy, more top ranking, most meat and potatoes, most special, no joke, master, more attached, most inwrought, pageoner, un beaten, more no-fooling, more big wheel, more precedent, superstarrer, more leonine, no mistake, more righthand, more twenty four carat, in tensive, re-solute, most euphoric, un bounded, most unverifiable, Supereminent, Acuminous, more undiminished, bang-up, namest, fit for king- queen, dis-quieting, more shuddersome, high-falutin, most abstaining, in-auspicious, un expected, world class, numero uno, beanstalk, most meant, most frontpage, de-terminative, more acroamatic, beastliest, most well-pleased, of higher rank, most hunkydory, more celeb, most needleshaped, more backbreaker, un-real, more called-for, most stretchedout, good-sized, most famous, most needle shaped, most ranking, more sizeable, more hundred proof, more earth-shattering, re-doubtable, most highprincipled, more created, choicy, conspicuous, over-whelming, welldone, dis-maying, de-fining, aforeknown, most all encompassing, topheavy, ablebodied, Convictive, more impoverishing, most shuddersome, up-hill, most ritual, sans pareil, more calledfor, life-or-death, twenty-four-carat, un compounded, at the leading edge, dis-passionate, more disciplined, in candescent, darkness, un mitigated, more high level, fussbudget, more blustering, capital, more weighted, more anguished, un designing, choiciest, illustrious, euphoric, most zaftig, more appurtenant, most bang-up, frontpage, most bottomline, single, super starrest, all-powerful, more outstretched, big as life, un affected, most full mouthed, decentsized, more sobering, revelatory, goodlooking, more second-to-none, top-pest, mostest, in dividual, pre cursive, most celebrious, un ordinary, un-settled, most big gun, A 1, most scowling, over-lying, ex-cited, over lying, most kindled, tootoo, un-dissembled, more uncompounded, most fivestar, prize winning, more strong-minded, most fullmouthed, most swaying, substratal, fit for a king- queen, ex pressing, in consistent, more superduper, most diacritic, Mega, allconsuming, out ordinary, de cent, most preexistent, head the line, orphic, more out of this world, middle-most, backbreaker, more superincumbent, straight out, most deathdealing, more bigshot, best, redletter, most finer, hulkest, running in the family, un-conditional, most bigname, un surpassable, most mondo, lousy with, more good sized, most flaring, allinclusive, more big-gun, on line, more supercolossal, more scopious, most all-important, most fourstar, more headmost, pre-eminent, pre-occupied, more all encompassing, most phoenixlike, un luckier, re-fulgent, heavy, firstclass, glorious, Valuing, heart rending, more axial, most big-ticket, whiz bang, in the beginning, most mortiferous, most muted, hot-dog, eventful, most undiminished, top flight, tragic, un-stabler, re cognized, prominent, more altitudinous, more expanded, adequate, most up front, more singled-out, most too too, more concerning, most forerunning, a ok, more overshadowing, pre-existent, most prizewinning, influential, most screaming, elevated, most super duper, dis approving, big-ticket, ruling, un-feigned, un-qualified, up to snuff, well done, heat on, primo, in lap of luxury, most hellacious, most beginning, most heaton, dis-crete, most impoverishing, pre-vailing, most agitating, over powering, un surpassed, deathdealing, deepseated, blue chip, Money-making, para mount, hard as nails, on the line, life giving, more lionized, best ever, dis maying, un smiling, ex acting, uncompounded, de terminate, page-oner, more mondo, over-balancing, honest god, doll face, in beginning, more page-one, over-sized, more uplifted, pre siding, most museful, heavy number, un reasonable, eyecatching, in-terminable, fellest, more red blooded, more coal-and-ice, more flaring, Cher, hurry up, more spreadout, more piked, most cardcarrying, in-frequent, on thin ice, more much publicized, more cherished, re presentative, most upraised, more liking, REDHOT, un rivaled, most humongous, most big-shot, jellybelly, real gone, out-stretched, most personalized, most obtaining, applicative, most valuing, all inclusive, most out-of-this-world, matter of fact, most primary, Ear-splitting, outer-most, more high priority, by numbers, on and up, on collision course, most earth-shaking, raddest, most primo, more humongous, to fore, earth-shattering, most genius, more beetling, in public eye, most card-carrying, hot property, more blighting, uncustomary, most high reaching, pre-sent, Harassing, remarkable, different, highly regarded, most pointful, highestranking, most monarchial, no-fooling, more composing, most reddened, most far-ranging, in high favor, out of ordinary, wieldiest, amoebic, un humorous, dis-similar, centric, most four star, expedient, most earth shaking, more sharpened, most differentiating, leviathan, most out-of-sight, most revealing, most apical, most super eminent, spread-out, more allconsuming, proud, most ear-piercing, more big-deal, high power, centroidal, feller, name the game, in-clement, dis-tended, choicier, un manageable, basic, very grave, most stretched-out, buller, more defined, more tingling, most expanded, most informational, most twoton, more full mouthed, pleasure loving, more jelly-belly, Exceptive, un comfortable, most horrifying, in-different, un-lucky, most longish, for a face, more unverifiable, more lifegiving, more elongate, more hurry-up, ex posed, pre-dominate, ex pressed, most unassociated, all consuming, most aflame, high priority, very big, most good sized, cleancut, to the fore, more exceeding, most resolved, individual, more spread out, most brooding, businesslike, most unfading, axial, muchpublicized, inbuilt, aforementioned, most zestful, un-due, unheardof, most disciplined, in fine feather, more expressed, more bottom-line, most highest-ranking, out-right, too too, initial, twenty-four carat, Celebrious, most nittygritty, more giltedged, top of list, super colossal, most allencompassing, most returnless, most sobering, un-surpassed, un-defeated, prevenient, supercolossal, more high-level, in most, viscerous, most hurryup, stand-out, most warm hearted, utter-most, disciplined, in tolerable, great hearted, more split-second, wellappointed, fourstar, most difficile, un-ordinary, in discriminate, red letter, more heavyduty, solid, scadsest, more above mentioned, split-second, in imitable, pleasureloving, more another, de-rogatory, most go getter, un-usual, most evergreen, more super duper, noble, most supercolossal, more hunky dory, more card-carrying, most above-named, most righthand, numerous, effective, sufficient, un-pretentious, more a ok, highpriced, de-terminate, more five star, in tent, more grimfaced, terrific, glitzier, more potbellied, over-blown, in-exorable, ascertainable, apical, most high power, most longfaced, most stretching, un-humorous, most recognizable, most needle-shaped, too-too, re-quiring, on trip, more unfading, burning, wall 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