Pronunciation of Unselfishness
/ʌnsˈɛlfɪʃnəs/, /ʌnsˈɛlfɪʃnəs/, /ʌ_n_s_ˈɛ_l_f_ɪ_ʃ_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for unselfishness

burning candle at both end, wingdings, dis semination, free livings, ex cess, malignity, greed, dolce vita, freelivings, inordinateness, stinginess, re-creation, selfgratification, immoderacies, dis-tractions, Sybaritism, conserving, satisfaction, Husbanding, contentment, parsimony, dis solutions, inhumanity, fast livings, dissipation, blow-outs, debauchery, discourtesy, over doings, self indulgence, Skimping, scraping, life fast lane, disfavor, hell handbasket, selfgratifications, ex-cess, burning candle end, life in the fast lane, dis-seminations, dolce vitae, dis-integrations, in-continences, blow-out, saving, over-doing, self gratifications, in temperance, gluttony, life in fast lane, disregard, free living, frugality, dis-integration, in-temperances, excess, dis-solution, selfindulgence, ex cesses, Divertissement, niggardliness, dis solution, dis tractions, la dolce vitae, extravagance, hell in handbasket, self-seeking, divertissements, over doing, wastage, high living, greediness, Pinching, dis integration, re-creations, conservation, husbandry, dis-traction, immoderation, in continence, high-living, cheapness, illiberality, free-livings, tightness, brutality, squanderings, wastages, high livings, high-livings, blow out, highliving, dis-solutions, un restraint, economy, la dolce vita, dis-semination, over indulgence, barbarity, burning candle at end, free-living, highlivings, to hell in handbasket, penuriousness, happiness, miserliness, avarice, un restraints, self-gratifications, over-indulgence, self gratification, over-doings, malevolence, sybaritisms, meanness, dis integrations, re creations, in temperances, to hell handbasket, life the fast lane, cupidity, re creation, fast living, blow outs, freeliving, selfishness, self-gratification, in-continence, dis seminations, wingding, unkindness, un-restraint, over indulgences, harshness, thrift, dis traction, burning candle both end, Gluttonies, ex-cesses, overdoings, closeness, cruelty.