Pronunciation of Unwrinkle
/ʌnɹˈɪŋkə͡l/, /ʌnɹˈɪŋkə‍l/, /ʌ_n_ɹ_ˈɪ_ŋ_k_əl/

Antonyms for Unwrinkle

blot out, ex pressed, compress, forces in to space, densened, de-feats, keep, blowing away, Trashed, Mummies, force into space, de creased, de-cays, pull, squash, de creases, de-creased, syncopate, forced down, forcing into space, tele scoping, makes brief, blots out, forces into space, dissuade, densifies, nip the bud, over come, powdered, glitching up, Weltered, re strict, dis-appointed, de creasing, pressed together, over-powering, blotting out, increase, pressing together, glitch up, over whelm, nip bud, re-strict, forcing down, iced, telescopes, construct, de hydrates, tele scoped, dis appointing, de-hydrating, comminutes, fossilizes, made brief, boiling down, over whelms, telescoped, mummy, densens, stales, sub due, contuses, Mummied, de cay, dis appointed, romp, tele-scoping, Fossilizing, expand, de-creasing, de feat, over-power, telescope, over-whelm, forces down, blew away, densifying, de-cay, kablooeyed, de-hydrated, build, blight, dis-appoints, over-powered, de-feat, over powered, re-duces, de hydrated, Comminuting, boils down, de-creases, quelches, over comes, kablooey, uncompress, re duces, shrivel, over-coming, Wedging, de hydrate, contriturates, syncopated, ex pressing, contuse, leave alone, sub dues, release, Contriturate, Mummying, blotted out, sub-due, dis appoints, sub-dues, densen, de-crease, extend, contriturating, de-hydrates, Staling, maintain, wizen, nip in bud, over powering, Staled, encourage, force in to space, comminute, wizening, de feats, force down, ex-press, fossilized, over whelming, sub jugate, kablooeying, re duce, Telescoping, over powers, presses together, ex press, syncopates, re-duce, glitched up, over-comes, glitches up, blows away, over-whelming, quelched, ex-pressing, dis-appoint, densified, kablooeys, fossilize, Syncopating, wizens, dis appoint, boil down, quelch, make brief, over-whelms, over coming, contriturated, de crease, densening, Squashing, dis-appointing, forced in to space, let go, contused, blow away, hugging, densify, crush, de cays, de hydrating, Contusing, over-whelmed, Comminuted, tele-scoped, boiled down, forced into space, raise, de-hydrate, over whelmed, Weltering.