Pronunciation of Upset
/ʌpsˈɛt/, /ʌpsˈɛt/, /ʌ_p_s_ˈɛ_t/

Antonyms for upset

in-spired, pro fits, hold down, over comes, put in place, set right, far sighted, did as romans do, gave back, pro viding, made amends, smiles up on, gay, sending on wild goose chase, Clear-headed, un-chain, Busied, picks tab, formalizes, answering purpose, calibrates, quarterbacks, codify, broke spirit, Gloze, Planked, re double, cozinesses, in activate, appealed to, sets home, more mollifying, Co-ordinates, putting on band aid, am just ticket, most anticipating, art an adjunct, tailormade, pour oil on, rolling with punches, most twilight, fulfill, picks up check, in-sert, mild, pander, most pococurante, doeth trick, come to a conclusion, Calcifying, had mercy on, enter in, most rip roaring, cleaning up ones act, puts out misery, hung up one's hat, de cline, takes load off, tenderizes, put top world, quieten, rose to crescendo, enliven, settling up, in dites, de creasing, pro vided, Hatchelling, spring up, gallant, re-laxations, imperturbable, make a hit with, out-fit, re-calibrates, putting working order, un-vexed, getting ones kicks, in fixes, made light of, makes the grade, coming agreement, swept one feet, taking over from, sure shocks, art just ticket, under-stated, Caking, more fun loving, rising crescendo, making provision, pulled things together, de bug, hitting the bull'seye, became tender, taking bite out of, at ease, shapes up, hang one hat, more coldish, de creases, comes to terms, dis-burdens, pouring on, Casehardened, quarterbacking, buries hatchet, most disciplined, devil-may-care, more carnivalesque, puts out one's misery, even out, dis-commode, more unimpressible, keeping busy, hand it to, uplights, wast an element of, dis-solve, re-paid, gets behind, non committal, blueprinted, swim with the tide, wast seemly, play the game, Hatcheling, un-clogs, sell on, cleaned up one act, electrifications, more unworried, streamline, unburdened, most reeking, imperturbableness, Patting, give a break, let sunshine in, entrench, up grading, re vivifies, ease off, alleviate, sending on a wild goose chase, re lease, be seeming, puts on feet again, puts ones foot down, wast sufficient, re-posed, imbed, regulated, Arride, dis-passions, comes to decision, most fun loving, more cavorting, Umpired, inter-posing, serves the purpose, re strained, ataraxias, sugared, comes a conclusion, un packed, leisure, sending on wildgoose chase, more rocking, lifts up, digging up, got behind, domiciliate, came life, be calmed, giving leg up, up raise, make a connection, uppers, counter check, un-moved, un-frequented, clean up one's act, pave the way, low pressure, set down, intrepid, put into order, dis commode, Counterchecking, sub due, sent wild-goose chase, seat, somnolences, dis-composing, improves accommodate, in toxication, come to a decision, levelheadedness, pre-pared, dis-impassioned, cunning it, make for, gets around, gets act together, deposit, un constrained, puts on a bandaid, takes up residence, is acceptable, was sorry for, running low, make much of, is just the ticket, most unagitated, warmed up, over see, have get together, bended the rules, assured, mainline, taking the place of, dis tract, putting a band-aid, Proportioning, up holding, firing up, troubleshoot, waking up, knocking em dead, holds it down, puts a band-aid, couldst it, breaks the spirit, COMPS, re venging, be-witching, make consistent, Brazed, sent on wild goose chase, wimpy, re moved, fall all over, come school, un burdening, be fuddled, spacing, in creasing, condole with, most free minded, re doubling, de generated, bliss, conveniencing, immediate circle, sub sides, re-venging, more quieted, hilarious, gotten going, made hit, lament with, invigorations, spices up, breathed new life in to, payed back, put pep in to, looking forward to, Potting, harmonize, dis-embarrassing, un-perturbed, slow down, unburdening, rise crescendo, ministers to, see to, answered need, are the ticket, ministered to, nothing much, keeping house, puts band-aid, payed dues, puts in to order, making a deal, be-witched, made a connection, un-welcoming, clear way, out fits, wast just ticket, Sugaring, cantankerousness, put rights, dis entangles, clearing way, puts end to, moving to, put a lid on, most festal, most murmured, most sky scraping, pre-fabricate, up-raised, ex-tended, is enough, re stores, came to a decision, Gluttonies, dis-passionate, be element of, neaten, keeps house, in formal, giving life to, more feelgood, rope in, dis-passionateness, splits the difference, in stalled, up-raises, kiss and make up, catering to, inter-posed, is the ticket, putting one's mind to rest, feelgood, ex tolling, bear the expense, dis-entangled, regalements, more free-minded, clean up act, in-vests, most hunkydory, lay, pre occupy, fearless, lots of laughs, was ticket, put top the world, licking into shape, joyousnesses, poetize, most grooving, more free minded, takes root, hast compassion, paving the way, cools it, moral, keeping ones shirt on, putting top of world, make willing, doing justice, dis courage, requiescence, set stage, sweeps one feet, wert an adjunct, played up to, doing as romans do, allow, held in, take the place of, turn around, puts to rights, coming school, placidity, bringing to, inter cede, pre-fabricates, at onenesses, tone down, re creations, am good enough, ex-plaining, stars ones eye, most unperturbable, gat it together, juiced, well-organized, hanging up one's hat, fun-loving, send on wildgoose chase, plant, more upraised, re-lax, de signed, more unimpassioned, ran up, reserved, content, set off, wast use, brake record, sending a wild-goose chase, dis passionate, in-activated, good taste, stoical, servicing, bore the expense, did justice, sugarcoat, de-fused, re collected, being use, Allying, hangs one hat, in-venting, on trip, dis encumbers, most carnivalesque, imperturbability, in sync, sticking up for, calibrating, sweeping ones feet, more hawkish, re strains, making for, wake up, paying one's dues, broke the record, take the edge off, dis-integrated, house-train, relaxeds, de-signs, reconcile, do proud, put out of misery, come to conclusion, frorer, un interested, stars eye, be stowed, bedded down, irradiate, up-holds, got one kicks, in-formality, dis-charging, dried up, taking load one chest, sweeping feet, zappier, hit the bull's-eye, be friended, re duce, pays one dues, stick up for, stuck up for, pave way, ringing in, Glozing, un clogs, had get together, jazzes up, de sign, put on top world, answer the purpose, dis passionateness, fawning upon, take the edge, picking up the tab, pulled for, sedate, are useful, putting top world, dis composed, dis-missing, re-sides, get kicks, looked after, settle nerves, co-oked, cleffed, puts out of misery, joyful, out fit, leads astray, gat jollies, making happy, doeth justice, sournesses, giving back, more rip roaring, dis-entangle, putting in place, makes decision, most gogo, de scended, pre-vail, happy as lark, makes hit with, picked up the check, lots laughs, beseem, most pleasureseeking, most unwelcoming, re-vitalizes, reconciliate, smooth over, coined a phrase, being inclined, in-fix, puts em away, compose, adds sugar, make room, made a decision, more seriousminded, sent on a wild-goose chase, self composures, staid put, mis-leads, become tender, bleeds for, conforms to, gave rest, give a hand, came to school, welladjusted, make less, swimming with tide, inter ludes, brings together, lay smooth, Shepherding, put cloud nine, Re-collect, in-duces, de-activated, gladden, saw to, puffs up, have gettogether, extra ordinary, going fifty fifty, in habiting, inter-lude, am enough, letting up on, ex tolled, dis-engages, move to, sure oneself, in clover, routined, splitting the difference, de-vising, puts pen to paper, be friend, die down, happiness, ran interference for, solution, bringing in to line, re-constructs, un wavering, pro-vided, most gamesome, slicked, pleasure seeking, de fraying, prepays, Disadvise, button ones lip, give a rest, suck up to, un-flustered, cleaning act, more saturnalian, sobers, puts on top world, un approachable, touchiness, cooling it, re-freshes, doth the trick, gotten one's kicks, under standings, gave a facelift, in ones right mind, give a face lift, bended over backward, cough up, came to life, button lip, dis-posing, upperclass, un-tightened, roping in, more convenient, standing up, good spirit, set rights, counter acted, polish, blissful, in temperances, in fixed, selfpossession, put on top of world, right, be fuddle, only too happy, most hawkish, touched down, payed off, making roll in the aisles, re-vise, cleans act, taking residence, kiss make up, honor claim, de-lights, dialled back, in-stilled, carefree and untroubled, counter-checking, re-unite, inter posing, casting a spell on, Quieter, falling over, wellbalanced, sweep ones feet, settling one nerves, roosing, sided with, ex tends, hit bull eye, be-stowing, re-conciliation, take load ones mind, delicatesse, re store, brings aid, be calming, complying with, making much of, politicness, cobbled up, most upperclass, pulling wire, more sequestered, organized, wast useful, unturned, palmier, distribution, over-indulge, be-stowed, glued, footed, recalibrate, fretfulnesses, most altitudinous, heats up, dis-entangles, a rush, passes judgment, overindulge, prepaid, puts zip in to, sweeps off one's feet, over indulged, knocked 'em dead, over-indulged, Roosting, Prepaying, glozes, brought aid, smooths down, in-habit, Casehardening, bent over backward, honied, break bulk, most hang-loose, art acceptable, served purpose, doth trick, pre paid, in-curious, re awakening, dialed back, loose fitting, keep house, making a connection, put place, snuggle up, becoming tender, gat ready, be just the ticket, giving party, ex-tend, holding it down, more monitored, troubleshot, be wilders, cleaning ones act, most eremitic, re-lieve, puts band aid, giving confidence, paid for, laid groundwork, doeth one proud, gat one kicks, sang-froid, am acceptable, baby, brightening up, becoming cheerful, canst it, bends over backward, undisturbed, re fined, coins phrase, surliness, called the tune, more forward looking, de ranges, in creases, adds sweetening, were proper for, un-communicative, sent on wildgoose chase, un ruffle, patted back, picking up tab, took the edge, ministering to, bold, set in order, demilitarizing, re-funds, arrides, intensates, hang one's hat, un concerned, comes to an agreement, stays put, decreases volume, cleans up one act, conform to, coming to terms, re couping, super-vised, wert an element of, more caressing, come terms, hitting bull-eye, dulcorates, making a hit with, ex-cite, most uptown, unsurprised, elation, de scend, art active with, made roll in aisles, more overcoming, cleaning up, re-solving, most go go, uncritical, be fuddles, was useful, handing to, squares up, didst trick, re coup, stars in eye, most overcoming, sends on wild-goose chase, re sting, got ones jollies, please, warms up, rip-roaring, self composure, more repressed, art concerned with, in-spiriting, Patted, re-kindles, hammer out deal, go over big, circumlocuting, dis passionatenesses, curdled, in cite, trans-plants, makes amends, hit bull'seye, are an element of, up lighted, be enough, touch down, cashed out, hangs up ones hat, getting ready, put pep into, being enough, de-fines, cool headednesses, Glozed, slows down, get going, keep promise, hang up one hat, hung hat, takes the sting out of, belongs to, put on top the world, re solve, trans-plant, self command, shows sympathy, condoled with, brought to heel, re-activates, hits high spot, prosperous, unload, most abstaining, orgasming, made happy, brings into line, took residence, de-creases, giving a break, put rest, de-generated, adding sweetening, Plants, inter ceding, buying for, call shots, hitting the bulls-eye, don't make waves, pulls for, pushed pencil, wert acceptable, re vising, dis-gorged, making ready, frame mind, re-uniting, make hit with, enamours, did proud, mend, doing one proud, comes conclusion, counter checked, am sufficient, are active with, in money, lifting up, in-creased, pre-dispose, candy coat, art sufficient, be-fuddle, grins and bear it, spiffed up, dis gorges, anesthetizes, more go-go, poured it on, clean one's act, fell all over, re move, re-assures, restfulness, were adjunct, gat around, send on a wild-goose chase, are sympathetic, gleeful, Unimpressible, un-clogging, makes it, hiked up, re-furbishing, doth duty as, re builded, throws together, re-adies, are acceptable, dis impassioned, bring in to line, coolheaded, burying hatchet, cheerful, keeping one shirt on, vitrify, cools off, re spites, re-coup, going fifty-fifty, decent, keeping promise, hatchel, strikes balance, more welladjusted, ease, braze, come to school, lend hand, am an element of, un lading, re builds, straightens out, gives face-lift, made hit with, hold in, making concession, hammers out deal, be responsible for, coming to decision, re-unites, in excitabilities, ex change, sticks up for, be concerned with, Pleasured, ex acerbating, hadst a gettogether, pre-paring, dulcorated, chirpy, smoothed the way, hang up hat, coming an agreement, settled one nerves, swims with tide, easing off, brings in to line, dreaminess, over sees, re-moving, cleaned up one's act, play up to, be stow, wrought out deal, send on a wild goose chase, de creased, bearing expense, be seem, fire up, pumped up, am responsible for, kudize, more abnegating, trans planted, ingratiating with, goes fifty fifty, patting on the back, living life of riley, most smiling, most loose-fitting, hanging hat, has a get-together, atonenesses, level headednesses, most hunky-dory, honoring a claim, Uncompanionable, go go, gentling, are concerned with, dis burdened, am useful, come an agreement, letted sunshine in, timed, gets ones kicks, long suffering, most loose fitting, took the bite out, hard boiled, re-eking, pre pare, re-union, plays host, inactivated, candy-coating, Starching, de valuates, bangs out, free minded, de generates, stars in one's eye, turning aside, de-activate, knocks em dead, feels with, gave leg up, in activating, bought for, whipt into shape, un-agitated, re-solved, pay up, housetrain, giving trust, found, un-pack, Cinched, hang ones hat, puts ones mind to rest, enterprising, pre-occupy, giving quarter, spake highly of, Seeding, paying respects, ex citing, pick tab, housebroke, being useful, in-vent, read the riot act, takes sting out of, died down, hits bulleye, welloff, making less, forced resign, settles ones nerves, un loose, take edge off, bears cost, paying one dues, more upperclass, introverted, made bright, puts on top the world, came an agreement, dost as romans do, stands up, punched up, grinned and bear it, dis-integrate, hitting bulleye, knock dead, seed down, hitting bull's-eye, honoring claim, sunny side up, breaks record, redirect, re-generates, give a leg up, selfcontained, regularized, sent a wild goose chase, well heeled, all-owing, sub dues, more hohum, un-clog, trans act, paves the way, sit down, re-conciliating, carried away, de-creased, expectation, make up for, dis-advises, re-covered, comped, classify, take sting out of, giving bouquet, tosses party, over-seen, lines up, hanged up one's hat, up lights, put pen to paper, dis embarrass, forces to resign, callouses, be fitted, de-activates, gave a face-lift, firming, be-wilder, over-joy, draw away, take bite out of, hanged up one hat, smoothed way, politicnesses, re animate, be-gun, be-guiles, got one's jollies, re venge, under stated, settled ones nerves, give hand, self-command, gat well, warm hearted, unimpassioned, going easy on, sprung for, lets up on, were responsible for, are enough, demilitarized, got one's kicks, am adjunct, tossed a party, fat dumb happy, hits the bull'seye, curling up, highpriced, re-deems, de ranging, gat ones jollies, up held, went by the book, candy coating, dis-covers, being sorry for, troubleshooting, de fray, hast a get together, substantiate, took a load off, settle one's nerves, jokey, got act together, boonest, coining a phrase, in-stilling, rejoice, well-adjusted, most rocking, are use, Warm-hearted, turning one on, giving break, ecstasized, clef, belonged to, conform, ex cite, hohum, un excitable, get one jollies, working out a deal, with-drawn, am ticket, taking the bite out of, putting ones foot down, un impassioned, plank down, order, makes good, lay back, Domiciliated, re-warded, hit the bullseye, up-grading, canned it, candycoat, Tickled, more captivated, re-press, dis burdens, peace, in fixing, put out of one misery, most sunlit, up beat, freeminded, in luck, dis-solves, be adjunct, taking load mind, in-active, is adjunct, Imperturbation, pick the tab, putting a band aid, hits the bulleye, comes to a decision, prop up, un-obtrusive, de liver, having mercy on, decrease, gotten kicks, de livering, most chilled, sets rights, hit high spot, answered the purpose, more forgoing, puffing up, plunking down, blithe, restored harmony, re conciliation, unambitious, makes repayment, unflustered, makes ready, most feelgood, most romping, re-vivify, buffed up, lay the groundwork, came school, lets the sun shine in, made provision, together, dies down, had gettogether, force resign, co-aching, inactivate, carnivalesque, elevate, Imbedding, sings praises of, worked out deal, lights up, pat the back, inactivates, gives confidence, advantaged, haddest a gettogether, stands in for, re-leased, notes down, gotten ready, mis-leading, keeping shirt on, be-fit, gives lift, put the lid on, gotten together on, in good spirits, ex-citation, vivification, re quiescences, re furbished, un worried, dis-charged, settles down, dis-tract, up-light, flying high, most unworried, spoilt rotten, merry, most larking, Beseemed, brake the spirit, re furbishes, rapprochement, went with the flow, keeping faith, re forming, gotten around, getting one's jollies, pouring oil on, make deal, whip in to shape, fall over, putting rest, un-tighten, un critical, inter missions, quieting down, put at rest, break record, dis-gorging, under-stood, stroke, more forwardlooking, be-fitted, pleased, be ginning, swam with the tide, bearing the cost, Starched, more invigorated, makes connection, toes the mark, pay back, sate up, most uncompanionable, salve, un-tightening, re-vising, putting em away, sobering, unchained, came agreement, break the spirit, gives a lift, made uniform, de-activating, re-dressing, cleared way, under stand, gave a break, most blest, plunked down, put a band aid, most cavorting, bearing cost, spoiling rotten, un burden, de-fuses, prepare, Negatived, pro portion, takes hat to, spice up, un-hinged, poured oil on, keeping a stiff upper lip, Sheered, re-assure, high spiritses, de-sired, sold on, lends hand, most unvexed, re turning, makes roll aisles, bringing aid, most murmuring, sheers, in spirits, became light, were acceptable, heartiest, zappy, vivifications, prettifies, in stilled, is sorry for, whipping in to shape, hangloose, be witch, let sun shine in, cared for, born with silver spoon, look after, in dite, doth one proud, dis solving, offloaded, snapped out it, in-temperances, de adens, un tangled, hangs up hat, patches things up, hit the bull eye, up lighting, more tanked, held down, relaxedding, hits bull'seye, most gaining, bled for, settle ones nerves, were sufficient, settled one's nerves, skyscraping, de-bating, tenderizing, re-treads, Sereneness, dying down, most hangloose, put on a band aid, makes grade, coolheadedness, made terms, patted the back, pre-pare, pro-viding, be-fits, catching flies, give quarter, doth as romans do, slaphappy, art the ticket, in spired, does as romans do, took load off ones mind, untroubling, re-duce, selfconfidence, sweeten, make good, put ones mind rest, bringing to heel, in-cited, contentment, reached the zenith, came to conclusion, opens door, gives a leg up, brake one up, hits bull eye, wert made of, un-balancing, more well organized, doest the trick, propitiate, be good enough, putting on top the world, re formed, inter lude, hits the bull-eye, de fine, more high reaching, taking hat to, joyousness, making uniform, force to resign, re venges, strengthen, set to rights, horse trading, selfassertive, sets off, success, come agreement, de-crease, dis concerts, re-vamped, take hat to, in-action, rivetted, juice up, snaps out it, tickled to death, Hackled, fun loving, gave shot arm, re commending, paying ones dues, dis-tracts, airconditioned, most sunbeamy, cold sober, setting rights, break one up, Parleyed, rip roaring, frore, un-perturbable, gat kicks, sets out, good health, makes merry, blueprinting, quietude, give shot arm, ex-changed, gat one's kicks, pro-duces, runs interference for, Beseeming, Soothed, in the twilight zone, level-headedness, slake, smooth way, placate, dost justice, give bouquet, settles one nerves, dis posing, paying off, ex tending, licking in to shape, more equanimous, sets type, super-vise, re kindles, be proper for, re-deem, prefabricate, hits bulls-eye, bad humors, most seriousminded, orgasmed, be friends, dis-advise, hanged ones hat, paid ones dues, rising to crescendo, over seen, makes sweet, come to life, re-commend, organize, Sobered, trans-act, in clines, in-solent, super vised, re-commended, cut mustard, coming conclusion, re generated, de-posits, came a conclusion, more fortunate, settle one nerves, de-generate, hexing, upraise, cutoff, serve the purpose, comes together, sucked to, de signing, canning it, rose colored, express sympathy, is just ticket, dont make waves, noted down, lays smooth, smooths over, slicks, bears the expense, being proper for, putting zip into, more grooving, de-positing, become cheerful, re funds, setting down, mis leading, made up for, licks in to shape, putting down roots, over-joyed, put mind ease, tickling death, de-valuating, fires up, over moon, cleaned act, go in to, knocked together, putting out one's misery, dialling back, re press, tail off, take load off one's mind, re-furbished, benefacted, were adequate, clam up, whip into shape, sticked up for, Hatcheled, re-condition, roped in, sent wild goose chase, re construct, keeps promise, over hauled, bear expense, more strengthened, re-moves, gat ones kicks, hitting the bull's-eye, come to, money burn, pacificates, hits the bullseye, filling the bill, makes lighter, cut deal, putting mind rest, soothe, ex cited, manful, spoiled rotten, be-calming, de bugged, more relaxing, made concession, re models, bare cost, coin a phrase, wert ticket, out-giving, squaring up, wast good enough, re calibrating, takes sting out, de-scending, takes load chest, sleeks, letted sun shine in, re-doubling, singing praises of, galvanization, vitalizations, knocked em dead, touchinesses, be-friend, authoring, put out misery, counter-act, put back together, gets jollies, ex citation, trans-planting, sitting up, pre-occupying, inter-cede, un anxious, ingratiates with, dis-covering, wiling, light up, dis concerted, freezes to, breathing new life into, un-usual, found middle ground, re-lease, un load, dials back, putting band aid, have mercy on, setting guidelines, de sires, more lenitive, cooled out, straightening up, spare rod, hath get-together, subscribe to, in-tensest, being good enough, over indulges, speed up, laid smooth, make light of, most emboldened, dont rock boat, sets upright, apologizes for, frorest, pats on the back, smooth down, re-awaken, sure shock, dis position, Riveted, zingy, re lax, re-conciliates, being just ticket, more sunbeamy, hitting bull eye, springing for, Sanding, serving purpose, pro-vide, dis-concerts, start the ball rolling, quiet down, re-build, lays down law, being adjunct, being responsible for, taking load off, pacifism, un clogged, pre-paid, putting on bandaid, un chained, does proud, tame, puts out one misery, commoves, fudging together, becoming light, comes to agreement, puts on cloud nine, cool as cucumber, de bate, dis-burse, High-reaching, inhabitances, cool head, re-fine, make nice, dis charges, dispose, haddest a get-together, showed sympathy, clean up, played the game, taking it easy, in vents, narrowing down, lay it on, most repressed, de liberate, un ruffled, be come, passivities, exhilarate, ex acerbated, dis embarrassing, counter act, making good, quickenings, forcing resign, de-sires, relieve, exhilaration, sends wild-goose chase, Undauntable, Intensated, dis-advised, balming, hit bull-eye, falls all over, victory, dis integrating, re-pay, picked check, re-conciliate, most suppressed, make roll in the aisles, becalm, turning things around, sucks to, un-ceremoniousness, disembarrass, snug as a bug rug, take the sting out of, re freshes, satisfy, more granted, joyrides, self commands, sees to, putting ones mind rest, in-grain, bad humor, be-came, lead away, in scrutable, dis-gorges, carefree, on roll, taking load ones chest, advantage, commiserates with, giving rest, stick, de livers, Poetized, Nerved, stars in one eye, bear cost, in toxications, am just the ticket, lays away, self possession, equanimity, go fifty fifty, is useful, spared rod, clean up one act, in-spires, defuse, put on top of the world, re-lief, re-building, re-vised, selfcomposures, levelheadednesses, pick up tab, give leg up, tailed off, brings heel, more low pressure, come across with, giving a face-lift, re-pressing, making nice, takes load off one's chest, take place of, unworried, with marbles, wellorganized, hits bulls eye, wert good enough, voltefacing, gat together on, fiddles with, trans acts, re-modeling, more main-line, makes roll in aisles, end-owed, rang in, ensorcelled, re pressing, trades off, taking the bite out, dis guised, patting on back, de-militarize, re-habilitated, paying back, fitting out, tone up, re-model, come a head, putting one mind rest, re lieve, ordering, in cline, sate down, timing, puts top world, be-ginning, un-impassioned, come head, sunlit, de bugging, deliriously happy, simmered down, de tracts, have ones act together, dis charging, evens out, nervy, hardy, makes happy, de-fusing, go with the flow, dis solved, be-calm, looking after, speeds up, housetraining, makes a hit, enheartened, most unimpressed, un emotional, take load one's chest, honored a claim, commiserating with, made deal, Concreted, in solent, pre dispose, most joshing, takes the sting out, pre vailed, narrowed down, coming to conclusion, make lighter, cool out, gladness, re conditions, more uptown, settling nerves, re quite, snug as bug rug, over come, clears the way, send wild-goose chase, have get-together, knocks together, re-calibrate, eventempered, make roll aisles, Caseharden, art sorry for, lose edge, ho hum, re covering, re uniting, ill humors, bend rules, gets ones jollies, wishes joy to, improve accommodate, lightening burden, inter posed, having compassion, being made of, put one's mind to rest, has gettogether, selfcommand, take pity on, balmed, gluttony, put on band-aid, rectify, settled, find middle ground, set straight, ex tended, pays off, are just ticket, hanged up ones hat, zappiest, re-directs, smoothed over, most loosefitting, vellicate, give break, knock em dead, palmy, pro-moting, art useful, immediate circles, circumlocutes, in-vents, fit out, de-livers, had a gettogether, did duty as, jazzing up, brought together, art just the ticket, quick fixt, cooling out, gave hand, super intended, Sanded, hardboiled, array, work for, rhapsody, housebroken, came to agreement, tanked, put on a bandaid, square up, un-tangled, zingiest, most enjoying, over indulge, turn-ons, born with a silver spoon, pulling things together, ex plain, pay one's dues, reconciliates, invigoration, feeling with, under-standing, makes room, takes load one's chest, attended to, most undemanding, striking happy medium, ordered, makes payment, emboldened, took pity on, kisses and make up, starts ball rolling, pre fabricates, re-stores, coming life, more ho-hum, de fuses, vitalization, toughen up, get ones jollies, more loose-fitting, most carnival, un hinge, encourage, comes school, sends on a wildgoose chase, don't rock boat, even temper, were concerned with, take load mind, in-spiring, hangs up one's hat, illhumor, re calibrates, hung up one hat, putting cloud nine, am interesting to, dis-burses, setting stage, rolls with it, are good enough, out giving, re-animates, re paid, lit up, takes load one chest, more undarkened, sand, cool headed, most well adjusted, feels for, pick the check, de bated, de-ranged, laying the groundwork, sweep off one feet, tailor made, took care of, put one mind to rest, vivificates, takes the edge off, ghostwrite, re building, coziness, super-intended, don't rock the boat, out-look, put order, be-comes, buff up, brake spirit, bent rules, un demanding, comes around, ratify, grinned bear it, spiffs up, Sleeking, has mercy on, spoil rotten, make matters up, go with, pleasureseeking, oblige, occupy, dis-crimination, leading away, ecstasize, cleared the way, most joyous, put band aid, de-lighting, un-burdened, consolation, more funloving, de fusing, picking check, slowed down, re-pairs, picked the check, making roll the aisles, putting on a bandaid, re-gale, gave a face lift, far-sighted, climax, giving hand, re-venge, most undarkened, re-kindled, taking place of, most serious minded, call away, worked out a deal, more abstaining, having get-together, de fining, set upright, dis engaging, snug as bug a rug, doth justice, sprang up, breaking one up, take the bite out, gives a break, re union, dis-concerted, puts on top of the world, drawing away, sourness, come around, candy-coats, re solute, settled down, hast get-together, gave confidence, ex-changing, more emboldened, paid respects, making terms, re-vivifies, makes clear, make amends, in-vested, pacifies, takes residence, un-interested, hawkish, re vivifying, stock up, arrange, becomes cheerful, make whole, systematize, ironing, re deeming, dis-integrates, snapped out of it, re laxation, kisses make up, running interference for, most well organized, sunbeamy, negotiate, snug as a bug a rug, interest, apologize for, sunny, un-anxious, possessed, plays game, not turn a hair, breaks the record, ill-humors, doeth the trick, re covered, cleans up one's act, psyched up, lay groundwork, luxuriousnesses, sticked for, crossnesses, in-clines, gave a leg up, eases off, more up, came across with, cobbles up, laid on, de-fining, putting right, hold it down, de-tracts, show sympathy, more refrigerated, pay ones dues, lick into shape, pay for, make happy, wert seemly, knocks dead, come conclusion, kissing make up, un-clogged, relish, calls tune, hit the bulls eye, more chilled, re adies, comes to school, cleaned ones act, aid, take load off one chest, pre vail, laying down the law, lift up, un-excited, gave a lift, is seemly, conformed to, un-flagging, up-lifts, un companionable, more tempered, re storing, made it, comfortable, CLEFS, hanged one's hat, Imbedded, am element of, pay one dues, put aside, settle, re paired, vivificated, Caked, partying, over indulging, un-blocking, moderate, de lighting, making connection, hit spot, selfcommands, re-covers, most adjusted, up-rear, does justice, took load off one chest, send on wild goose chase, up-reared, reaches peak, pamper, taking the edge off, pro-portions, de-fray, un block, digs up, be fuddling, de-fine, bringing together, re coups, monkeys around with, de-tach, self-possession, high spirits, gat one jollies, scripting, paid back, un-tangle, bears expense, suck to, grieved with, more coordinated, off-loaded, catches flies, made room, made sweet, were just the ticket, methodical, festive, co-ached, took the place of, re-paired, most trustful, re turn, even, most upraised, puts order, came to an agreement, light, straighten, more gelid, in graining, fills the bill, de bating, dauntless, de vise, more uplifted, unruffled, in one's right mind, demulcent, revitalize, put 'em away, full zip, calibrated, hunky-dory, tailor-makes, answers a need, did one proud, be witching, re cesses, de militarize, in different, mis-lead, pulls a wire, tost a party, draw up, cheer, hadst a get together, more demulcent, over-indulging, more disciplined, Parleying, re-fund, unchain, mapping out, in-activate, relaxings, more pleasureseeking, re-gales, condoles with, in-stalled, more ho hum, collected, hangs ones hat, re-venged, in-stall, Re-turn, self-composure, re-storing, hung ones hat, merging in, mis-tier, nailing down, more air-conditioned, in actions, firings, gave lift, paid off, in-spirited, counter checking, snugnesses, got one jollies, not turn hair, goes by the book, takes bite out, de light, give life to, puts ease, most unambitious, Soaping, dis-composed, gotten act together, super-intends, kissing and make up, gets one's jollies, redirects, stars eyes, re-directing, do trick, re-direct, send a wild goose chase, swept one's feet, compensating for, de frays, ingratiates oneself with, at-onenesses, comping, most eschewing, re-straining, putting pen to paper, most forward looking, turn ons, be guile, fail, turns over new leaf, ataraxia, most lowpressure, appeals to, spicing up, patting back, mis tier, re-served, became cheerful, in cites, take load off chest, paid one's dues, de generating, ex-acerbated, in-scrutable, swimming with the tide, gave a rest, reach a peak, dis integrated, sell up, gives a rest, fiddle with, springs for, circumlocuted, lighthearted, be-calmed, lighting up, hanging up hat, dis integrate, Concreting, moderation, patted on back, re-activate, un swerving, un frequented, law order, conciliate, huffinesses, took root, tenderized, at oneness, granting amnesty, most inspirited, un-looses, having a get-together, de posited, enlivenments, toughening up, hitting the bull-eye, remedy, quiet fears, go fiftyfifty, lighten, snap up, selfcontrol, cools out, sells up, most ho-hum, over-hauls, beds down, see fit, sits up, more popping, most high reaching, sweeping off one feet, gives party, most unimpassioned, settles one's nerves, leads away, Gamesome, Enhearten, came around, come to terms, up-holding, up-lifting, selfcontrolled, take bite out, makes for, playing game, unblock, were use, de bugs, most unflustered, re vamped, breathe new life in to, brighten, over joy, doeth proud, puts cloud nine, de activates, low key, more eremitic, hitting the bull eye, Infatuating, more serious minded, pre pared, gladsome, hang hat, taking edge off, hangs one's hat, was the ticket, making light of, most outgiving, palmiest, sedating, being of use, art good enough, put one foot down, come a conclusion, pays tribute to, dis covering, hiking up, re modelled, answers need, dis pose, volte-facing, puts top of the world, speak highly of, disburden, un troubling, end owed, give confidence, level headed, read riot act, answering a need, delicatesses, suit, do the trick, perked up, re vivify, burn off, pull for, doest one proud, cash out, most systematized, pro vide, un tighten, dis encumbering, made easier, moves to, un-troubling, dis burdening, brings to, doing handsprings, opens the door, re fine, out looks, puts mind rest, de-posited, simmers down, be wildered, dis-covered, come together, more unwelcoming, more serious, start ball rolling, arrided, imperturbations, prove, casting spell on, throwing together, habituate, more gladsome, send a wild-goose chase, puts back together, more lowpressure, self assurance, in-cite, taking bite out, re-news, go-go, housetrained, un ceremoniousnesses, out-fitting, making matters up, grins bear it, dis-pose, playing to, am active with, re habilitates, pre pays, tailor-make, be-fitting, super intend, de fuse, playing host, good spirits, un troubles, came terms, co aching, took edge, brighten up, un-fussiest, tickle pink, pull wire, get one's jollies, easing up, takes load one's mind, excitabilities, tossing a party, in-cline, reassure, gat one's jollies, self control, re animated, accommodate, laugh it up, hammered out a deal, toeing the mark, gives shot in arm, more low-pressure, resurrect, splitting difference, dulls, facetious, de-posit, hadst compassion, reached zenith, having a gettogether, quiet, end-owing, loose-fitting, up lifting, more procacious, planking down, main-line, snap one out it, re-couping, makes reasonable, be sorry for, wast interesting to, requite, most low-pressure, compensate for, cool off, hath a get-together, put to rights, Pococurante, smile upon, condole, doing duty as, trans ported, dis engages, re sides, infix, is interesting to, uplighting, putting a lid on, in vented, comes decision, buried hatchet, uplight, dis burse, most enraptured, dis crimination, running up, doest duty as, fawns upon, re warding, un loosing, started the ball rolling, be seemed, loses edge, serves purpose, taking out, re cover, puts a band aid, pyramidded, unexcited, re adjusted, comb, has compassion, paying up, struck balance, hanging one's hat, give face lift, taking load off mind, brightens up, pro-portioned, in-activities, in spires, Sheering, falling all over, got kicks, have compassion, un loads, gat behind, bleeding for, re direct, buffing up, selling off, over haul, re awakened, rises to crescendo, well organized, speaking highly of, makes uniform, delight, paved way, is an adjunct, quick fixed, map out, re-conciliations, dummies up, prettify, rise to crescendo, smiled up on, in activated, over joyed, felt with, motionlessnesses, gives quarter, lick in to shape, substitutes for, takes load mind, re pairing, rivetting, over-comes, ensorcelling, dieing down, illhumors, in habited, de posit, plays up to, allay, sends wildgoose chase, were made of, rooting for, de mure, puts on band aid, inter-pose, un responsive, dis-interested, sucked up to, kept house, de-lightful, stout, divert, am concerned with, wert just the ticket, routining, all there, stocks up, put top of the world, takes it easy, is responsible for, sets up home, enheartening, be made of, didst justice, un ruffles, appeal to, taking the edge, make hit, pre-disposes, fiddling with, grant amnesty, making the grade, happy as a clam, un-fussier, counter-acting, paid tribute to, re unites, brake the record, Umpiring, in-tense, cut the mustard, turns around, work out deal, humble, re-double, playing ball with, send wildgoose chase, serious-minded, with all marbles, de-bugging, adds fuel, pre disposing, health, in-different, gave facelift, gets one's kicks, dis concert, splits difference, anesthetized, make it, evening out, wept for, grouchiness, re eking, make a deal, audacious, fit together, turned aside, subscribing to, pays one's dues, un ruffling, take load one chest, hitting bullseye, doing well, re serve, most quieted, dis embarrasses, re-generate, regularize, re-awakening, normalized, iced, full pep, more unimpressed, tickle to death, dis encumbered, adventuresome, swept off ones feet, recalibrates, stalwart, getting one kicks, lining up, wellheeled, de-siring, complied with, pay dues, up rearing, re generate, paid dues, ill-humor, make certain, reaches zenith, chirpier, un agitated, in spire, somnolence, de activating, more hangloose, made roll the aisles, ingratiated oneself with, dis solve, Carded, gives trust, un inhibited, putting rights, more romping, nirvana, getting it together, re united, dont rock the boat, hung up hat, is an element of, dost duty as, more joyous, reconciliating, cuts mustard, fossilized, gotten one's jollies, wast proper for, sang froid, knocked dead, get break, more warm hearted, unclogs, lifted up, up-lifted, re signed, sub missive, re-new, re-solves, cleaned one's act, un disturbed, called away, captivate, picks the tab, dis integrates, puts one foot down, re-serve, rosecolored, up-graded, in tenser, trustful, beared cost, unclog, lightens burden, Disimpassioned, getting together on, in-activity, holding in, be-friends, ataraxies, swept off one's feet, ex-acerbates, sort out, put foot down, Succored, is active with, Vitrifying, give shot in arm, swept off feet, dis-advising, made ready, put pen paper, adjust, mapped out, more hunky dory, steadied, dis advising, circumlocute, fudges together, lousy rich, rollicking, hanged up hat, cant complain, put ones mind to rest, sub-merges, up-beat, rolled with it, clears way, setup, cool, picks up tab, being active with, hath compassion, high pitched, retread, reads riot act, re establishing, re-builds, dis-guised, handed it to, re directed, disport, bears the cost, re lief, fracture one, Downs, revivify, kudizing, most wellorganized, re-leases, most intensified, open the door, most riproaring, re pays, un ambitious, play host, dis concerting, happy as a lark, sub-dues, de aden, weeping for, self assured, house train, laugh up, re stored, re conciliated, falls over, puts pep in to, re-conditioned, making reparation, spiffing up, puts zip into, un-lades, most bucked, re habilitated, pre vailing, un restraints, buries the hatchet, reading the riot act, fractured one, sky-scraping, came to decision, vivificating, was sufficient, un hinging, un loading, high living, put out one misery, un-ruffle, Inhabitance, putting order, spiff up, un-loosed, monkeying around with, were an adjunct, making conform, merge in, in-spirit, in seventh heaven, make reasonable, be witched, gives a facelift, full of pep, complies with, puts bandaid, calcify, in ecstasy, re-forms, props up, wearing away, politicking, keeping stiff upper lip, un fussy, uplighted, stars in ones eyes, unburdens, struck happy medium, quieted fears, in-grains, dispelled doubt, sorts out, candycoating, let up on, pre paring, puts in place, doing proud, sends on wildgoose chase, dis missed, made a hit, burnt off, being concerned with, re quiescence, hits bullseye, heated up, slacking off, co-ordinate, ill humor, crossness, unruffles, found happy medium, were of use, unrestraint, air-conditioned, hackle, were seemly, de vised, re-liabler, re establishes, re pose, palliate, opens doors for, entertain, un restraint, went fiftyfifty, snapped up, puts one mind rest, counter checks, took out, attracts attention, more sky scraping, off loaded, giving a leg up, turn things around, played to, make roll in aisles, equabilities, hammering out deal, get around, goodhumored, take a load off, erect, de-generates, put at ease, re-animate, fossilizes, inter-ceding, demilitarize, more mainline, tranquillity, in grain, laid down law, bent the rules, pitch, makes light of, makes easier, re-covering, are responsible for, get it together, was responsible for, dummy up, breathing new life in to, de-bates, puts at ease, dis charge, gives rein to, out bursts, putting pen paper, trueing, most ho hum, re collects, takes load off ones mind, make ready, tickling pink, straightened up, ropes in, un-loosing, made nice, more enjoying, knocks 'em dead, with drawn, un-chaining, more unexcitable, tailing off, lent hand, pro-mote, takes load off ones chest, pro-motes, cleaning up one act, leading astray, pre occupied, cleaning one's act, re collecting, be fits, most unflurried, be the ticket, more upper class, re laxations, hits the bulls-eye, made conform, put out of ones misery, is use, recreate, substitute for, reasonableness, putting back together, makes much of, planking, gives a face lift, dis embarrassed, more unperturbable, shoots up, came to terms, taking load off ones mind, takes care of, put mind to rest, ex-cited, wast element of, dis commodes, stick for, most unanxious, re create, matter of fact, up-lighting, eased off, dost trick, takes the bite out, carrying away, out-looks, be wilder, rapture, re animates, art an element of, hang up one's hat, improving accommodate, opening the door, makes deal, un ostentatious, fill bill, be-guile, most hohum, puts down roots, re-stored, putting feet again, laidback, ensorcells, making hit, take load chest, re strain, giving a party, plunk down, convenienced, gives rest, takes bite out of, calls away, Elysiums, over coming, cleaned up, dis-embarrasses, take load off ones mind, re-tiring, re-solve, gives hand, putting one's foot down, forming judgment, giving in trust, re conditioned, took hat to, de valuate, braces up, over joying, re turns, de militarized, more anticipating, cash in, am sympathetic, dis entangle, un-friendlier, re side, most tempered, bring to heel, comfort, wert adjunct, puts on bandaid, lighten burden, breathed new life into, putting place, froze to, dispel doubt, voodooed, pats the back, pre sent, take edge, living life riley, gotten jollies, serene, gat going, re gales, cuts the mustard, redress, lead astray, re-conditions, re leases, pre-sents, taking sting out of, took over from, made a deal, hits the bull eye, dashing, tickles to death, go fifty-fifty, sub-sides, went by book, Equability, sunny side, cashing out, lowpressure, making a hit, straightened out, getting around, were enough, dis-concerting, put zip in to, electrification, settling ones nerves, most go-go, up lift, contentedness, dost one proud, laying away, putting to rights, putting lid on, stocking up, make provision, gentles, de-adens, is good enough, re-pose, more enraptured, out-bursts, restoring harmony, re-cess, dis-burdening, be sufficient, rigidified, most calmed, in-spire, holding down, commiserate with, straighten out, fetch up, shows forgiveness, most lightsome, making more appealing, going by the book, hit bull's-eye, had a get-together, am proper for, puts one mind to rest, most mainline, be-seeming, sweeping off one's feet, sky high, more gaining, re forms, dis composing, dis-engaging, decreasing volume, comes across with, un-tied, showed forgiveness, softer, putting bandaid, Ataraxy, am adequate, make roll the aisles, playing the game, more trustful, breaks spirit, in-duce, re-dressed, re-presses, delectation, took the sting out of, unagitated, whipped into shape, unshakable, coming to a conclusion, coming to a decision, stilts, re-serves, bends rules, more sky-scraping, ex-plained, out fitting, re-kindling, up-lights, co ached, calling tune, re-established, pre-vails, be-fuddles, sells on, plays ball with, re fund, sent on a wildgoose chase, dis-composes, gave party, rigidifying, wellbeing, sing praises of, candycoated, be-calms, tuned down, sparing the rod, harmony, counter-acts, over-joys, over-indulges, took load one mind, lays the groundwork, gotten ones kicks, re adjusting, pays ones dues, works out a deal, limpid, re model, formalized, art proper for, de taches, has get-together, prettifying, un balancing, most unexcitable, disadvises, more pococurante, solace, re conditioning, re-conciliated, make more appealing, unexcitable, set home, Commoved, apologized for, un-loads, hang loose, makes provision, starts up, cutting mustard, law and order, made more appealing, fills bill, call tune, prefabricating, in curious, coughed up, placid, disposal, contentednesses, rooted for, took load chest, took load off chest, cheerinesses, in twilight zone, tenderize, heartsease, self contained, un-ruffling, shape up, treat, qualify, planks down, arrangement, re-commends, open doors for, more rip-roaring, indurate, coolheadednesses, un caring, up-lift, ingratiate oneself with, un laded, bringing heel, wakes up, de-clines, dis burses, inter ceded, take up residence, granting respite, truing, debonair, going by book, mitigate, re directing, de-light, most dimmed, curls up, mis anthropic, sends on a wild goose chase, most forwardlooking, gets one jollies, place, over confident, is made of, standing in for, being interesting to, Overjoy, laying it on, ingratiating oneself with, even tempers, re-vamping, forwardlooking, most nothing, ex plaining, pushes pencil, candy coated, tranquil, went fifty-fifty, quiets fears, candy coats, calmness, naturalness, re modeled, gets together on, re-quiescences, show forgiveness, fracturing one, de-livering, pro-vides, pity, run interference for, freezing to, un-stirred, softpedal, softened up, gives a face-lift, give rein to, makes conform, be-coming, more murmured, started up, re-habilitating, de activated, sound, re-adjusts, cure, didst the trick, ghostwrites, dis-position, gave break, Re-forming, taking load chest, lay down the law, adding sugar, pre-fabricating, greathearted, more smiling, make terms, assist, spares the rod, fiddled with, make payment, hast get together, lets sunshine in, in-graining, prettified, sky scraping, bed roses, answer a need, de vising, snaps up, served the purpose, more nothing, take easy, gotten well, drying up, am an adjunct, ecstasizes, un-load, most pleasure seeking, reconciliated, ex-plain, makes willing, broke the spirit, air conditioned, subscribed to, ex cites, letted up on, pours on, establish, taking load off one mind, re-adjusted, breaking the spirit, makes up for, dis advised, anesthetize, dis courages, dulcify, putting pep in to, play to, counterchecks, gratify, unwelcoming, out burst, turns things around, putting ease, most sky-scraping, all owed, coming a decision, gutsy, without care, giving a hand, de fused, art adjunct, valorous, put out of one's misery, picked the tab, threw together, played host, over-confident, is of use, more highreaching, putting 'em away, fits out, cleans one's act, law and orders, re sided, un fussier, be just ticket, un impressible, cutting the mustard, dis composes, super intending, burning off, does duty as, re-spites, burned off, be witches, break, jack up, hath get together, took sting out of, sending on a wildgoose chase, merged in, plonk, un-demanding, throw together, picks up the tab, blessed, dispelling doubt, answered a need, re commended, low-pressure, tailormaking, lull, fill the bill, hexed, hit the bull'seye, restores harmony, doest trick, rooses, dis-burden, de-cays, settling one's nerves, cleans ones act, unfazed, pro moting, most funloving, dis charged, pick up check, re-pays, un-ostentatious, most highreaching, clear up, dis covered, de ranged, paves way, plunks down, taking load one's chest, making reasonable, makes peace, satisfaction, in right mind, being acceptable, lay away, counter-acted, most unexcited, re collect, pacificate, pulls wire, lets sun shine in, haddest get together, re conciliating, disarm, free easy, re doubles, prepay, most ravished, are adjunct, puts 'em away, re-funded, re-siding, puts an end to, called tune, gets kicks, dis missing, re-liable, put an end to, dis burden, steadying, putting out of one misery, all-owed, fruition, more fun-loving, re established, putting on top world, re-signed, most supplicatory, formed judgment, beared the expense, bend the rules, pouring it on, re funding, merges in, being an element of, hang-loose, giving rein to, making sweet, settle up, be inclined, single minded, Formalizing, held attention, in habit, attracting attention, side with, makes well, whipping into shape, calm, come decision, callousing, passivity, in-habiting, most coordinated, joyfulness, paid one dues, ex-tends, lent a hand, more larking, self confidence, re assure, re commends, carry away, Snowing, over-haul, mis-anthropic, soften, surlinesses, funloving, sets stage, assure, re-awakens, are ticket, smiles upon, getting one's kicks, most holiday, serve, more go go, gotten behind, pulling a wire, re-turning, feel for, root for, hangs hat, re straining, re-collected, hanging up one hat, attract attention, re commend, re-turned, tickle death, putting foot down, wert sufficient, dis engaged, art inclined, puts into order, high spirited, benefact, be-wilders, ran low, reached peak, hit the bulls-eye, re paying, most gladsome, regale, re-constructing, finding happy medium, reached a peak, relaxedded, tuning down, over-sees, putting in to order, curl up, give party, in spiring, split the difference, catered to, having a get together, filling bill, un perturbable, densified, bed down, unimpressed, buoyant, looking good, making certain, dis-courages, make concession, most up, sit up, bend over backward, re deem, re-strain, picking tab, most serious-minded, slackens, valiant, showing sympathy, super-intend, wishing joy to, be friending, made sound, re vivified, grow sunny, smiling upon, good cheers, up holds, pre-occupies, send on a wildgoose chase, dis-guises, gave a party, puts top of world, keep busy, patch things up, seriousminded, sat down, be-friending, lullabying, bends the rules, hit bull's eye, grows sunny, highreaching, Negativing, getting kicks, inspirit, puts rights, working for, taking edge, un-responsive, excitability, snapping out it, pro portions, pre-paying, wert of use, un hurried, picking the check, re-animated, making easier, marshal, made the grade, pacificating, most warm hearted, volte-face, laid it on, gat act together, re generates, put on cloud nine, seeded down, belong to, indolent, re-habilitate, showing forgiveness, reanimate, un lades, serenity, in action, pulls things together, un-troubles, delectates, trans-planted, put on bandaid, sober, cooling off, dis-positions, dis-guising, putting top of the world, laid down the law, was adequate, more loose fitting, swims with the tide, pro duces, stars in ones eye, under stands, sweep off ones feet, un-troubled, re moving, hanging one hat, troubleshoots, most pabulum, taking sting out, ingratiated with, in stilling, busies, dis-encumbered, make a hit, lightsome, put in to order, pre-fabricated, re dresses, run up, cleaning up act, tossing party, punching up, cashing in, cool headedness, lends a hand, bedding down, un-chains, put feet again, put down roots, trade off, de clines, un-tying, compensates for, galvanizations, de-ranges, un flurried, doughty, most hovering, house trained, comes life, doing trick, cleans up ones act, jolly, inter-ceded, dis-charges, dis-guise, repose, snap out of it, gave trust, hath mercy on, make a decision, re-pair, taking load off chest, sedation, ravishments, gets it together, re-kindle, wished joy to, up-rears, un-balances, putting at rest, hold, sucking to, over-saw, pleased as punch, counter acts, went with flow, get together on, goes by book, put ones foot down, unperturbed, took load mind, disciplined, bear the cost, casts a spell on, settled up, selfindulgence, ghosting, take load one mind, sent a wild-goose chase, sweep off one's feet, re dressing, makes more appealing, de-cline, put zip into, Busying, in-excitabilities, become light, in venting, de generate, dis posed, up grades, most free-minded, sweeps ones feet, gave face lift, dis guise, glad, touching down, tailormakes, put a bandaid, enamouring, banging out, ring in, play game, self-commands, settled nerves, sung praises of, healthy, un tying, well adjusted, breathes new life in to, wert just ticket, lightened burden, siding with, knocking dead, luxuriousness, pro-portion, re siding, dis covers, put one's foot down, tickled death, pre occupies, ex citations, put end to, bring heel, disadvising, playful, counter acting, takes the place of, pull a wire, more unflustered, in habits, apologizing for, more unflurried, fitting in, streamlining, humoring, re vised, most fun-loving, re-quite, de tach, taking care of, selfeffacing, brace up, quick fixing, ex tend, dis passions, COMP, toss a party, putting zip in to, put one mind rest, re-adjust, authored, get ones kicks, re-vivifying, dis-integrating, un-worried, re-quiescence, draws away, up graded, took off hat to, gives back, does trick, most tanked, cool heads, most euphoric, clean up ones act, most gelid, give rest, more supplicatory, Slicking, subscribes to, attends to, retreading, forms judgment, finds happy medium, pats on back, was element of, sees fit, are element of, gave face-lift, in vested, come to an agreement, dis-commodes, answering need, hits bull-eye, Delectate, takes the edge, putting one foot down, be seemly, calling the tune, hadst gettogether, up lifts, hath gettogether, took bite out of, pro portioned, have a get together, dis-engaged, re activating, cleaning up one's act, lay down law, comes to conclusion, re-couped, uptown, Cinching, dis-embarrass, un-hinges, countercheck, dis passion, offloads, puts out of one's misery, drew away, gives shot arm, re new, undaunted, put right, set order, tickles pink, commiserated with, in-vesting, make merry, clear, art use, sweeping off feet, unchains, off load, lays it on, dis gorged, saw fit, eased up, venturesome, most uplifted, un-darkened, de scends, cater to, filled bill, re-coups, are inclined, super vise, de-aden, were sympathetic, heat up, going with flow, eases up, pre disposes, picking up the check, re-fines, Vellicated, dig up, peace mind, art responsible for, am of use, coming decision, console, co ordinate, happy as clam, recalibrated, keeps busy, sated, sweep one's feet, came decision, sending a wild goose chase, peaceful, taking the sting out, re vitalizes, high priced, un chain, pour on, go by book, bring into line, ensorcell, de-liberate, puts at rest, upper-class, be came, sending wild-goose chase, re pairs, fitting together, de-militarizing, de-bugs, tost party, more high-reaching, grooving, over joys, Regimenting, de valuated, put lid on, simmering down, laying smooth, be-friended, sub merges, putting out of misery, makes roll in the aisles, making willing, spared the rod, gotten ones jollies, wert inclined, passed judgment, lays groundwork, makes sound, paying tribute to, laughs it up, candy-coat, out-fitted, ghostwritten, broke one up, normalize, expressed sympathy, most muted, be interesting to, put out ones misery, un friendliest, re tread, setting order, up raised, go easy on, most rip-roaring, makes concession, puts out of one misery, toss party, does the trick, got going, up-raising, sedates, ease up, curled up, lets upon, self effacing, kissed make up, re-united, re fines, voodooing, is sufficient, bleed for, more inspirited, gives bouquet, jokiest, Jollies, un pack, be-fuddled, more poised, re-laxation, re liabler, demilitarizes, repair, placidness, have one's act together, doing the trick, de-sign, over-hauling, sets straight, getting well, wert sorry for, most hunky dory, sedated, jacked up, makes a deal, patching things up, most strengthened, savoirfaire, voltefaced, spare the rod, turn aside, beatitude, call the tune, put a band-aid, puts feet again, more unvexed, being element of, taking load off ones chest, got it together, cooled off, re dressed, judiciousnesses, made payment, re-vitalized, appealing to, smiled upon, doeth duty as, quell, selfconscious, wert enough, get act together, disadvised, making decision, get behind, pre-sent, wert active with, knocking 'em dead, Spicing, bracing up, come a decision, unfussiest, can't complain, kissed and make up, up hold, hung one hat, de crease, setting right, de-frays, un demonstrative, un-blocks, entering in, enchant, up-lighted, surrender, cleaned up act, re establish, re-vamp, trans plants, re awakens, fetched up, are seemly, settling down, hitting bulls-eye, most unimpressible, pre-pay, am the ticket, help, mis lead, bending rules, tunes down, explain, stayed put, trans acted, floating air, re gale, playing up to, more systematized, hold attention, payed one's dues, in activities, more ravished, wimpiest, re build, de lighted, temper, works out deal, up rear, were active with, sending on a wild-goose chase, smoothing way, taking load off one's chest, more well-adjusted, putting on feet again, tickling to death, hadst get-together, be comes, starting the ball rolling, over-coming, dis-gorge, de-tract, hammering out a deal, Slackened, untroubled, taking load ones mind, be-wildering, un-tangling, re-tread, coin phrase, Regalement, woke up, took the bite out of, gratification, more suppressed, foot bill, equanimous, holds in, mollify, in the gravy, un-burdening, sunnyside up, went over big, comes to a conclusion, gotten it together, form judgment, had a get together, doest justice, de-sire, re news, re-creations, yield, answers the purpose, most soothed, outgiving, put em away, re-pairing, de range, took the edge off, settles up, huffiness, hath a get together, cashes in, turns aside, attune, be-witches, shaping up, re pay, pours oil on, ringed in, hopefulnesses, going with the flow, de-bug, kill, haddest gettogether, corroborate, dispels doubt, be seems, wast concerned with, de cays, putting out misery, vellicates, pyramidding, tailor-making, putting in order, under standing, under stood, be gun, dis-embarrassed, patched things up, appease, making payment, de-valuated, devil may care, putting on a band-aid, in-activates, at peace, substituted for, judiciousness, picks up the check, puts top the world, arbitrate, bring terms, hits bull's-eye, altitudinous, goes with the flow, caters to, singleminded, be active with, bury hatchet, letted the sun shine in, puff up, Carding, comes agreement, hit the bull-eye, in-vest, are an adjunct, attending to, button one lip, de-cay, un-hesitating, make conform, soften up, brazes, dreaminesses, calibrate, fitted together, laying down law, toes mark, un tightened, be fitting, laughing up, sweeps one's feet, dis-compose, ex acerbate, warm up, dis-entangling, more pabulum, bang out, picking the tab, sent wildgoose chase, un usual, quarterback, expresses sympathy, dis-encumbers, lost edge, ex-tolling, calloused, dis-encumbering, comes to life, dis tribute, sends a wild-goose chase, seeds down, unruffling, housebreak, grinning and bear it, slacked off, sorted out, set up home, Concerting, pays for, in-grained, wast adequate, un-excitable, smiling up on, bearing the expense, off-loads, set type, un blocking, laying back, has a gettogether, untroubles, in-toxications, poured out, becomes tender, toeing mark, in-actions, catalogued, took sting out, giving lift, re-modeled, more bucked, pre vails, making a decision, densifies, up grade, stouthearted, more forward-looking, putting mind to rest, traded off, offload, un-hurried, dis advise, gets going, re-create, distract, revive, payed tribute to, making hit with, sure of oneself, getting jollies, being sympathetic, narrows down, voltefaces, most main line, take root, un clouded, answers purpose, enjoyment, dis-missed, gave rein to, presence, re conciliates, holds attention, housebreaks, got ready, going over big, honors claim, seeing to, starts the ball rolling, well being, more nipping, burying the hatchet, re-generating, sparing rod, riproaring, took it easy, unbalancing, dis advises, atoneness, caught flies, over the moon, being the ticket, reach the zenith, downing, bending the rules, be calms, pre pares, stay put, re-vitalizing, takes load off one mind, cast spell on, relaxes, made clear, decrease volume, plonks, up town, re-vamps, smoothing down, hitting bull'seye, re-unions, set out, Commoving, got jollies, self possessed, intensify, turn-on, re-calibrated, snug as bug in rug, went easy on, dis-posed, over hauls, more hang loose, putting top the world, selfpossessed, picked up check, Brazing, buy for, more lightsome, bore cost, swam with tide, settles nerves, kept busy, re-doubles, came conclusion, serving the purpose, selling on, honored claim, re-generated, re unions, taking load one mind, opening door, re couped, came a decision, most saturnalian, Whites, co oked, re-move, clams up, take load off, sends wild goose chase, juicing up, de-signing, hang up ones hat, ex plains, put on band aid, take load off one mind, in vests, hung one's hat, taking root, sub merging, making room, most mollifying, hackles, coming to agreement, laughed it up, re-activating, pacifications, most freeminded, decreased volume, tailor make, lamenting with, re-furbish, shooting up, art made of, un-critical, triumph, ubiety, Ramped, re vitalize, be use, most captivated, normalizing, de-lighted, de-bated, scripted, law orders, Coldish, un impressed, is proper for, de-mure, Fracturing, stars ones eyes, domiciliates, Ramping, takes easy, re calibrate, pays up, omnipresence, burns off, un-hinge, more well-organized, de valuating, coming a conclusion, de-livered, peacefulness, even tempered, inter pose, un clog, re-assuring, serious minded, downed, anesthetizing, commove, gones, getting ones jollies, wert element of, most arranged, becomes light, more hang-loose, stars one eyes, under-standings, inter-ludes, making grade, being adequate, made a hit with, gives break, softspoken, fawn up on, un burdened, sub side, re-sided, making amends, are sorry for, un-packs, un fussiest, re-side, nononsense, stood in for, over saw, knocking together, lending a hand, takes edge, in vest, grooved, clearing the way, take the bite out of, snug as bug in a rug, made reasonable, grin bear it, stars in one eyes, laying on, made decision, self-composed, longsuffering, be-stows, more understated, re-formed, compensated for, de-bate, clean, laid away, in-creases, making well, under-stands, cool as a cucumber, fractures one, putting out of one's misery, make reparation, dis encumber, were interesting to, re spite, smoothing the way, make repayment, come to head, pro duce, in one right mind, get well, dialing back, art ticket, casts spell on, un flustered, Succoring, in activates, putting end to, buried the hatchet, lose, sends on a wild-goose chase, in activity, gives life to, take residence, up light, get ready, volte-faces, chirpiest, more intensified, re habilitate, roosed, casehardens, de lightful, elevated, being an adjunct, quench, most monitored, make grade, send on wild-goose chase, have one act together, re-warding, algid, beseems, un-tightens, dis guises, de-fuse, trues, re-modelled, de-vise, wert useful, de activate, taking the sting out of, most disimpassioned, made healthy, wast made of, put top of world, re adjust, ingratiate with, is inclined, rolling with it, spoils rotten, more uncompanionable, in duces, more euphoric, monkeyed around with, go with flow, un trouble, cleans one act, de tract, de-signed, dis-charge, more clear-headed, dis-tributes, reach peak, dis engage, densifying, hopeful, euphoric, lullaby, Humored, super-intending, head rushes, up lifted, spiced up, brought to, taking off hat to, makes certain, art seemly, sending wild goose chase, snapping up, comforted, being just the ticket, take over from, brought heel, took load off, let upon, high, makes hit, turnons, send wild goose chase, Killed, carries away, up-held, broke bulk, de frayed, made connection, making roll aisles, out look, turning around, adventurous, be useful, housetrains, skyhigh, push pencil, dost proud, calls the tune, am use, picks the check, roose, get one kicks, made consistent, un-restraint, more riproaring, expressing sympathy, be-seemed, take sting out, get one's kicks, sides with, made willing, were the ticket, most hang loose, un burdens, counter-checked, pro fit, sold off, coined phrase, sets guidelines, am sorry for, brings to heel, de militarizing, conforming to, took edge off, puts the lid on, re vise, Spiced, more wellorganized, de-ranging, more muted, licks into shape, un-blocked, puts a bandaid, spoke highly of, regulate, horse trade, fawned upon, re-doubled, sub-merge, fell over, getting one jollies, holds down, in tense, un friendlier, un-ambitious, inter cedes, in-vented, re vitalizing, is adequate, sweeping one's feet, most upper class, most nipping, most well-organized, un tightens, hanging up ones hat, venturous, turnedon, good natured, tact, be-stow, filled the bill, composure, do duty as, up rears, Counterchecked, sorting out, delectated, in-excitability, trade last, most well-adjusted, most jocund, in-stalling, un-trouble, most sunshiny, take care of, licked in to shape, rest, feeling for, gave shot in arm, un welcoming, coming across with, re posed, booner, in sert, dis-courage, re constructed, wast of use, Free-minded, co oking, un-caring, dis compose, hung up ones hat, setting up home, dries up, fortunate, go bat for, wrought for, up-hold, be-wildered, laughing it up, buys for, de-liver, de-scended, is element of, de sire, in-formalities, requiescences, wast ticket, snug as a bug in a rug, is ticket, wish joy to, setting upright, selfconfident, Cheeriness, out-fits, re constructs, dis gorge, dis gorging, note down, plonked, putting ones mind to rest, be ticket, compliment, seeing fit, feel with, cleans up, quieting fears, comes terms, swept ones feet, Unvexed, out-burst, more freeminded, Disciplining, more appeased, over-joying, Intensate, make bright, puts in order, go by the book, bore the cost, de-creasing, more hovering, un-flurried, wast sympathetic, be-seem, puts place, simmer down, breaks bulk, trued, ex-citations, hadst mercy on, made grade, re-assured, Planing, stood up, un-enthusiastic, benefacts, be wildering, un-approachable, re tired, making repayment, have a gettogether, self conscious, hotheadednesses, tossed party, more unambitious, arriding, fits in, levelheaded, unclogging, payed one dues, over seeing, give lift, be stowing, de-vised, wert concerned with, come to agreement, cleaning one act, took the sting out, send a wildgoose chase, off loads, snug as a bug in rug, fractured, selfcomposure, clean act, in-fixes, be guiles, re-solute, seeding down, keeping the faith, makes nice, am made of, re-directed, more calmed, sets down, de-generating, pat back, dis-concert, unperturbable, imbeds, fits together, hits bull's eye, sweep one feet, sits down, counter-checks, dis entangling, make connection, Vellicating, un balances, re-creation, lenitive, cool-headednesses, re liablest, giving a lift, coming around, dis-cover, made well, takes edge off, re doubled, dummying up, gives a hand, pay, pre fabricating, sweeps off feet, makes matters up, substituting for, reading riot act, re solves, breathes new life into, indulge, wrought out a deal, candycoats, re-strained, played ball with, making healthy, snapped one out it, carefree untroubled, Inexcitability, confirm, un tangle, assuage, in spirited, re kindled, answer purpose, attracted attention, unclogged, in excitability, un loosed, in vent, cantankerousnesses, in spiriting, let the sun shine in, lays back, makes healthy, luxury, sweep feet, calling away, giving shot in arm, do one proud, un-lading, composed, took up residence, smoothed down, un ceremoniousness, haddest compassion, re-vivified, more hunkydory, taking load off one chest, bare expense, re vamps, un excited, make sound, un troubled, setting off, highpitched, honors a claim, hanged hat, in spirit, in stalling, eremitic, tailor making, tails off, brought in to line, kudized, wast an adjunct, being sufficient, breaking the record, be coming, plays to, monkey around with, cobbling up, in fix, dis-tribute, ex-plains, un-concerned, dis positions, breaking record, come life, kept promise, toughens up, dis entangled, put ease, payed for, tune down, banged out, un hinges, taking pity on, re-fining, shoot up, re-furbishes, hammer out a deal, full of zip, quietest, toe mark, fretfulness, coming to life, de-taches, regularizes, most lenitive, whiting, didst one proud, de fined, slow burn, stars one's eyes, hitting the bulleye, over-hauled, speeding up, be-fuddling, are interesting to, un-loose, be adequate, have act together, re-calibrating, re-dresses, re modelling, minister to, pro vides, de cay, hit bulls-eye, art adequate, high livings, re-conditioning, in vite, house-trained, un-swerving, re warded, insouciant, gotten one kicks, are adequate, non-committal, in-formal, refine, infatuates, smooth, rose crescendo, pacify, pro-fits, re presses, de-range, line up, sweeps feet, be acceptable, concretes, answered purpose, make clear, beguile, has a get together, fit in, re-pressed, quieted down, de-frayed, up-grades, forced to resign, in-spirits, nerveless, level-headednesses, un-sociable, fat dumb and happy, take the sting out, tosses a party, softens up, laid back, clean ones act, come to decision, smoothing over, coming to an agreement, enters in, heating up, psyching up, level headedness, moved to, re funded, springs up, more loosefitting, well, grouchinesses, re pressed, impassive, puts one's foot down, restfulnesses, losing edge, most relaxing, spring for, condoling with, most procacious, were sorry for, unfussy, brake bulk, un vexed, restore harmony, puts ones mind rest, dost the trick, made much of, setting out, puts right, split difference, Rocking, grinning bear it, re-collecting, undemanding, takes a load off, made merry, Domiciliating, de scending, doest as romans do, un-impressible, de bates, end owing, un-fussy, clear the way, candy-coated, making bright, re directs, re-fresh, re assured, up-raise, quiets down, in-crease, fudged together, more soothed, takes over from, sweep off feet, re venged, gets ready, re-animating, took load one's chest, normalizes, starting up, streamlines, mitigated, propping up, in temperance, untrouble, dis cover, be stows, courageous, looks after, in duce, sets in order, sands, re animating, pleasure-seeking, un-flappable, sent on a wild goose chase, taking load off one's mind, starting ball rolling, paving way, pleasure, gave a hand, housebreaking, immoderation, doeth as romans do, re-sting, make well, un loaded, Planed, most refrigerated, tailormake, puts on a band-aid, swim with tide, out fitted, Soaped, took load off mind, break spirit, pre-occupied, break the record, house-trains, making roll in aisles, giving a face lift, re-establish, bring to, start up, most coldish, coming terms, didst proud, toned up, tempered, ex changes, turnon, tailor makes, Sleeked, de-fined, un-wavering, ex-acerbating, lending hand, up-town, un-friendly, narrow down, un-friendliest, plonking, took load ones chest, dummied up, led away, walking air, happy go lucky, sends a wild goose chase, putting a bandaid, letted upon, takes load off one chest, reaches a peak, takes the bite out of, un tied, un-demonstrative, vitrifies, setting straight, toe the mark, cleffing, in-habits, re-duces, juicing, over hauling, at-oneness, brightened up, hanged one hat, all owing, more adjusted, didst duty as, re dress, off-loading, speaks highly of, cool-headedness, made roll in the aisles, smooths the way, took bite out, being seemly, un clogging, more outgiving, taking up residence, gotten one jollies, more disimpassioned, casual, sped up, unconcerned, happy-go-lucky, made lighter, work out a deal, grieves with, un flappable, get a break, did trick, broke record, reaches the zenith, grew sunny, make easier, un-pretentious, tranquility, pro-portioning, most caressing, strong, came to a conclusion, paved the way, super vising, troubleshooted, coining phrase, be an element of, un feeling, dulcorating, makes a connection, puts foot down, didst as romans do, whipped in to shape, unflappable, selfassured, on a trip, stars in one's eyes, turns one on, Unlade, de-fraying, up-rearing, pass judgment, un darkened, traded last, noting down, took load ones mind, genial, had get-together, breaking spirit, prefabricated, more reeking, be calm, dis criminations, hit bullseye, snuggled up, ex changing, beared the cost, de signs, un obtrusive, supplicatory, unflurried, art sympathetic, win, goodnatured, un chaining, expected, un-lade, gave in trust, turned one on, took place of, rigidifies, clean one act, give a face-lift, living the life riley, were inclined, Shepherded, de posits, made reparation, re-paying, most poised, re-strains, happy, self controlled, more air conditioned, more antic, ex plained, panic, re-establishes, co ordinates, ex-tending, most welladjusted, re activated, super intends, be-witch, forcing to resign, be sympathetic, dry up, re creation, made peace, sang praises of, put out one's misery, are proper for, walking on air, puts a lid on, Advantaging, cast a spell on, be of use, be-seems, doth proud, lamented with, am seemly, re calibrated, highs, answer need, goes over big, putting on band-aid, re condition, braced up, pacificated, Unruffle, puts on band-aid, re-deeming, re generating, most appeased, self indulgence, strike balance, keeping one's shirt on, un perturbed, ex-tolled, coughs up, paid up, de sired, finding middle ground, taking easy, give a party, redirected, selfassurance, payed up, pours out, pre paying, getting going, head rush, slacks off, dis-passion, pour it on, reawaken, re-mote, recalibrating, un packing, came together, make decision, un-inhibited, cool it, volte facing, disencumber, make peace, nonchalant, most high-reaching, snuggling up, supinities, de lights, lullabied, most clear-headed, cashes out, trans-acts, pushing pencil, turning over new leaf, ghostwrote, attend to, bare the expense, systematic, most antic, does one proud, passing judgment, hath a gettogether, cleaned one act, un-burdens, pulled a wire, are sufficient, un stirred, improved accommodate, puts rest, do justice, handing it to, restitutioned, re-dress, regularizing, can it, un-ruffled, reaching a peak, unshaken, dis-solved, was interesting to, snaps one out of it, dis interested, sunshiny, cashed in, sub sided, paying dues, curdling, Gluing, de livered, on top of heap, re-builded, got ones kicks, trans acting, more twilight, makes roll the aisles, more serious-minded, re-commending, juices up, dis-solving, picked up tab, de fines, hitting the bullseye, speeded up, grin and bear it, most soprano, more carnival, lowkey, sub-merging, omnipresences, wast inclined, more airconditioned, discharge, Saturnalian, de-scend, densify, was of use, bring aid, ensconce, was concerned with, picked up the tab, doest proud, re-cover, poured on, sends a wildgoose chase, ex-cites, digged up, snaps out of it, hale, most low pressure, waked up, bending over backward, getting act together, dis-burdened, trading last, more unagitated, bore expense, de positing, take load ones chest, more unanxious, took load off one's chest, wert responsible for, extra-ordinary, un blocks, exultant, no nonsense, sub jugate, was use, un hinged, more arranged, laments with, be an adjunct, hit bulls eye, sunny-side up, makes less, contented, Gutty, de militarizes, put by, is sympathetic, paying for, pre-disposed, wert sympathetic, putting on a band aid, more altitudinous, sticks for, stand in for, ho-hum, dis-encumber, re-collects, staying put, re-activated, de-militarizes, bare the cost, sub-merged, un-balanced, runs up, clear headed, un-ruffles, puts oneself out, breaks one up, enlivenment, calcifies, letting upon, working out deal, re served, goes with flow, de-militarized, dis tracts, heal, un looses, un lade, most invigorated, be fit, enrapture, pre-vailed, sending wildgoose chase, making peace, most sequestered, floating on air, psych up, coming together, inspires, giving a facelift, took load one chest, buffs up, puts in working order, taking a load off, clammed up, hast a gettogether, takes place of, putting mind ease, art interesting to, coins a phrase, prefabricates, breaking bulk, re deemed, compromise, give a facelift, setting in order, vitrified, more dimmed, Rhapsodies, house trains, bring together, re form, wiled, free-swinging, un-hinging, dis solves, being ticket, un-ceremoniousnesses, dis-engage, setting type, giving a rest, daring, brave, cleans up act, most reassured, opened doors for, put mind rest, self-composures, dial back, softening up, loosefitting, governed, dis-passionatenesses, most algid, wast adjunct, re unite, more unexcited, in crease, wine dine, gives a party, Cataloguing, Snowed, tickle, more undemanding, pacifisms, having gettogether, sold up, lay on, turned around, re-liablest, comply with, had compassion, Larking, cooled it, horse traded, coughing up, at rest, re-turns, was inclined, de-scends, lay out, get jollies, planked down, close mouthed, coming to school, hunky dory, enheartens, inexcitabilities, pouring out, hitting high spot, answering the purpose, more gamesome, makes bright, tactfulness, pulling for, easygoing, reasonablenesses, level, put oneself out, dulcorate, delectating, dis-criminations, slowing down, catch flies, motionlessness, re duces, Roosted, inter-cedes, did the trick, most clear headed, hit the bull's eye, re pair, fudge together, put bandaid, still, made matters up, sub-due, could it, serviced, putting in working order, making it, pick up the check, clamming up, making merry, cobble up, take load one's mind, wert interesting to, making lighter, takes load off one's mind, equal, haddest mercy on, un hesitating, re tiring, bringing into line, sprang for, were an element of, un-emotional, de-valuate, lionhearted, Intensating, run low, soft, dis tributes, well off, de-bugged, bended rules, knock 'em dead, was enough, re-models, re kindle, in formalities, co-oking, up raising, opening doors for, in high spirits, amuse, more well adjusted, set guidelines, give back, de siring, toed mark, un-burden, a rushes, more warm-hearted, psychs up, tranquilize, comes an agreement, be-come, in gravy, most upper-class, ravishment, puts mind at ease, win over, re vitalized, takes pity on, un enthusiastic, gets one kicks, payed respects, in-tenser, de-valuates, comes a decision, brought into line, soft spoken, put on feet again, evened out, dis guising, Calcified, Dulling, are just the ticket, made roll aisles, breathe new life into, beared expense, cleaned up ones act, wert proper for, benefacting, overjoyed, forward-looking, holding attention, counter-check.