Pronunciation of Use
/jˈuːs/, /jˈuːs/, /j_ˈuː_s/

Antonyms for use

preforms, dummy up, lies by, filled to overflowing, shot ahead of, abstain from, takes the pledge, looking forward, begs be excused, let have, pre serves, becoming ratified, allergy, swears off, repulsion, passing away, re plenishes, cashing in, care for, de-lays, de positing, repugnance, become law, fills to brim, kept secret, de posited, renounce, am determined, keeping to oneself, over indulge, pre-forming, flew by, scants, sits out, were temperate, wantest, keeping back, garner, comes to pass, figuring on, aspire to, be-spake, held down, Passed, keep, giving go by, sur mounted, left behind, pumps up, sat on fence, going beyond, dis-allows, become valid, shed, plunks down, dis solves, over stuffing, be-fallen, ex celling, tightens one belt, became law, be-spoken, comes across with, takes over, dis-regarded, sur-rendering, ex crete, re aching, makes ends meet, dis tributes, hindrance, nausea, fence sat, store, ex-tract, pinches pennies, laid away, filled to brim, dis-tribute, out-distances, de-ducted, being resolved, am mean with, dis-continuance, living with, starve, up-hold, fills up, in-vesting, revulsion, spurn, dis-patched, go easy, traded in, de-lay, pre-engaging, keep under wraps, sent regrets, re ached, pro-vides, packaging, re signing, wert sparing, importing, locked up, post pone, puts in order, sits down, be falls, doomed to, became ratified, re pairs, sur rendering, lied by, running by, glut, stopped oneself, sitting out, shoot ahead of, out distanced, pro posed, running out, lying by, By-pass, injury, becomes ratified, Earmarked, Preengage, out-distance, fence sit, under-takes, pro-scribe, saves for rainy day, dis-allow, under taking, be ordained, being established, mothball, work through, de livers, sur-render, fills overflowing, dis allowing, de-cease, reserve, fence-sit, Outwent, de cease, is mean with, left out, Hiving, is temperate, re-trench, bulge out, de-tain, not hear of, trans-pire, supply, eighty-six, sat on ones hands, re-plenishes, ex change, preforming, filling the brim, hoped to, took the cure, packed in, blow past, cut corners, filled overflowing, being sparing, pro cessing, pour in, piles it on, puts order, be-fell, de-fending, de lays, de-ceases, weighting, weighted, going on wagon, begged be excused, rendering needless, mothballs, plunked down, keeping oneself, came pass, misuse, re sting, taking care of, go without, Bottled, goes on the wagon, Victualed, catering to, begs to be excused, prearranges, be-falling, sit fence, pre engaged, Misemployment, pass, blew past, re paired, dis approve, pre pared, Hived, keeping under wraps, pre-pare, marking out, disgust, spend, pro-viding, measures up, sate on ones hands, dis appears, de-ducts, voting in, am resolved, defecate, gives the go by, dont buying, de clare, sat fence, pumping up, taking pledge, longanimity, passed up, locks away, up holds, scamping, de-cline, take place of, bulges out, laid in, de tains, laying aside, be frugal, am temperate, lie by, being ordained, un-zips, needest, putting aboard, cutting corners, chock, re-signed, Dooming, puts storage, fills the brim, is sanctioned, cash in, out-race, over indulged, was determined, being temperate, pre sages, filled up, Binned, Ballasting, pony up, be resolved, prearranged, am ordained, dis-missed, went on wagon, forgoing, not heed, preserve, re served, don't buys, keeps from, over spreads, pre-engaged, with-hold, are ordained, tightened one's belt, dis solved, going easy on, de voting, sate out, in-stalling, be-fall, gave with, save for rainy day, pre sage, left alone, out gone, over-supply, heaping up, out fit, in-tend, Binning, re-serves, keeping under one hat, saved for rainy day, intend, voted in, sate on one hands, dis patches, be falling, be-speaking, dis charge, over filling, runs by, Inusitation, take the cure, misapply, stows away, stands in for, putting in storage, tightening belt, idleness, passes on, wast thrifty, over-stuffs, are sparing, putting order, de-voting, packing in, clogging up, store up, Paused, ex pressing, Wedging, dis approving, ex-changing, out-shining, gave the go by, clams up, pro duce, denying oneself, Insuetude, render needless, by passing, ramming in, out-distancing, scamped, look forward, be mean with, is thrifty, pro-scribed, hiding away, packing away, keeps hand, de-note, Demising, figure on, kept hand, dis-counting, stop, re pairing, re-ached, de crees, stow away, went past, sur-mounted, packed away, kept under hat, pro-mise, in vests, laid aside, pack like sardines, fating, flying by, sitting on fence, out-lawing, am thrifty, nixing, by-passing, figures on, fencesit, de-mises, re signed, de duct, pro mises, over spread, self control, over-flowing, withholding patronage, run by, preformed, pre-engages, overstuffed, cashes in, over-supplied, pack in, halt, pre paring, end-owing, overfills, de signed, dis missing, de lay, sit one's hands, dis allow, is resolved, pre-arranged, de part, dis-allowed, end-owed, preengages, not accepting, pre destining, take the pledge, sit ones hands, re lease, gat ready, out-fitting, re-aped, pro-cesses, kept reserve, wanter, hopes to, letting have, shakes off, setting aside, stockpile, selfcontrol, in-vest, living withs, with holding, fill, dis-tending, adding up, keeps reserve, not accept, desuetude, tightens one's belt, dis allowed, re-solving, dis allows, out-gone, Orthographize, leaved out, lay-by, filling to overflowing, inusitations, filling to the brim, de clares, sitting ones hands, cuts down on, de-parting, fills to overflowing, holding out on, dis tribute, pro viding, tighten one belt, with held, de-ceasing, sets aside, fencesitting, flout, dis-continuing, re fusing, orthographizes, measured up, sits on ones hands, pours in, oversupplied, de clines, sur renders, fill the brim, pro scribe, re plenish, de note, clog up, be spoke, de sign, sitting on the fence, send forth, stop oneself, wast resolved, melts away, ex-pire, pre-destining, with-holds, keep hand, doping out, de creed, go on wagon, insuetudes, Victualled, dis-solved, in-tending, ponies up, take the place of, fill brim, sits one hands, de-parted, re probate, de mise, in vested, sit on fence, dis appear, brimmed over, dis continue, more abstain, not heeding, dis tend, goes beyond, packs like sardines, sat out, forgo, over-flowed, de livered, measuring up, melting away, sit one hands, dope out, holds out on, forbearance, re-fusing, re-fused, de laying, laying away, denies oneself, dis continuances, under take, over flows, leave alone, melted away, making ends meet, pro visioning, turns thumbs down, are temperate, dis regarding, despise, orthographizing, push on, out-shined, disadvantage, sur-mount, victual, art frugal, bulged out, stuff, dis-tributes, tightening one belt, blowing past, fill to the brim, trades in, tightened one belt, cuts corners, de-signed, dis-solve, withhold patronage, disinclination, pre-destine, be-falls, keeps to oneself, keep reserve, out fitting, pushing on, de votes, come to pass, obsolescences, stock up, clammed up, re-plenish, sur rendered, deal with, clogged up, sit the fence, begging be excused, come with, take care of, filling up, dis-regard, dis patch, re-serving, re-strain, kept under wraps, hadst in mind, re strained, de noted, Ballasted, keep under one hat, de ducted, pre arrange, out-did, are thrifty, re-straining, embalm, out did, lock away, iced out, fencesits, over-indulging, fly by, keeps under one hat, sat ones hands, went on the wagon, standing in for, comes pass, re-probates, Shying, sat one hands, taking over, swear off, pro-vide, took place of, under took, shies, re-pairing, giving trust, pre-ordaining, sat on hands, have in mind, Provisioning, getting through, over-spreading, de-parts, pro-vided, de cline, came to pass, turn thumbs down, pumped up, out going, sat one's hands, in stalling, dis-patch, sate fence, clogs up, marks out, hided away, put aside, feathered nest, sit on hands, caring for, beg to be excused, over-spread, took the place of, take pledge, aspires to, over-stuffing, gotten ready, passed on, dis appearing, patientnesses, taking the cure, am sparing, over-indulges, pro scribed, stores up, get through, fore-ordains, re serve, takes oath, be deprived of, came across with, de-noted, Warehoused, blows past, feathering nest, destine, de-cree, obsolescence, out-done, taking place, over-filling, under takes, leaving alone, in tend, art sanctioned, with holds, gives go by, de-fend, ex-celling, over-flow, over-fills, used sparingly, is sparing, takes care of, hath mind, refrain, deposit, lackest, re trench, over stuffed, letted have, over supply, out-went, went wagon, be-speaks, pre-arranging, disuse, icing out, keep in reserve, fore ordain, ex press, ex changing, pointed to, tabbing, Mounded, piled up, de-positing, doped out, pre-serve, don't bought, de mises, be sparing, sitting on, pro cessed, stood in for, dont buys, in-tends, pro scribing, out race, taking oath, sits fence, Hutching, pre-formed, fills to the brim, take cure, decline, glides by, wrought through, hold aloof from, glided by, keeps in reserve, sitting one's hands, filling overflowing, de-clares, de voted, horror, make ends meet, Preengaged, sat on one's hands, re pressing, over look, rammed in, Preengaging, coming across with, pre-destined, wadding, wert ordained, pouring in, took care of, containerizing, be-speak, de-fended, dis-charging, puffing up, giving the go by, pre ordains, gets ready, overspreads, Re sign, poured in, puffs up, pro-visioned, Demised, dopes out, jampack, out races, pre forms, overfilled, re-trenches, were thrifty, clam up, hides away, re-served, leaves behind, pro mise, pre engaging, wast temperate, de noting, sur mounting, being determined, pre-ordained, brimming over, swore off, re-posed, dis counts, kept on hand, put by, re leases, defecates, de-livering, exorcise, de-livered, re pose, passed by, ices out, Massing, puts in storage, looked forward, kept under one's hat, sur mount, keep under one's hat, works through, in stalled, pre destined, over supplying, pre destines, batched, wert thrifty, dis-solving, went beyond, pro pose, keeping secret, de-sign, de-notes, de-tains, under-taking, keeping from, getting ready, needer, keeping on hand, fills brim, leaves alone, de-ceased, stowing away, heap up, futility, pro-vision, conserve, ice out, de vote, in-creased, dis-approved, keep back, put aboard, gives with, pre arranges, keeping reserve, dis-tends, give the go by, up hold, re-pair, pro-cess, setting apart, leaving behind, re-aping, de fended, gave trust, art sparing, roll up, sits on, vote in, taking the place of, fence sitting, took the pledge, Mounding, re fuse, go the wagon, in-stall, re straining, de ceasing, are established, takes place of, holding aloof from, going the wagon, rendered needless, re solves, pre-ordain, aspiring to, sate one's hands, pro vided, overfill, going past, pre engages, pre engage, sat the fence, in vest, keeping in reserve, out raced, be thrifty, ex-press, piled on, be fallen, out shine, was mean with, Reprobated, dummied up, over-supplies, went the wagon, de parts, not think of, leave behind, pre destine, sur-mounts, dis-counted, sat on one hands, deep-six, de-laying, containerized, took the oath, takes cure, is established, feathers nest, re serving, dis-pose, wast mean with, dis continuing, out-racing, re trenches, dis charges, post-pones, brim over, keep from, prohibit, un zips, end owed, cares for, un zipping, dis missed, re fuses, doom to, preform, all-owed, leaved alone, out lawing, were resolved, end owing, were ordained, sate on, wert frugal, aversion, with hold, get ready, stock, over-indulge, over-indulged, distaste, re-probated, abstain, come pass, Defecating, art temperate, let go, sits ones hands, de livering, proscribe, de-votes, de notes, misutilization, up held, topping off, over stuff, gat through, de cree, de-livers, hold down, ex changes, dis-counts, re-strains, bulging out, dis-appears, out-strips, fence sits, nixed, kept from, dis-approving, point to, out racing, re-solves, re-solved, takes place, taking cure, dis counting, dis-patches, becoming valid, out fitted, deny oneself, pack, sitting fence, re-paired, art mean with, Outgoes, re signs, pre serving, sat down, mismanage, gave in trust, pro-mises, dis-regarding, Provisioned, shooting ahead of, fell out, dis-charge, fill to brim, held aloof from, swearing off, re presses, de fending, Shoaled, re-leases, over-looks, out fits, out-does, stewarded, re-plenished, take oath, pre served, re-probate, de-posits, oversupplying, being sanctioned, gliding by, all owing, by pass, sits on hands, keeping out, hoping to, stocks up, out strips, hath in mind, locking away, de-fends, warehousing, took place, inactivity, Chocked, over-flows, keeps out, in-stalled, pre-forms, under-taken, in-vested, de ducts, pre form, Victualing, dis patching, stoppered, packaged, over indulges, renders needless, re-pose, sits on fence, lay in, out-going, ponying up, be speaking, re-pressing, gave go by, put in storage, sit on the fence, were established, over supplied, de-crees, de signs, cater to, de fend, wert temperate, unload, caters to, held out on, hast in mind, keep on hand, over-flown, dis-regards, wert resolved, pass on, wast established, handed, loss, de-mise, re-lease, wast determined, goes easy, dis regards, saving for rainy day, hold out on, in-creases, made ends meet, coming to pass, tighten one's belt, over-filled, fore-ordain, prearrange, dislike, sit on, being frugal, uselessness, wert determined, over-fill, rolling back, outrace, going wagon, sate on fence, dis-appear, over looks, re-leased, withheld patronage, hid away, be temperate, was established, gives trust, keeps under one's hat, has mind, by-passes, art resolved, sit out, all owed, piles up, pro visioned, sur-renders, going on the wagon, go wagon, pre-paring, de-ducting, looks forward, pro-duces, pre forming, ex pire, batching, using sparingly, Scanting, dis counted, went easy on, sate one hands, shake off, tabbed, re pair, holding down, Hutched, dont buy, are resolved, ran by, Reprobating, dis tending, be spoken, Misusage, out went, have mind, come across with, re tains, sat on the fence, mothballing, loathing, laid by, Bottling, pre-serves, skimp, be speaks, takes the place of, over-stuff, re-aching, ex-crete, sitting one hands, Slotted, Embargoed, are determined, were sparing, de ceased, pro-pose, holds aloof from, out-shine, Disrelish, don't buy, wast sanctioned, de posits, pile it on, de-vote, wert mean with, trade in, pre-arrange, re aped, lose, catered to, sets apart, plunking down, pump up, leaving out, shutting out, withholds patronage, take the oath, was ordained, sware off, ex-cretes, keeps under wraps, dont bought, de-signing, dealt in, piled it on, puff up, de liver, pre ordain, dis regard, out distancing, sitting the fence, sit on ones hands, passing on, take over, Forgone, filled to the brim, ex-tracts, pre pares, took oath, brims over, votes in, pro-posing, sitting hands, re-solve, sits on the fence, dis continued, not do, goes the wagon, ex-pressing, pro cess, de-liver, keep to oneself, putting storage, sit down, dummies up, Lacker, over looked, sits on one hands, keeps oneself, pro-cessed, got through, Freighting, Handing, was sparing, re posed, re probating, starves, dis posing, use sparingly, out-raced, slipt away, sits one's hands, re solve, dis-posing, out-doing, sat hands, pro-visions, has in mind, Stoppering, takes pledge, re pressed, give up, up-holding, sate hands, tops off, keep secret, goes on wagon, boycott, tightens belt, harvest, tightening ones belt, dis-approve, stewarding, re-pairs, under taken, abnegate, de-duct, inappropriateness, de-noting, rolls back, by passed, gotten through, re strains, dooms to, dis-tend, art determined, sent forth, rolls up, pre-destines, pre serve, reject, un-zipped, heaped up, dis continues, de parted, disfavor, pro-scribing, pass up, re trenching, tighten ones belt, abstained from, fence-sits, de-creed, Defecated, de ceases, containerizes, hide away, sending forth, rolled back, withhold, denied oneself, packing like sardines, harm, re tain, pre-serving, begged to be excused, de-posit, up-held, cashier, dis-continue, points to, leave out, fill up, re-sting, in creasing, dis-allowing, pre-sage, took cure, going easy, Mislike, re press, cutting down on, sate the fence, sitting on hands, storing up, sits hands, keep under ones hat, de tain, fence-sat, over supplies, dis solving, jam pack, got ready, marked out, become ratified, slip away, re plenished, by-passed, sit hands, de-clare, de-part, dis regarded, top off, rams in, keeping under ones hat, pre-served, leaves out, heap, ex cretes, mothballed, pro vision, de-voted, stopping oneself, sate down, had in mind, pro vides, over flowed, goes past, out does, sits the fence, longanimities, keep out, takes the cure, laying in, clamming up, hope to, out done, overstuff, taking place of, most abstain, were sanctioned, re-tain, worked through, be fall, pre-pared, pre formed, Embargoing, deal in, sate ones hands, dis charging, pinching pennies, sur-mounting, de-signs, out-stripped, hurt, overspreading, flies by, melt away, are frugal, answer, sate on hands, fall short, re-presses, keeps under ones hat, deals in, tighten belt, pro scribes, repudiate, dis-tended, be determined, cease, kept to oneself, up holding, art thrifty, goes wagon, lay by, out-fit, pre ordaining, puts aboard, took pledge, kept out, sitting on ones hands, load, withholds, locked away, dis tended, lays in, begging to be excused, dis-posed, piles on, de-clines, re-fuses, dis pose, earmark, pre ordained, kept in reserve, un-zipping, containerize, had mind, dis appeared, dis patched, topped off, uses sparingly, went easy, over flown, overstuffs, set apart, became valid, take place, packs away, pro posing, tightened ones belt, cashed in, packs in, all-owing, was resolved, sate on one's hands, dis-appeared, over-supplying, sitting on one's hands, out strip, dis-missing, perversion, keep oneself, were frugal, outracing, neglect, trans pire, pre-engage, abstaining from, rolling up, ex-changed, pre pare, out-lawed, give go by, save, re plenishing, dispense with, out-fits, out shone, over-spreads, stand in for, spell, dis-solves, over-looking, sit on one hands, dis approves, pre-arranges, pre-sages, re trenched, giving with, dis solve, tightened belt, post pones, be-spoke, is determined, out-shines, unsuitability, Scanted, be fell, becomes law, put storage, hadst mind, over indulging, in-vests, re-serve, re-trenching, refrainings, wert established, feather nest, taking the oath, tightens ones belt, re-fuse, wert sanctioned, give with, going easy ons, gets through, wast frugal, dis tends, re-strained, overspread, in tends, being thrifty, passes up, pre arranging, shoots ahead of, sits on one's hands, pinch pennies, dummying up, go easy on, filling brim, de parting, go short, pile up, fence-sitting, becomes valid, de signing, adds up, taking the pledge, fencesat, out-strip, lay aside, de posit, pre-ordains, re-plenishing, stow, orthographized, dis-patching, beg be excused, art ordained, out distance, Shoaling, roll back, pro duces, go on the wagon, sit on one's hands, over flowing, sur mounts, are sanctioned, stops oneself, pro vide, Forbore, was temperate, lets have, stocking up, coming pass, in creases, fore ordaining, over-look, pre-form, mark out, dis-charged, trading in, forbear, took over, sate on the fence, keeping hand, dis approved, over fills, outraced, holds down, sur-rendered, passing up, takes the oath, am sanctioned, abstains from, putting in order, out doing, chocks, outgo, put order, out-stripping, goes easy on, re fused, pro-scribes, not accepts, lay away, hast mind, cared for, is ordained, dis charged, Freighted, giving in trust, prearranging, wast sparing, fore-ordaining, re-signs, stored up, dis-continues, out-fitted, de fends, measure up, pro visions, dis continuance, aspired to, kept back, in-tended, tightening one's belt, by passes, in-crease, un zip, dis-appearing, re-tains, Refusing, abuse, go beyond, overfilling, de-posited, dis-continuances, dis posed, being mean with, wast ordained, packed like sardines, keeping under one's hat, out lawed, be spake, not accepted, keeping under hat, go past, piling it on, not heeds, sitting on one hands, with-held, over-stuffed, in tending, be established, dooming to, lays away, pack away, up-holds, dis-approves, de ducting, keeps under hat, re serves, locking up, don't buying, ex celled, were mean with, patientness, in tended, over flow, rolled up, slipped away, sending regrets, dis-continued, am established, plunk down, keeps back, dealing in, fore ordained, kept under ones hat, re strain, out shined, in crease, ex tract, be sanctioned, cut down on, pointing to, re-trenched, becoming law, Chocking, pinched pennies, Outgone, slips away, dis-charges, ex pressed, lock up, keeps on hand.