Pronunciation of Vague
/vˈe͡ɪɡ/, /vˈe‍ɪɡ/, /v_ˈeɪ_ɡ/

Antonyms for vague

explanatory, distingue, palpable, un sophisticated, in-controvertible, un masked, outspoken, most sketched, most crystal clear, in-complex, bulls eye, most unalloyed, blocked-out, un concealed, un locked, more enunciated, most evincive, most unmixed, un-involved, silhouetted, co-pious, most iron-willed, limited, more picnic, readable, more liberated, undimmed, limpid, un settled, more unveiled, before tax, most stiff necked, more crystal clear, more portrayed, re-liablest, more univocal, un-usual, out in open, un demanding, un common, most transpicuous, most plain-featured, cant miss it, more silhouetted, more unfurnished, wellfounded, frank, Undubitable, decided, more muted, selfassertive, un discriminating, more upfront, de cipherable, most sharp cut, most embodied, un-dubitable, before deductions, signal, high-profile, in view, most unassociated, un-wavering, more hearable, re sourceful, more wellbuilt, palatable, perceptible, out righter, self evident, easily read, pre scribed, doublechecked, piece cake, more pronounced, absolute, child play, more debunked, not posted, more predestined, dis-missed, unequivocal, most white-bread, more well-built, more stipulated, most comprehendible, un furnished, more evidenced, un seemlier, de-tailed, no kicker, more inferable, blockedout, more strong-flavored, more neverfailing, clear cut, wellknown, de-solate, pre determined, ex tended, un sealed, more person to person, un-conditional, more undiscriminating, most never-failing, more unalloyed, most never failing, cinchest, most neverfailing, in-elegant, most representational, dis-covered, attestable, blow by blow, over powering, more wrongheaded, most completing, all owed, more justifying, more unfabled, more transpicuous, pre-eminent, plainspoken, most bare-faced, at liberty, most flatout, plain, most heavy-duty, more absolved, severe, dis-engaged, most ending, most allowed, over-weight, lucid, dis criminating, ex-positional, person-to-person, un-censurable, clean cut, more designful, more good-sized, more uncluttered, un complicated, more nailed, Patulous, un hampered, more circumscribed, on display, un-alloyed, un adulterated, sure enough, getable, more well established, pre-determined, beyond question, more up front, point by point, more ascertainable, most expositional, more whitebread, on ones own, in tolerant, more unquestioned, expenditure, un-bending, dis-interested, more hyaline, most freewheeling, more getable, most exegetical, un-feigned, in-formative, re-splendent, more heart to heart, more patulous, legible, more tralucent, most confessed, most pictured, more defined, most doublechecked, most undimmed, un couth, in-tended, Sharp-cut, emphatic, in question, more sharpcut, most ascertainable, untrammeled, de-scribed, un feeling, forthright, clearly defined, sharpcut, more undubitable, more pushover, Incomplex, most undissembled, re-liabler, unchallenged, in tense, Unrefuted, diacritic, most well-marked, un-inhibited, ex press, distinguishable, in-tense, within earshot, more unmingled, more swinish, most walkover, more graspable, un-mistakable, never-failing, at length, pro-fuse, in-delicate, most point by point, more accented, un associated, crystalclear, easily seen, re doubtable, in tenser, lay line, most distingue, more velocious, more delineated, more double checked, Uncensurable, more unanswerable, detectable, more apprehensible, more told, most unhidden, no ifs or buts, double-checked, out-lined, most undemanding, re solute, more dehiscent, most uncensurable, more depicted, most plain featured, highly flavored, distinct, strong flavored, pre sent, un burdened, most illustrational, non-stop, expositional, good-sized, foursquare, most peeled, not vague, most depicted, painless, un-tarnished, defined, bold, un bolted, from the hip, lay on line, more bodacious, de fined, more flat out, most elaborated, Iconographic, more unblurred, most hearable, in nocent, un-prejudiced, more unchallenged, more securable, strong, in-decisive, more well-organized, got head together, figurative, dis-criminative, point blank, self-explanatory, most well established, in-tenser, whole ball wax, most wellbuilt, un veiled, that fact, un-demanding, un-flinching, un changeable, most wellestablished, bulleye, more positive, most solved, facter, ex tensional, more sharp-cut, easily done, not disputed, in-dubitable, well organized, more undarkened, more revealed, undeviating, more crystal-clear, off the hook, un-mitigated, no problem, no ifs buts, ablebodied, wrongheaded, un disputable, most settling, sure-enough, most plain spoken, un-refined, un varnished, more exculpated, dis closed, Transpicuous, more ultraprecise, most unshut, un seemliest, extra-ordinary, more heart-to-heart, lay it on the line, pre eminent, firm, detailed, un commoner, well built, stiff-necked, most untroublesome, un furled, most purported, re-fulgent, no holds barred, de-liberate, white-bread, un-seemliest, de scribed, freespirited, more annotative, trans lucent, most wrong-headed, more strongflavored, pre-arranged, un mixed, more expositional, more plainfeatured, opendoor, onesided, in bag, well known, no sweat, un-deviating, un involved, most predestined, un subtler, more wrong headed, un impeachable, wieldier, more blockedout, more attestable, most well-organized, dis-united, de-bunked, most undiscriminating, most person to person, hit nail head, un-plugged, definitive, most sunshiny, most inebriating, person to person, un darkened, most strong-flavored, un diluted, most unfabled, more person-to-person, in the cards, more freespirited, in contestable, more dictative, up air, more assigned, something else, out-goinger, most arrestive, un troublesome, under nose, goodsized, un-discriminating, most certified, holding water, definite, unassociated, most unanswerable, Elucidatory, for show, more undimmed, re moved, most limiting, most outpouring, un defiled, most rent, more piquing, highspeed, highprofile, un ambiguous, bare, uncontested, more well-marked, out-goingest, pre-scribed, un challenged, most expanded, more blocked-out, pre arranged, more luculent, dis missed, dis-crete, glaring, snappest, most goodsized, more disunited, un-fabled, bodacious, Celebrious, fancy free, more evident, public, all out, most guiding, de bunked, most freespirited, more walkover, workaday, more doublechecked, exact, most uncontestable, most flat out, most sure enough, dis-similar, un qualified, in decent, Circumstantiated, more double-checked, more allowed, saying what thinks, socalled, un inhibited, bullseye, most graspable, in tended, more elaborated, unassailable, honest, more racked, no bother, not hidden, on one's own, un subtle, in dubitable, swinish, pre-destined, re-gular, in-forming, more tiffany, more goodsized, more heavy duty, un-questioned, un-compromising, perspicuous, made passable, obvious, peculiar, more sure enough, wieldiest, direct, un obstructed, assured, unalloyed, most good-sized, re-cognized, un wieldy, most wrong headed, beyond doubt, in evidence, more guiding, out and out, cut-and-dried, un-impeded, easily understood, more painless, undisputed, de-fined, categorical, more unhampered, most blocked out, most seriatim, no ifs ands or buts it, most recognizable, uni vocal, un restricted, ostensible, un-commoner, most workaday, no fine print, most plotted, un-trammeled, high speed, more emptied, on the numbers, re-solved, more admitted, narrow minded, most high speed, in decisive, more high-profile, whole enchilada, un constrained, most unblurred, make no bones, more strong flavored, precise, on spot, more freewheeling, no ifs ands or buts, call a spade a spade, whole schmear, un-refuted, in flexible, egregious, most up front, most highprofile, more ascertained, confirmable, in fine feather, wellbuilt, fullbodied, twenty four carat, yet to be decided, de-lineated, that's a fact, most celebrious, ex positional, most agape, most emptied, gross, more embodied, most wellmarked, most elucidatory, most unquestioned, outlay, more representational, more well organized, in sight, most marked-out, most swinish, aural, free-spirited, un-diluted, pure and simple, well-marked, most sure-enough, un questionable, whole ball of wax, re cognizable, seethrough, un shaken, more prearranged, most unmingled, re presentational, crystal-clear, over bearing, most univocal, no ifs ands buts, un questioned, on the button, un-regulated, clear as a bell, un-obstructed, more celebrious, known, unquestioned, in considerable, un-seemlier, undiscriminating, ex-act, more wellestablished, more precise, most nameable, eyecatching, most ringent, well-organized, more discoverable, most iconographic, most evincible, univocal, out open, markedout, most sounding, un disputed, hard as nails, indisputable, un-defiled, most markedout, exposed, no ifs ands buts about it, most diacritic, most annotative, re-levant, plain as day, un-deniable, marked out, sunshiny, call a spade spade, most extensional, out pouring, most amplified, undisguised, un wavering, more uncensurable, lay on the line, cut fine, un flinching, on view, un-darkened, un-erring, most getable, un affected, no ifs and or buts, most inferable, most accented, dead on, more clinched, pre destined, most crystal-clear, dis covered, open shut, unanswerable, more plain featured, yet be decided, bare-faced, audible, un folded, more unbolted, straight from the shoulder, most pushover, more barnyard, un occupied, most heart-to-heart, unerring, un-contested, Evincible, most bodacious, open, most wellorganized, most marked out, most velocious, more sounding, drawn fine, un-cluttered, bigleague, in delicate, bare faced, dis interested, more comprehendible, most wrongheaded, un dissembled, dis crete, most highspeed, pellucid, call spade spade, cognizable, plainfeatured, velocious, not burdensome, positive, most upfront, hardnosed, stripped down, more plotted, most ultraprecise, more flat-out, fathomable, no mistake, un-subtle, un covered, most untrammeled, free spirited, un-restrained, Ringent, pro fuse, co pious, un cluttered, most exculpated, un-equivocal, declarative, most divulged, most painless, more blocked out, apprehensible, dis criminative, un deniable, in controvertible, more iconographic, most bare faced, hard nosed, un commonest, unguarded, de-finite, pre meditated, de tailed, more individualized, clear as bell, more translucid, most justifying, most flat-out, more evinced, most free-spirited, plain-featured, unblurred, most disunited, un-wieldiest, over-powering, more free-spirited, most high-speed, transparent, explicit, manifest, specific, un-reserved, more sketched, un-disputed, most up-front, out spoken, in-escapable, strong-flavored, most unplugged, more semblant, un engaged, in the gutter, un-attached, Over-bearing, re-strained, most heart to heart, most uncontested, un-shaken, un-hidden, un-restricted, most strongflavored, out-pouring, pure simple, undeniable, most delineated, cincher, veracious, representational, up the air, cut and dried, most sharpcut, more undeviating, most well organized, marked, un-common, allinclusive, illustrational, outgo, conspicuous, trans lucid, more unshut, openhearted, wellgrounded, un compromising, un-protected, straight, candid, free wheeling, thats fact, most ironwilled, see through, most exonerated, more declarative, at large, most assigned, most unsealed, extensional, most apprehensible, more circumstantiated, un-dimmed, most denuded, un refuted, most unengaged, dis coverable, patent, under ones nose, most high-profile, to be seen, red letter, more incomplex, more untrammeled, more etched, un-subtlest, dis-closed, Uncontestable, dead set on, un-fettered, having down pat, dis-charged, in forming, more divulged, pure, unfurnished, in-dividual, un-furnished, re served, re-liable, white bread, full bodied, Arrestive, in gutter, over weight, de-terminate, in-disputable, out rightest, unburdened, most pictoric, most tiffany, most plain-spoken, most undisguised, un contested, ultra precise, bull'seye, more agape, high mighty, un-dissembled, un-disguised, more unmixed, saying what one thinks, never failing, most unfurnished, un-troublesome, re liabler, on target, witting, de-cipherable, clear-cut, Pictoric, out lined, more protrusive, dis similar, appreciable, in disputable, dis-coverable, un tarnished, un mistakable, most establishable, more lighted, un-qualified, fascistic, hard on eyes, bull's eye, down pat, ex act, more exegetical, most silhouetted, more white bread, pre-tended, most unbolted, wellmade, ex pressed, unengaged, for a face, un-stopped, re-served, expense, un hidden, un-mixed, recognizable, most good sized, de solate, most well marked, express, most nondiscriminatory, all-owed, most crystalclear, most well built, twenty-four carat, eye catching, bulls-eye, trans-parent, un-occupied, seriatim, most substantive, un-barred, on level, more bare-faced, pre-sent, graphic, cleancut, uttered, hard eyes, most evidenced, most unhampered, un-challenged, more unassociated, most informing, out goingest, Undissembled, on numbers, most ensured, strongflavored, more wellmarked, ex-tensional, un-associated, big as life, re-sounding, certain, un-assailable, untroublesome, most well-built, plain featured, no catch, un impeded, un-questionable, ex posed, most unveiled, un committed, bright, apparent, more confirmable, de formed, ex-press, more elucidatory, able bodied, in-considerable, un fettered, dis-cursive, most seen, that a fact, un-hampered, no strings, most free spirited, surefire, hyaline, most undubitable, not beautiful, un troubled, open and shut, accurate, most unfurled, broad, more unplugged, more well marked, more rent, on deck, more disclosed, re liablest, un contestable, matter of fact, no ifs ands buts it, more careful, up in air, de sert, un equivocal, more unbarred, most patulous, un-blemished, more marked out, sureenough, dictative, plain spoken, protrusive, more self-evident, most piquing, good sized, more white-bread, trans-lucent, most unmasked, dis united, un feigned, de-formed, more stiffnecked, in-nocent, more pictoric, sharp cut, double checked, redletter, re-doubtable, more sharp cut, most white bread, secure, re strained, most declarative, most attestable, undemanding, un-committed, more ringent, un-settled, pre-meditated, ex tensive, more uncontestable, re gular, one sided, un sheltered, like is, more inebriating, un alterable, blatant, on own, more cinched, re-cognizable, more evincive, no ifs ands or buts about it, un-couth, ascertainable, un-sheltered, trans-lucid, most circumstantiated, most racked, luminous, stiff necked, un erring, un-changeable, out the open, un-troubled, un mitigated, straightforward, uni-vocal, re-solute, ex-tended, un-answerable, re-presentational, more peeled, un-impeachable, most told, more described, most revealed, all there, most enumerated, more highspeed, most semblant, un-burdened, call spade a spade, more witting, un-locked, more up-front, de terminate, more limiting, most muted, freewheeling, in dividual, ex-posed, more ending, un-folded, un confined, under one's nose, demonstrative, un mingled, trans parent, clean, more exonerated, not difficult, more seen, in right mind, most unstopped, well-defined, un conditional, most diagrammatic, dogmatic, matter-of-fact, Cinched, hard on the eyes, thats a fact, dis engaged, most juridicious, most prearranged, well-built, on the money, most circumscribed, loud enough, Semblant, up-front, more unrefuted, Told, un-shut, un wieldier, bull-eye, in-flexible, under one nose, more expanded, more well built, more resolved, lay it the line, un refined, upfront, dis cursive, in dependent, more uncontested, unbolted, un resolved, easy, fancyfree, on button, well made, most hyaline, graspable, most confirmable, most double-checked, unstopped, more free wheeling, laid bare, more rubric, out going, more extensional, sewed up, most uncluttered, more never-failing, out right, tiffany, more concrete, noticeable, most stiff-necked, on money, un prejudiced, most rubric, on loose, more bare faced, establishable, more confessed, in-fallible, most luculent, more expressed, most heavyduty, un-ambiguous, wellestablished, poles apart, more pictured, wellmarked, most free wheeling, un-masked, most dehiscent, dis charged, whole shebang, more stiff-necked, notable, self explanatory, most resolved, on one own, made manifest, can't miss it, understandable, most strong flavored, un-contestable, hearable, un-yielding, out-right, most high profile, un yielding, un-varnished, most unburdened, re levant, de lineated, marked-out, unfabled, top drawer, more diagrammatic, more diacritic, determined, unquestionable, heart-to-heart, hard the eyes, exegetical, un biased, out in the open, out standing, up for discussion, discoverable, topdrawer, Securable, factest, ultra-precise, most absolved, most nailed, pre vailing, well marked, out-standing, more markedout, un-shakable, more marked-out, bull eye, un-alterable, wrong headed, re cognized, most obvious, most unchallenged, most bared, more plain-featured, more unburdened, un stopped, un-adulterated, nothing it, most yawning, un-cultured, most portrayed, selfevident, in sensitive, un-blocked, most enunciated, de liberate, in-ordinate, in-sensitive, most described, crisp, welldefined, evident, most defined, more flatout, unmingled, childs play, unambiguous, unmixed, un disguised, un-furled, more settling, snapper, unconditional, un-blurred, in tent, un doubted, most cognizable, un-mingled, for certain, most expressed, demonstrable, comprehendible, more unfurled, un shut, most protrusive, faithful, most person-to-person, un clouded, un-disputable, un dimmed, juridicious, out-righter, more good sized, no ifs and buts, un-wieldier, in-formal, more evincible, take charge, un interrupted, wrong-headed, iron willed, sure, dehiscent, in-arguable, whole nine yards, no strings attached, more illustrational, most undarkened, in escapable, more cognizable, more unfolded, hit nail on head, most well-established, more high profile, most witting, that's fact, clearcut, more high speed, un-confined, most free-wheeling, most disclosed, more free-wheeling, free, pointblank, un fabled, expressive, more substantive, in formative, clear, on the spot, un barred, most stiffnecked, more untroublesome, be seen, more unmasked, un-doubted, more bared, un bending, more purported, un dubitable, more completing, more highprofile, in-decent, in circulation, de finite, un regulated, most discoverable, Designful, most sharp-cut, pronounced, in-tensest, more informing, more recognizable, more fascistic, well established, Clocklike, most unrefuted, more crystalclear, diagrammatic, no trouble, most designful, un-complicated, intelligible, prearranged, un-veiled, more heavyduty, non discriminatory, uncluttered, Tralucent, unhampered, straight from shoulder, straight out, most terminating, un-concealed, so called, Translucid, in formal, more iron willed, most blocked-out, un seemly, wieldy, out-spoken, most stressed, straightout, ultraprecise, more seriatim, more enumerated, lay it on line, most point-by-point, most unfolded, de-sert, in complex, nondiscriminatory, un cultured, logical, unmistakable, out-going, real, un usual, spread out, most evinced, most ascertained, luculent, more understandable, most etched, most aural, all inclusive, most liberated, discernible, Inferable, re sounding, well grounded, more heavy-duty, un-limited, heavy-duty, more undemanding, whitebread, more unengaged, dis-criminating, more undisguised, in elegant, extra ordinary, neverfailing, most blockedout, visible, most double checked, Unshut, un-subtler, in-dependent, comprehensible, flatout, selfexplanatory, simple, cellophane, un blurred, majorleague, be had, in candescent.