Pronunciation of Violence
/vˈa͡ɪ͡ələns/, /vˈa‍ɪ‍ələns/, /v_ˈaɪə_l_ə_n_s/

Antonyms for violence

delicacy, re-quiescence, re laxation, re-pose, restfulnesses, un-troublednesses, bed roses, un ceremoniousness, ataraxia, in excitability, unrestraint, hush, contentment, un-troubledness, temper, selfcontrol, re laxations, in-action, in-formalities, impassiveness, re-laxation, levelheadedness, up rightness, insensitiveness, peace mind, mildness, re quiescences, pacifism, in-excitabilities, reasonableness, pleasantness, un restraints, ambiguity, quietness, reserve, chilliness, placidness, unconcern, restfulness, law and orders, aloofness, dis-passionatenesses, re quiescence, Woodenness, in-formality, imperturbations, dis passion, taciturnity, cool head, judiciousnesses, self control, moderation, self possession, coolness, inexcitabilities, Inexcitability, even tempers, un troubledness, order, naturalness, placidity, dis-passion, un-ceremoniousnesses, law orders, good nature, joy, insensitivity, tranquility, dis passionatenesses, re-quiescences, dryness, passivities, in formalities, feebleness, in-actions, in-activities, disinterest, ataraxias, dis-passions, calmness, sedations, dis passionateness, law and order, reservedness, equivocation, un restraint, in-excitability, impartiality, up rightnesses, in-activity, coolheadedness, judiciousness, coldness, un ceremoniousnesses, enjoyment, selfassurance, lightness, un troublednesses, re pose, in action, surrender, Collectedness, supinities, requiescences, Imperturbation, up-rightnesses, quiet, agreeability, in activity, yielding, happiness, law order, stiffness, reasonablenesses, cool heads, calm, sedation, frigidity, nonviolence, coolheadednesses, self assurance, in activities, Insensibleness, dis passions, un-restraint, composure, reticence, dis-passionateness, even temper, unenthusiasm, selfpossession, Frigidness, passivity, in actions, subtlety, impassivity, re-laxations, tranquillity, up-rightness, requiescence, weakness, un-ceremoniousness, peace, peacefulness, restraint.