Pronunciation of Vital
/vˈa͡ɪtə͡l/, /vˈa‍ɪtə‍l/, /v_ˈaɪ_t_əl/

Antonyms for vital

useless, sidelong, most contributing, more mortiferous, weak, in-curable, broken-down, in direct, curative, incidental, in evitable, more nebbish, in significant, tonic, most sidelong, wimpiest, most laggard, by-the-way, more contributing, sub missive, not the main, extra, dead, infirm, laidback, nontoxic, restorative, sideward, ill starred, faint, more substract, meaningless, most underaverage, additional, effete, out it, most sideways, trivial, surplus, voluntary, second-string, most second fiddle, Substract, enfeebling, lazy, more sidelong, Languishing, more qualifying, listless, more underaverage, ill-starred, spiritless, sub-altern, more predestined, nonpoisonous, un-lucky, dull, Subalternate, lackadaisical, parenthetical, most under, most second string, Mortiferous, unambitious, under-average, most by-the-way, adjuvant, vapid, optional, malefic, most sideward, most substract, pre-destined, inanimate, in curable, most foreordained, insignficant, un-luckier, most predestined, out of it, sidewise, un luckiest, delicate, inter posed, most bracketed, limp, stretchy, needless, sleepyhead, decrepit, more second-fiddle, languorous, most interposed, ill fated, most sleepyhead, unneeded, unimportant, more by the way, secondary, fluker, in-active, wasted, impotent, non essential, more satellite, wimpy, unhealthful, weakening, most skirting, enervating, illfated, more sleepyhead, weary, healthy, nonlethal, apathetic, offcenter, having spring fever, most satellite, snooziest, stretchiest, not main, snoozier, remedial, undesired, corrective, deadening, flukest, side, sub-ordinate, worthless, secondfiddle, secondstring, subnormal, un-equal, pernicious, more second fiddle, most subaltern, most secondfiddle, sub normal, indolent, unnecessary, tedious, boring, most killing, Non-essential, unwholesome, in different, most mortiferous, nerveless, laid back, draggier, tired, soft, de pendent, unanimated, inter-posed, most by the way, injurious, more under, more skirting, salubrious, wholesome, subordinate, sub-alternate, underaverage, disabled, useful, most second-fiddle, off center, extraneous, more killing, feeble, idle, more adjuvant, sub-best, second-fiddle, more second-string, subbest, more laggard, inessential, spineless, stolid, most secondstring, impassive, prostrate, re-lated, languid, more by-the-way, sluggish, most junior, draggiest, most sidewise, more secondfiddle, de-pendent, most second-string, unhealthy, more subalternate, external, beneficial, snoozy, more subnormal, fatal, sub alternate, co-incidental, nonessential, sub ordinate, most subnormal, under average, nonfatal, most accessory, more malefic, inter mediate, insalubrious, draining, excess, healthful, un equal, subber, un lucky, numbing, stretchier, deleterious, sub altern, more sideward, noxious, debilitating, powerless, frail, in-direct, superfluous, pre destined, alleviative, inconsequential, uncritical, advantageous, leaden, worn-out, in-evitable, sub-normal, draggy, more sidewise, by way, unsound, enervated, most adjuvant, more interposed, wearying, phlegmatic, Bracketed, insignificant, minor, more foreordained, ill, unwell, most nebbish, more pestilent, weakened, more subaltern, most subalternate, fore ordained, exhausting, co incidental, lethargic, unwanted, salutary, un luckier, sub best, wan, occasional, more second string, most malefic, debilitated, invertebrate, more secondstring, illstarred, inactive, safe, in-different.