Pronunciation of Wakefulness
/wˈe͡ɪkfə͡lnəs/, /wˈe‍ɪkfə‍lnəs/, /w_ˈeɪ_k_f_əl_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for wakefulness

negligence, somnolences, shut-eyne, insouciances, un-concern, sleepiness, shuteyen, re cesses, re-cess, re-quiescence, Asphyxias, drowse, ideal place, narcosises, un mindfulnesses, sleep, z's, shut eye, stupor, torpidnesses, in-differences, sandmen, dreamland, asphyxia, Hypnoses, arms of morpheus, be wilderment, petrifaction, unmindfulnesses, hibernation, dis-interests, re-spites, re-creation, lethargy, dis interests, cloud cuckoo land, inanitions, drowses, Sopor, drowsiness, supineness, relaxings, shuteye, slumberland, doze, in-difference, in-sensibilities, rest, repose, re quiescences, dis-interest, in difference, slumberlands, un-concerns, cloud cuckoo lands, few zs, sopors, snooze, never never land, re spite, torpidity, somnolence, in sensibility, Hibernations, shut-eye, in-activity, Drowsinesses, dreaminesses, re laxation, ideal places, re pose, inter missions, re-creations, re creation, supinenesses, arms morpheus, shut-eyen, re-pose, requiescence, in-sensibility, be-wilderment, catnap, be wilderments, re lief, re spites, motionlessnesses, narcolepsy, dreaminess, in action, re-lief, be-wilderments, shut eyen, dis-regards, shut eyes, few z's, coma, dis regard, inter ludes, hypnosis, re laxations, land nod, in activities, motionlessness, in differences, in-actions, re-quiescences, inter-ludes, cutoff, inter lude, shangri la, dis regards, in actions, inter-lude, few ze, un mindfulness, dis interest, inanition, few z', narcosis, un concerns, in-activities, few z, swoonings, Sandman, faintings, in activity, nevernever land, re-laxations, requiescences, re-laxation, sack times, re quiescence, in sensibilities, petrifactions, dis-regard, slumber, in-action, re creations, sack time.