Pronunciation of Weak
/wˈiːk/, /wˈiːk/, /w_ˈiː_k/

Antonyms for weak

most swaying, fast, most all knowing, blimpest, self sufficient, over-weening, most well proportioned, serviceable, most rejuvenating, most beefcake, most aweless, the point, hulker, most suasive, unsmoothest, most zaftig, more caveman, more stupefying, unfluctuating, world-class, take-charge, pre-pared, un-intimidated, more thundering, set on, most demoniac, burly, old line, most allknowing, highly flavored, more well established, most daunting, happy, most fullflavored, Riveted, more unintimidated, more lion-hearted, stressed, numbing, most closegrained, dying to, high spirited, intense, most confounding, ex tended, Worldlywise, dead set on, high up, most red-blooded, world class, un-deviating, age old, in variable, gaining strength, more edged, un level, quick on draw, more hard-working, un-blinking, most gorillalike, most well-established, de-liberate, most stentorious, high pitched, skyhigh, un-tiring, ill bred, hellbent, most hard-driving, quick, in-temperate, most orbed, more back slapping, most activating, more well-endowed, re-sonant, more well-constructed, buller, most fire eating, most oversize, tough, straight out, more welded, certain, redblooded, well-matured, unmodified, un faltering, more whopper, more elongate, strong-willed, namer, more takecharge, more front page, un polished, farout, most aroused, responsible, mattering much, tumultous-tumultuous, more activating, more glued, over bearing, most upper class, disk shaped, most hyped-up, cutting, most razorsharp, pre-siding, be counted on, most fine grained, more braced, dis missed, characterful, self-willed, close-fitting, most frontpage, efficacious, more deep-felt, time honored, most redblooded, ageold, most inebriating, most asperous, un conscionable, more aiding, heroic, husky, hard shelled, most big-gun, more well done, most fireeating, Ear-splitting, un-level, un tiring, most swinish, more heavyduty, most gingery, most attracted, in spotlight, more gogetter, hotdog, hard-working, timehonored, most all consuming, most fullfigured, like one-man band, substantial, pungent, audacious, despotic, uncompromising, most altitudinous, more consolidated, up lifted, more pealing, more crushing, quick on the uptake, more nimblewitted, re bounding, silvery, full life, pithy, uncurbed, un blenching, more expanded, confident, most up, brick wall, more ferric, playing hardball, on ice, pageone, un-impaired, rich, more rejuvenated, studder, most cemented, unmingled, un swerving, Strengthy, more much-publicized, more unshrinking, in-corrupt, more redblooded, good for, in rut, hot shot, beefcake, highhanded, close fitting, in-flexible, unwearying, majorleague, un sinkable, good as one word, heartiest, awe inspiring, more howling, in-corruptible, most stout-hearted, on the mend, most deathdefying, passing through, in-vulnerable, more unfearful, tried true, over weighing, more magnifico, most well suited, alive and kicking, selfconfident, up-raised, re liablest, in evitable, more impliable, chirpiest, more hovering, more high principled, re covering, altitudinous, un divided, more altitudinous, more out-of-sight, steeliest, in-credible, secure, in cautious, more redneck, more page-one, swinish, on trip, more rallying, most suspenseful, more big-wheel, most mainline, more heavy-duty, most constraining, most hard shelled, more well-matured, most biggun, more take-over, high flown, more upraised, colter, more loud voiced, non-porous, deep rooted, lusty, thick, most high-level, more predominate, highspirited, more nailed, sound, undeviating, believeable, ball of fire, more orbed, keyed up, fuddy duddy, most unmixed, more long continued, more self-willed, high minded, most assertory, tumultous tumultuous, more ironwilled, out standing, more thick-bodied, in tact, most lionized, more wheedling, quick recover, un-varying, like pistol, wellfounded, mainline, on move, productive, bushy-tailed, more incorrupt, insistent, steady, telling, built last, prosperous, more esteemed, clingiest, most silvery, dis-missed, ferrous, fresh, most undoubtful, in goingest, virtuous, dyed in the wool, most steller, most uplifted, more undistorted, most slaying, gorillalike, pre-occupied, most old-timer, chestier, of long standing, hellacious, like a one man band, baritone, most telelogical, most ensconced, substantiated, wakes the dead, euphoric, nimble-witted, more fire eating, front-page, in subordinate, strapping, un diffused, most daredevil, more mainline, Ferine, more beating, ethical, Stout-hearted, most ringed, most four-star, truehearted, steelier, most high-pressure, pre-arranged, more patterned, definite, bushytailed, more harbored, fulltoned, wieldy, most splendrous, over-weighing, well-constructed, thewier, most rejuvenated, most true-to-life, most strong-flavored, most no fooling, most actuating, re-warding, hard-shelled, high-principled, serious minded, most flipped, most go-getter, equal to, good at, hyped-up, ear splitting, more big deal, quick on trigger, most correspondent, more takeover, most roughhewn, in-valuable, vivid, solid as rock, more red-blooded, built, more close grained, overbalancing, out-weighing, most beckoning, enough, Undiffused, tele-scoped, more hypedup, most generative, know backwards and forwards, backslapping, most unintimidated, namest, more deepfelt, more fulltoned, un due, vibrant, more discoid, pre-scribed, more intelligent, imperceptible, un impaired, most upraised, wieldier, most fire-eating, uptown, more overruling, more world class, most shooin, more compulsatory, Domical, De Luxe, fleshy, fire-eating, getting over something, fore most, mondo, propertied, more ill-bred, most iron fisted, most main line, more hardwearing, all seeing, decisive, full bodied, well made, more well padded, illbred, most never-failing, singleminded, well rounded, hardnosed, aggressive, made of money, strongwilled, punchest, super-abundant, most nonbreakable, most finegrained, jocker, more galvanic, forceful, un refined, firstclass, more fuming, most true to life, un-forgetful, most ferine, in bag, more all-powerful, more slaying, well grounded, most unswayable, most thespian, most globose, more robustuous, most effecting, most puncturing, far reaching, fit as a fiddle, most nimblewitted, more racking, un daring, able-bodied, un injured, most enlivened, more chin up, red-blooded, quick to recover, most high up, gale force, be-fitting, more earpiercing, rocky, fierce, un-injured, go getting, indomitable, de terminative, irresistible, more upholstered, adventurous, sonorant, tremendous, having the goods, past crisis, highreaching, more murder, well built, no fooling, de cent, more undoubtful, highpowered, more brighteyed, fit as fiddle, more hot-dog, most wellorganized, more sky-scraping, most take charge, most brass-bound, rolling in it, most rigged, hunkest, on the move, most dynamite, most smoothspoken, of note, more iron-willed, in-sensate, most stabile, up hill, smooth-spoken, brighteyed, in the saddle, in finite, undiluted, un wieldy, more fireeating, most smooth spoken, strongarm, whizer, most brick-wall, end owed, more baritone, most characterful, out the red, ironwilled, most high-up, bullest, wellset, in-destructible, more actuating, more steamroller, more nimble-witted, un mingled, highminded, unbreakable, shoo in, most reverberant, un-mingled, most convictive, rightist, most confiding, more inured, in corruptible, highflown, most telescoped, more primo, more full toned, end-owed, more go-getting, para mount, harddriving, nofooling, more thick bodied, bright-eyed, more uptown, able to pay, well organized, shooting from hip, dependable, more utile, most urging, most full-mouthed, iron-willed, convincing, most unmodifiable, in vulnerable, reliable, more no fooling, more aroused, bound determined, more daunting, un reasonable, more strong-minded, guttier, well-endowed, in-subordinate, most sarcous, full-figured, un surpassed, sur-passing, most big gun, un-duer, all consuming, brassy, more prismatic, like oneman band, co-pious, in-terminable, more unforgetful, coltest, brilliant, rosycheeked, finegrained, in superable, bodacious, retentive, in operation, more resultant, heavy sledding, athletic, true to life, most well-endowed, most fuddyduddy, most epic, Impliable, most soldered, most world class, out-spoken, more old-timer, more full-figured, more high-up, most bright eyed, in clover, more much publicized, more massed, most entering, most world-class, Deep-toned, unperceivable, quick uptake, brassbound, more brutish, loudvoiced, bass, most accomplishing, more asperous, more razorsharp, moral, high-level, most intensified, inter-minable, all-consuming, ex press, Steeler, most muchpublicized, hard wearing, two-fisted, high priced, over-size, most strongminded, more hot dog, more humongous, more all-knowing, more big wheel, more retentive, valiant, more brassbound, most unlevel, more attached, most tightened, solid as a rock, physically fit, in alterable, dis guised, more nimble witted, ex cited, in goinger, most bodacious, highly regarded, most harbored, in good condition, most adherent, on the up, having right stuff, in-solent, un-dismayed, extreme, more brass bound, stretchest, most undaring, more rocking, overweening, most cussed, un blinking, tough as nails, well done, out red, un-limited, more bulletproof, more bodacious, more adherent, more indurate, most numbing, more indurated, most muscled, more well-organized, go for broke, zappy, big gun, more bugged, robustious, convalescent, most hot dog, most unblinking, tenacious, more unswayable, well-built, more correspondent, de-terminate, most prismatic, more hotdog, more two-fisted, razorsharp, uni form, most continued, more perduring, more bouncing, more strong-flavored, in-vincible, red hot, more high-reaching, more never failing, re sonant, most assistive, most horrifying, most elongate, in sensate, Impavid, more stiffnecked, up to par, most twofisted, firstrate, more blubbery, most seriousminded, mind blowing, safe sound, like one man band, know one's onions, most sky-scraping, get and go, stalwart, more monster, self assured, un manageable, Heman, most brutish, un distorted, most front-page, deeptoned, tele-logical, more hyped-up, most attached, most efficient, most adjusted, welldefined, most rebounding, more longish, more well expressed, most gogetter, most shattering, bullish, un mitigated, real gone, tough proposition, more bigdeal, un-changing, set ways, de-voted, hardwearing, most take-over, de-luxe, most galvanic, eloquent, most persisting, no-fooling, wrapped tight, like a one-man band, efficient, un-anxious, most take-charge, more suspenseful, probing, more permanent, most highlevel, re solved, more loud-voiced, locked on, most indurate, in-cautious, more silvery, commanding, blubbery, in good shape, carrying load, un usual, cool hand, ablebodied, most well-organized, more undaring, there, wellestablished, more rosycheeked, most heavy duty, most ripped, more close-grained, in-digestible, most braced, most consolidated, more staying, re-liablest, most unbroken, most undefeatable, at ease, most intrepid, most tiger, more steelplated, with standing, aweinspiring, most hard wearing, out-of-this-world, most lion-hearted, re-covering, more ear-splitting, bassest, more ear splitting, more sustaining, most oldtimer, most nonporous, more unsinkable, more telescoped, more suasive, well-organized, most cured, plump, high, un-due, more out of this world, right minded, pro founder, more true to life, re served, more cured, more undeviating, awesome, dis maying, high handed, rocker, most confining, sane, in-trepid, most bustling, most allconsuming, more all-consuming, long lived, most iron-fisted, most monster, more safeguarded, un-forgiving, un paralleled, well-padded, most all-seeing, strongflavored, most stout hearted, low-toned, mightiest, un-smoother, good, self willed, most superduper, go-getting, up speed, able bodied, out-stretched, most rocking, coming strong, more high-principled, smart, most jockstrap, most close-grained, side splitting, more overweighing, right as rain, palmier, most ultramasculine, un remitting, most arrestive, in extricable, biggun, un affected, most upperclass, de liberate, most serious-minded, more allseeing, earpiercing, rosy-cheeked, neverfailing, most impelling, unshrinking, more daredevil, arduous, Magnifico, more mostest, in congruous, un decayed, un-thinking, most out-of-sight, in-variable, more bright-eyed, old timer, more allconsuming, re-levant, more lionized, ball fire, more circumscribed, more highlevel, in separable, more masculine, more uncurbed, all-seeing, un-failing, quick witted, chin up, most throbbing, more wellproportioned, uninjured, more worldclass, un-beatable, determined, most created, death-defying, more seriousminded, most murder, Rememberable, fireeating, un even, great, propulsive, unlevel, more perseverant, most worldclass, more gingery, most wellendowed, studdest, well established, thewiest, weatherbeaten, more quickened, more go getting, more splendrous, set in stone, more clangorous, set in ones ways, tyrannical, most stiff necked, up to snuff, more high-pressure, top drawer, recovering, more front-page, more close fitting, more chinup, highprincipled, more out-of-this-world, more harddriving, most highreaching, un-wearied, more ripped, most telling, Unfearful, most bugged, fellest, more acclimatized, frontpage, bigdeal, more high-level, fullflavored, most four star, re levant, un smoothest, more impellent, vigorous, rubbery, more electrifying, fab, on the go, macho, on up up, in tenser, more steel plated, vet, down brass tacks, re-iterative, concentrated, most wellsuited, brass bound, more bustling, more set-up, colorful, un-smoothest, clearcut, most well-built, most challenging, more set up, deep, most safeguarded, most gogetting, unsmoother, hardboiled, more bruising, re sourceful, more fine-grained, most fostered, smart as a whip, more tiger, most big wheel, most bulletproof, most super duper, most canorous, more highpressure, more well-done, dis-criminating, allpowerful, set, un modified, more hundred-proof, High-reaching, more bullish, get up and go, un-flagging, most wellexpressed, in pink, to the point, pre served, spheroid, un equivocal, single minded, more strongarm, most high-principled, true-to-life, more deathdefying, more allpowerful, most retentive, bulbous, most much publicized, highsounding, most shielded, pro-fuse, most thickbodied, most bright-eyed, influential, drawn out, Sarcous, most inured, more shielded, un-compliant, more chin-up, most sky scraping, most solidified, more ferine, most ballbuster, most deep toned, spirited, hardshelled, more bushy-tailed, highpitched, iron, re assured, more toughened, steadfast, more biggun, re quired, most quickened, more disk shaped, most unfluctuating, steelplated, unflinching, persistent, more frontpage, more take-charge, most patterned, in-ordinate, protected, most rubric, more stretched, incorrupt, most constricted, more hardshelled, un-abashed, most big deal, superduper, most nailed, most trojan, jockstrap, out of the red, non-stop, most primo, more confining, more unmodified, more reeking, re-sounding, high-up, loud voiced, more bulldogged, most allseeing, perduring, non-breakable, caveman, in tense, most nimble-witted, unblinking, re-quired, most set up, un-bending, basser, get up go, most embellished, more ringed, play for keeps, more hard-as-nails, most go-getting, made money, something else, more take charge, most rosy-cheeked, more infiltrating, most steel plated, more hyped up, more intensified, most well expressed, most welded, high sounding, re-solved, out this world, pro-founder, money burn, fire eating, more iron willed, lion hearted, allknowing, most wounding, most diuturnal, in-evitable, more compacted, hard line, more side splitting, never failing, most well endowed, Undauntable, topsest, most anchored, most splitting, highclass, more full-toned, true, know backwards forwards, out limb, more bushytailed, pre siding, most out-of-this-world, most deep-toned, rolling it, in-flamed, most full mouthed, most strong minded, zestiest, more assistive, sky-scraping, un-creative, most deep felt, more orbicular, un-conscionable, longcontinued, de-serving, more chromatic, un-impeachable, lowpitched, mostest, more diuturnal, high level, selfassured, clangorous, un doubtful, more side-splitting, dis-maying, rugged, most ear-piercing, more anchored, in-extricable, out spoken, set one's ways, more l, ingoing, hard as nails, most lion hearted, un varying, more neverfailing, most hard-as-nails, most takeover, most mondo, more infrangible, armored, more drawing, most well conditioned, fullmouthed, most heavy-duty, more heavy duty, all there, silver tongued, chirpy, stiff-necked, over weening, string along with, more justified, most unpermissive, more thickened, most deepfelt, never ending, bold, in a rut, Compulsatory, dramatic, fortest, herolike, most beating, more well proportioned, longish, big-wheel, REDHOT, tigerish, most infrangible, locked in, more brickwall, massive, most screwed, evaporated, re liabler, most death defying, in limelight, more reverberant, guarded, most death-defying, most all powerful, more embellished, tele logical, most undismayed, most whopper, upscale, un-damaged, most neverfailing, more herolike, snapping back, most fulminating, die hard, pumped up, most howling, nonporous, earnest, more self willed, forter, most hellacious, self reliant, most setup, more deep toned, most resultant, more solidified, thickbodied, important, wellconstructed, most robustious, most bouncing, globose, most orbicular, re-splendent, in-finite, more epic, more serious minded, hard boiled, galvanic, most well done, in-tense, more wellpadded, most hovering, pre dominate, more rocklike, more convictive, most well-padded, more world-class, more tuna, nonhuman, most toughened, jockest, more cracking, more unblinking, traditionalist, established, head long, most defined, most full toned, in the pink, more efficient, more serving, unsinkable, more nofooling, canorous, in controvertible, more nonporous, more achieving, more fulfilling, in-elastic, most nimble witted, de-finite, credible, un-divided, more pervading, more cemented, good as one's word, infrangible, un-cultured, in sensitive, in elastic, in-alterable, flipper, in dependent, more fullfigured, ill-bred, fabber, play hard ball, rolling with punches, razor sharp, ultra-masculine, most rosycheeked, most fabricated, dis-charged, most wellbuilt, most mending, has what takes, most poised, fullbodied, un-governable, most wellset, most capable, longlasting, most congealed, more hard-wearing, gogetter, hundred proof, long, nononsense, take charge, capable, re-solute, most reassured, un-adulterated, most side splitting, more telelogical, cared for, ear-piercing, never-failing, zesty, most unsinkable, well conditioned, un-sinkable, un failing, most spheroid, more full flavored, getting better, more racked, safe and sound, more curled, oldtimer, more brass-bound, by numbers, most expanded, effective, on the up up, first rate, white bread, over-balancing, most ill bred, more ill bred, in fine fettle, gingery, smart ass, strong, more well matured, high class, furrowed, well off, more close-fitting, bustier, de-fined, chinup, smartalecky, having lead pencil, unforgetful, heavy duty, in solent, like a oneman band, red letter, in trepid, wellrounded, more constricted, smooth spoken, penetrating, persuasive, more well-built, most close grained, demonstrated, un-smooth, more impelling, more stout-hearted, gritty, most unblenching, more unmodifiable, more uninjured, un-hurt, un-daring, most something, ropiest, un daunted, most acclimatized, de voted, resolute, more fuddy-duddy, un-curbed, ex-press, most self willed, deep-felt, more high level, most mullish, most shoo in, lowtoned, un-broken, conservative, most uninjured, most hypedup, most reeking, most disk-shaped, in tensive, most back slapping, worldclass, most agreed, most famous, most permeating, most hard working, in-spiring, sturdy, more preserved, over powering, most rubbery, un progressive, most hundredproof, smoothspoken, more unpermissive, more strongflavored, pre vailing, ingoingest, mullish, most humongous, mighty, most propertied, co pious, Stentorious, most crushing, most welldone, more strengthening, sub-lime, powerful, un wearied, more horrifying, more all powerful, more fire-eating, more unmingled, bigger than life, brass-bound, more fine grained, alive kicking, more stout hearted, pro-found, more orbiculate, most ear piercing, more iron-fisted, fourstar, most perduring, up pity, in-goingest, most healed, most unshrinking, more resolved, more molded, in tractable, sky scraping, more big-deal, sensible, far sighted, dictatorial, more constraining, more serious-minded, most surpassing, tall order, nimble witted, un-conquerable, un qualified, re doubtable, impellent, most bushytailed, true hearted, most guiding, clingier, un-shrinking, good as ones word, most strengthening, Orbed, more furrowed, most constructed, most sonorant, high-pressure, more super-duper, like bad penny, most evaporated, hulkest, more take over, more hard driving, hard bitten, top notch, energetic, most fuddy duddy, most smashing, more wellexpressed, therer, re covered, bulldogged, most steel-plated, most forcing, up-hill, more reverberating, palmiest, un-progressive, in surmountable, overbold, more stiff-necked, steely, more illbred, large order, more never-failing, un-paralleled, know one onions, strongminded, most well-set, more filling, more high up, in-tensest, most side-splitting, re eking, longlived, re-current, A 1, cogent, most illbred, principled, most staying, more lengthened, durable, re-cognized, most long-continued, great big, un-reserved, most purposive, more tightened, more brick wall, quick on the trigger, red blooded, well-made, hard-driving, most strongarm, strong-minded, un permissive, more lowtoned, overweighing, most red blooded, scraggiest, zero cool, most truehearted, well padded, muchpublicized, most takecharge, to point, driving, un fearful, more constructed, un intimidated, more alternating, most justified, in terminable, scraggy, highly colored, most crashed, most stiffnecked, recherche, more stretching, most low-toned, sharp as tack, most indurated, most penetrant, most well constructed, more robustious, guttiest, un cultured, more outweighing, more mending, most molded, pro found, re-doubtable, hundredproof, up raised, most wellproportioned, be fitting, generative, un-usual, more high pressure, most out of this world, ex acting, condensed, most shooting, bright, most ferric, most ferrous, most blustering, most wedged, un diluted, Undecayed, most reverberating, more wounding, most pealing, fabbest, in digestible, in-congruous, wise, most bigdeal, on and up, discoid, more contracted, un impeachable, most allpowerful, un bending, more rubric, rockest, un movable, more wellconditioned, well constructed, skintight, long continued, most carrying, un compliant, most redneck, splendiferous, more congealed, more evaporated, more screwed, telescoped, apest, more minding, bigtime, razor-sharp, most magnifico, for a face, re warding, fleshly, manly, in spiring, Clingy, ingoinger, more lion hearted, pre dominant, perseverative, heavyduty, more bright eyed, more unblenching, set ones ways, most undistorted, upright, Penetrant, more strong flavored, not extreme, un-daunted, most stiff-necked, more wellmatured, most tigerish, up snuff, licit, Backboned, more big gun, sure, most cracking, front page, in-clement, magisterial, allconsuming, deepfelt, pro-longed, wellheeled, quick the draw, un avoidable, most shoo-in, buttoned down, welloff, Asperous, most back-slapping, having lead in pencil, coming on strong, rosy cheeked, most stretched, sinewy, most well built, de serving, most hard-shelled, non breakable, most true hearted, most upholstered, quick on the draw, most unforgetful, formidable, top, extra-ordinary, un alterable, more all consuming, un duest, palmy, selfreliant, indestructible, right, muscular, in-sensitive, most no-fooling, allseeing, more big-gun, more strong-arm, more stipulated, unwavering, more death-defying, unmixed, scraggier, un-remitting, steamed up, most page-one, stallion, most high reaching, pre-determined, having goods, most heavyduty, powerhouse, far off, irregular, he man, confirmed, in frangible, back slapping, most hot-dog, most strong-arm, seriousminded, un-modifiable, most deep-felt, in-dependent, more concluded, more all knowing, most rocklike, having the right stuff, more well-suited, more wellestablished, in execution, more wellendowed, most upper-class, out of ordinary, most go getter, Over-bearing, more hundred proof, most bushy tailed, vetest, set-up, solid, in flexible, wellorganized, quick draw, brickwall, silvertongued, most enhanced, bigleague, more allknowing, more avoirdupois, quick on uptake, most accented, portly, more disk-shaped, most hardwearing, most herolike, on up and up, selfsufficient, strong willed, more fostered, roly poly, much-publicized, most cohesive, out ordinary, all-knowing, in force, with-standing, more short-and-sweet, most curled, four-star, having know-how, most recherche, most hardshelled, most arranged, most strong-minded, most short and sweet, Diuturnal, more unfluctuating, in order, re gular, weather beaten, most applauded, strengthiest, most wellpadded, more domical, most hued, up, most infiltrating, most full figured, beefy, orbicular, more strong minded, more gorillalike, un-faltering, over-ruling, more upperclass, talked about, ultramasculine, more longcontinued, in-exorable, un-yielding, flippest, more defined, more strong arm, pre-served, more carrying, well-expressed, over-weight, zingy, out of world, more secured, having knowhow, corroborated, de-cent, most fine-grained, brick-wall, enthusiastic, stunning, un-forgettable, on make, most propulsive, ultra masculine, un changing, stabile, most well-matured, more go getter, able pay, prismatic, un hurt, spun out, getting well, having faith in, more numbing, of substance, most lowtoned, more confiding, invigorated, most upscale, most pulsating, out a limb, un feigned, fullfigured, in credible, sur-prising, more death defying, more red blooded, worth a million, most brick wall, in going, in-filtrating, bustiest, take-over, un fluctuating, diskshaped, un conquerable, most minding, strong minded, more poised, up town, more undiffused, more highreaching, more brick-wall, more roughhewn, more concentrating, most nofooling, well provided for, most discoid, more full mouthed, saltest, over balancing, roly-poly, ruffianly, most tantalized, hued, cinchest, un curbed, re sounding, more nonbreakable, deathdefying, more echoing, most full-flavored, more powerhouse, more undefeatable, re-mote, in-separable, brave, main-line, most hard as nails, undefeatable, suspenseful, most steeled, most bruising, intent upon, super abundant, more steeled, more oldtimer, most strong arm, most earpiercing, un-flinching, carrying the load, most iron-willed, more immalleable, most wheedling, more tigerish, hard driving, over-bold, pre-dominant, more propertied, more canorous, re-served, out on limb, more transcendent, hale, steel-plated, upper-class, Lion-hearted, gutsy, validated, VETER, fine grained, more titillated, most high-reaching, in for long haul, re current, practical, most old timer, more overbold, most fulfilling, most well-conditioned, un forgettable, most razor-sharp, more rebounding, more muscled, most ill-bred, courageous, well-set, brawny, more toned, most well-suited, good as word, most razor sharp, most steelplated, most fireball, Iron-fisted, deep felt, steller, most secured, set in ways, un-wavering, well expressed, first class, reverberant, more hyper, back-slapping, steady going, un flappable, most wellestablished, long-continued, good enough, un creative, up par, conspicuous, most well-constructed, most immalleable, sharp as a tack, on mend, more blustering, on top of heap, un tamed, striking, fearless, more shatterproof, more hard shelled, most skintight, in destructible, un-controllable, more hard-driving, pre-dominate, undaring, built to last, goahead, up-town, more fourstar, bet on, most overbalancing, un-tamed, dynamic, stand tall, tragicomic, un-shaken, up-beat, most believeable, un compromising, trueblue, more backslapping, most deeptoned, utile, re-leased, know ropes, more applauded, most contracted, most edged, un-imaginative, imperious, more hard-shelled, filthy rich, most stretching, gone on, high ranking, in valuable, most chromatic, most utile, more ironfisted, most resolved, non porous, more cohesive, most titillated, in sensible, wellsuited, un-duest, most undecayed, always there, on up, 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built, un-blushing, more obtaining, most pulsing, stouter, most unwearying, most longish, hell bent, un flinching, ropy, more shooin, more well-expressed, set one ways, para-mount, noisy, re-stored, more attracted, Arrestive, more hard wearing, on go, un changeable, un-swerving, re-liable, most filling, head-long, pre pared, un beatable, go after, more fuddyduddy, most hard driving, ex act, re-gular, most predominate, most loud voiced, in temperate, serious-minded, most thick-bodied, un flagging, trenchant, up it, un broken, most doozie, fit, out weighing, most bulldogged, loud, more telling, most take over, extra ordinary, more full-flavored, safe, un anxious, daring, close grained, in comparable, accented, more loudvoiced, in tensest, puncher, major, unyielding, in charge, most drawing, re stored, most outweighing, un-assailable, un-decayed, smart as whip, almighty, whizest, dis charged, most unmodified, able, un adulterated, down to brass tacks, ironfisted, emphatic, behind one, 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zaftig, more unmixed, Gutty, un-breakable, un-fearful, be out for blood, like a pistol, un-mixed, Convictive, fore-most, more outstretched, strong as ox, most robustuous, un-afraid, un forgetful, hotblooded, most highprincipled, more steel-plated, pro fuse, un breakable, most unanxious, most disk shaped, more four star, more low toned, more effecting, inducing, unshaky, more guiding, un controllable, old, most caveman, full flavored, therest, topdrawer, low toned, undistorted, pre eminent, more gogetting, set stone, ex-act, death defying, stiff necked, right of center, un-shakable, in-comparable, un-manageable, upperclass, selfpossessed, up beat, more throbbing, un-wieldier, deeprooted, most bullish, topser, neverending, more ferrous, more high reaching, most self-willed, salter, solvent, more unanxious, Suasive, more wellconstructed, steelest, more muchpublicized, un-surpassed, most tanked, stretchier, intent up on, on level, up to speed, super duper, up to it, most pervading, most 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stable, most uncurbed, tireless, having know how, hard nosed, more trojan, more honed, Perseverant, most high level, In-going, well, un questioning, more mullish, ex-cited, more impavid, fine-grained, most brickwall, perked up, quick the trigger, sur passing, more enhanced, ex citing, boiled down, most chinup, un-refined, un-governed, multi-colored, pre-eminent, more razor-sharp, stocky, senior, knowing score, thick-bodied, impressive, un-fluctuating, more believeable, re-fulgent, in filtrating, more accented, highranking, un-changeable, fireball, well endowed, clear, most incorrupt, most thick bodied, un mistakable, purposive, whalest, more accomplishing, more wellsuited, Muscled, regular, low pitched, most well established, more low-toned, most splendiferous, more jockstrap, in tent, more true-to-life, ambitious, more wellset, hearty, more undecayed, in-surmountable, more globose, long lasting, bright eyed, most stressed, most wellconditioned, grinder, more wedged, ordered, 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twofisted, bigwheel, more compressed, most obtaining, more adjusted, most iron willed, most two-fisted, dominant, more hellacious, skilled, staying put, authoritarian, more crashed, clear cut, out-standing, shatterproof, more deep felt, most serving, familiar with, highup, in control, hot-dog, most outstretched, most avoirdupois, bulletproof, most undiffused, full mouthed, more two fisted, most serious minded, heavy-duty, most hotdog, most close-fitting, more ensconced, most echoing, most baritone, cincher, doing well, most ironfisted, un-restrained, zappiest, more fireball, most impliable, stout, strong as an ox, more swaying, most concluded, most shatterproof, un shrinking, un swayable, aper, no lie, most full flavored, smart alecky, hypedup, most hundred-proof, un yielding, on a trip, more wellbuilt, desperate, wellmade, adequate, ex tensive, healthy, mindless, more uplifted, over-powering, most achieving, set in one's ways, game, well-done, more healed, more dynamite, autocratic, 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