Pronunciation of Weakness
/wˈiːknəs/, /wˈiːknəs/, /w_ˈiː_k_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for weakness

strength, de-cree, staunchnesses, assurance, up shot, ballgame, velleity, indomitability, ex-cesses, out-looks, in-dentation, dynamism, advantageousness, arm, hardness, vinegars, durability, bigger half, ex-tent, containments, in-tolerances, de notations, heart desires, ex-tensions, volubilities, forebearances, linkings, de-liberations, pro mise, heftiness, ace hole, sway, imperishability, in susceptibility, toughness, virility, stomping grounds, restrictions, quick wittedness, in tensity, greater part, big ideas, ex tents, gallantry, un changeableness, Head-line, ex-tension, sub-stance, mind fors, fitness, solvings, conventionalism, un susceptibilities, stick-to-itivenesses, influence, oppression, pertness, pungency, hand, head-set, de fenses, pro position, up-sets, drawing powers, over sights, powers that be, Bravura, fortitude, high pitches, devotednesses, capability, Regnancy, armtwists, kidney, re nown, abidingnesses, dis positions, aheads, Brawniness, ex tension, hatred, might and mains, seductivenesses, heart's desires, bringing abouts, perseverance, inter-relationships, un-naturalness, eminence, enclave, firm-ness, wittiness, in heritances, Assertivenesses, ace in hole, re solutions, valorousness, ability, capacity, einsteins, significance, pro-duct, hole one, in-susceptibility, o, habilitations, persuasion, excellence, eupepsias, knowledge, expertisms, magistracy, guttiness, re liability, pro-mote, sensibleness, serious mindednesses, speciality, loathing, validness, Presidencies, greatness, power of endurance, oyster, get-up-and-go, dowry, under-scoring, ell, pebble, inter-cession, in tensenesses, un-changeableness, in-tuition, quickwittednesses, in-dependences, INS, pizzazz, Inclemencies, immobility, craftships, superabilities, vinegar, muscle, up to it, persistence, earnestness, fixedness, bigger halves, self possession, re-pair, be quest, greater parts, re lief, tensenesses, re-pairs, Abusiveness, over-sight, particular activity adeptnesses, predominancs, re sourcefulness, iron will, firm-nesses, tower of strength, un susceptibility, de feats, dis-tress, in clemencies, resoluteness, selfconfidence, moxie, morale, brawninesses, lionheartedness, tempestuousness, impermeability, dis-position, vertebraes, brute force, impliabilities, determination, medullae, manliness, grand slam, de-signs, pre potences, re-gard, drawing power, feather in cap, re-turns, prowess, efficacy, fore-sight, forte, sub ordination, willfulnesses, re turns, willfulness, self-discipline, de sire, out come, gooses, invincibility, longsuffering, Gifting, high pitch, tone color, de termination, passivity, self control, lion heartednesses, regency, skillfulnesses, weakness fors, powerhouse, strenuousnesses, tonicity, tyrranies, O's, re commendations, out-comes, feather cap, in elasticity, paramountcy, traditionalism, good omen, quick-wittedness, handclasps, sufferance, advantageousnesses, reach, with standing, re-solution, patience, inclemency, re-sonance, pro mises, re-courses, smartnesses, hearts desire, over sight, up-shots, de liberation, manlikeness, pro-fits, Muscularity, salubriousness, impenetrability, out look, continuings, ex actions, in-tuitions, Corey, graciousnesses, fixednesses, in flexibility, de fiance, in vincibility, bravuras, derring do, perfection, abidingness, containment, slow burn, even tempers, mesmerism, manfulness, stimulus, Monopolies, pro-visions, virtuosities, effectiveness, un-ravelling, tissue, merit, weakness for, ballgames, mind for, in-clemencies, superiority, up shots, de livery, bullseye, de cree, Giftedness, beefinesses, single mindednesses, extensivenesses, Potence, pro longing, political practice, wellness, pre eminence, pro positions, numina, re striction, single-mindedness, ex action, over-throws, pre dominations, in tenseness, re-commendations, sands, stoutnesses, gameness, inter relationship, purposivenesses, knowing way around, with-standings, fore sight, particular activity adeptness, super vision, under goings, continuousness, pro-cesses, pre-eminence, say so, well being, jump ons, imperishabilities, fixed purpose, valiance, Oes, endurings, command of language, a way with, leg-ups, valiancy, sensiblenesses, get up and go, validnesses, wizardries, re venues, mellifluousness, trustworthinesses, superintendencies, pro-motes, inter relationships, impenetrabilities, re-sources, marbles, bent, re gards, own accord, disinclination, be-quest, serious-mindedness, under-standings, fixed purposes, durablenesses, robustness, full head of steam, dependabilities, fore sights, sub missions, resolve, vital spark, mastership, pith, impliability, government, demesne, probity, willpower, single mindedness, qualification, driver seat, effectings, might, authority, frame mind, importance, plenty, healthfulnesses, winnings, Oysters, pressure, impermeabilities, nerve, mostests, long sufferings, predominations, potentiality, leg ups, requirements, in-vincibilities, even temper, ex pertness, up it, re sonances, Tissues, pre eminences, in-justice, resource, judicatures, dominance, non resistances, pre-disposition, what take, caliber, defeatings, constrait, graciousness, pursuance, unchangeablenesses, in sights, up rightness, lion-heartedness, pre disposition, pro cess, self discipline, ex tent, what it takes, Eupepsia, dis-sections, pre-dominations, stalwartnesses, spunk, conductions, freedom, selfreliance, captivatingnesses, hardiness, subjugations, de sert, mellifluousnesses, Witcheries, hold, propulsion, ginger, qualifiednesses, heart's desire, guttinesses, Har, pre dominance, malenesses, sub-mission, continuity, principality, serviceabilities, antipathy, mission accomplished, bull'seye, meaningfulnesses, pro-cess, un ravelling, de liberations, good healths, ingenuity, working overs, foreign matters, lion share, grit, predomination, constraits, forciblenesses, endowment, valor, suction, advantage, solidness, selfgovernment, intentness, undergoings, de-liveries, efficaciousness, gift, conventionalisms, brute forces, selfdisciplines, punch, regnancies, de crees, sedulity, inside story, pre valence, pre-domination, tenseness, convincingnesses, heroism, re pairs, powerhouses, sum substances, in-clemency, withstandings, in-flection, lustiness, nonresistances, leverage, de-feats, re pair, preponderance, full plays, leadership, de sires, in-elasticities, sub ordinations, talent, abusivenesses, renowns, full head steam, un restraint, un-changeablenesses, mettle, clean sweeps, derringdo, re turn, over-throw, unitings, momentum, thing for, fine feathers, pre potence, birr, plenty rope, one thing, victory, holding ups, desirability, directorships, command, handinesses, prepotence, power endurance, bravure, re courses, promise, firm ness, arm twist, de-sires, headset, influences, pro-mises, endurance, verve, impressiveness, legups, carrying outs, in-heritances, out comes, fury, in-elasticity, re-strictions, ex-positions, adulthoods, pluck, effort, pro vince, sayso, stiff upper lips, tightness, un-restraint, sum substance, validity, up rightnesses, high degree, whip hand, un changeablenesses, pro vision, statecraft, re sonance, sprightliness, horsepower, head-sets, captivatingness, wizardry, confidence, genuineness, cogency, transcendence, Ableness, top form, dependablenesses, out looks, de-notations, predominanc, singlemindedness, valorousnesses, with-standing, headsets, brawn, beef, in juries, super intendency, Prepotency, vitality, ex-pertness, steadiness, indefatigabilities, re serve, re actions, de liveries, in tents, allurings, max, action, preeminence, prolongings, underlinings, staying-power, working outs, heart, giftings, fore-sights, bastion, pro ducts, quickwittedness, stiff upper lip, in-jury, good condition, pro fits, super-vision, faith in oneself, maleness, hard as nail, the good, un-failingnesses, sub-missions, re-course, superability, forebearance, self restraint, sorting outs, cajolery, full swing, true grits, vertebral column, pre-potencies, leg up, clean sweep, inter-cessions, solidity, sub mission, in justices, in dentation, rule, full court press, Magistracies, super intendencies, tightnesses, de-fiance, masterships, value, tenacity, resolution, jump on, drivers seat, pre valences, super-visions, absolute rule, de-sign, pro-longing, un-failingness, mastery powers, Qualifiedness, what takes, over-throwing, de-feat, adulthood, serious-mindednesses, bull's eye, governance, pre dispositions, the formulas, in comes, trump, in dentations, in-dependencies, laissez faire, Excellencies, un-naturalnesses, sureness, Habilitation, success, rampancies, Durableness, drutherses, Vertebral Columns, dependability, stomping ground, good conditions, self-disciplines, levelheadedness, energy, selfpossession, re source, desirabilities, wildnesses, in-vincibility, chutzpah, firmness, bulls-eye, a way withs, utility, up-rightness, Intenseness, wildness, in flections, powers that bes, recklessness, absolute rules, lustinesses, in tuitions, seductiveness, under linings, unravellings, fixity, re percussion, dovetailings, full play, savoirfaire, de terminations, subduings, soundness, Cajoleries, intrepidity, mind, wire pullings, pre-potency, the goods, arm twists, re-serve, capableness, re solve, seriousmindedness, pro tractions, ablenesses, in works, self disciplines, expertism, magnetism, de-mesne, uprightness, enclaves, resistance, bravery, longsufferings, the golds, force, quick-wittednesses, effect, doggedness, directorship, re-striction, pro-vision, invulnerability, reign, nonresistance, pro-tractions, pre-potence, lionheartednesses, one things, ex cess, dis-positions, healthfulness, head lines, efficiency, predominance, mind set, demesnes, supremacy, serious mindedness, subjection, kick, lastingness, genius, re sourcefulnesses, devotedness, re-liabilities, re-liability, wheedlings, ex-position, super-intendency, propensity, good omens, conquerings, worthiness, POWS, integrity, the formula, ascendancy, huskiness, Kidneys, dis position, salubrities, capablenesses, serviceability, health, powers-that-be, single-mindednesses, trustworthiness, powers-that-bes, wittinesses, re citation, Extensiveness, substantialities, dis section, un-ravellings, up-set, in-come, pro-vince, rigor, flare up, dauntlessness, ones thing, pungencies, un restraints, long-sufferings, re-sonances, stalwartness, ferocities, in dependence, good health, the formulae, stamina, inter cession, inter cessions, be-quests, mis-fortunes, domination, out-come, hate, heart desire, in-flexibility, top forms, in-dependence, pluckiness, manfulnesses, bull-eye, potential, mastery power, pro-vinces, re-sourcefulness, tone colors, big idea, numen, re-serves, effectualness, Dowries, clean bills, tensile strength, ascendance, courage, foreign matter, druthers, clean bill, dower, in vincibilities, in clemency, selfcontrol, re citations, conduction, strenuousness, in-tensity, tower strength, self government, will powers, birrs, stableness, re cognitions, re-percussion, knowhow, de mesne, up-rightnesses, dis tress, hus, grand slams, ex-cess, solidnesses, self confidence, in sight, tautness, masterlinesses, skillfulness, strong point, in elasticities, re percussions, coreys, re strictions, under-going, weightinesses, transcendences, re-lief, goodness, pro fit, obstinances, HU, dis sections, dominion, full court presses, legup, witchery, cleverness, assertiveness, what it take, under standings, pilotage, effectuality, continuousnesses, de-liberation, pro-traction, know how, MACHOS, re-commendation, de-livery, purposiveness, Intellectuality, pro vinces, gift gab, under standing, under going, winning overs, weightiness, sub stances, de sign, hardihood, manhood, unchangeableness, mesmerisms, sum and substances, rightness, knowing way arounds, fine feather, bull eye, pre-potences, duress, sum and substance, tautnesses, re-solves, strong arm, unfailingnesses, stick to itiveness, judicature, de-fenses, in tuition, de-crees, un naturalness, de feat, stick to itivenesses, staying power, re-cognition, inter-relationship, discipline, pre potency, constancy, ex-pertnesses, auspices, in dependencies, sorting out, non resistance, power, vital sparks, might main, indomitableness, independency, pre domination, purposefulness, self reliance, the right stuffs, puissance, responsibility, political practices, Elbowroom, ace the hole, command language, convincingness, canninesses, jurisdiction, indifference, re venue, de notation, agency, virtuosity, sub stance, breastworks, re-venues, precocity, pow, re-citations, immunity, over throws, peppiness, unfailingness, backbone, stick-to-itiveness, vigor, pro-mise, righteousness, lions share, whip hands, stoutness, sedulities, prepotences, under-taking, pro traction, dis-section, quick wits, staunchness, hoppers, up sets, will power, horsepowers, mostest, re-nown, under lining, pre-valence, salubriousnesses, over throw, volubility, trustiness, gutsiness, immovability, dislike, presidency, pro-positions, persuasiveness, re-source, FEDS, protection, mastery, in susceptibilities, Braveness, under-standing, de-terminations, de-fiances, de-termination, de signs, the makings, lion heartedness, immovabilities, subjugation, in-sight, in flexibilities, Specialities, strength of purpose, handiness, un naturalnesses, boiling points, un-susceptibilities, hardinesses, in-tolerance, pre-eminences, un ravellings, up-shot, inelasticity, true grit, PEBBLES, flareup, de-sert, might and main, re-solve, indefatigability, dis tresses, armtwist, the feds, in heritance, craftship, un failingnesses, mis fortunes, pre-dominance, inelasticities, pepper, morality, go, in work, Non-resistance, efficacies, in-flexibilities, re commendation, elbowrooms, ex-action, de-notation, artistry, meaningfulness, truculency, wire pulling, cunnings, fight, rectitude, pre dominances, in-tensenesses, out-look, obstinance, potency, statecrafts, ex pertnesses, squeeze, sufferances, rabidities, dynamisms, enough, ex-actions, re solution, supreme authorities, indomitabilities, flair, subjections, impressivenesses, super visions, excellency, arm-twist, own accords, powerfulness, the gold, in the work, high degrees, pro visions, ruggedness, sub-ordinations, dint, aptitude, re solves, under-lining, bulleye, control, sub-stances, stability, virtuousness, HARS, seriousmindednesses, emphasis, expertise, vim, in tent, de-sire, Canniness, sturdiness, guts, in-heritance, substantiality, lastingnesses, under-goings, proneness, sand, tolerance, faith oneself, beefiness, ex-tents, Re-turn, dis-tresses, stoutheartedness, thing fors, in-dependency, re cognition, fixities, under taking, re-percussions, boiling point, in jury, be quests, lion-heartednesses, passivities, re-venue, intensenesses, un failingness, tyrrany, wellbeing, peppers, touch, pre potencies, dependableness, pro-longings, invincibilities, hearts desires, empire, hard as nails, re course, re-citation, over throwing, adepts, re-solutions, strength purpose, longanimities, grip, Forcibleness, over-sights, under-takings, bulls eye, non-resistances, serviceableness, purpose, arm-twists, de fiances, head sets, the making, in come, quick wittednesses, might mains, re sources, singlemindednesses, intensity, worthinesses, decision, salubrity, longanimity, faculty, in-dentations, yieldings, dash, Tensile Strengths, in-sights, mis fortune, super-intendencies, the right stuff, in the works, up set, underscorings, breastwork.