Pronunciation of Wisdom
/wˈɪsdəm/, /wˈɪsdəm/, /w_ˈɪ_s_d_ə_m/

Antonyms for wisdom

impracticality, slip up, misspeaks, insensitivity, dropping ball, indiscreetnesses, zaninesses, jive, simplemindednesses, daftness, unseasonableness, in-sanities, in comprehension, simple-mindedness, in science, unwiseness, fiddlesticks, un-consciousnesses, lunacy, dis-tractions, feeble-mindedness, dis-regard, BSS, be-wilderments, stupidity, in-discretions, ingenuousness, inexperience, lack education, un-scholarlinesses, simple mindednesses, mis-cues, incomprehension, Misspeak, foul-ups, in-sensibilities, horse feather, non sense, un soundness, half-knowledges, nescience, non-sense, simple mindedness, in-sensibility, slip-up, un seemliness, foul ups, carelessness, un consciousness, in sensibility, in sciences, inopportuneness, simple-mindednesses, un seemlinesses, in-sensitivities, non senses, mis takes, fool tricks, insensitivities, un familiarity, dottiness, un-scholarliness, illiteracy, mental incapacities, JA, densenesses, in-science, mis judgments, zaniness, dis traction, absurdnesses, in congruity, in congruities, un enlightenment, witlessnesses, excitabilities, un-soundnesses, dumb thing do, emptyheadednesses, misunderstanding, witlessness, Fooleries, thoughtlessness, uncouthnesses, feeblemindedness, in discreetness, dis tractions, injudiciousness, imbecility, half knowledges, babble, in sensitivities, recklessness, mis speaks, be-wilderment, fool mistake, error, mis speak, incomprehensions, in-sanity, ingenuousnesses, in capacity, tommyrot, carryings-on, empty headedness, inexpedience, misguidedness, feeble mindednesses, dumb thing to do, un reasonablenesses, shallowness, denseness, Puerilities, untimeliness, Sciolism, in-advisability, carrying-on, in advisability, dis-traction, half-knowledge, un-consciousness, stupidnesses, mutterings, weakmindednesses, in-sciences, banana, folly, philistinisms, in-sensitivity, irrationality, dis-regards, inadvisability, in-discretion, in discreetnesses, bunkum, in-comprehensions, battiness, weak mindednesses, obtusenesses, Jas, un-reasonablenesses, thickheadedness, misapprehension, in-congruity, obliquity, jives, Psychoses, indiscreetness, in comprehensions, dumb trick, screw ups, un awarenesses, unenlightenments, in-discreetness, simplemindedness, nitwittedness, unenlightenment, idiocies, in-judiciousnesses, nonsensicalities, mis judgment, un-enlightenments, fool trick, brainlessness, in judiciousnesses, mis-cue, infeasibility, un-enlightenment, thickheadednesses, mis cue, un enlightenments, mental incapacity, in discretion, callowness, mis-take, fatuousness, in-judiciousness, crudeness, fool mistakes, emptyheadedness, in-capacities, unscholarliness, nitwittednesses, rantings, brainlessnesses, foulups, idle talks, weakmindedness, unwisenesses, un scholarlinesses, slip ups, obtuseness, in-advisabilities, carryings on, insciences, in-discreetnesses, shallownesses, pre tenses, slip the tongue, fatuousnesses, dis regards, psychosis, flapdoodle, imprudence, in-capacity, in-congruities, shortsightedness, halfknowledges, mis-takes, weak-mindedness, slip of tongue, puerility, miscalculation, lack of education, un-seemliness, feeblemindednesses, feeble-mindednesses, Inscience, doltishness, mis-speak, un-awareness, weak mindedness, un-seemlinesses, be wilderments, weak-mindednesses, un reasonableness, thick-headedness, heedlessness, thick headednesses, foolery, be wilderment, instability, unfamiliarity, in sensibilities, tattlings, irresponsibility, in sensitivity, mis-judgment, fatuity, nonsensicality, Asininity, unscholarlinesses, injudiciousnesses, inadvisabilities, un-awarenesses, irresponsibilities, dottinesses, asininities, absurdity, in sanities, excitability, dumb tricks, un consciousnesses, in-comprehension, empty headednesses, preposterousness, unreasonableness, thick-headednesses, un-familiarities, screw-ups, un scholarliness, misguidednesses, half knowledge, mis take, bunkums, gossip, thick headedness, uncouthness, in judiciousness, pre-tense, un-soundness, jabberings, empty-headednesses, silliness, crudenesses, dis regard, dumb move, carryingon, misconception, sciolisms, callownesses, mis-speaks, doltishnesses, pre tense, stupidness, un familiarities, foolishness, indiscretion, gushings, inability, hooey, foul-up, Obliquities, foulup, in sanity, empty-headedness, flapdoodles, illogic, dropping the ball, in advisabilities, daftnesses, halfknowledge, ignorance, inexpediency, rudeness, absurdness, slip-ups, un-reasonableness, carryingson, innocence, philistinism, ineptness, simplicity, mis cues, in discretions, idle talk, dumb moves, tactlessnesses, battinesses, feeble mindedness.