Pronunciation of Withering
/wˈɪðəɹɪŋ/, /wˈɪðəɹɪŋ/, /w_ˈɪ_ð_ə_ɹ_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for withering

most crescive, comeback, more unweaned, re-splendent, be-ginning, boskier, bloom, more pullulating, more nascent, unweaned, salad days, most younger, un-developed, expanding, recuperation, un-weaned, milk-fed, more beardless, most milkfed, most milk-fed, most fledgling, more vegetating, flowerings, buddings, more milk-fed, in experienced, incipient, most amplifying, most germinal, more developing, unfledged, most opening, boskiest, more undried, more mushrooming, pubescent, more crescive, undried, snapback, more opening, convalescence, more burgeoning, more beginning, mending, more half formed, splendiferous, re-fulgent, shooting up, most germinating, more unfledged, un grown, most blossoming, most dilating, more swelling, thrivings, un-ripe, growth, most undecayed, resplendent, juvenile, half-formed, bosky, most pullulating, most waxing, most swelling, more germinating, in-experienced, more amplifying, un-dried, more dilating, more foliate, most halfformed, flourishings, sub-lime, more germinal, beardless, more augmenting, more fledgling, springtime, nascent, more ungrown, most sprouting, be ginning, more blossoming, re cent, respectful, more younger, most foliate, florescence, most nascent, un-ripest, foliate, REHAB, ripening, verduous, un decayed, constructive, un-riper, recovery, rally, un sophisticated, un fledged, more splendiferous, most burgeoning, un weaned, most fructifying, more sprouting, re splendent, floruit, milkfed, blossoming, most unweaned, half formed, germinal, stretching, un ripe, most mushrooming, un ripest, un dried, most augmenting, un-fledged, un-grown, most pubescent, more half-formed, Undecayed, most undried, most vegetating, more waxing, most verduous, more stretching, glossy, rehabilitation, more fructifying, most half formed, milk fed, most beginning, most beardless, more expanding, developings, most milk fed, Crescive, most stretching, halfformed, un-seasoned, maturation, more undecayed, bursting forth, more milk fed, un-decayed, more verduous, more pubescent, ungrown, flower, un seasoned, budding, sub lime, more halfformed, growing, most splendiferous, development.