Pronunciation of Withhold
/wɪðhˈə͡ʊld/, /wɪðhˈə‍ʊld/, /w_ɪ_ð_h_ˈəʊ_l_d/

Antonyms for withhold

put on airs, dis-plays, inter acted, re-porting, waving around, go pieces, bring view, bend an ear, came through with, bare expense, being partial to, be tokened, depends up on, didst ones best, re tail, de ducted, deputes, all owing, re-tails, art instrumental, Tallied, remises, intrust, bringing forward, get together, gives word, come out the closet, re turning, gave the old college try, give back, up dated, had portion of, blazon, plunking down, made public, dis charges, intimate, be source of, feathering, un-tangling, try ones hardest, making an effort, doth one's best, de-scending, goes with the flow, ante up, puts cards on table, putting on map, releasing, drops hint, fake it, de-briefing, de-fine, hadst nose to grindstone, signs over, blurting out, be-spoken, putting on to, showing one face, over saw, in toning, in-scribing, dis-locate, take off as, pulls trigger, trans muted, writes, fore warns, put forth, admitting defeat, am drivers seat, came apart, ex acting, coughing up, ex posed, puts before, un ravels, attest, art a sign of, acting out, de noted, warrant, rendering role, being in drivers seat, was big, get under way, acquits oneself, trying one hardest, ex-pounds, hand carries, had a crack, doeth one's best, de duct, give way, leave word, recite, pulling strings, fixt upon, inter-faces, radiographing, deposited with, re lay, are tune, Re sign, pro positioned, wast assistance, wert source of, inflict, tells on, have ones nose to grindstone, marches review, toes mark, gat one chest, pre-scribe, signs off on, leave behind, being in saddle, putting out patrol, in-scribe, bringing down house, sees something coming, running off mouth, under-going, chime in, re marks, fore warn, spieled, setting apart, ex-pounded, un furling, super-intending, in sinuated, tipping off, bowing to, dropping a note, gotten things rolling, hefts, brake one's back, re present, deal out, act out, stooled, admitted defeat, letted all hang out, untwist, gets through, come through with, comes terms, opening view, head up, sweetens pot, pops off, art ruined, opens ones heart, making aware, dost the honors, come like, bend ear, puts for sale, grand standing, be-stows, brings down the house, be friended, opened ones mouth, giving the facts, gotten on soapbox for, relate, fore-run, going the airwaves, going the air, super intend, in voice, inter faces, vocalize, giving low-down, put circulation, in creasing, has nose grindstone, come down high horse, wast drivers seat, spake of, letting one's hair down, Re-present, torpedoed, give verbal account, fore knew, habituate, doeth a turn, are the driver seat, soliloquize, breaking a story, pamper, breaks news, hadst a swing at, gat down brass tacks, folded up, un tangle, re lax, green light, liked better, was party to, indulge, pre faces, in-trusting, haddest a swing at, affirm, hangs sign on, gat ones chest, went fifty-fifty, cast, pointing to, drawing forth, letted slip, de ciphers, in voices, fixing with, wises, re-proving, stumbled upon, letting know, tabbed, gave an inkling, be the air, lays ones feet, giving ring, gave to, gave call, doth a bit, waves around, bringing down the house, gets ink for, de posited, pro visions, radio graphed, dis placed, in vents, doing one bit, calender, de-nude, fixt up on, lower oneself, laid it out, forming front, re-bate, dis patching, hadst ones nose to grindstone, uncurling, re telling, de frayed, give vent to, beared expense, establish contact, give green light, stays line, un-blocks, re join, leaved evidence, passed for, dropped hint, dump on, fore shadowed, putting print, fork out, is party to, dont rock the boat, works in, de-vised, showcase, out-fit, be in driver's seat, coming down off high horse, resigned to, ex-haling, pro duce, re prove, laid one's feet, un tying, bringing word, un-shrouds, give, beared cost, un loading, making clean breast of, give the skinny on, lets cat out of the bag, wert in the driver's seat, speaking ones piece, de-sign, clue one in, wast in driver's seat, comply, did a bit, tip hand, faking it, make clear, putting on line, giving the lowdown, sub scribed, wert party to, doth one bit, ticked off, laid down law, de-livering, handed, uncrease, Victualing, became tender, keeps touch, ex-tort, re-quire, re tiring, pushing for, putting in hands of, in-form, call it, makes effort, wert partial to, dropt the hammer, in-forming, are ruined, levels with, up grades, are in the driver seat, lets cat out the bag, sweated details, in-sinuating, pro-curing, pro viding, is in driver's seat, is on the air, un tangled, got off ones chest, made over, make run at, doeth ones part, gotten the act, get down to brass tacks, hanging sign on, pro duces, fore shows, de noting, dis-entangle, de clares, multi-plied, para phrase, tele-vised, pro cured, are turned to, un-wound, wert positive, conveniencing, were tune, up holding, untwisting, be-tokening, associate with, laid down, lay on the line, pro tract, de claimed, trans-planting, over-seen, have a crack, art party to, hadst a hand in, made clean breast of, hadst a shot at, suffered defeat, drafted correspondence, bring to, dis playing, Trolled, calenders, performs, pro-viding, gives it one's best shot, haddest swing at, pointed to, dis-ported, in stilled, ex torts, doeth best, inter-viewing, let, gave the lowdown, being in tune, re legate, bore the cost, letting be known, opens one heart, rendered role, talk down to, be service, give as example, gotten one's chest, payed down, got down brass tacks, tried one's hardest, works like a dog, pre figured, gave blow-by-blow, give forth, was saddle, go on the air, didst one bit, give up, have ones nose grindstone, de ploying, break one back, come up with, Tendering, in sinuate, be in the driver seat, laid one, being big, is touch, breaking down, sate take it, paid dues, re members, art saddle, go into detail, untwists, give a report, being turned to, pre-scribing, be partial to, pays down, de-scended, is a party to, dis-charged, pre-figuring, giving rise to, keeping touch, re-tort, am use, up-date, hard sold, is visible, offering up, had swing at, Gassed, refer to, puts up for sale, did a number, chiming in, re cording, re ached, art turned to, sit top of, diagraming, was in touch, gave back, passes hat, up-surges, Provisioned, stayed in line, has a crack, pro-positions, do one part, passes the word, degrades oneself, re-plenishing, being in touch, brings word, dis-patching, mis spends, laid down the law, devote, put in appearance, end owed, dopes out, opens view, Victualed, span yarn, dedicate, dis-entangles, sparing rod, re gales, humbling oneself, belly up, opened mouth, take a stab, putting up front, be-gotten, in-spire, stumble upon, am courteous, draws forth, in stilling, didst bit, kiss goodbye, be sold for, stopple, Mooted, is the driver's seat, bears cost, blurts out, threw in, does ones best, break news, flaked out, art the saddle, does one's best, un-bosomed, relying upon, leave to, de ducting, carry, talk into, ex plicated, pro posed, takes a stab, supplying, got through, opens fire, staid in line, has shot at, puts on line, expound, wast sign of, meted out, apportion, wert touch, passes word, let be known, opened one's mouth, dis-covering, breaks one's neck, dis-integrated, re-spect, re-leased, gave an introduction, move for, presses agent, drop, throws wide, speaking of, pro-motes, giving fair warning, made every effort, left evidence, appealing to, Trolling, was shown, giving parts, give it to, pre ceding, busted in, gets off one chest, cede, opens one mouth, made plain, Experiencing, de scribes, fix up with, bulking up, Docketed, in-venting, brake one back, over-indulges, pro claims, gets ones chest, share, have portion of, ex-changing, shed, de-pended, being a sign of, re-cites, giving expression, got in the act, putting in circulation, struggle, strikes a pose, spake about, coming around, bring out into open, put front, Provisioning, dis-cards, heads up, springing on, unbolting, dont make waves, associates with, goes public, throwing light upon, corked, bring out in to the open, puffing up, Demised, censusses, fingered the pie, distribute, going air, makes for, re-gale, Sharks, prepay, up holds, de posit, un done, made noise, hath one nose to grindstone, are in driver seat, dis carded, lays up on, give oneself over, gives thumbs up, goes bankrupt, be-friending, puts on view, dis tribute, cracked the whip, use up, playact, lets ones hair down, are in saddle, fore-shadowed, laid on the line, forced up on, be in touch, call attention to, sacrifice, Unshut, doth turn, re-dressing, hadst one nose grindstone, giving blank check, put line, un-masked, pull the wires, stretch out, simulcasted, out laid, called it quits, didst one's bit, left tracks, be-coming, traded, de-fray, de-noted, fore casts, un stop, phonate, crack the whip, concerns oneself, crystals ball it, in-cline, dis-charges, sectioning, bellies up, yakkety-yakking, assign, wert in the saddle, un-fasten, demeaned oneself, letting in on, keep count, art of assistance, prepared draft, be-stowed, ex plaining, lay one's feet, broadcast, sticks it to, being ruined, de liver, am party to, letted know, gave pointer, divulge, re counting, sate still for, re affirming, re plenishes, are shown, working like a dog, Docketing, ex plicates, putting forth, gives a tip, does for effect, being conducive, wrought like dog, in venting, puts wise to, evoted, de vise, ex-tending, dost a turn, inter-acts, make over, gives with, appears as, dost a bit, give with, in-stance, dealt out, de-claimed, pay half, forks up, go on air, working in, co operated, art near, para-phrasing, de-creed, being of use, be the driver seat, put the market, gave it to, be turned to, haddest hand in, in vite, didst honors, puts circulation, go the airwaves, having ones nose to grindstone, am positive, did one part, don't make waves, parting with, has swing at, making scene, bring out in to open, play game, brake a story, go along, arrived at, did one best, ex-pending, was air, give the goahead, colorcasting, invested with, re dress, moving for, whips out, re-funds, lend-leased, de pose, accord, pre-figures, de-pends, dis perse, re-paying, pouring forth, breaking one's back, un-veiled, tries hardest, be game for, resign to, making book, re-joining, under takes, make book, letted cat out of bag, forked up, de claim, commend, de means, hath one nose grindstone, ex-pire, pro-cures, rang up, inter views, lead in to, un stops, ex-plicate, sit and take it, give it ones best shot, fingered in the pie, art positive, out-line, broke ones back, super-intended, inter acting, consented to, pro-vision, be-speaking, in-sert, re mark, look after, did business, tips hand, give call, coming apart, promulgate, divides with, carving up, de-scribed, wise up, signify, re-stores, leads in to, am turned to, call quits, giving verbal account, ex pounds, re locate, un-latches, bulks up, called up on, looks after, go on airwaves, in-stilled, draft correspondence, gets off chest, make show, knuckle to, de sired, kept in touch, de-note, stretched out, fore bodes, get in with, do the honors, hath swing at, hadst portion of, passes the hat, carry the torch, de-pending, de-sired, un-fastened, re signed, be driver seat, went the air, carry torch, de-signs, gives the low-down, de ployed, air, ex pound, de positing, parcels out, fix upon, holds forth, tacked on, trans-planted, un shut, lived with, de picts, barraging, piece up, goes on the air, come terms, give introduction, refers to, gat horn, issue, super-intend, spread around, in-toning, Parceled, gave an account of, using up, in filtrate, rolling over play dead, re member, tenders, gave the goahead, render to, in-voices, give words to, showed tell, spoke for, gets on horn, yeses one, gat ink for, spring on, having portion of, worming in, going public, hadst confidence of, dis-covers, resigned oneself to, rationing, give go ahead, taxiing, giving one's best shot, let it hang out, giving way, leaved with, demeaning oneself, leaving to, broke the news, pours on, granting permission, lays forward, don't rock boat, went on air, para phrased, care for, tenderize, pro-rated, fore-tells, hath a portion of, consents to, holding with, gives take, in-tending, striking as, radiographed, puts to, got with, take care of, dis closing, spared rod, hold reins, bear cost, be friend, give and take, giving warning, takes a crack, coming terms, declare, un-corks, pro-fess, doing for effect, let it be known, leads to, caved in, sounds off, de scribing, hast nose to grindstone, had one's nose to grindstone, deal in, giving goahead, clues one in, wast in saddle, pulling wires, re-hearse, de-ducting, bid for, art service, de-vise, saw fit, birthed, come on like, aliening, opening one's mouth, striking attitude, bringing back, reaffirmed, appearing as, de-noting, out-spreads, filled in, bringing out into open, un sealing, gave ones best shot, pre ceded, puts in two cents, ex plain, in-tend, hast crack, ex cretes, multi-plying, voice, finger in the pie, psyching, be speak, blow whistle, trans-posing, get soapbox for, warn, being of assistance, deeding, outlaid, making run at, brake one's neck, in-vent, occupies oneself, pro long, put the line, doeth a number, taking a part of, be quest, staying line, in voiced, opened out, springs for, dis patched, counter signs, playing back, re-lied, got ink for, brought out into the open, collapse, came out the closet, laid bare, put in circulation, gets on soapbox for, laying upon, re cognizes, fingering in the pie, signed up, doth part, be ruined, give rundown, supply, giving the go ahead, cuing, lotted out, pro create, gives introduction, lead off, giving forth, doest number, re-quired, owns up, spieling, vesting in, lends a hand, accouch, asservate, confer, deliver, be friends, meting out, de-tailing, circumstantiate, put air, drop line, carried torch, dost one's bit, comes to terms, smoke out, hath a shot at, pull strings, makes a motion, dis-courses, Unlatching, de-posits, laying at feet, kisses goodbye, lend-leases, open one heart, re warding, putting wise to, laying it out, rationed, fore-knowing, giving tip, seeing coming, ex-act, out-lines, be trays, yakkety-yaks, introes, piecing up, ring up, let one's hair down, lay down the law, hast hand in, make effort, rendered the role, is driver's seat, un-shroud, gifting with, Disported, Unstop, re-presented, make a pitch, bust in, Unshackle, lay feet, referencing, prepare draft, showing face, be-tokened, gat under way, being the driver's seat, brake one neck, opened doors, in-filtrating, de-nudes, ex-pend, convenienced, conked out, reveal, unbosoms, hit on, re-warded, being a party to, give nod, give a tip, bring forward, lays on line, did honors, doest ones bit, re capping, being the air, showing ones face, parades wares, un-furled, re-calls, un-creased, puts on the line, being use, bringing out into the open, Stoppling, fink on, gives skinny on, picked off, sub scribing, re-cording, Optate, was on air, gave carte blanche, Mouthed, be stow, putting up a front, fold up, went all out, were game for, re plenish, drop a hint, gave to do, un clothes, sub-sides, break a story, ex hale, comes out the closet, throw in the towel, wast partial to, signing up, was in the saddle, hath nose grindstone, un-raveled, attends to, trans late, Remise, plugs away, pour it on, making noise, de legate, de signing, trans pose, dividing with, going dutch, un covered, mis-spend, came around, in-fused, runs off at mouth, feeds the kitty, brought forward, unmask, wert courteous, touching on, un latch, makes over, unlatched, wast in touch, ex-claims, puts to something, be turned on to, symbolling, dispense, wast party to, be in saddle, give a pointer, are game for, in-fuse, vests in, puts map, de-fined, fly specks, kept touch, gives oneself over, dropped note, under taken, do ones bit, sate for, doth bit, dost a number, go bankrupt, hotdog, got off chest, sat top of, were of assistance, yakkety yakked, are the driver's seat, de vote, makes a scene, un wrapping, brought word, in-sinuate, decides up on, having a swing at, gave voice, bring out into the open, broke down, be-comes, made deal, dost one bit, payed back, puts on the market, be stowing, exerts oneself, doing one's bit, tip one's hand, is in the driver's seat, worked like dog, turn over to, roll over and play dead, apprived, being in driver seat, put across, doest honors, present, popped off, am a sign of, de mean, fell down, shape up, is in tune, put in the hands of, let have, dost bit, pony up, fore-knew, place disposal, calling attention to, putting on market, makes pitch for, appeal to, recapitulate, un raveling, allocate, hitting on, pulling the strings, re-proved, ex claiming, ex-haled, let fly, fore-casting, does the honors, belting out, made a pitch, be of use, are the drivers seat, becomes insolvent, going in with, break one neck, sit in on, put view, give expression, up graded, de pending, cater to, in scribes, putting flea ear, chimed in, be tray, holds the reins, lays open, go all out, ex-acted, cutting pie, pro visioned, symboling, fore show, de scants, forerunning, fore warned, re-locates, gives blow by blow, de-meaning, coming out closet, gives the skinny on, tele-phoned, having one's nose to grindstone, makes book, reach out, reel off, sitting in on, sit on, be-tokens, ex changing, doest turn, had one nose to grindstone, being touch, runs mouth, wast driver seat, sub due, struck pose, smokes out, dropt hint, dis burden, was in saddle, wert in saddle, did one's part, un-winding, un folded, re corded, un twist, un-close, laid down arms, give word, are in driver's seat, post, hadst nose grindstone, re-spects, feed, ex pire, re-mise, giving a tip, tele-casts, abandon, cut pie, interact, de-tailed, had one nose grindstone, re commend, gave evidence, de-duct, re-tailing, keeping posted, throws lead, un-fold, ex plains, was drivers seat, brake news, sits on, deploy, gotten off one chest, dis placing, Unbosomed, wert of use, being tune, go in to details, Re-turn, saw something coming, made effort, parcelled out, fingers the pie, intro, dost for effect, descriptioning, re cognizing, laid forward, keep in touch, gave it one's best shot, going on air, ministering to, were sold for, call the shot, re-treated, reaffirming, be touch, personized, putting something, give account, un-roll, letting slip, rolled out, re-producing, de briefs, crystalling ball it, goes into details, bequesting, hamming, wast in the driver's seat, fly specked, ex-changed, went public, lets cat out bag, march review, goes in to details, were shown, carved up, dis-integrates, Lipping, re-moving, ballyhooed, opened ones heart, un roll, de-picts, untwisted, dis-burse, pro-positioning, go even-steven, re couped, sticking to, tossed it in, threw the sponge, wert ruined, conferred trust, haddest one's nose grindstone, give blow-by-blow, hyping, calling quits, foreshown, making a deal, forked out, sprung with, ex-plains, bended an ear, pre-pare, fan out, commune with, trans ported, de-porting, sets down, pass the hat, anteing up, does one's part, exteriorize, wert instrumental, take as, do one's part, diagramed, talks into, puff up, made amends, conks out, goes halves, cutting the pie, foster, rats on, dis cussed, spins yarn, lend leasing, give boost to, un closed, re joins, out laying, had confidence of, un-bend, took a crack, de-scant, opens ones mouth, break story, lent hand, souped up, art touch, intonate, ex-hale, wert sign of, am source of, send out, perspire, re-couped, tele-phone, laying one's feet, giving one best shot, turned over to, have hand in, dis place, art the driver seat, dis-locates, tele phones, having one's nose grindstone, pulled the wires, uncorked, dis-patch, send, give two cents, renders role, re presents, in-vents, giving a blank check, un doing, de-tach, foreshowing, bows to, puts charge of, de livering, ratting on, lay, make scene, fixt up with, mis spent, re moving, decide up on, auspicated, put the air, Handing, doest ones best, were in the saddle, do one bit, brings out into the open, hast a crack, owned up, paying dues, laying line, say passing, gave way, made book, stick to, grant, reeled out, makes handsome, bade for, trans-muted, piggybacking, taking off as, pre sent, inter-acting, putting on guard, was touch, re bating, run mouth, starts ball rolling, passes on, drop a note, in-vested, trans-pose, letted in on, hast a portion of, plunked down, am the air, give old college try, be getting, re signing, inter posing, bring down the house, give to, going for broke, doing ones bit, throwing the sponge, pro cure, lets it hang out, came out of closet, re quested, doeth ones bit, lays at one's feet, return, ran off at mouth, spring for, de ported, belts out, re-capped, subscribe to, stoppered, slip in, are driver seat, colorcasts, did one bit, beared fruit, un-twisting, hand-carrying, having crack, de note, wast on the air, goes on air, poured forth, retells, re-telling, ex-pound, un loads, talks down to, am air, pro-longing, giving facts, tossing it in, put on line, pre sage, spun a yarn, were close to, un bolts, ex plicating, break back, shows face, attending to, giving an introduction, dropped a line, gat chest, giving it one best shot, gives a blank check, gift with, utter, work in, catapulting, un-curls, go in with, have a swing at, went air, bends ear, getting out system, resigns oneself to, de voting, goes on the airwaves, Intrusted, give the nod, laying it on the line, fits out, paving way, un latches, tote, fore-showed, lets know, putting in two cents, cut one in, puts the air, threw wide, leading into, let all hang out, letted hang out, are on, evotes, throwing light up on, striking an attitude, sub-scribes, chimes in, interacting, Retold, un furled, fore known, out lining, pro cures, telegraphs, lets fly, fans out, is of assistance, dis burses, measured out, re-cord, do one's bit, yakkety yakking, un does, de scanted, re commends, putting in print, yesses one, co unselling, Grand-stand, soft selling, Volunteering, am conducive, lend leased, goes bust, throws the towel, de-ploys, art the driver's seat, gives expression, hang sign on, peacocked, unbar, portaging, went evensteven, spare the rod, pyramidded, re-paid, getting soapbox for, pour on, re capitulate, re cord, letting cat out of the bag, legated, spoiling rotten, looked after, co-axing, ex pending, giving to do, belt out, out-fitted, caters to, put forward, am service, enunciate, in-forms, diffuses, was the driver's seat, un-shackling, un-corking, is source of, de-briefed, dis locates, do best, re bates, simulcasts, giving the low down, am big, come out of closet, were drivers seat, turning over to, payed dues, fore showed, subscribed to, admit, gives do, gets things rolling, soup up, go fiftyfifty, lets all hang out, endeavor, pro-mises, transfer, de-scanting, pre faced, finked on, un rolled, gave go ahead, pre pays, iced, doeth turn, re affirms, put on the line, had nose to grindstone, concede, dropping the hammer, laying on line, give the old college try, pick off, bids for, spoilt rotten, wast of use, throw light upon, brings back, suffering defeat, re-hashes, stay line, brings to, doest a turn, touched on, un-folding, didst ones bit, gives parts, taking battle stations, all-owed, gets it up, point to, put out patrol, ex-tend, dis plays, in vent, being on the air, referring to, put on view, interfaces, testifying to, were sign of, ballyhooing, re marked, re-solved, wert sold for, having a crack, dime, throws light upon, hard selling, be in the drivers seat, haddest a hand in, letted it hang out, dealt in, contribute, dimed, re peat, breaking story, authored, ex pends, fore know, let hang out, un-does, sits in on, didst one's part, Inventoried, personizes, be comes, out fits, putting on the line, giving back, de-frays, fanned out, gapped, suffer, alluding to, re-questing, didst turn, tries one hardest, evote, pulling the trigger, doeth business, hotdogging, dost ones bit, slices up, borned, break, in-spires, tip off, putting in the hands of, dis charged, depended up on, un twists, payed off, uncork, parceled out, make a show, catalogged, giving carte blanche, be big, dis covers, signaturing, gives a call, give the lowdown, did bit, has hand in, breaking one back, dis entangling, forearmed, accede, grand stands, propones, endorse, going on the airwaves, comes out of closet, un coil, show tell, uncoils, gave an account, gives go-ahead, laying on the line, in vested, fore-knows, re capped, give report, re ceding, got chest, dis-entangling, hath ones nose grindstone, dis-integrating, dis-carding, re paying, unshackles, be tokens, dower, give to do, super vised, grand-standing, drave in, dispatch, inflect, giving voice, re moved, have nose grindstone, muscled in, humoring, un veiling, repudiate, throwing wide, putting line, showing tell, inter viewed, uses up, out spread, de signs, dealing out, re-gales, ex pressed, pay out, descriptioned, portage, Knuckled, leaving behind, throwing sponge, ministered to, further, breaks one's back, got in act, Intrusting, spun yarn, de-liver, tele phoning, giving it ones best shot, beared the cost, fore-armed, explain, re-eking, unclothe, roll out, re hashed, doth number, throw in, is in the driver seat, slips in, taxi, Parcelled, gives the nod, go evensteven, surrender, demeans oneself, re-bated, subscribes to, busts in, sending forth, spin yarn, are touch, making a pitch, hand out, casting out, gives blow-by-blow, letted cat out of the bag, co operates, un-bosom, was sign of, inter acts, heaps upon, gives carte blanche, lays at one feet, hinting at, were in touch, forks out, are source of, lowered oneself, art the drivers seat, putting view, fore boded, provided details, broke one neck, dis-integrate, art in driver's seat, fore-showing, fingering the pie, re-deem, carrying the torch, am visible, didst best, dis-patches, siphoning, part with, re-fine, strikes an attitude, dis-carded, making amends, bring up on, is in driver seat, do for effect, adhere to, puts print, making payment, pro fess, de-ciphered, hits on, discard, fore-warning, sits for, is near, shell out, depending up on, ex-pended, doeth number, de sire, worked like a dog, ex-plain, become tender, was driver seat, pro visioning, asservates, giving over to, re fund, made motion, breaks back, foot bill, smacked with, wast conducive, were in the driver seat, de ciphered, ex-pressing, re store, sign up, led to, in sert, de-ducts, dis posing, spreading out, brings up on, brake story, getting in the act, got off one's chest, laying it the line, came across with, called quits, dropt a line, did a turn, taking as, yessed one, hand over, fly specking, pro-longs, giving blow-by-blow, giving vent to, lose, pro-claiming, pro-claim, ex claim, art shown, siphoned, went on the air, tell on, honor with, laying on one, foretell, cracking the whip, laid on one, dis-coursed, dost business, dis cusses, lowers oneself, finking, Foreran, sur renders, antes up, give voice, re-turns, rendered to, intro duce, gave parts, pulled wires, sweeten pot, gave ring, convey, gave a pointer, winking, calling it, opening one's heart, spreads around, un wraps, tacking on, re capitulates, sweating details, re-asserted, quoting chapter verse, letted one's hair down, get off one's chest, lavishing upon, be on, laying at one feet, re hearses, tenderizing, gave a blank check, minister to, re-laid, gotten the horn, pre-faces, under gone, Worded, making conversant with, un-barred, letted fly, drafts correspondence, did one's bit, putting disposal, holding reins, making available, gotten one chest, gotten out system, pass for, shakes out, falling down, throw light up on, un-twisted, in tone, hand-carries, wast the driver seat, breaking ones back, makes up for, out fit, give an introduction, in-toned, puts in charge of, opts for, letting out, gave low down, does part, loaned shark, doing one part, allegated, are on the air, plays game, forks over, writes up, hast one nose grindstone, seeing fit, enucleates, counter sign, put the map, ex-pose, souping up, left with, enriches, re-ceded, hadst hand in, under took, giving the green light, de-taches, pro rating, leading off, am sign of, puts front, open one mouth, un-ravelling, giving the old college try, un-covers, puts in, paying out, re presenting, cuts one in, puts cards table, re deeming, making show, have nose to grindstone, in-fusing, am of assistance, gave oneself over, inter-face, made show, gives permission, diagramming, slap on, gunned, pulled trigger, outspreading, opening heart, circularizing, sell for, fanned it, Inking, came down high horse, un-stopping, did for effect, laid at feet, Deputing, brake ones neck, Circumstantiated, haddest nose grindstone, trans figured, lay it the line, payed up, is assistance, accouched, brought back, pro-mote, runs off mouth, re-deeming, holds with, gets chest, show fruit, inter facing, yield, getting one chest, does a number, marched in review, giving a report, opened view, intro-duce, re calling, doeth part, putting the line, waits out, laid at ones feet, lavish upon, un-twists, anteed up, expend, soften, ex pend, showcased, in-tone, ran mouth, does honors, uncurl, ex-tends, pave way, pro mises, tried ones hardest, gave over to, introed, dis locating, set free, dost one's part, lay line, pre dict, stocks up, all-owing, moves for, co operate, passing the word, Calendering, going into detail, dumps on, in-tones, sets aside, show ones face, are on air, be assistance, shake out, figured out, express, de-scribes, gimmed, in sinuates, opens out, gat out of system, retell, puts up front, stock up, make plain, un-earthing, coming down high horse, get the horn, impart, un rolling, re-minded, casts out, in-scribes, throw spotlight on, formed front, be questing, drop hint, played the game, spared the rod, resign oneself to, brought down the house, re-couping, aliened, expose, be-speaks, soft sold, inter-facing, hath portion of, makes show, breaks silence, dropt hammer, is turned on to, re-located, art a source of, doest best, lend leases, re-counting, wast near, spinning yarn, get through, reassert, re hashes, giving rundown, ex-tended, re coup, is the air, do one's best, puts disposal, trans-mute, speak one piece, letting cat out bag, bare the expense, dis charge, being the drivers seat, demean oneself, am the driver's seat, gave as example, art in the saddle, bulk up, putting with, looking after, ex hales, does one's bit, positioning, prefer, making a motion, sat on, gave introduction, up-graded, fore-shows, being appropriate, give do, coming out the closet, got in with, re spects, laid feet, giving it best shot, re-proves, fore run, haddest nose to grindstone, puts on the air, fore-warn, inter act, throwing towel, re-moves, re-lay, de-legate, up dates, relies upon, is courteous, puts airs, left to, lay it on line, split, bungs, be-token, throws in the towel, lays it line, drops a note, gives green light, authorize, re plenishing, blurt out, runs at mouth, go air, be spoke, de-mean, make up for, pro-pounded, dictate, living with, re-capitulated, pro-rate, dis-tends, un clothed, seeing something coming, re-adies, gives an account, leaving evidence, introduce, leads off, like better, pro vide, re tailed, dropt a note, hint, cracks whip, letting it all hang out, sweeten kitty, signs up, went fiftyfifty, making known, opted for, re served, took off as, put a front, pro-creating, paved the way, go with flow, dis coursing, being saddle, ratted on, dis integrating, paid off, pro-positioned, make clean breast of, coming like, re lying, dis burdening, acquit oneself, acquitted oneself, giving as example, gets horn, un closing, threw in the towel, bears the expense, put act, re located, de-mises, putting finger on, come to, radioed, giving skinny on, re locating, doth the honors, uncoiled, Doling, are the air, got act, put to, giving with, art turned on to, see something coming, bringing out in to the open, put on the map, give blank check, de-vising, clues in, paid out, be on air, play the game, laying up on, hast nose grindstone, was sold for, gives okay, super-intends, de bunked, doth ones best, stretching out, para phrasing, in creases, re-aching, sub-dues, re caps, un-bars, mis-spent, talked down to, unfold, be-quest, give permission, lay it on the line, gives rise to, tread boards, gifted with, did number, un-covering, took battle stations, wast in tune, un ravelled, laid the line, letting go, give low-down, trans mutes, giving word, conforming to, giving it to, over-indulge, putting to, apprives, gave the word, take battle stations, free up, mis spend, doest a bit, muscling in, giving ones best shot, held reins, were the saddle, throws sponge, lays one's feet, putting cards table, dis-coursing, up grade, making responsible for, borns, Circumstantiating, quotaed, drafting correspondence, giving low down, goes on airwaves, bears the cost, dis located, were saddle, gives it ones best shot, trans planted, put before, pyramidding, made the scene, is on, haddest confidence of, ex tended, re minding, flakes out, arrive at, pull wires, un locking, Secreted, doeth for effect, super-vise, sprung on, puts the hands of, co-operating, having nose to grindstone, un-clad, lays it on line, letting out bag, put in hands of, puts into words, fanning out, de cree, dis carding, de siring, de ploy, hotdogged, canarying, handed on, spurn, gave words to, took part of, pre paid, intercalates, give one's best shot, leave with, spat out, signing on, slices the pie, threw in sponge, kick off, being at service, re told, be the drivers seat, re turns, be in the saddle, spitting it out, dost one's best, re-counts, gotten down brass tacks, dis-located, un-seal, lays bare, un-loads, re-marking, allot, brought out into open, speaking one piece, fore-telling, allow, depute, inflects, running at mouth, proponing, put on the market, went even steven, puts in hands of, sticks to, puts the map, Unshroud, end owing, had crack, Banqueted, spitting out, co operating, upsurging, re late, getting with, says in passing, lays at feet, un veils, un crease, are close to, in scribe, gave take, re commending, call upon, would rather, wast air, reeling off, Doled, went halves, lays feet, leave trace, un barring, pre-face, ex acts, Remised, pass word, makes conversant with, ex tend, doing number, broke one's back, confer trust, letted out bag, was at service, give the green light, un-mask, letted fall, putting cards on table, strutted stuff, yakketyyakking, make known, un bosomed, in tending, un barred, giving words to, re deemed, in trust, makes familiar, makes every effort, re warded, consign, went for broke, toeing the mark, moots, pour forth, un wind, brake the news, getting horn, un-bosoming, in vests, be-tray, tossing few crumbs, sits and take it, sets before, un-clothes, pull trigger, breaks a story, de tails, re fines, depending upon, art sold for, break ones neck, de fines, optating, makes known, re solves, wert big, trans-mutes, bringing view, dis-pose, sweeten the pot, throw wide, do number, upsurged, be the saddle, hand-carry, calls up on, illustrate with, inventorying, go for broke, subscribing to, set right, goes fifty fifty, breaks the news, clued in, un latching, trajects, be the driver's seat, having hand in, wast ruined, was in driver's seat, spring with, herald, was on the air, leaving with, re-locating, tossed a few crumbs, grant permission, call it quits, get behind, tipped off, gives forth, makes aware, re-tire, haddest shot at, popping off, leave, puts forth, being in the driver seat, dost honors, spit it out, gets in with, makes a deal, dis burse, pre scribe, un cork, comes down off high horse, gives low down, soliloquizes, giving nod, carrying torch, gave one best shot, Privileging, de fend, worms in, writ down, bringing upon, had one's nose grindstone, make conversant with, went bankrupt, paving the way, made handsome, humbles oneself, bare cost, up surges, comes down high horse, corking, get one chest, lendlease, re-minds, exerting oneself, being drivers seat, laying bare, had shot at, goes airwaves, get horn, tele phone, re-calling, super intending, under-taken, forcing up on, gives report, let in on, in-filtrate, put with, turns over to, de posing, un load, giving thumbsup, un folds, un fold, made scene, breaks neck, making over, circumstantiates, had ones nose grindstone, in filtrating, is air, getting in with, re capitulated, gave okay, laying before, re-lying, drives in, pro pones, un creased, in form, inter view, being turned on to, gave two cents, sur rendering, lead to, allegates, throw sponge, went in to detail, acted out, work like a dog, Unclosed, parcelling out, wising up, giving the low-down, de scant, bears expense, hast a swing at, introing, lavished up on, open up, intrusts, tacks on, re-eked, symboled, Hefted, drop note, dis covered, putting the air, puts next to, de-ducted, goes into detail, de scribed, makes the scene, pre figure, be spoken, gotten ones chest, struck a pose, saw coming, aid, talked in to, consent, are in drivers seat, heap upon, blueprinted, de-ploying, re-laying, appropriate, let one hair down, put the hands of, re-deems, give parts, being sold for, fingers in the pie, showed face, sat still for, giving high sign, make pitch, keeps in touch, mis-spends, co-unselling, under went, were on, Bunging, dropping a line, lay down arms, am driver seat, Personated, lavish up on, stick it to, re-commending, open heart, bulked up, lets it all hang out, went bust, be at service, being the saddle, re counted, dis solve, is in the drivers seat, de-fining, deciding upon, placed at disposal, knocks down, makes deal, pro-long, un-doing, phonating, rush off, have crack, was game for, throw in sponge, art courteous, were positive, re-call, dis-tend, tips one hand, pre-faced, does ones bit, re quiring, pro-creates, gat on the horn, go in to detail, state, lowering oneself, disembogues, brought up on, dis-cuss, feed the kitty, up held, art air, re hearse, in fused, does turn, end-owing, foreruns, art in drivers seat, inter-act, dis-close, make handsome, gives fair warning, laying one, stumbling upon, in tones, got the act, tip ones hand, concern oneself, passed hat, un-earth, dis closed, take pains, slipping in, giving call, springing with, Intercalated, toe the mark, passing the hat, shapes up, pre-paying, super-vised, gat behind, throwing lead, forking out, Bunged, Unlatch, tele-cast, coming on like, dis-tribute, fixed up with, pro vision, sat on top of, Succoring, come out closet, bring word, diagrammed, being on air, de-means, wert the drivers seat, sends forth, lend-leasing, lay one feet, throws weight around, get in the act, plays back, commission, pass on, re deem, ex-posing, top pled, quote chapter and verse, sliced the pie, up-dates, showed ropes, re-serving, let slip, giving go ahead, draw forth, bring back, stuck it to, torpedoing, un twisting, making public, pro position, Foreknew, re-cited, wast the driver's seat, makes motion, let ones hair down, dis posed, un-coiling, wast a source of, strike as, lay it out, signatured, sur-renders, un curling, bare fruit, reaffirm, run at mouth, un-locked, becoming tender, giving oneself over, tele-graphed, lays it out, symbolled, in-trusted, take kindly to, leaves trace, de voted, un masked, trans-plant, de legates, sub scribes, out fitting, has a shot at, called the shot, unshrouded, were ruined, shows one face, out-fitting, kibitzing, wert close to, strutting stuff, goes evensteven, unveil, trans-figure, Tendered, fore arming, de-scanted, un-veils, brought out in to open, art appropriate, hath a hand in, de signed, are sign of, getting the act, in-vests, de-mise, taking pains, putting on the map, bringing to, dropped line, re-solve, fetch, is in drivers seat, in crease, simulcast, spoke of, gives account, held forth, sweetens kitty, lending a hand, telling on, put hands of, gat off one chest, made a deal, tosses in, make for, trans-lated, illustrating with, re-marked, sending word, posture, doest part, suffers defeat, ex-plicated, sits on top of, bowed to, give blow by blow, didst a bit, diffusing, throws spotlight on, be use, gives the old college try, gives over to, puts line, un coiling, making pitch for, puts on something, was appropriate, set aside, pro fesses, un-ravel, were courteous, are turned on to, bearing the expense, unbend, acquitting oneself, making every effort, didst number, dis-cover, broke silence, handcarries, pro vided, dis course, sprang on, re-solves, were service, un shrouding, open to view, spreading around, re-plenishes, ex pended, re membered, throwing in sponge, de-crees, straightening up, sprung for, strook attitude, inter-faced, quote chapter verse, cares for, measures out, lay one, in-tends, crystal ball it, turn over, spares rod, doth best, de-scants, victual, be spake, un-twist, up-grades, does ones part, re counts, pre-cede, being air, lays before, is a source of, pose, laid ones feet, un block, ponies up, took stab, hold forth, re-leasing, lots out, signs on, peg away, putting up with, comes on like, sprang for, tele phoned, un-load, enumerate, cast away, laying at one's feet, speaks about, un-shuts, re eking, de-vote, de pend, re tailing, de-cree, went in with, in stances, remunerate, are in the drivers seat, showing and tell, establishes contact, give a call, de creed, letting ones hair down, Winked, re fine, barraged, ostended, proclaims, passes down, outspreads, lay down law, give go-ahead, peacocking, re quire, sticked it to, casting away, pre-dict, unbent, kibitz, would sooner, dis tends, giving a pointer, sitting and take it, comes like, Cabling, pulls strings, haddest one's nose to grindstone, hasten, said again, doped out, gives it one best shot, under-went, art at service, look, leaved trace, un covering, wert conducive, put into words, letted it be known, dost one part, gave the low down, break one's neck, didst one's best, de-pict, makes public, trans-muting, opening one heart, trans-plants, uncoil, un locks, faked it, de-pend, de-frayed, be-stow, re-treats, serve, hurrying off, encourage, make payment, stooling, hast swing at, re citing, haddest ones nose grindstone, bestow, torpedo, sitting still for, Gifting, is sign of, dis-burses, bears fruit, put up for sale, allege, carries the torch, bear the cost, re-legate, wast turned to, ex plained, plug away, sets apart, asservating, giving the high sign, has ones nose grindstone, lets go, went with flow, inter face, puffs up, un sealed, having one nose to grindstone, coughed up, de-bunking, fore shadow, de tail, gets in act, de bunks, retelling, breaks ones neck, saying again, make motion, doest bit, in sinuating, counter-signed, gave old college try, opening doors, puts on the map, in-clines, co-axed, made a scene, feathered, heaped up on, got out of system, award, spreads out, fore armed, counter signing, giving an account of, de-ported, commend to, re-told, giving the nod, bringing out in to open, come down off high horse, say, apprive, measuring out, strike an attitude, muscles in, goes into chapter 11, be friending, slicing the pie, anted up, got it up, art the air, cracks the whip, were in driver seat, opened one heart, has a hand in, struts stuff, being courteous, unstopping, advance(s), puts in plain english, parcel out, pro-tracts, mention, goes in with, gat with, calls attention to, reels out, gotten in act, Soliloquizing, pre-sage, rolling out, wert tune, doing bit, re dresses, laying feet, showing fruit, slicing up, having one nose grindstone, sub-scribing, dis-burdening, have confidence of, super vise, up-held, makes a pitch for, un-masks, hath ones nose to grindstone, spin a yarn, brought out in to the open, re-stating, reached out, art close to, gets off ones chest, show one's face, humbled oneself, letted go, out stretching, gave nod, makes a show, de bunk, granting authority, pre-pay, gave the low-down, broke story, concerning oneself, un shroud, re funds, be in drivers seat, coming out of the closet, has one's nose grindstone, re-affirming, fore-boded, inter-views, Presenting, re-plying, un bosoming, fed the kitty, sparing the rod, un rolls, settles on, un lock, give thumbsup, am of use, lays line, leaving tracks, put next to, brought to view, tipped one's hand, cite, de-claims, re-coups, was on, came to terms, flashes about, put on market, re-corded, fore-tell, sounded off, leaves to, giving permission, slice up, foreruning, un corked, giving old college try, in cline, paid back, un-wraps, inter-pose, gotten behind, gave go-ahead, buttons down, didst business, breaking one neck, re aching, rolls over and play dead, pegged away, is on air, un seals, go bust, prorate, Enucleating, let go, wast the air, put to something, puts in to words, un corking, make the scene, dis-solves, re-turned, clue, lets cat out of bag, un-bolting, made a pitch for, up hold, make a run at, letting have, pre sents, re-ported, pressing agent, vouchsafe, buttoning down, paid up, opening to view, peacock, played back, de-clares, letting hair down, asservated, slapped on, parade wares, sit still for, putting in charge of, am the saddle, pushed for, de-tails, de-fraying, approve, trying one's hardest, sets out, fixing up with, re tired, freed up, putting down as, trans mute, am tune, trans-figures, ex tending, dittoing, puts guard, fingering pie, decides upon, doest one part, in spire, factoring, un-bolt, pro-created, exert oneself, gat act, passed the word, fork up, open, pay dues, parted with, re stores, divided with, spitted out, disclose, sur rendered, give utterance, laid it line, Re-mark, pro-posing, re-ceding, ex-press, breaking the news, lets one's hair down, adding up, giving an account, tosses it in, drop the hammer, un clad, parade, broke ones neck, take crack, gets one's chest, tele graphing, ticks off, Disemboguing, wast in the driver seat, up-hold, makes payment, leads into, do a bit, forms front, gave goahead, art in driver seat, Caving, are positive, haddest a crack, sticked to, going into details, send word, bringing up on, makes clean breast of, gave high sign, handcarry, re-produced, try one's hardest, all owed, spake for, bended ear, pro tracts, tips ones hand, re-marks, wert in drivers seat, DIMES, makes available, get out system, brings down house, putting the hands of, un coils, re cords, puts flea ear, stocking up, out spreads, bore fruit, unshrouds, opened up, de scend, gives a ring, de pends, detail, hand carrying, pro-cure, putting on the market, spares the rod, have swing at, up-holding, calling up on, de brief, granted permission, out-stretches, pre-paring, ex pounding, is saddle, hold with, pieced up, un-tying, lay forward, un-creases, slice the pie, fore bode, form front, plugged away, called upon, soothsaid, force upon, de scends, running mouth, spake ones piece, re torts, dis-tributes, pre-figure, being shown, kept posted, laying the line, doth one best, re hash, breaks one neck, are assistance, sweetening pot, de-signing, be stows, Unclose, ex tract, pro claiming, un-coiled, be-questing, censused, was a party to, slipt in, out stretches, level with, tosses few crumbs, spake piece, lent a hand, leveled with, letting fall, de-fend, gave account, busting in, acknowledge, showcases, un bars, was partial to, sound off, in spired, laying forward, was turned on to, Harbingered, paying off, dumping on, working for, gives one's best shot, de fends, ticking off, setting out, re-hash, gives vent to, is partial to, out stretch, give rise to, diming, blueprinting, re-joins, leaf, pay up, in-tended, wast the saddle, de posits, rings up, leaves behind, putting on view, cared for, didst one best, de livered, goes in to detail, do ones best, get act, honors with, hurried off, yakketyyakked, inter viewing, gives the go-ahead, hurries off, shows and tell, bellying up, pro-visions, leaving word, do ones part, getting on horn, puts across, keeps count, metes out, Propone, gotten off chest, go with the flow, pegs away, poured on, re-capitulating, Incarnated, dis integrates, de-fines, putting on air, re cognize, fold, flashing about, counter-signing, put at disposal, is at service, bidding for, conferring trust, re pay, go fifty fifty, hast confidence of, lay ones feet, goes all out, communes with, slipped in, render role, letting it hang out, see coming, fakes it, bringing to view, re-move, levelling with, casts away, un bends, letted be known, de-voted, Traject, brings upon, de lineate, make aware, dost best, ex pounded, laying it on line, hath crack, paupering, open one's heart, un-raveling, de livers, let it all hang out, drew forth, gave the high sign, belted out, yakkety-yakked, re leasing, wised, heading up, were turned to, re capitulating, ex haled, speaking for, gives leave, re cites, throw in the sponge, un-creasing, setting aside, stuck to, have shot at, pre-cedes, dis-closing, spat it out, de fended, am a party to, de-lineated, ponying up, giving to, fixes up on, be-getting, re-quests, looked like, set out, plug, re stated, deciding up on, re presented, re-dresses, opens doors, de votes, lay before, cutting one in, re-asserting, select, tossed in, GIMME, wast the drivers seat, fore-shadow, dis-patched, dis-solved, re ported, gives the green light, put cards table, putting the market, take a crack, does number, placed disposal, was a source of, un-lock, be party to, giving do, gave the green light, unshutted, breaking back, re-called, play back, takes pains, gives low-down, lays down arms, ex-acting, showed the ropes, paying half, pro claimed, open ones heart, going in to detail, re-pay, un stopping, gives verbal account, out-lay, spend, testified to, strikes attitude, re-assert, up surge, doing one's part, pro positioning, un shutting, getting off chest, giving green light, tip one hand, calls it, lavished upon, tele-graphing, am partial to, un-crease, spins a yarn, tost few crumbs, pre pares, staying in line, brake back, fanning it, re peats, push for, de clare, gotten horn, tell, hast one's nose to grindstone, bore expense, breaking news, made a motion, Stoppled, yakketyyaks, tost a few crumbs, arrives at, para phrases, rebated, came out closet, under take, re-cognized, gives go ahead, re minds, forces up on, got one chest, went even-steven, advertise, be driver's seat, wert air, re-members, pre-figured, over see, sitting top of, gives a boost to, signing off on, be sign of, gat one's chest, open mouth, putting forward, marches in review, become, radio-graphed, gives to do, in trusting, art conducive, un-coils, gets one chest, de scended, being in the saddle, being assistance, making effort, un shackles, uncloses, throw lead, passed down, bear fruit, gat through, dropping hint, fore shown, gives two cents, giving and take, evince, come with, write up, puts two cents, put something, be drivers seat, dis-posing, re spect, giving introduction, pro-vides, stays in line, un curls, pro-mise, pre-sents, carve up, smoking out, passed the hat, giving go-ahead, made conversant with, dis courses, wert in driver seat, re-locate, super intends, deeded, bent an ear, Prepaying, gassing, referenced, put up a front, invests with, decline, art in saddle, laid at one feet, in filtrated, make an effort, did best, folds up, re-plied, meta morphoses, forked over, re treating, fore-bode, wast use, re-asserts, letting all hang out, foreshowed, quotes chapter verse, try hardest, sate in on, are service, flaunt, has portion of, de-fended, makes clear, straightened up, pro-fesses, putting next to, dittoed, getting it up, un bended, decide upon, letted it all hang out, dis-burden, un corks, place at disposal, got one's chest, dis integrate, attend to, shaking out, over seeing, canary, taking a crack, fore-cast, dis-posed, legating, wast driver's seat, gave tip, dis entangles, being service, re asserted, gives an account of, put, speaking about, speaks one piece, putting in, phonated, go fifty-fifty, speaks piece, quotes chapter and verse, wert saddle, is a sign of, wast in the saddle, Trajecting, opens to view, are courteous, laying on, pro-pounds, fingers in pie, hath hand in, in tends, end-owed, mis spending, gave with, speak one's piece, Mouthing, un fasten, went in to details, re cedes, putting two cents, sat take it, making plain, pro-visioned, ex-claim, un-locks, passing word, forced upon, rely up on, out-stretching, suffer defeat, gave leave, being game for, had a portion of, de pict, art partial to, gotten act, pop off, wast touch, over indulges, afford, get it up, gives account of, soups up, dost ones best, ex-pounding, dis-entangled, de-scribe, sent word, lets hang out, pro-vided, Harbingering, un seal, un raveled, doest ones part, gives the word, rolls out, use, re-hashing, un tied, un coiled, over-indulged, de-livered, drops line, showed one's face, give thumbs-up, de meaning, denote, providing details, ostends, wedge in, getting things rolling, looking like, ex crete, un bent, re locates, pre-scribes, taking crack, opting for, toed mark, leaves tracks, degrade oneself, was a sign of, being source of, un blocks, be-stowing, gave a boost to, catalogued, puts on to something, put in charge of, read, in clines, make available, yakkety-yak, inter-acted, un clothing, un-veiling, get on the horn, leave evidence, meta-morphoses, putting hands of, un bolted, dis integrated, re affirm, re-coup, break down, get in act, gotten with, fixed upon, letted have, having swing at, un-rolling, re cognized, re coups, put finger on, put on act, clue in, un-barring, spoke one piece, alluded to, inter-view, pro pounds, says passing, pressed agent, Lotted, were in tune, lendleased, doing a turn, re joined, lend hand, dropt line, rebating, dropping a hint, goes the airwaves, springing for, putting plain english, doeth honors, re asserts, smacks with, wert a party to, dis charging, commit, furnish, forcing upon, ex tort, throwing the towel, throwing weight around, pays up, stumbles upon, am driver's seat, ex-posed, lay upon, bring forth, ran the show, re legates, un did, show face, be quested, speaking one's piece, re-lated, stayed line, proponed, re paid, going with the flow, sent out, caving in, bearing expense, para-phrases, re bate, be token, re eked, appeals to, shakes on, in forms, sounding off, de nudes, be conducive, sits top of, were instrumental, fixing upon, gives an introduction, be gotten, takes as, sweeten the kitty, am the driver seat, radiographs, inter-posing, repay, gat off ones chest, un shackled, sur-rendered, suggest, was in drivers seat, put up front, does one best, makes scene, putting circulation, are a sign of, woulded sooner, gave green light, be of assistance, pro pounding, out lined, wert in touch, putting down for, pre paring, spoil rotten, wert on, under-gone, pre scribing, going on airwaves, telegraph, be instrumental, brings view, sliced pie, get ink for, license, bearing cost, were use, writes down, holding forth, offer, un-shutting, re-cords, brake neck, calls upon, comes through with, hinted at, gives the low down, give the word, passed on, opened to view, sit take it, see fit, own up, puts in circulation, do business, dropped a note, letting go with, rush, sitting on, de-sires, paved way, advance, pre-paid, makes amends, brings out in to the open, slicing pie, lavishing up on, sweetens the pot, toss in, un veiled, hast a shot at, de lineated, came like, bad for, plunks down, playing game, threw sponge, come apart, laying down, re dressing, squared, re-minding, finked, had ones nose to grindstone, admits defeat, dis burdens, called shot, speak ones piece, hammed, re produces, re-funded, quoting chapter and verse, was turned to, re couping, putting charge of, fore arms, striking a pose, sliced up, made payment, pulling the wires, pro longs, publish, wave around, dis-perse, commends to, make a motion, showed and tell, re-produce, letted go with, de-pose, laid it on the line, reaffirms, gets behind, hath one's nose to grindstone, places at disposal, is conducive, dis tend, un masks, took crack, brings forth, re states, re laid, gotten through, letting it be known, coming through with, open view, quoted chapter and verse, takes care of, re signs, intro-duces, pre facing, get the act, come around, de tailing, sits still for, un-blocked, forking over, outspread, de-posed, re stored, re-caps, opened one mouth, sending out, give fair warning, personizing, bent ear, be in the driver's seat, put map, finger pie, setting down, give it best shot, put an act, left word, pre face, re tire, personate, quoted chapter verse, extend, works like dog, bring light, dis-cussed, lend lease, de mise, signed off on, up-surge, allegate, un bolt, taking care of, de bunking, inter posed, trans figuring, lays down law, ex-cretes, in-crease, ex-plained, de-claim, run show, came out of the closet, places disposal, gives birth, un shrouds, lay at one's feet, auspicating, radio-graphing, passing on, were visible, Spilt, pulled the strings, wait out, pro pone, pass hat, go in to chapter 11, laying down law, sub-scribed, get out of system, un-derwent, de-bunked, referred to, fingered in pie, taking part of, dish up, occupy oneself, get one's chest, show, folding up, re-presenting, doing honors, be shown, slapping on, knocking down, fore told, pre sages, under taking, spoke piece, unshuts, circularized, dis locate, ex tends, taking kindly to, makes plain, struck attitude, dealing in, wast courteous, in-stilling, pro mise, banqueting, emanate, put down for, get off chest, poured it on, unbolted, dis entangled, points to, Caved, art big, pre pared, doth one's part, put wise to, fissured, re strict, wast visible, un-tangle, accouches, gat the horn, pro positions, give over, opening ones heart, open out, conformed to, de-bunk, am in drivers seat, over-saw, brings out in to open, re hashing, called attention to, co-operates, de pended, lays down, dis patch, un-earthed, uncreases, de-scends, lay on line, tipping hand, dis tending, telecasting, in tend, gotten in with, dis-place, fixt with, un-furling, calling the shot, lets be known, out spreading, sweat details, toes the mark, are a party to, were in the drivers seat, spoiled rotten, got out system, smoked out, re-cede, pay off, sur-render, getting down brass tacks, am the drivers seat, lets in on, un-stopped, was near, were conducive, dropt a hint, speaks for, hast ones nose to grindstone, re lays, wast a party to, have a hand in, breaks one back, was service, digs up, tele-phones, fits in, starting ball rolling, free, hadst crack, sat for, dis-charging, doeth one best, ex pressing, parceling, trans figure, spits out, doth ones bit, laying open, Lotting, art assistance, outlaying, un winds, wast shown, re-prove, look like, am a source of, woulding rather, sit on top of, calls shot, sat in on, argue, making clear, re tires, endow, bending ear, Chinned, pro creating, left behind, give an account of, un earth, takes kindly to, be came, brought forth, put cards on table, re quite, degrading oneself, are in the driver's seat, gives the facts, ex changes, consenting to, threw towel, over sees, dis cards, depend upon, de-claiming, did turn, re quires, leveling with, Slotted, make a scene, pro vides, wast service, fore running, rolling over and play dead, un-wrapping, was in tune, dis-played, letting one hair down, making a scene, speak about, are drivers seat, put market, fore-bodes, does business, fore tell, reject, are use, circularizes, proffer, were touch, put two cents, re state, un locked, dis-solve, gets down brass tacks, had a shot at, re-pays, out-spreading, divide, giving thumbs-up, doth honors, being driver seat, is in touch, gets the act, re-serves, bear expense, came on like, talks in to, de-voting, doing part, puts in the hands of, went with the flow, set apart, putting map, lay at ones feet, be near, wert appropriate, were in the driver's seat, re proves, didst ones part, were the drivers seat, set off, gave the go-ahead, doing one best, unbolts, be saddle, puts at disposal, knuckle, cave in, giving take, dis cussing, in trusted, going fifty-fifty, unbosom, am on the air, re-tell, feed kitty, illustrates with, fly speck, made an effort, canaries, gave verbal account, multi plying, mete out, stagger along, fixes with, be positive, tele vise, tossed few crumbs, worm in, de taches, fore-show, sets forth, grants permission, going with flow, laid it the line, making handsome, bending an ear, re-cognizing, radioing, pre cede, gat the act, art source of, marched review, un-wrap, re-veal, un-shut, opening fire, lets out, bring upon, re fined, re-fines, deposit with, up surging, re-served, are saddle, was in the driver seat, fore-casts, is positive, laying down the law, lay open, giving the goahead, strike pose, am shown, foreshows, break neck, Disembogue, woulds sooner, cracked whip, de nude, runs the show, be in tune, running the show, expedite, gat soapbox for, be a party to, dost number, hast one nose to grindstone, come to terms, manifest, putting market, puts on guard, deal, un-rolled, phonates, re-lays, touch on, bearing fruit, doeth one's part, does one part, caring for, fissuring, was use, were the driver's seat, dis-closes, art use, pieces up, being positive, wert assistance, dump, un-did, be tune, re tails, gives utterance, intonates, de sign, being party to, being visible, make a deal, Deputed, go into details, fitting in, Subjecting, ex-hales, sees fit, edge in, dis-locating, release, dig up, re-stored, plunk down, dis cuss, Freighted, bear the expense, wast in the drivers seat, comes out of the closet, be-came, ringing up, footed, offered up, gave vent to, de fine, takes crack, diffused, unshutting, hath one's nose grindstone, breaking one's neck, tenderized, un shrouded, strike attitude, gotten soapbox for, put on guard, establishing contact, de fray, have a portion of, laid at one's feet, re-treat, am close to, were at service, reflect, lay at feet, re funding, re storing, strook pose, doeth the honors, deposits with, wast in drivers seat, gives an inkling, reels off, doeth one's bit, get on horn, dis-porting, giving the go-ahead, am touch, am on air, re-plenished, de-bunks, wert service, breaks ones back, goes dutch, re-state, placing at disposal, in voicing, give birth, puts on to, gave skinny on, drops a line, send forth, give carte blanche, go halves, dis close, censusing, showing ropes, dis-burdens, relay, doth for effect, brought view, fore showing, pouring it on, re cap, give inkling, ex act, dis-playing, going evensteven, wert on the air, gotten ink for, pulls the trigger, unveiled, am turned on to, crack whip, dis-tended, pave the way, uncurls, gave rundown, giving report, re affirmed, got the horn, be-spoke, dost one best, taxis, acquiesce, yakkety yaks, put in to words, dis pose, evoting, sweetening kitty, un cover, laying one feet, gave it best shot, gave thumbs up, re-legates, speak of, sate top of, gave best shot, rushes off, high hatted, breaking ones neck, Torpedoes, in tended, appear as, hast one's nose grindstone, getting off ones chest, got behind, conk out, appealed to, put in, uncorks, de-posing, dis-card, be air, re-veals, didst one part, write down, makes responsible for, junked, was courteous, do bit, de-posited, re-warding, paupered, adhered to, pre-sages, pay back, re-affirm, out-lined, lending hand, putting air, keeps posted, setting right, goes in to chapter 11, threw light up on, let out bag, make amends, goes the air, fore-runs, un-cork, pulls the wires, being near, un-ravelled, be courteous, letted cat out bag, comes across with, gives call, un-tied, gives pointer, un-coil, speed, laying ones feet, wert a sign of, ex haling, run by again, playing the game, in-spiring, appriving, fore-shadowing, give pointer, strook a pose, calling it quits, para-phrase, resigns to, gives blank check, re-turning, hath a crack, dis-play, re-presents, is use, gets with, betray, opened one's heart, caves in, went in to chapter 11, getting down to brass tacks, re-hearses, toeing mark, relying up on, be-friends, got off one chest, hotdogs, adheres to, was instrumental, re tells, sweetens the kitty, commended to, lay bare, re-produces, intro duces, gat out system, Unbosoming, re adies, toe line, runs by again, dis patches, Gunning, got under way, wert near, putting for sale, wast game for, strut stuff, doing the honors, piggybacked, giving inkling, un-curled, went the airwaves, agree, entrust, speaks one's piece, re-commended, finking on, ran at mouth, getting ones chest, make familiar, does one bit, arriving at, humble oneself, made pitch, dope out, pro-claims, re-storing, kissing goodbye, was tune, sweetened kitty, doing a bit, un creasing, expand, un earthed, trans plants, dis-covered, getting act, re-stated, de-fending, hurry, dis-placing, sub side, lays one, pro longing, calls the shot, dont rock boat, gat on soapbox for, takes battle stations, headed up, in-trusts, stopples, talk in to, becomes tender, promote, inks, display, bung, am appropriate, re-signs, reasserted, is the drivers seat, blow in, re commended, spake one's piece, dis-placed, foreshow, accouching, rat on, doest for effect, wert turned to, toss a few crumbs, have one's nose grindstone, grant authority, call shot, adhering to, in fuses, making motion, became insolvent, clued one in, didst a number, being the driver seat, degraded oneself, re-fining, giving the skinny on, do honors, reaching out, speak piece, re-lease, deals in, blew in, re veals, roll over play dead, tele-vise, parenting, de-posit, tipping ones hand, was of use, de-ciphers, pays off, placing disposal, pull the trigger, parented, ringed up, putting on something, went on the airwaves, puts on airs, bellied up, wrought for, fore tells, have a shot at, were of use, setting before, re-states, setting forth, gat on horn, super vising, reasserting, doth one part, spoils rotten, de-siring, tossing a few crumbs, un-shrouded, gave thumbsup, re quired, Personating, levelled with, be speaking, inter pose, threw in the sponge, shows ropes, figure out, gave warning, throw towel, re-solving, re-quite, honored with, make responsible for, leaves with, wrought in, renders the role, fore-told, giving account, advise, took care of, out lines, shook on, is in the saddle, going bankrupt, un shuts, hath shot at, whip out, doest one's best, re-lax, makes run at, dost turn, takes stab, let go with, knocked down, leaves evidence, come out of the closet, putting airs, jogging memory, bore the expense, Intonating, wert of assistance, register, mis-spending, in vest, lendleases, re-torts, go public, un curled, blowing in, letted hair down, fork over, does a bit, high hats, yakketyyak, settled up, put charge of, gave boost to, were air, wert the air, cut the pie, was the driver seat, spare rod, fortify, are at service, has a portion of, spit out, vest in, giving boost to, wine dine, ex-claiming, figures out, wast on air, took pains, wert game for, hadst one's nose to grindstone, in-voicing, prepaid, fitting out, de frays, be close to, talking down to, blurted out, tipped hand, leading to, told on, sur-rendering, fore knows, hadst swing at, take a part of, laying it line, de-legates, are in tune, re-tiring, re asserting, de-livers, admit defeat, staid line, circularize, going bust, re turn, say in passing, interface, de briefed, tele cast, got horn, dost ones part, show ropes, sweetened the kitty, depends upon, took a part of, pay, put in two cents, laying at ones feet, goes with flow, makes a run at, drops a hint, kibitzed, un-veil, communed with, art in touch, give the low-down, wrote up, tele graphed, inform, grand stand, gotten off ones chest, pulling trigger, un-bends, springs with, gives thumbsup, portaged, have one nose to grindstone, opens one's heart, be come, dis places, gives voice, toe mark, be stowed, waited out, gotten chest, throws towel, occupied oneself, give an account, catered to, stretches out, attach, brings to view, un curl, break the news, re porting, gives evidence, throws the sponge, re-bating, de-signed, sweetening the kitty, decided upon, give ones best shot, de-scend, goes for broke, re proved, harmonize, are a source of, digging up, putting into words, are in the saddle, un blocking, perform, art sign of, is in saddle, de sires, conking out, gives old college try, owning up, coming out of closet, handed out, dis-places, doing turn, do a turn, dis solves, tosses a few crumbs, donate, give skinny on, haddest a portion of, brought upon, de-ployed, re-strict, threw weight around, out-stretch, lays at ones feet, dis-tending, art visible, up date, crystalled ball it, dis burdened, fore-known, heap up on, up grading, fore-know, chinning, putting on the air, re-dressed, yes one, pass the word, radiograph, doth business, flaking out, art game for, gives the goahead, produce, gotten in the act, made familiar, un-folds, is tune, list, de ciphering, ex press, edged in, dropt note, having a shot at, ex pose, working like dog, passed word, un bolting, wert shown, were assistance, fore-shadows, spitball, fore shadows, being in the driver's seat, ran show, flashed about, deals out, guerdoned, speak, were a sign of, parading wares, keeping in touch, come across with, un clothe, help, get down brass tacks, ex change, un-bosoms, giving two cents, un wrap, spread out, be-come, gives one best shot, strikes as, looks like, relied upon, broke neck, doest one bit, un-bent, becoming insolvent, dis coursed, un-ravels, rely upon, putting flea in ear, pre-ceding, Ostend, un folding, up-surging, be-friend, consent to, gave inkling, was conducive, depositing with, puts on air, pro-duces, wedges in, un fastening, pro-tract, gets under way, re-serve, gets off one's chest, personates, pro-vide, settled on, cluing in, go along with, holed, parceling out, led in to, become insolvent, gave do, tack on, psychs, put down as, wast at service, gave blow by blow, letted out, wast a sign of, spoke one's piece, wert a source of, uncoiling, making pitch, cuts pie, un bar, jog memory, ex-tract, corroborate, made out like, gat in act, paraded wares, para-phrased, woulded rather, puts forward, pouring on, beat drum for, give okay, woulds rather, hanged sign on, pre pare, likes better, was source of, comes apart, is close to, crystaled ball it, decided up on, break one's back, interfaced, wising, was positive, putting appearance, exhibit, de ducts, going fifty fifty, wert in the driver seat, de-sire, sub dues, un bending, re-cedes, re-joined, set forth, propound, lets out bag, un stopped, throws in towel, paves way, does best, pro pounded, talking in to, pro curing, Forerun, tipped one hand, fingering in pie, pegging away, brake down, has one nose to grindstone, gave birth, gave a report, re-treating, allegating, re-tells, associating with, de-lineate, sets off, tick off, lend, putting across, wert the driver seat, sweetening the pot, called it, Inflecting, carried the torch, ex plicate, were in saddle, puts air, dis-closed, knuckles to, give the low down, showing one's face, taking stab, were on the air, art in tune, fingers pie, un-folded, unbars, ex-plicating, giving the word, re treats, get off one chest, are in touch, brought to, de-briefs, trans-figured, did ones best, are visible, gives a pointer, gets the horn, un-bended, made known, insinuate, have one's nose to grindstone, give it one's best shot, un-clothed, give thumbs up, drop hammer, did one's best, Demising, were appropriate, wedged in, drops hammer, gets down to brass tacks, were the air, heaps up on, re-tailed, dropped hammer, drop a line, hadst one's nose grindstone, emit, tried hardest, attended to, letting hang out, throw weight around, unstops, doest one best, having nose grindstone, gives and take, parcelling, laid open, are the saddle, keep posted, coming to terms, rendering the role, coming across with, bends an ear, settling up, knuckled to, ex-torts, settling on, flash about, make pitch for, de fining, Victualled, pre figures, de-cipher, go on the airwaves, communicate, puts a front, re-commends, calls it quits, getting chest, de-fends, be-spake, toss few crumbs, gotten under way, under going, doing ones part, out-stretched, made clear, assent, de mises, whipping out, gets in the act, pre cedes, were on air, lotting out, dis closes, staggers along, doing best, getting in act, slough, guerdoning, pays out, threw the towel, brought down house, sub sided, throwing in, getting off one's chest, un-bolts, were source of, coughs up, work like dog, dumped on, inflected, forearming, gat things rolling, plugging away, hand on, talked into, counter signed, belongs to, be coming, un veil, wert at service, lays the line, Intonated, dis solved, laid on, adds up, pro-longed, de fined, being on, being instrumental, fore-warns, dis-solving, RE-CAP, dished up, gotten on horn, DO, settle up, staggered along, foreknow, broke news, kissed goodbye, permit, passes for, appeared as, throws light up on, wast tune, canaried, wast source of, gave account of, goes even-steven, being sign of, feeding kitty, catering to, beared the expense, un-closing, ministers to, let fall, dis tributes, broke one's neck, did ones part, dis-charge, gave it one best shot, re leases, condescend, fore-boding, being a source of, catalogging, opens mouth, wert in tune, are big, set down, is game for, de scanting, picking off, co axed, are instrumental, be a source of, giving evidence, fingered pie, renders to, comes out closet, Say again, was in the driver's seat, call up on, make noise, open ones mouth, worked in, did ones bit, Imaged, ex-plicates, in vented, lay at one feet, shaping up, had nose grindstone, un-winds, dis covering, getting out of system, re quests, de cipher, de porting, un-rolls, de fending, letting cat out of bag, break silence, pro creates, lavishes upon, Trajected, being close to, heaping up on, be-quested, in-vented, were partial to, throwing in towel, inter-posed, measure out, art in the driver seat, fore runs, carves up, trans posed, in-vest, super intended, make public, rolled over and play dead, un-closed, went into chapter 11, threw lead, gave over, paves the way, ink, paid half, tried one hardest, doing a number, un-latched, stumbles up on, am in driver seat, give goahead, authoring, touches on, gave forth, de-clare, make a pitch for, giving blow by blow, kicking off, optates, am on, showed one face, breaking silence, is driver seat, sent forth, didst for effect, paying back, gave facts, un ravel, tipping one's hand, is instrumental, un-clothing, un-curling, lay on, picks off, simulcasting, de vised, dis-cussing, out-laying, acts out, kibitzes, concerned oneself, render, broke one back, Incarnating, depend up on, rolls over play dead, telecasted, un bosom, put appearance, in-sinuates, over seen, in-voice, over indulge, having confidence of, gat off one's chest, dishes up, Disembogued, pushes for, put on air, open fire, dis tended, are partial to, do part, give out, showcasing, be-speak, ran off mouth, blows in, reaches out, pre-pared, in spiring, importing, was the saddle, Freighting, co-operate, sanction, goes even steven, brings out into open, got on soapbox for, hast shot at, pro-pound, in spires, wast turned on to, live with, trying hardest, getting through, let out, inter faced, re move, un earths, re produced, keep touch, dis play, get things rolling, puts hands of, de scribe, un-tangled, wast in driver seat, doping out, brake silence, de briefing, break ones back, striking pose, tenderizes, bore cost, lets slip, wrote down, haddest crack, associated with, is service, didst a turn, re funded, under-takes, re-peat, report, bearing the cost, used up, writing up, re-fund, Invoiced, made available, art in the drivers seat, de ploys, shook out, stumbling up on, give over to, cough up, puts on market, un wound, fans it, gave thumbs-up, allude to, leaves word, un loaded, makes noise, un-bar, didst part, up dating, opened heart, un masking, had hand in, makes a pitch, sit for, Inked, are sold for, dis card, re solve, lays one feet, hadst a portion of, opening up, paying up, de-ploy, Cabled, un earthing, are air, does a turn, am ruined, had a hand in, paid down, pro created, spitballing, held with, throwing in the sponge, doest the honors, broke a story, conforms to, belong to, tele-casting, work for, tele vising, brings forward, un wrapped, give the high sign, gives warning, de claiming, de crees, notify, springs on, haddest one nose to grindstone, pitch in, giving an inkling, making for, ex-crete, dropped a hint, be-quests, cracking whip, gifts with, sweetened pot, calling shot, relies up on, laid it on line, calendered, in-vesting, ran by again, pro-pounding, fan it, in forming, went into details, pours forth, over-sees, waved around, pro-pones, are conducive, made up for, marching in review, un-cover, unshackled, hadst one nose to grindstone, cop plea, re mises, go the air, hast a hand in, de-scribing, gave low-down, was ruined, auspicates, reel out, de-positing, do a number, bequested, interfacing, belonged to, put on something, art tune, doest one's bit, pro posing, re-affirmed, give leave, over indulging, dropping note, cuts the pie, de-tail, sends out, finger in pie, Borning, pay down, slices pie, opens up, out-lining, exerted oneself, put airs, do one best, gives as example, be-trays, making familiar, is sold for, wert driver seat, Mooting, are appropriate, came down off high horse, wast close to, pre paying, pro pose, unbended, dis played, de-ciphering, sweetened the pot, breaking neck, was in the drivers seat, got down to brass tacks, fore cast, breaks down, re producing, go with, de posed, lipped, out fitted, re lease, fore casting, catapulted, haddest a shot at, gets soapbox for, prepares draft, humped, re-quiring, unshrouding, up surged, in trusts, dis-course, sate on, ex-pends, re laying, letting cat out the bag, re-leases, pre-sent, un mask, re plying, give an inkling, in toned, bring down house, re-signed, gives a report, co-operated, Sharking, was visible, un-bending, re-ached, lets hair down, wast instrumental, honoring with, didst the honors, gives high sign, in-spired, having a hand in, unbarring, fit out, heft, fore boding, de-votes, knock down, square, un covers, don't rock the boat, uncurled, did part, re marking, out-fits, comes around, gives tip, go airwaves, knuckles, payed out, fed kitty, being in driver's seat, depended upon, gat in the act, be tokening, ostending, radio graphing, brake ones back, dis-burdened, intercalate, were in driver's seat, putting to something, got things rolling, re tort, de claims, taking a stab, dishing up, pro claim, lays it on the line, de-brief, counter-sign, out-laid, calls quits, prepays, alludes to, Disporting, lends hand, be speaks, un shackling, going halves, button down, setting off, lays on the line, yielding, put on the air, give low down, am sold for, sub scribe, putting up for sale, heaped upon, tabbing, put for sale, counter-signs, uncreasing, were big, dost part, hold the reins, going all out, whipt out, put up with, is of use, tips off, wises up, fore-running, am assistance, fore shadowing, shark, re-counted, were turned on to, puts the market, de fraying, re joining, threw light upon, running off at mouth, tele-phoning, hath a swing at, get off ones chest, in-stances, bringing forth, is drivers seat, got soapbox for, in fusing, opened fire, sitting for, hast ones nose grindstone, staggering along, over indulged, lets have, pre-scribed, un fastened, re calls, gives over, re-capitulates, gives facts, had a swing at, wert drivers seat, uncreased, re cited, gat in with, drove in, doing ones best, gets act, portion, be quests, make deal, CUED, throws in the sponge, opening out, dis cover, provide, doeth ones best, in-creased, Earmarked, invest with, buttoned down, re veal, up-holds, re questing, sees coming, throw in towel, be a sign of, Hefting, speaks ones piece, stumbled up on, give a ring, ex claimed, am at service, putting in appearance, doing business, trans muting, re-affirms, re gale, drive in, Personize, pro-claimed, are party to, being driver's seat, give the facts, un ravelling, confers trust, co axing, rolled over play dead, dis entangle, drops the hammer, pass down, out line, gave word, trans-figuring, was in driver seat, grand-stands, breaks story, spits it out, dis ported, re-commend, art in the driver's seat, un bend, pro-moting, fore telling, frees up, prevail up on, sub-due, crystaling ball it, re-peats, writ up, assist, tossing in, dropping line, dropped the hammer, having shot at, edges in, un-curl, sub sides, show one face, being in the drivers seat, hint at, giving a ring, de tach, be-friended, auspicate, re-quires, unstopped, de notes, let cat out of bag, settles up, gotten out of system, re-tail, pro-create, run the show, struck as, doth a number, hand-carried, came terms, does bit, start ball rolling, rendering to, conform to, dis-cusses, is ruined, re-member, up-grading, running show, un-blocking, were a source of, re-capitulate, sitting on top of, lot out, un fastens, shows tell, take stab, gets out system, gave the go ahead, went dutch, sells for, fit in, out lay, un winding, lay down, force up on, Stoppering, are driver's seat, in-filtrates, under-taking, wast saddle, be appropriate, am in driver's seat, wert turned on to, colorcast, gives ones best shot, administer, de scending, in-sinuated, be visible, in-voiced, provide details, ex-plaining, re plenished, re-dress, bow to, broke back, puts appearance, bare the cost, doeth one bit, give tip, was close to, pro-cured, be in driver seat, puts out patrol, run off mouth, drops note, cluing one in, gave a tip, un-masking, pro-rating, doth a turn, gave the skinny on, putting in plain english, fore-shown, run off at mouth, doing one's best, liberate, de-notes, confess, let know, letting fly, in-trust, give the go ahead, re serving, fixed with, Telegraphing, relied up on, digged up, pulls wires, puts market, un shackle, over-indulging, sweats details, settle on, art a party to, pro-pose, commending to, pro moting, getting on soapbox for, re bated, wast on, doest one's part, giving a call, ex-tracts, calling upon, hadst shot at, is the saddle, makes pitch, did the honors, carries torch, de tailed, gives back, dis solving, incarnates, un-earths, bring to view, communing with, show the ropes, put plain english, doth one's bit, Subjected, cast out, jogged memory, re pays, laid one feet, sits take it, finger the pie, recount, un derwent, re serve, re stating, leading in to, de vising, trying ones hardest, granted authority, doth ones part, in-creases, am saddle, sate and take it, be on the air, Cataloguing, laid before, spill beans, dis porting, make out like, gave expression, hadst a crack, put on to, get ones chest.