Pronunciation of Worry
/wˈʌɹi/, /wˈʌɹi/, /w_ˈʌ_ɹ_i/

Antonyms for worry

lets go, de-activate, ex-tolled, came a conclusion, steadied, pleasure, anesthetizing, takes up residence, give hand, un-troubled, eases up, went over big, puts on a bandaid, gives a rest, come a decision, have pity, re-straining, calm, die down, laxes, be-calm, giving a hand, is inclined, get ones jollies, cooling it, soothe, kudizing, putting on top world, come a conclusion, in habiting, de-activating, smiling up on, Planing, patting on the back, re-kindle, goes over big, re-covers, smoothing over, intermit, in spirited, feeling with, putting top the world, straightened out, hangs loose, take bite out, settles nerves, inter ludes, coming school, pat back, eased up on, made easier, took up residence, taking load ones chest, takes load off one's mind, patting back, showed mercy, un-wound, gets ones jollies, adds sugar, sets rights, settling one's nerves, collect oneself, appease, makes grade, de-lays, hung up one hat, take edge off, give some slack, taking a load off, filled the bill, makes peace, let up on, standing in for, convenienced, un-wind, getting one's jollies, putting zip in to, up-lift, be-friend, galvanizations, Equability, speeds up, giving hand, dis solving, re-posed, ataraxia, in activates, re generated, playing to, put out of one misery, becomes lenient, re-commend, are sorry for, dis-solves, pro-vided, saying uncle, in spire, comes life, hung one hat, un troubles, Candying, traded last, in vite, take ones time, un tightens, move to, comes a conclusion, pacifism, clammed up, takes it easy, take the edge off, come to life, unconcern, broke one up, become soft, payed respects, coming to life, lose speed, be-witch, opens door, repose, breathed easy, re vamped, knocked 'em dead, fractured one, in activate, ex cites, dost the trick, becomes tender, re-awakens, holds down, under-stood, in spirits, letting upon, smile upon, grieves with, dis-burdens, smooth, turn-on, could it, forces to resign, force resign, felt with, says uncle, took it easy, made merry, subscribes to, re spited, de scend, gets one's jollies, iced, inter-posing, took sting out of, were sympathetic, works out deal, puts an end to, dis-burdening, feel for, slowing down, putting on bandaid, hangs hat, be-calmed, kiss and make up, call shots, give way, expressed sympathy, re posed, re kindles, re-conciliations, dis embarrassing, taking off hat to, making much of, speed up, hadst mercy, give break, electrifications, compose oneself, inter-posed, was inclined, pacificates, let it happen, contentment, lets sun shine in, came life, took ones time, re strain, changing mind, ex-citation, letted happen, takes over from, settles ones nerves, re-strains, patted back, Milden, re commending, speeded up, makes oneself at home, un winds, took hat to, re-pealed, demilitarized, peace, took pity on, unburdened, ex-citations, put the lid on, security, going easy on, come conclusion, being merciful, dis encumbering, de sired, putting on band-aid, order, re collect, pro-mise, gives rest, giving way, unburdens, Cinching, make deal, eased off, dis-charged, collecting oneself, sub-merged, stopped work, warm up, cool out, in activities, hath compassion, puts end to, composes oneself, monkey around with, de-laying, takes time, de-lighting, patting on back, quiet fears, dis passion, putting one feet up, pro moting, candy coats, am sorry for, over joyed, make certain, dis charged, art sympathetic, handing to, having mercy, Roosted, make whole, commiserated with, compliment, gat well, hanged loose, taking load one's chest, grew up, got jollies, re move, passed judgment, brightened up, had mercy, takes residence, coming around, ex-cited, un-load, apologized for, de-fuse, slowed down, re-laxations, make lighter, paves the way, up-held, rooting for, taking load off chest, kept house, makes sweet, mollify, become lenient, in-formality, made peace, mitigate, candycoats, de-sire, made healthy, de light, hang ones hat, put end to, be sorry for, pre vailing, wert inclined, de-livers, said uncle, downing, dis tracts, come to conclusion, letting it happen, untroubling, give a leg up, re-spites, joyousness, changing one mind, paving the way, up-lighted, easing on, gets one jollies, took bite out, un bending, braced up, buries hatchet, ataraxies, hangs up one's hat, condoles with, sets down, came to decision, dis-burden, kisses and make up, reanimate, assure, hold down, knack, coziness, downed, de-fusing, forming judgment, over joying, singing praises of, pro vided, dis engaging, came agreement, filled bill, putting cloud nine, in-spiring, sugar-coats, inactivates, are inclined, laxing, falls away, dis-engaged, sub-dues, relieve, sit back, put on bandaid, settles one's nerves, work out a deal, decreasing volume, up-holding, sitting around, put out of misery, sugar coating, made sound, spring up, un troubled, knocks dead, de-sired, in spired, re-solved, breaks one up, opens the door, fawn up on, be-calming, has pity, changes one's mind, having mercy on, pro roguing, poured oil on, filling the bill, assuage, in spirit, put out of one's misery, re awakened, ingratiates with, balmed, settling down, lightening up, de livering, lay down, ease on, sugar-coat, re conditioned, gluttony, felt home, be-witched, solace, comes to conclusion, dis-passions, bracing up, making oneself at home, dummy up, putting feet again, velleity, comes an agreement, come terms, hammer out deal, take load one's mind, lay back, play up to, stood in for, making grade, eased up, breathes easy, gives quarter, knocks 'em dead, Succoring, de-siring, dis-solving, be-guile, de crease, is enough, hammers out deal, restfulnesses, sub-merges, re conciliation, temper, sugar coated, opening up, de fused, had pity, changes ones mind, puts out of one's misery, puts top of the world, comes to decision, clean up, hammering out a deal, come school, re collecting, re activating, bring aid, puts ease, held in, worked out deal, re-kindles, un ceremoniousness, de-light, made sweet, gives bouquet, sold on, re-strained, de activates, slake, passing judgment, be calms, sided with, apologizing for, de-adens, died down, playing up to, re kindled, re-quiescence, trades off, warmed up, came a decision, lightening burden, takes pity on, haddest pity, palliate, took load one mind, bled for, re-laxation, under standing, puts on top world, made happy, taking load off, make merry, taking a breather, monkeyed around with, gave a leg up, pours oil on, re strict, dis passions, rooted for, in activating, dying down, take pity on, came to a decision, monkeying around with, invigoration, takes ones time, in-cited, attending to, made a deal, prettifies, prorogue, clam up, payed tribute to, take sting out, come around, becomes liquid, pro-mote, gotten one's jollies, coming to terms, taking load off mind, un bends, easing up on, hanged up one's hat, come to agreement, tickles pink, dis embarrass, un ruffling, gave hand, put rest, giving a break, sugar-coated, go over big, ex citation, commove, re commend, re freshes, de-scending, tenderize, putting feet up, clamming up, dis-charge, de laying, waking up, relaxeds, clears the way, cooling off, modify, pity, swept off feet, requiescence, re peals, changing ones mind, cooled off, fawns upon, breathing new life in to, relaxedding, puts down roots, juiced, pro-vides, haddest mercy, holding down, clearing way, re sided, took the edge off, dis encumbered, Cheeriness, dis integrates, made grade, hung up hat, force to resign, holds in, de scending, dis-integrate, softened up, lie down, hung up ones hat, laying back, puts into order, pulling for, de militarize, puts feet up, up-holds, took break, de-aden, take the sting out, ingratiated oneself with, make oneself at home, come decision, kudize, untroubles, brings aid, taking load off one mind, letted the sun shine in, de-militarized, makes decision, change one's mind, lighten burden, gave way, sweep feet, sugar coats, sweeps feet, making light of, put out one misery, putting ease, set to rights, making peace, takes load chest, pre vailed, hammered out a deal, ex-cite, come together, quiets fears, self indulgence, re paired, sets home, enlivenment, de frosts, in cites, sang praises of, opening the door, comes to school, dis-solve, be guiles, gives a lift, Dulling, spoke highly of, hangs up hat, hanged up ones hat, cools it, re new, dis-embarrassed, take over from, simmering down, button one lip, make easier, un-tightening, de lighted, cleaned up, making less, juicing, lightened up, delight, say uncle, dis guise, dis solve, un-lax, opening door, dis burdening, smoothing down, gentles, hung one's hat, makes healthy, get one's jollies, cooling out, re generates, pave way, sets up home, bed down, putting down roots, becomes soft, takes place of, un wind, pre-vails, lighten, collects oneself, de sire, dis burdens, knocking em dead, come to school, re news, gotten jollies, hanged one hat, re-strain, mitigated, coming a conclusion, in-spire, became lenient, pro vide, re collected, under stood, get well, makes reasonable, up lighted, re habilitated, taking the edge off, have mercy on, inter lude, taking easy, dis-embarrasses, dost trick, contentednesses, still, in-activity, snugnesses, brake one up, kissed and make up, pre cautions, simmer down, putting top of the world, sells on, make nice, fill the bill, comes conclusion, pacifies, making oneself home, puts 'em away, joyousnesses, paved way, passes judgment, put one feet up, take load ones mind, dis armed, re peal, subscribed to, ecstasize, ease up, re-duces, Ataraxy, de fuse, gat behind, setting down, in actions, re-solves, holding in, bleed for, come to a decision, form judgment, went easy on, passivity, placidity, came to agreement, de-activates, pro vides, in spiriting, put on feet again, taking load one mind, de-sires, in-cite, dis charges, set up home, breathes new life into, sedating, be sympathetic, dis integrate, settles down, up lift, being sorry for, puts a band aid, de-frosted, Sugaring, hanging up one hat, bleeds for, candy coated, taking load off one chest, puts on bandaid, come to terms, puts at rest, over-joy, gives some slack, hand it to, grows up, makes sound, kisses make up, weeping for, smoothed down, has compassion, put a band-aid, well being, condoling with, re pairs, take time out, puts band-aid, coming to decision, wrought out deal, over joy, sell on, de-scends, takes a break, hold it down, re-pairs, puts on top of the world, Palates, sweeping feet, makes happy, taking the sting out of, loosened up, puts a bandaid, re generating, got one's jollies, up light, change one mind, uplights, dis-embarrass, take one's time, dis-charging, gave some slack, feeling home, Intermitting, re-fresh, take load one chest, cleaning up, eases off, over come, took the sting out of, lies down, ex citing, gave a break, handed it to, put on band aid, re sting, making a deal, enlivenments, doth the trick, takes load off one mind, Downs, makes light of, de-creased, hanging loose, pats on back, feeling for, sub-sides, slow down, comes to a conclusion, puts one feet up, putting rest, took time, de siring, set home, candied, take load off one mind, dis-integrating, un troubling, riped, were merciful, settling one nerves, ingratiated with, smiles up on, pro mise, inter posed, brightening up, put an end to, runs interference for, coming to school, knocks em dead, becoming soft, mellowed out, spake highly of, breathes new life in to, touching down, candy-coating, re-pairing, felt at home, took the bite out of, made the grade, came together, Amnestying, kissed make up, dummying up, taking break, glee, re create, putting top of world, prettified, dis-arms, sings praises of, in-activated, over-joyed, de-creases, easing up, hang one's hat, breathe easy, put top of the world, dis-encumbered, settled back, Gloze, take load off one's mind, made at home, take the sting out of, put out one's misery, springs up, hopefulnesses, hammering out deal, prettify, settles back, tickling pink, making more appealing, re-quiescences, putting on a band-aid, fawning upon, re moving, stands in for, re treats, un loads, have mercy, be calm, over joys, revive, comes to life, has mercy on, easing off, art sorry for, hold in, joy, took load off, making at home, uplighting, smooth over, intermits, allay, grieved with, sat back, wellbeing, re-activate, un ruffle, re assured, worked out a deal, win over, making certain, has mercy, tenderized, buries the hatchet, in-spirit, hangs one's hat, re vivified, made a decision, candycoat, bedded down, patted on back, give a break, ran interference for, in-actions, sate around, adding sweetening, letted go, dis engage, up-raising, re-solve, pouring out, doing the trick, breathing easy, hanged hat, letted upon, were inclined, mellow out, take load off, takes load off ones mind, touch down, put out of ones misery, make oneself home, puts in to order, stopping work, de liver, wept for, put top the world, makes more appealing, put on a band aid, stops work, give a rest, Succored, good spirits, makes matters up, let the sun shine in, re-assure, dis-posing, making decision, resurrect, un-winding, be friends, made decision, settle one's nerves, trading last, relaxedded, take root, conveniencing, loosen up, dis-guised, ease up on, braces up, took load ones mind, ingratiate oneself with, pats on the back, be merciful, un bended, settled nerves, up raised, change ones mind, re-vitalized, dulcify, ex citations, takes the edge off, un restraints, trade last, feel with, take it easy, takes load off one's chest, in-activate, pro-mises, made toothsome, puts bandaid, defuse, candy-coat, took a break, laid back, sits back, cleared the way, giving a leg up, de-crease, dies away, be-calms, passivities, hung ones hat, re cesses, snap out of it, tenderizing, give up, fill bill, cools off, lightened burden, brought to, be inclined, hanging up hat, sprang up, go easy on, re-moving, putting zip into, re creation, eased on, takes load one's mind, takes break, ingratiating oneself with, coming to agreement, speaks highly of, dies down, sitting back, put lid on, comes terms, coming to a decision, re presses, re duce, composing oneself, re-lease, lets up on, comfort, pacify, dis pose, re-builds, re-strict, in activity, comes a decision, re-awakening, become tender, let upon, doeth trick, forced resign, up-raises, granting respite, brightens up, taking one time, didst trick, propitiate, head rush, make home, gotten behind, put ease, settling ones nerves, re stored, took load mind, under-stands, softening up, smooths over, pro-vide, mildened, tranquillity, giving some slack, cunning it, de sires, putting on top the world, good spirit, put at rest, taking up residence, played to, somnolence, quietude, bring to, sped up, re moved, breathed new life into, pacificated, re animated, hanging hat, inactivated, give a hand, un-burdening, vitalization, took a load off, puts rest, sides with, inter posing, ex cite, commoves, be friending, art merciful, take load off chest, gives lift, settling back, gave a rest, dis engages, relax, took edge off, putting out of one misery, gotten ones jollies, un-tightened, aid, slows down, putting in to order, sweeps off feet, de-frosts, re-paired, put zip into, up raising, fills bill, re-cover, cooled it, Soothed, take load off one chest, pacificating, candy coat, un-bended, ease, take hat to, candy coating, made light of, died away, put band aid, re-activates, making home, knocking 'em dead, de lights, dis-tract, settle, unruffles, puts out one misery, re side, be friend, re spite, making easier, took load off one chest, un bend, took a breather, re building, up-lifted, clear the way, placidness, breathing new life into, re assure, relaxes, put a bandaid, Parleyed, re-vivified, hangs ones hat, hang up ones hat, re-gales, quick fixing, re-covering, are sympathetic, dis integrating, reawaken, re-vamp, carelessness, de livered, dreaminess, ingratiates oneself with, took place of, were sorry for, re lax, inter pose, dis-engage, anesthetizes, fracture one, de-creasing, put on top of world, over-joying, re animating, dis-integrated, making well, showing mercy, re-vivify, sub-merging, re stores, lamented with, re solve, growing up, un burdened, over-coming, un ceremoniousnesses, inactivate, coming to an agreement, un burdens, is sorry for, trade off, makes much of, takes load off one chest, taking one's time, forcing to resign, stopt work, pulled for, taking a break, put a band aid, re-serves, fractures one, make more appealing, anesthetize, satisfaction, cheerinesses, get jollies, take load one mind, gave lift, giving bouquet, letted sun shine in, lightens burden, feeling at home, making happy, taking hat to, subscribe to, dulcorate, coming agreement, hang up hat, re builded, un-troubling, cool off, be-witches, joyfulness, dis solved, re-activating, changed mind, plays up to, makes less, re-kindled, fawned upon, re-serve, un-ruffle, put on top of the world, up held, re-gale, clams up, expresses sympathy, electrification, shows forgiveness, dieing away, pro-moting, selfpossession, unlaxing, good cheers, revivify, decreased volume, re awakens, keeps house, putting ones feet up, re-vitalizes, puts on band aid, dis-passion, re-kindling, pouring oil on, unbent, Amnestied, collected oneself, dulls, dummies up, inter-ludes, pro-roguing, RIPES, putting out misery, make a deal, giving a rest, steadies, putting on a bandaid, adding sugar, making healthy, re habilitates, took sting out, putting out of one's misery, quickenings, taking ones time, makes a deal, re pealed, took one's time, in habit, rest, selling on, dis-engages, take up residence, happiness, easing upon, snaps out of it, in formalities, re-freshes, re-leases, heal, high spiritses, pro rogues, ex cited, pre vails, couldst it, re laxations, ataraxias, puts one's feet up, ministering to, relaxings, puff up, come life, pre-vail, dying away, cleans up, subscribing to, pass judgment, pro mises, re vamps, art inclined, burying hatchet, dis-tracts, puts on band-aid, made more appealing, re creations, pacifications, re-assured, comes to an agreement, relent, lets happen, gives break, can it, dulcorating, came decision, feels with, holds it down, bury hatchet, up-lights, warms up, quiet, re builds, in spiring, under stand, dis-charges, taking pity on, go along with, re-covered, dis encumbers, comes agreement, un tighten, help, Imperturbation, bleeding for, putting a band aid, up-lifts, plays to, inter-pose, give rest, puts a band-aid, quell, make decision, sugar-coating, Re-collect, am sympathetic, came to life, re-duce, were enough, be witch, do the trick, hanged ones hat, takes time out, nonchalance, work out deal, puts ones feet up, moves to, made home, brighten up, come agreement, bed roses, re strains, de-lighted, in-habiting, re collects, am enough, dis guises, bringing aid, softpedal, trust, re pealing, woke up, taking load chest, putting top world, unlaxes, hang up one hat, re clines, patch things up, de-lay, gat one jollies, gave a hand, settle one nerves, de-militarizing, smooth down, simmered down, rooses, re-building, pro-rogues, de-militarize, took ten, bring terms, got behind, came to conclusion, re-new, hanging up ones hat, re-sided, un-bent, loses speed, pats the back, naturalness, de creased, letting oneself go, encourage, support, waked up, re-moves, let oneself go, salve, untrouble, de-frost, snapped out it, ministered to, hangs one hat, wake up, re-awaken, makes well, cooled out, de frosting, high spirits, up holding, vitalizations, be friended, haddest compassion, candycoated, Fluxing, re-treat, re serve, be witches, hanged up hat, hung up one's hat, Concerting, paying respects, became liquid, condoled with, de cline, hammer out a deal, be-friends, re vitalizes, wish joy to, re-commending, de fenses, is sympathetic, pacifisms, re-leased, in cite, quick fixt, re activated, takes load one's chest, made matters up, re-vamped, softens up, button ones lip, up raise, snap up, dis guising, putting a bandaid, taking load one chest, stop work, eases up on, over comes, in-habit, gusto, making nice, making sweet, un-burden, compose, opened up, un burdening, button lip, puffing up, hast compassion, Intermitted, comes around, puts the lid on, do trick, put into order, granting amnesty, a rushes, un trouble, make grade, made reasonable, take easy, die away, settle ones nerves, putting on band aid, re lief, dis guised, re-animate, taking over from, re-commends, be-friending, re-stores, de creasing, sits around, un tightened, riping, put on band-aid, showing sympathy, re-sting, in action, unlaxed, re-conditions, re pressing, dis-guises, pat the back, re-generated, re animate, re spites, brings to, snapped out of it, straighten out, making lighter, lets upon, took load off ones mind, striking happy medium, took load one's chest, paving way, re-lief, arbitrate, comes to a decision, came conclusion, attend to, gat one's jollies, re conditions, pre vail, keep house, took the sting out, gotten well, simmers down, smiled upon, puts cloud nine, had compassion, working out a deal, in-spirits, came terms, re pressed, coming an agreement, re-presses, bedding down, gives a break, dis charging, root for, entertain, de militarizes, forcing resign, unlax, came school, had mercy on, feel at home, feels home, works out a deal, lightens up, substituting for, re-habilitated, settle back, taking root, Parleying, coming terms, open the door, be calmed, be enough, takes sting out, puts out of misery, speeding up, settle nerves, re awakening, makes oneself home, coming to a conclusion, make much of, re-move, letting up on, Patted, re-collected, smiles upon, de adens, taking time, re siding, de aden, see fit, re-peals, eases upon, dis-pose, letted oneself go, peacefulness, in spires, putting one's feet up, re vivifies, turnons, hanging up one's hat, touched down, over-joys, make peace, re vivify, was enough, condole with, Unruffle, ex-cites, uplighted, de activating, coming to conclusion, showed forgiveness, de-livered, turnon, over-comes, re-storing, took residence, dis arms, ecstasized, put in to order, puts on feet again, re vitalized, breathe new life in to, hast mercy, re quiescence, changing one's mind, have compassion, re covering, dis-embarrassing, re generate, perked up, dis embarrasses, re-pair, sing praises of, break one up, hung loose, re vitalize, take the place of, put feet up, taking load ones mind, Umpired, certainty, uplight, un-bending, tranquilize, de-scended, lying down, ease off, put top world, take load mind, makes the grade, sub dues, re-collecting, reassurance, up-lifting, re-lieve, made nice, dulcorates, de activated, make sound, giving a lift, hung hat, is merciful, re-stored, de-activated, cheer, anesthetized, lighten up, holding it down, giving rest, formed judgment, showed sympathy, re duces, turn-ons, forms judgment, putting band aid, dis tract, snaps up, firings, re-vivifies, re-animates, pulls for, equanimity, came to a conclusion, re-vivifying, give lift, re-cline, un lax, taking sting out, take one time, exhilarate, comes together, please, does trick, gives hand, satisfy, running interference for, taking it easy, being enough, re-side, up lights, put on top world, moderate, came to an agreement, dis-missed, taking load off one's mind, takes load off ones chest, being sympathetic, melt, restfulness, taking sting out of, took time out, cleared way, re press, making a decision, de-frosting, make matters up, unrestraint, give leg up, putting end to, not worry, de lighting, let sun shine in, re lieve, in-activities, put out ones misery, re straining, calmness, puts top world, unburdening, candy-coated, re animates, take the bite out, unruffling, let happen, take load off ones mind, composed oneself, in-habits, took easy, struck happy medium, hangs up ones hat, advantage, cools out, motionlessness, gives a hand, de-militarizes, in-spired, re-animating, sung praises of, sweeping off feet, snapping out it, up-raised, put bandaid, put em away, setting rights, puts on cloud nine, changes mind, doeth the trick, un-ruffles, take load ones chest, unbended, paid respects, safety measure, makes deal, takes the place of, setting up home, became soft, de activate, kiss make up, shows sympathy, decrease volume, roosed, re-conciliation, prorogues, came to school, re-lax, assist, re condition, ingratiating with, played up to, hanging one's hat, takes easy, patted the back, set rights, wert merciful, up lifts, somnolences, recline, un winding, sedates, straightens out, a rush, dis missing, takes load one chest, up lifted, taking bite out of, re-vamping, lament with, invigorations, fracturing one, coming life, de-livering, tuned down, giving lift, de livers, lays back, takes bite out, un-ceremoniousnesses, becalm, grant amnesty, hang loose, showing forgiveness, getting ones jollies, take residence, dis posing, clearing the way, de scended, Allying, took load ones chest, ecstasizes, fills the bill, under stands, requiescences, content, un-burdens, be-friended, put zip in to, head rushes, show forgiveness, come to decision, canning it, put cloud nine, galvanization, re-habilitate, puts band aid, takes one time, mellowing out, take breather, dulcorated, prettifying, taking the place of, nailing down, wert sympathetic, ministers to, play to, be guile, de creases, put at ease, become liquid, un load, un-trouble, ironing, re-clines, gave break, earnests, lied down, becoming lenient, smiling upon, decreases volume, beds down, puts top of world, re leases, tuning down, brace up, bringing to, takes hat to, made much of, make light of, come to a conclusion, re vitalizing, put out misery, Glozed, siding with, puts top the world, pro rogue, dis-guise, becoming tender, placate, patched things up, seeing fit, inter missions, put on cloud nine, hadst mercy on, inter-lude, dis-missing, up-light, de-fenses, in-spires, giving quarter, gave a lift, tenderizes, lamenting with, come to an agreement, doest the trick, takes sting out of, re-activated, un-tightens, wast inclined, pre caution, divert, being inclined, take sting out of, took load one chest, make happy, taking edge off, dis solves, sugared, unbends, in habited, up holds, side with, cutoff, turn ons, pro viding, de-cline, un loading, de lay, haddest mercy on, putting a band-aid, puts out one's misery, vivifications, putting at rest, pro-rogued, pro-motes, dis-posed, clear way, Proroguing, feels for, re-treats, re-solving, candy-coats, Roosting, supinities, change mind, loosening up, re pose, in-activates, awaying, dis-burdened, took root, takes load mind, knocking dead, lets it happen, buried the hatchet, pays tribute to, takes bite out of, paved the way, forced to resign, run interference for, un loaded, comes decision, show sympathy, going over big, cave in, hanging one hat, Umpiring, put top of world, Fluxed, making toothsome, doing trick, disarm, get one jollies, un-tighten, ex-tolling, opens up, sweep off feet, ex tolled, substituted for, keeping house, de clines, brought aid, taking the bite out, was sorry for, re-conditioning, puts zip into, sedated, lay, breathed new life in to, putting on feet again, selfindulgence, putting out one's misery, caved in, coming decision, gat ones jollies, dis engaged, took off hat to, takes the bite out, getting jollies, poured out, loosens up, hath pity, conciliate, took load off mind, remit, puts zip in to, sub due, making matters up, takes root, fruition, demilitarizing, eases on, de scends, taking load off ones chest, dis-armed, in-formalities, puts on a band-aid, comes to terms, cozinesses, re-pressing, make a decision, candycoating, hang hat, makes easier, take bite out of, dis posed, patches things up, re solves, makes nice, re-generate, unbend, coming a decision, paid tribute to, speak highly of, getting well, ease upon, dis-encumber, re-conditioned, saw fit, putting out of misery, de-fused, doth trick, giving break, roosing, wert sorry for, peace mind, dis-solved, letted up on, fell away, roose, re vivifying, mildening, soften, takes the sting out, de-clines, re habilitate, assurance, put down roots, sub-due, gets jollies, moved to, takes one's time, snapping up, breathe new life into, put feet again, dreaminesses, re conditioning, settled one's nerves, lets the sun shine in, un-burdened, aways, putting bandaid, take a breather, patching things up, settled one nerves, un restraint, re sides, un burden, give quarter, self-indulgence, re lease, demilitarize, de-fuses, in-action, monkeys around with, letted it happen, putting lid on, settled down, be calming, re-commended, take load one's chest, dis-encumbers, re-assures, re-condition, open up, re commended, getting one jollies, un-restraint, take a break, taking ten, up lifting, wert enough, dis burden, tickle pink, quick fixed, un-bends, traded off, safety measures, did the trick, sub sided, sub side, took bite out of, revitalize, in-spirited, up hold, took load off one's chest, re quiescences, attends to, re gale, puffs up, apathy, confidence, up-hold, taking time out, pre-caution, coming conclusion, leisure, caves in, re-assuring, dieing down, un-ruffling, reassure, up-lighting, attended to, glozes, balming, putting on a band aid, dis burdened, minister to, be witching, de militarized, re-builded, changes one mind, takes the sting out of, steadying, puts on top the world, commiserates with, comes school, make less, re-habilitating, comes to agreement, lets oneself go, buried hatchet, un-bend, re build, Whites, be-witching, re-cess, moving to, gave leg up, are enough, honied, puts feet again, imperturbations, Commoving, became tender, caving in, takes a load off, hang up one's hat, un-troubles, speaking highly of, re-sides, dis arming, dis integrated, in activated, held down, sub-merge, taking load off one's chest, soften up, dis-guising, snaps out it, dummied up, handing it to, dis-arming, burying the hatchet, console, hang one hat, relief, take time, smooths down, un bent, taking load off ones mind, put 'em away, self possession, working out deal, dis-encumbering, be-guiles, re-build, pull for, sub sides, hadst pity, put on top the world, breaking one up, gets behind, mellow, hath mercy on, de lays, over coming, re-spiting, pro-viding, set down, re pairing, contentedness, wrought out a deal, came an agreement, be witched, re store, under-standing, makes certain, un-winds, took over from, hanged up one hat, Prorogued, un-ceremoniousness, humoring, ingratiate with, took one time, joyrides, gives a leg up, re cover, sureness, dis encumber, sugarcoat, re-pose, took load chest, re-generating, commiserating with, apologize for, substitute for, re kindle, demilitarizes, pacificate, re gales, feels at home, re-creation, put on a bandaid, re commends, un wound, re-vamps, made well, pre-cautions, make well, paves way, wishing joy to, re strained, dis-integrates, Planed, take place of, thaw, gentling, re-vitalizing, changed one's mind, taking bite out, taking the sting out, commiserate with, took the place of, show mercy, un ruffled, wishes joy to, clears way, un-ruffled, consolation, pours out, apologizes for, de frosted, pave the way, re pair, stand in for, sit around, quieting fears, get behind, de-liver, Patting, does the trick, re covered, sate back, de-scend, made deal, Commoved, making the grade, up lighting, taking place of, make toothsome, smiled up on, dis-engaging, laments with, canst it, take a load off, de frost, making reasonable, sees fit, take the bite out of, sub merging, wakes up, changed one mind, canned it, dis missed, hadst compassion, whiting, adds sweetening, motionlessnesses, puts at ease, wast sympathetic, Glozing, settling nerves, give bouquet, de militarizing, kissing and make up, makes lighter, ex tolling, becoming liquid, wished joy to, filling bill, un-loads, coming together, vivification, knock dead, gave rest, re-creations, changed ones mind, came around, kudized, de fusing, in habits, re cline, make at home, snapped up, come an agreement, came to terms, in-spiriting, giving leg up, substitutes for, puts out of one misery, took load off chest, Gluttonies, paying tribute to, taking residence, takes edge off, put ones feet up, letting go, hit spot, equabilities, puts out misery, re-siding, up-raise, pour oil on, sub merges, re-news, take ten, re-animated, cool it, having compassion, dis charge, de fuses, didst the trick, sweeten, takes load off, de-lights, sat around, pre-vailed, re laxation, Cinched, taking load mind, did trick, re-generates, dis embarrassed, re storing, take load chest, letting happen, exhilaration, hanged one's hat, quieted fears, took the bite out, made lighter.