De sire

Pronunciation of De Sire
/də sˈa͡ɪ͡ə/, /də sˈa‍ɪ‍ə/, /d_ə s_ˈaɪə/

Antonyms for de sire

build, deterrent, answer, aid, discontinue, body, negligence, entertainment, subdue, apathy, thing, avoidance, pastime, sorrow, truth, disapprove, ill will, pain, distrust, disgust, refusal, distaste, aimlessness, thoughtlessness, shun, improve, delight, despair, joy, dodge, corporeality, impartiality, tranquility, retreat, hindrance, chastity, contentment, disincentive, disallow, melancholy, antipathy, run away, lethargy, equality, forsake, depress, happiness, displease, doubt, spurn, disinclination, diffidence, gloom, reject, despise, peacefulness, abandon, foe, lose, have, give, dullness, forfeit, lower, loathing, girlfriend, discouragement, fun, inactivity, fact, hatred, cold, physicality, beginning, stillness, oppose, upset, rise, prevention, leave alone, reply, abstain, enmity, depression, restraint, calmness, quench, idleness, fullness, substance, pessimism, seriousness, quiet, stop, weakness, concrete, cool, not want, not worry, decrease, start, soundness, be confident, help, not care, fear, disturb, avoid, existence, disgrace, lessen, actuality, neglect, enemy, last choice, purposelessness, drop, justice, fill, indifference, flourish, humility, loss, amnesia, repulsion, extinguish, put out, aversion, question, pass, wet, ignore, coolness, abjure, be content, disenchantment, eschew, worst, carelessness, hopelessness, stifle, responsibility, strengthen, fairness, reality, punishment, satiation, rejection, lot, block, smother, increase, blame, receive, woe, anger, conformity, insert, certainty, diversion, satisfaction, antagonism, be happy, health, deny, refuse, keep, dislike, disregard, disbelief, wetness, death, indecision, conceal, grow, know, annoy, worry, balance, hate, disfavor, chill, frigidity, calm, withhold, develop, repudiate, trouble, cheer, coldness, gladness, offer, repulse, disinterest, listen, be unwilling, peace, plan, animosity, unhappiness, revulsion, disbelieve, do not want, wavering, laziness, inability, sadness, give up.