Pronunciation of Gaffs
/ɡˈafs/, /ɡˈafs/, /ɡ_ˈa_f_s/

Synonyms for gaffs:

apparatus (noun)

accoutrement, appliance, black box, contraption, device, doodad, doohickey, furnishings, gaff, gear, gimcrack, gimmick, gizmo, grabber, idiot box, implement, jigger, job, machine, machinery, means, mechanism, outfit, paraphernalia, provisions, setup, stuff, supplies, tackle, thingamajig, whatchamacallit, whatsis, widget, dingbat, tools, utensils, WHOSIS, habiliments.

arrest (noun)

accommodation, apprehension, appropriation, bag, booby trap, bust, captivity, capture, collar, commitment, confinement, constraint, crimp, detention, drop, fall, glom, grab, heat, hook, imprisonment, incarceration, mitt, nab, nail, nick, nip, pickle, pinch, pull, snare, sweep, Restraining, Sequestering, pick up, pull in, jailing, protective custody, preventive custody, run in.

lapse (noun)

blunder, breach, bungle, crime, error, failing, failure, fault, flub, foible, frailty, goof, indiscretion, miscue, negligence, offense, omission, oversight, sin, slip, transgression, trespass, trip, vice, violation, goof-up, slip-up, screw-up.

slip (noun)

blooper, fluff, howler, imprudence, lapse, misdeed, misstep, mistake, slip of the tongue, muff, foul-up.

arrest (verb)

apprehend, book, brace, catch, detain, get, imprison, incarcerate, jail, kick, net, secure, seize, sidetrack, snag, tab, tag, Roust, take in, round up, take prisoner, put the cuffs on, put the arm on, toss in jail.

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