Look away

Pronunciation of Look Away
/lˈʊk ɐwˈe͡ɪ/, /lˈʊk ɐwˈe‍ɪ/, /l_ˈʊ_k ɐ_w_ˈeɪ/

Antonyms for look away

cooks someone goose, Palsying, re cognizing, de-bugs, thumbs through, pre-paring, doublechecked, poring over, aspire to, gets revenge, concenters, runs over, checking upon, Imaged, have a looksee, stop in one tracks, size up, gets ready, pre contrive, in spects, stops in one tracks, dreamed of, pre-planning, in-tend, double-checking, re conditions, re-stores, be-holding, glancing over, de-liberating, in tended, gave the once over, keep tabs on, face lifting, reflecting upon, re-aching, arriving at, dis-covered, eagleeyed, got down pat, stopped in tracks, have a look, eagleeye, stopping one dead, in-tended, gotten a load of, looksaw, de bugged, taking under advisement, feast eyes, stay put, in quires, staying put, in-stilled, looking over, applying to, mesmerize, look up and down, zeroed in on, provides for, having a look, brooding over, getting a load of, in stalling, look up down, reflects up on, assents to, hadst a look-see, in quired, re-cognizing, pre-arranged, in fixed, keep eagle eye on, getting it down, re-constructing, dis-cover, trans-piercing, staring at, double checked, tosses around, get the hang of, allows for, re builds, stopping in tracks, gaze open-mouthed, sized up, dip in to, Concentering, saw about, get an eyeful, feasted one's eyes, getting hang of, flipping through, over-looks, re-vising, giving once-over, trans-fixed, have a look see, gazing open-mouthed, riveting eyes on, in-quired, pinned down, make sure, be-holds, looks over, over-hauled, hadst a bearing on, eagle eyed, retreading, pro-pose, pertaining to, leaf through, haddest a look, eagled eye, trans pierced, tossed around, stop tracks, sur-mises, take in to account, de-signed, pre paring, checked on, write down, meditate on, help, mark, reflect upon, catching on, pre contrived, rivetting the eyes on, re-spects, gat hang of, have do with, providing for, in fix, preordering, take a look, setting sights on, got hold of, take stock of, broods over, gave the onceover, eagle eyeing, chewing over, de-fined, Predesign, take look, sets ones sights on, de-liberates, trans fixt, pore, preplan, gat hold of, feasts ones eyes, pulls strings, micro wave, taking stock of, were apprised of, cooking someone goose, paying back, rigidifying, stopt one dead, ex-cogitates, giving once over, stopt in ones tracks, de-fine, stopped ones tracks, checks upon, checking up on, fore seeing, precontrived, fore saw, leveled at, having to do with, freezing to, over hauled, pre-arranging, taking notice, sur-mise, had look, thought of, zooming in, doublecheck, feasted ones eyes, gotten down cold, stop one's tracks, look saw, mull over, looks upon, having bearing on, flip through, keeps eye on, hadst look-see, give once over, stack the deck, re aching, stares at, had a look-see, hath bearing on, fore seen, Gluing, looked up and down, re-conditioning, in-grain, keep an eye on, re-spect, hath do with, stop one tracks, taking notice of, catching glimpse of, be witch, in-fixes, takes gander, lookseeing, wast apprised of, trans-fixt, looks at, paying attention, trans-fixes, in-tending, level at, re stores, be hold, allow for, checking on, writes down, look up on, gives the eye, had look see, doublechecking, goggle, pre-contrived, looks up on, de-sign, face-lifting, tampered with, stopping one tracks, stopping in ones tracks, preorders, micro-waved, giving attention, trans-fix, hath a bearing on, thought over, pre pare, took a look, eagle-eying, haddest look-see, rivets eyes on, having a looksee, takes in the sights, keeping tabs on, re-storing, feast one eyes, get load of, eagle-eyeing, cooking someone's goose, cooling out, looking through, leafed through, re-vise, taking gander, giving the onceover, reflected up on, pre order, trans-pierced, keeping eye on, cooking someones goose, riveted the eyes on, re conditioned, over-hauling, thinking of, re-tread, muses over, look and down, in-grained, art apprised of, got ready, in stilling, de bug, hast bearing on, in quire, re-vamps, had a look, fore-saw, re vise, ran over, sized, fixed, de liberating, be-witched, makes sure, gotten the hang of, ex-cogitate, pre designed, put rights, cook someones goose, get eyeful, in-tends, deal with, gotten an eyeful, dis posing, getting down cold, pertain to, dis posed, gaze, subscribe to, feasts eyes on, pay attention, putting rights, be waring, re vising, gazed open-mouthed, feasting ones eyes, ex-cogitated, caught on, gets hold of, dis-covers, stop ones tracks, rivetting eyes on, took in to consideration, eye, dis-cern, allowed for, Valuing, in stilled, look upon, in-stall, pull strings, gat it down, giving onceover, pores over, flirted with, tost around, rubbered, Palsies, de signing, hadst looksee, cooked someone's goose, double check, rigidifies, ex-cogitating, regard, re-vised, provide for, looking up and down, double-checks, doublechecks, re-vamping, looked up down, scan, catch glimpse of, takes in sights, stops ones tracks, rivets the eyes on, kept eagle eye on, re-marks, de-bugging, be wares, checking over, pre-designing, Targeted, applies to, having look, stopping tracks, gets it down, taking look, glued, glanced at, give the once-over, making eyes at, pre-order, re-constructs, haddest a look-see, re solves, be-ware, over hauls, re constructs, thinking out, pre-orders, give the onceover, zeroing on, predesigned, kept in mind, stopping dead, am apprised of, pre-contrive, saw to, de-signs, preplanned, take under advisement, kicking around, see about, looked down, leafing through, keeps in mind, gat an eyeful, stop one dead, eagling eye, paying heed, stops one tracks, gaze openmouthed, got load of, give once-over, ex cogitates, looking upon, in-stilling, gat eyeful, fiddled with, check up on, toss around, stop in ones tracks, checked up on, rivetted the eyes on, keeps mind, seeing about, seeing to, be relevant to, get revenge, bear up on, in stalled, running over, get ready, putting to rights, took in the sights, get hold of, pays attention to, skivered, Precontrive, get a load of, sees to, looked up on, micro waving, taking a gander, brood over, stopped in one tracks, re vised, look-see, got hang of, hath a looksee, looking up on, in-spects, stopt in one's tracks, looksees, gotten hold of, having looksee, being relevant to, be held, takes a look, look sees, catches glimpse of, take notice, zeroing in on, hast look-see, were relevant to, stops in ones tracks, gat ready, aspired to, re builded, gets the hang of, dis covers, look, gotten revenge, giving the eye, look over, support, bear upon, gotten down pat, re-build, gotten hang of, wert relevant to, in-fix, de fines, had a looksee, got revenge, looks up down, catch on, looked through, nailing down, thinks over, got it down, de-liberate, cool out, in-quires, paid attention to, took in sights, think out, Visioned, gazing openmouthed, de bugs, aspires to, give attention, eagles eye, pertains to, getting the hang of, stops one's tracks, looking on, pre ordering, gape at, pre-designed, behold, stops in tracks, gives the once over, de fine, get down pat, check upon, clocked, stopping one's tracks, flips through, look at, be-witching, giving eye, face lifted, in tends, catches sight of, got eyeful, in grain, palsy, re-gard, re store, looked over, de liberated, de fining, reckoning with, trans pierce, in-graining, hath a look, in-quire, haddest looksee, re-vamped, dis covering, hadst look, over looked, hadst a look see, stopt dead, apply to, re-conditioned, pre dict, subscribing to, dis cover, payed heed, pre plans, taking into consideration, micro-waves, having a bearing on, is apprised of, re-adies, eagleeyes, zero on, prearranging, hast a looksee, pulling strings, gets hang of, Perpend, has looksee, has a bearing on, set one's sights on, paying attention to, be-witches, pre-plan, makes certain, pre designing, re build, reckoned with, de signs, payed attention to, took notice, re-solving, looking down, cooked someones goose, looking and down, give the eye, hast look see, re vamped, got down cold, assent to, meditates on, cook someone's goose, getting down pat, in-quiring, freezes to, flirt with, Skiver, stop in tracks, preplanning, catches on, re construct, trans pierces, gave the eye, hath a look-see, de-bug, stopped one tracks, giving the once over, picking up on, de fined, gives onceover, assist, reflecting up on, de liberates, stacking the deck, cooks someones goose, gat down cold, view, pre plan, re-solve, looked upon, payed attention, looks on, looks through, takes stock of, be-wared, pre-dict, glimming, set one sights on, pro-bed, set eyes on, Rus, cooks someone's goose, double checks, leveling at, transfix, de-liberated, gotten ready, pro posed, micro-wave, stays put, eyeballing, making certain, look-sees, chew over, tampering with, rigidified, eagle-eye, hast a look see, feasting one's eyes, stopt one's tracks, re spects, applied to, watch, scoped, re-marking, keep eye on, look see, in tending, gazed openmouthed, gotten load of, riffs, stopped in one's tracks, catching sight of, be-held, kick around, are relevant to, sets one sights on, glances at, kept mind, refers to, glancing at, reflect up on, pay attention to, catching a glimpse of, make certain, riveted eyes on, stopped dead, see to, look fixedly, keeping an eye on, targeting, hadst look see, reckons with, pin down, rivet the eyes on, over looks, over haul, caught sight of, pro-posing, over-look, rivetted eyes on, hast look, pre-arranges, take sights, keeping in mind, micro-waving, set sights on, re solve, arrives at, predesigning, taking in the sights, hast a look-see, re-builded, aid, sizing, take a gander, pre arrange, looks up and down, thought out, had a look see, re condition, assenting to, prearranges, eagle-eyes, picking upon, think of, re-solved, thinks out, keeps tabs on, in-stalled, stop in one's tracks, precontriving, feast ones eyes, re stored, cools out, micro waved, re cognizes, re building, pays attention, keeps eagle eye on, rubbers, looked at, gives attention, take the sights, double checking, pre contriving, stopt one tracks, are apprised of, checks on, fix, make eyes at, re adies, re-conditions, envision, tossing around, takes look, re vamps, aim, ex cogitate, hath look-see, picks up on, took the sights, setting one sights on, be witches, has look, gets down cold, de bugging, giving the once-over, re constructed, pro bed, re-stored, looksee, paid back, pored over, gave onceover, sets sights on, having a look-see, mulling over, hast looksee, thumbed through, is relevant to, gets a load of, over-hauls, hadst a looksee, Concentered, gives the once-over, gazes open-mouthed, pre-contrives, concenter, chewed over, be holds, haddest a look see, kept eye on, re-condition, haddest bearing on, keep mind, stops in one's tracks, had to do with, keep in mind, re marked, feast eyes on, stare, tampers with, chews over, re storing, taking a look, put to rights, muse over, levels at, dis cern, pre-pared, writ down, pre-pare, mused over, setting one's sights on, took retribution, looks and down, be witched, skivering, puts to rights, in graining, has look see, trans fixes, ex cogitated, Accounted, look-saw, rivetting, dis-posed, in-grains, takes the sights, dis-covering, gives eye, stopping in one tracks, catch sight of, flirts with, stopped in ones tracks, setting eyes on, staid put, feasting one eyes, takes under advisement, fore-sees, dis pose, pre-designs, gat load of, de-fining, pay back, re marking, re mark, haddest do with, in-spect, re gards, kept tabs on, de liberate, subscribes to, tamper with, took look, hadst bearing on, musing over, assented to, pinning down, has a look-see, gives the onceover, ex cogitating, feast one's eyes, take in to consideration, paid attention, pre orders, gets an eyeful, in spect, stopt ones tracks, be ware, dream of, check on, see, stopt in tracks, catch a glimpse of, Speared, think up, zoom in, perpended, riveting the eyes on, reflected upon, eagleeyeing, picked up on, retread, fiddles with, stopped tracks, look seeing, pro posing, trans fix, gives once-over, stared at, in-stalling, taking sights, over look, have look-see, haddest to do with, trans-pierce, dreaming of, feasted eyes on, getting ready, in quiring, brooded over, eyeball, dis covered, puts rights, wrote down, sur mise, fore-see, gaped at, eagle eying, ru, give eye, glances over, stopped one's tracks, stopt tracks, pre designs, gat the hang of, pre design, preordered, stopped one dead, in tend, be-waring, caught a glimpse of, stacks the deck, have a bearing on, de-fines, pre-ordered, look on, thinks up, reckon with, transpierces, froze to, re spect, stare at, have bearing on, take in sights, cooled out, feasts one's eyes, re-vamp, stayed put, stopt in one tracks, rivetted, subscribed to, takes in to consideration, re marks, pick up on, checked upon, having a look see, had look-see, perpends, takes into consideration, stopping in one's tracks, pre planning, be holding, levelling at, allowing for, ascertain, dreamt of, riff, stopping ones tracks, eyeballs, getting eyeful, stops dead, arrive at, haddest a bearing on, wast relevant to, re-building, provided for, be apprised of, prearranged, pre-plans, pre pared, mulled over, checks up on, looking at, getting an eyeful, Riveted, cooked someone goose, re cognize, feasting eyes on, took under advisement, steadying, having look-see, fore-seen, de sign, keeping eagle eye on, has a look, trans fixed, check over, gaping at, re conditioning, look down, caught glimpse of, was relevant to, take into consideration, Skewering, glance over, re-solves, zeroed on, taking in sights, stacks deck, thinking up, sizes up, be-hold, pre planned, be-witch, checks over, over hauling, pre-arrange, looks down, fore sees, over-looking, leafs through, clocking, gazed open mouthed, pre arranging, gazes openmouthed, haddest a looksee, made sure, has a look see, took into consideration, had bearing on, pins down, allow, re-builds, pore over, stops tracks, run over, stacked the deck, re cognized, re tread, double-check, re-cognized, in fixes, took notice of, be witching, thumbing through, re-marked, micro waves, am relevant to, stops one dead, levelled at, pick upon, pre pares, hath to do with, dis-pose, picks upon, pre ordered, referring to, thinks of, pre contrives, hast to do with, in fixing, de signed, over-haul, take notice of, feasted one eyes, contemplate, gets load of, has a looksee, rivet eyes on, refer to, feasting eyes, took sights, consider, re-treads, kept an eye on, sur mises, keeping mind, checked over, art relevant to, Preorder, pertained to, lamped, wert apprised of, predesigns, had a bearing on, feasts one eyes, take gander, takes notice of, trans-pierces, Transpierced, gives once over, Visioning, prearrange, re-ached, trans-fixing, had looksee, taking in to consideration, getting hold of, flipped through, dreams of, have look see, reflects upon, takes a gander, kicked around, feasted eyes, hath look, being apprised of, eagleeying, re ached, stop dead, mulls over, get it down, trans fixing, catches a glimpse of, pro pose, be wared, got a load of, double-checked, be-wares, re gard, taking the sights, arrived at, looked on, payed back, kicks around, hadst do with, Re-mark, sets one's sights on, learn ropes, Glim, pre arranges, got the hang of, referred to, steadied, sees about, pre-contriving, taking retribution, hast a look, de-bugged, de-signing, cook someone goose, aspiring to, give the once over, dis-posing, had do with, gaze open mouthed, gave eye, set ones sights on.