Pronunciation of Uglify
/ˈʌɡlɪfˌa͡ɪ/, /ˈʌɡlɪfˌa‍ɪ/, /ˈʌ_ɡ_l_ɪ_f_ˌaɪ/

Antonyms for uglify

adds finishing touches, dis play, spiffs, cladding, re-habilitates, making handsome, be decks, dressed out, be appropriate, over stating, suits up, embellish, doll up, slicked, doing something for, pre pare, glamorized, be came, bundle up, ornamentalized, prettifies, ornament, be-dizening, Spruced, sleeks, slipt on, spiffed, appareled, bedizens, be-come, Prinking, be-dizen, become, puts best light, are appropriate, be coming, Emblazing, pro-vided, be decking, spiff, slipt in to, Titivating, decks out, getting dressed up, bundling up, be-coming, doeth something for, slipped into, out fitting, bedeck, does something for, slip in to, pro vide, decked out, doest something for, out-fitting, putting best light, titivate, be-comes, titivates, adds bells and whistles, PRIMS, Robing, shows to advantage, co loring, robed, spruces, suited up, slipped on, gussied up, dis plays, do up, fancify, out-fitted, re pair, fits out, deck, fancy up, costumed, over states, Appareling, prettifying, dis played, Prinked, emboss, out-fit, bedizen, be comes, didst something for, be-decking, doth something for, Emblaze, adorn, prettify, Apparelled, gussying up, spiffing, Sleeking, flatter, over-stated, pro-vide, slipping on, dressing out, slicks, re-pairing, belongs to, Sprucing, decorate, out-fits, re habilitated, make handsome, re pairs, made handsome, be dizened, re-pair, gave details, pro vides, pre pared, Pranking, gives details, be dizening, did something for, pre paring, Slicking, slip into, bedizening, dost something for, over-stating, raimented, out fits, re paired, slips in to, be decked, spiffed up, embellished, prink, giving details, being appropriate, laureate, be-dizened, glamorizes, spruce up, prettified, be-deck, setting off, Emblazed, pre-pare, dis-play, showing advantage, grace, fitting out, give details, bundled up, pro-viding, slips on, dress, dis-plays, re-habilitating, show advantage, sets off, pro viding, gat dressed up, put in best light, prinks, pre pares, jazzing up, be dizens, re habilitating, Laureating, be-decks, drest out, pro-vides, show to advantage, decking out, emblazes, enriches, gotten dressed up, slip on, co-loring, dis-played, put best light, be-decked, Laureated, dresses out, enrich, wert appropriate, slips into, go with, gets dressed up, be-dizens, do something for, re pairing, glamorizing, dress out, spiffing up, am appropriate, gussies up, spiff up, be dizen, puts in best light, jazzes up, costuming, spiffs up, showing to advantage, Garlanded, beautify, pre-paring, re habilitates, belonged to, prettifications, fix up, deck out, belong to, Titivated, makes handsome, re-habilitate, was appropriate, showed advantage, dis playing, gussy up, ornamentalizing, slipt into, were appropriate, drape, re-habilitated, art appropriate, Sleeked, re-paired, be deck, re habilitate, out fit, dis-playing, primp, Apparelling, got dressed up, re-pairs, laureates, set off, Primming, fit out, ornamentalizes, suiting up, pre-pared, bundles up, ornamentalize, adds bells whistles, CLADS, be-came, out fitted, slipping in to, get dressed up, blazon, bedizened, pro vided, be come, over state.