Pronunciation of Zero
/zˈi͡əɹə͡ʊ/, /zˈi‍əɹə‍ʊ/, /z_ˈiə_ɹ_əʊ/

Antonyms for zero

protoplasm, leader, nabob, suppurations, up shot, integer, in-finitude, up shots, whole enchiladas, luminary, whole ball of wax, dis charges, authority, roof, lead, infinitude, great power, being, great numbers, goings-ons, personage, NIBS, whole nine yards, multitude, cardinal, to do, notable, sub-stances, climax, crown, physical worlds, TODO, peak, flood tide, re-solutions, big wheel, party, whole nine yard, goingsons, pinnacle, up sets, shooting matches, celebrity, thing, re solutions, whole show, materialnesses, great number, substantiality, suppuration, re-solution, heyday, summit, corporeities, superior, corporeality, lock stock barrels, all, ordinal, infinitudes, matter, high, culmination, across the board, some, purulence, dis-charge, up set, wall wall, Corporealities, maturations, ex-tents, under-taking, zenith, purulences, ulcerations, in finitudes, lock stock and barrels, up-sets, in dividual, acme, height, under-takings, superstar, personality, power, ulceration, high-water mark, in-finitudes, trans action, goingson, in finitude, whole schmear, glory, tip-top, top, substantialities, up-shot, chief, Corporeity, trans-actions, whole ball wax, head, ex-tent, trans-action, sum, bigwig, lock stock and barrel, utmosts, apex, ceiling, integers, vip, magnate, ex tents, dis charge, dis-tress, up-set, crest, planet, somebody, in-dividual, Anything, cap, sub stance, whole shooting match, bloom, Materialness, dis tresses, goings ons, goings-on, dis tress, physical world, whole enchilada, dis-tresses, ex tent, something, whole shows, across board, meridian, kahuna, big shot, whole schmears, eminence, shooting match, up-shots, lock stock barrel, flower, dis-charges, under taking, Protoplasms, trans actions, kingpin, crescendo, whole shooting matches, wall to wall, figure, sub stances, sub-stance, star.