Allude to

Pronunciation of Allude To
/ɐlˈuːd tuː/, /ɐlˈuːd tuː/, /ɐ_l_ˈuː_d t_uː/

Synonyms for allude to

bring up (verb)

advance, advert, broach, discuss, introduce, moot, move, offer, point out, propose, put forward, raise, refer, submit, tender, touch on, ventilate, raise a subject.

cite (verb)

adduce, allege, enumerate, evidence, excerpt, exemplify, extract, indicate, instance, lay, mention, name, number, present, recite, recount, reference, rehearse, remember, reminisce, repeat, specify, spell out, tell, refer to, appeal to, get down to brass tacks, give as example, illustrate with.

drive at (verb)

aim, contemplate, design, get at, have in mind, imply, intend, intimate, signify, hint at.

hint (verb)

acquaint, adumbrate, advise, angle, apprise, bring up, coax, connote, cue, drop, expose, fish, foreshadow, impart, infer, inform, insinuate, leak, make, point, prefigure, press, prompt, recall, remind, shadow, solicit, spring, whisper, wink, tip off, give an inkling, jog memory, let it be known, say in passing, tip one's hand.

mean (verb)

add up, allude, argue, attest, augur, betoken, denote, designate, determine, express, foretell, herald, import, involve, portend, presage, promise, purport, represent, say, spell, stand for, suggest, symbolize, drive at, point to, speak of, tell the meaning of.

mention (verb)

acknowledge, cite, communicate, declare, detail, disclose, divulge, notice, notify, observe, quote, remark, report, reveal, state, throw out, make known, call attention to, speak about.

touch (verb)

bring in, cover, go over, note, treat, deal with.

Sense 1

blurt, broach, crop up, cross-refer, pop out, rake up, slip in, touch on, trot out, come out with, bandy around, flag up, lay before, work around to.

Sense 2

bring around, cite, get onto, instance, list, mention, refer, return to, drive at, lead up to, slip into, come on to, drag into, lead with, tell of.

Sense 3

apply, quote, turn to.

Sense 4

bring back, invoke.

Sense 5


Sense 6

escape, intimate.

Sense 7

reference, say.

Sense 9

note, throw.

Sense 11

come up, mean.

Sense 12


Sense 13


Sense 15


Sense 20


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