Pronunciation of Disavow
/d_ˌɪ_s_eɪ_v_ˈaʊ/, /dˌɪse͡ɪvˈa͡ʊ/, /dˌɪse‍ɪvˈa‍ʊ/

Antonyms for disavow

dis close, affiance, making clean breast of, un-earths, art possessed of, was possession of, sub scribed, intro duces, reasserted, fall heir to, be aware of, hast a lock on, ex plained, approve, de-posed, art aware of, co signing, Guarantying, brings out into the open, breaking the news, leave word, retain, dis-played, finking, get behind, break news, under taking, open heart, haddest lock on, swear down, re-assures, de-pose, has lock on, has a lock on, puts before, coming around, sub-scribes, defer to, assent to, de-posing, under-wrote, swears on bible, ex-plaining, re-cited, rubberstamps, pro mise, re acting, gave thumbs-up, re-affirming, de-voting, swears up down, re plying, reaffirming, swearing down, verify, humbles oneself, act as if, give the low down, give thumbs up, is in possession of, swear up and down, levelling with, under-taking, is aware of, dis-plays, intro-duces, crossed one heart, un-folds, re spects, blurted out, gave word, under writing, gave the lowdown, attests to, up-holding, give ones word, corroborate, letting cat out the bag, reasserting, come out the closet, un clothe, talk big, assenting to, be-stowed, swears bible, dis played, deferring to, bring out in to the open, calls up on, opens one heart, dis-cussed, hast hand, gets on soapbox, stand up for, giving one's word, blew hot air, has hand, gives evidence, ex posed, intro-duce, under-write, give affidavit, are positive, levels with, cop plea, hath rights, make plain, Mouthed, comes out of closet, de tails, proclaim, had in hand, wert aware of, pre tending, prove, un-veils, swore up and down, acts as witness, pro fess, un-covers, hath in hand, art responsible for, making plain, sur-rendering, be-troths, giving word of honor, falls heir to, speaking of, vow, re assert, came out of closet, blows hot air, opens up, swearing bible, hath hand, re mark, de tailing, swears up and down, pro claimed, giving the lowdown, made clean breast of, un-folded, de-fends, nailing down, gives facts, dis covers, hadst a lock on, give thumbs-up, validate, Cinching, un masks, un-clothed, all-owing, swear up down, counter-signing, gat behind, de-clares, humble oneself, humbling oneself, puts cards on table, brought out in to the open, approves accept, make known, under writes, de legates, de pose, witness, rubber-stamped, constates, sur-rendered, pre sent, ex-posing, own, bringing out into open, calling upon, co sign, dis-cuss, clued in, un fold, reeling off, laying open, are aware of, breaking news, broke the news, reaffirmed, dis playing, asservate, getting off chest, sware down, gets chest, hath a case, came out of the closet, came out the closet, lets cat out of bag, un-covering, came around, gets soapbox, in stances, left word, swears down, were possessed of, re asserted, ex-plain, un earthing, laying bare, giving low down, having title, gave ones word, opened one heart, re presenting, said so, give low down, make evident, calls upon, ex press, de posed, tells the truth, putting ice, alludes to, be-tray, under takes, under take, allegate, gives the low-down, ex-pose, re-serves, alluding to, un earths, crosses one heart, acts as a witness, letting cat out of the bag, re affirmed, were aware of, get out system, agree, pre-sents, makes public, re serving, tips hand, made plain, attesting to, get out of system, asservated, re-peats, making public, rubber-stamps, opened heart, speaking about, giving low-down, lay bare, gave thumbsup, wast positive, hadst in hand, blurts out, tipped hand, breaks news, pledge, am aware of, Re-present, being possessed of, de vote, re counting, announce, cross one heart, re counts, being responsible for, gotten off chest, has case, under write, de fends, sub scribes, hast in hand, getting out system, having rights, dis cover, spits it out, subscribe to, re-quiring, gave word honor, ex-plained, act as witness, open one's heart, letting know, gave low-down, re veals, opening heart, affirm, re cites, uphold, bare testimony, opening one heart, gave low down, gave nod, open up, giving thumbs-up, go along with, wast possessed of, letting out, rubber stamped, attest, re-cognize, sub-scribed, lets in on, bringing out into the open, spat out, tell the truth, Mortgaging, re-veals, giving nod, swearing to, re-quires, warrant, rubberstamp, Re-turn, counter-signs, lets know, dis closing, be stow, assents to, un-furling, under taken, dis-cusses, sub scribe, crossing ones heart, leveling with, tip hand, re-presented, rat on, give an affidavit, protest, de-tailed, under-writing, wast in possession of, getting soapbox, laid bare, called up on, comes out closet, un-veiling, soapboxing, swore to, lets cat out the bag, swear and down, re asserting, come out of the closet, levelled with, up held, un-loads, stood behind, re-ported, un covered, lets slip, humbled oneself, sets forth, gave thumbs up, re-quire, re-cognizing, re-turned, clue in, were positive, in sure, dis-cussing, trialing, break the news, dis-close, de-fend, approve accept, call upon, falling heir to, have rights, get off chest, acted as a witness, pre tend, shook on, all owed, gets off chest, sware up and down, re cognizes, wast possession of, give the low-down, confess, re cognize, sur rendered, vouch, called upon, comes out of the closet, re presents, saying so, reasserts, re turning, gat off chest, got soapbox, cherish, haddest title, be stows, co-signed, sur renders, wert responsible for, signing off on, be-stowing, counter-sign, re tain, dis-covered, be troth, make public, confirm, reassert, talking big, have hand, swore on bible, de-fended, coming out of the closet, being possession of, pro fesses, taking an oath, letted know, swearing and down, gave grounds for, letting cat out bag, being positive, claim, re peat, allegating, putting forth, wert in possession of, re-presents, pro pounds, pre-tending, in vested, keep posted, was aware of, dis closed, gave facts, in forms, be in possession of, gives affidavit, de voting, re presented, dumped on, gets out system, dis cuss, grant, blurt out, re cognized, makes clean breast of, told truth, crossed ones heart, letting cat out of bag, re peats, spake of, in vest, pro-pounded, open one heart, under-taken, re-counts, gift with, gat soapbox, took oath, made evident, dis plays, letting in on, gives word honor, allude to, up hold, swore and down, put on ice, show once and for all, swears to, give out, gives thumbs up, subscribing to, un mask, co-signs, be-stow, was positive, approving accept, reel off, gave word of honor, authenticate, rubberstamped, giving evidence, Cinched, opens ones heart, pro-pounding, consent to, re serve, recognize, be-stows, speak about, concede, breaks the news, de votes, putting forward, pre-tends, spit out, re-asserting, re late, disclose, swearing up and down, were responsible for, got chest, pro claim, say so, made public, pro-pound, de-votes, ex plain, assert, set forth, in-vests, pro-fesses, dis play, cluing in, letted in on, leveled with, go along, re cognizing, allegates, giving the low down, giving an affidavit, shows once for all, have title, hadst hand, co-sign, defend, re-tains, got behind, re marking, spitting it out, wert possessed of, living to, sign for, bring light, having case, brought out in to open, counter signing, re porting, art positive, re-assure, up holding, un cover, re assured, gets behind, hadst lock on, haddest rights, gives one word, pro-mise, puts forward, spits out, un clothes, signs off on, give grounds for, embrace, re quire, engage, reaffirm, hinted at, spitted out, hast case, gave affidavit, un-masking, call attention to, got out of system, dis covered, being aware of, are in possession of, promise, pointed to, un covers, giving the low-down, giving word honor, puts ice, in-sure, clues in, give nod, de legate, signing on, adds up, bore testimony, giving ones word, points to, be-trays, under-takes, re-spect, sounds off, lets cat out bag, re-cognized, brought out into the open, having a lock on, owned up, gives grounds for, bear testimony, Re-mark, coming out the closet, haddest case, un masking, reaffirms, bring out into open, allegated, declare, re-lated, acted as if, acting as if, sware and down, take an oath, sware to, told the truth, gotten chest, cross heart, gives word, acts as if, certify, open ones heart, rats on, re tains, de-fending, being in possession of, pro mises, gives the nod, all-owed, re-spects, accept, re-peat, re-assert, de clares, de fend, give the lowdown, re cited, give word of honor, dump on, coming out closet, shows clearly, level with, un-masks, rubberstamping, consents to, be possession of, pro claims, re-turns, un-earthed, keeping posted, wast aware of, was responsible for, consented to, put cards table, come out of closet, gives an affidavit, made known, brake news, gifts with, alluded to, touched on, re-porting, having lock on, ratting on, de-vote, Plighting, in-vesting, blow hot air, swears and down, re-veal, pro-claiming, laid open, is possessed of, let in on, re spect, am responsible for, pro claiming, touching on, re served, gave evidence, stood up for, sound off, sur rendering, giving word, mention, tipping hand, ratted on, gotten soapbox, sur-render, unmask, giving affidavit, give one's word, sanction, de-voted, am positive, signed for, pre-sent, un-load, re present, sur-renders, assented to, re-asserted, submit, show once for all, hast title, gave the low down, giving facts, calling up on, dis cusses, subscribed to, un clothed, has a case, pro-mises, kept posted, give low-down, undertakes solemnly, spake about, letted fall, trialed, re-serving, gat out system, comes out the closet, opened one's heart, cosigned, un-cover, brought out into open, pre tends, undertook solemnly, living up to, un veils, mortgaged, getting on soapbox, un-clad, shows once and for all, gives word of honor, leaving word, re citing, espouse, broke news, haddest a case, pro pounded, insist, wast responsible for, de fended, up-holds, coming out of closet, swearing on bible, crossing one's heart, aver, subscribes to, ex-plains, hath a lock on, owns up, makes plain, puts on ice, letting slip, re quiring, bring out in to open, talked big, advocate, are possession of, counter signs, opened ones heart, hadst rights, takes an oath, be possessed of, dis closes, re affirms, re-plying, acting as a witness, opening ones heart, re asserts, hint at, un clothing, lets out, pre-tended, swore bible, showing once and for all, re-asserts, un masked, pro-fess, up holds, re ported, spoke of, opens heart, re affirming, un folding, reels off, un-furled, un-fold, brings out in to open, calls attention to, attested to, soapboxes, re marks, crosses one's heart, gives low down, adding up, in forming, own up, crosses ones heart, says so, be troths, come out closet, un-clothes, gave one's word, dis-playing, be-troth, up-held, re-cognizes, dis cussed, ex plaining, got out system, standing up for, call up on, un loaded, dis-closes, touches on, called attention to, pro-claims, be trays, speak of, brings out into open, get chest, un-loaded, profess, calling attention to, soapbox, have in hand, stand behind, showed once and for all, swear on bible, swore down, let slip, showed clearly, ex-pressing, affiances, de tailed, signed off on, getting out of system, ex-press, give word honor, counter sign, brake the news, un-earthing, crossed heart, re turns, haddest a lock on, under written, be stowed, acknowledge, de-legates, has title, re affirm, cross one's heart, setting forth, were possession of, re assure, signing for, undertaking solemnly, re-serve, lays open, re-counting, telling truth, was in possession of, un covering, am possessed of, making evident, giving thumbsup, be positive, re-plied, letted slip, lets cat out of the bag, letted cat out of bag, un-earth, un-veiled, spit it out, getting behind, is positive, puts cards table, un veiling, defers to, admit, bring out into the open, telling the truth, gives the low down, adopt, re marked, put forward, re-affirms, un load, live to, brings out in to the open, showing once for all, un-loading, in-forming, under-writes, gave an affidavit, gifted with, bears testimony, give thumbsup, owning up, dis-cover, giving grounds for, sub scribing, crosses heart, keeps posted, cosigning, cross ones heart, let fall, re-marks, dumps on, dis-closed, iced, de voted, had a lock on, be responsible for, are possessed of, have a lock on, give the nod, substantiate, has rights, sub-scribing, bringing out in to the open, stands behind, opens one's heart, avow, attest to, soapboxed, acting as witness, under wrote, locked up, re assures, signs for, sware bible, art possession of, let cat out of bag, intro duce, un-clothing, spieled, finked, un clad, co-signing, counter-signed, co signs, un earthed, wert positive, comes around, opened up, got on soapbox, is possession of, making known, un loading, hadst a case, re-counted, co signed, put ice, re-quired, asservates, de posing, ex-posed, rubber-stamping, gotten behind, letted cat out bag, cosigns, de tail, swore up down, in-stances, dis-closing, maintain, counter signed, put forth, un-folding, gat chest, haddest hand, put cards on table, had rights, trothing, brings forward, re-affirmed, opening one's heart, in-vested, re-acted, signs on, dis-covers, dis-covering, de-tail, gat on soapbox, hast a case, constating, ex plains, de-tails, getting chest, putting cards table, permit, un furled, came out closet, point to, un loads, hast rights, is responsible for, tell truth, tells truth, make clean breast of, leaves word, re-cites, opening up, bringing out in to open, re-assured, gives thumbsup, ex pose, hinting at, gives low-down, re acted, in-stance, acted as witness, gotten on soapbox, be stowing, un veil, up-hold, under took, dumping on, reveal, hadst title, un folded, re-assuring, de clare, hast lock on, un folds, give word, dis covering, allow, Constate, swear to, letted out, re-presenting, makes known, has in hand, re-turning, letting fall, tell, get on soapbox, were in possession of, avouch, vindicate, hold, de-legate, bearing testimony, gat out of system, giving the nod, trothed, gotten out of system, let know, blurting out, ex pressed, blowing hot air, re counted, lay open, speaks about, asservating, beared testimony, spat it out, bring forward, art in possession of, dis-play, re-tain, puts forth, sounding off, under-written, all owing, spitting out, deferred to, shakes on, re-affirm, had hand, got off chest, re turn, was possessed of, hadst case, undertake solemnly, taking oath, gotten out system, show clearly, sware up down, in vests, re-served, re-marked, be tray, bringing forward, swearing up down, putting cards on table, dis cussing, approved accept, un-mask, sounded off, put before, Affiancing, am possession of, brought forward, un furling, re-marking, showing clearly, had lock on, de-tailing, gifting with, having a case, ex pressing, crossing one heart, spill beans, live up to, re quired, crossing heart, touch on, vouch for, pointing to, act as a witness, consenting to, un-veil, un-masked, re quires, un earth, Guarantied, in-forms, in-vest, are responsible for, de fending, spieling, crossed one's heart, come around, in form, let out, letted cat out of the bag, un veiled, putting on ice, hath title, locking up, give one word, gives ones word, pro pounding, cosign, constated, pro-pounds, gave the low-down, de-clare, take oath, lock up.

Usage examples for disavow

  1. He would support vigorous action in secret, and then, when men translated his speech into deeds, he would disavow them at the bidding of the Japanese. – Korea's Fight for Freedom by F.A. McKenzie
  2. Columbus thought proper to blame, and to disavow what his brother had done. – History of the Buccaneers of America by James Burney

Rhymes for disavow

  • pow, thao, sow, howe, bough, kao, lau, aue, rao, tsao, cow, brau, mao, plow, bow, dowe, mau, tao, kau, how, sao, yao, yow, shough, dow, macau, vow, lao, xiao, plough, cao, tau, pao, kowtow, now, chow, shao, ow, brow, thou, scow, frau, gow, rau, dao, lough, hau, wow, hao, bao, meow, prow, pough, fao, clough;
  • endow, macao, liao, bilbao, avow, allow;
  • disallow, mindanao;