Refer to

Pronunciation of Refer To
/ɹɪfˈɜː tuː/, /ɹɪfˈɜː tuː/, /ɹ_ɪ_f_ˈɜː t_uː/

Synonyms for refer to

bear on/bear upon (verb)

affect, apply, belong to, involve, relate to, pertain to, touch upon, appertain to.

cite (verb)

adduce, advance, allege, enumerate, evidence, excerpt, exemplify, extract, indicate, instance, lay, mention, name, number, offer, point out, present, recite, recount, reference, rehearse, remember, reminisce, repeat, specify, spell out, tell, allude to, appeal to, get down to brass tacks, give as example, illustrate with.

concern (verb)

bear on, bear upon, depend upon, regard, deal with, answer to, have a bearing on, have to do with, be connected with, apply to, be about, be applicable to, be dependent upon, be interdependent with, be pertinent to, be well taken, have connections with, have implications for, have relation to, have significance for.

consult (verb)

argue, brainstorm, cogitate, collogue, commune, confab, confabulate, consider, debate, deliberate, discuss, examine, flap, huddle, interrogate, interview, negotiate, parlay, powwow, question, respect, review, take counsel, talk over, treat, turn to, groupthink, ask advice of, be closeted with, compare notes, put heads together, call in, kick ideas around, pick one's brains, seek advice, seek opinion of, take a meeting, take account of, toss ideas around.

cover (verb)

comprehend, comprise, embody, embrace, encompass, incorporate, meet, provide for, reach, suffice, survey, be enough.

drive at (verb)

aim, contemplate, design, get at, have in mind, imply, intend, intimate, propose, signify, hint at.

hint (verb)

acquaint, adumbrate, advise, angle, apprise, bring up, broach, coax, connote, cue, drop, expose, fish, foreshadow, impart, infer, inform, insinuate, leak, make, point, prefigure, press, prompt, recall, remind, shadow, solicit, spring, touch on, whisper, wink, tip off, give an inkling, jog memory, let it be known, say in passing, tip one's hand, let out of bag, put flea in ear.

name (verb)

announce, appoint, cite, classify, commission, declare, delegate, denote, elect, identify, index, list, mark, nominate, peg, pin down, recognize, remark, select, single out, slot, suggest, tab, tag, tap, point to, put down for, put finger on.

quote (verb)

attest, detail, paraphrase, parrot, proclaim, recollect, retell.

read (verb)

apprehend, construe, decipher, dip into, discover, gather, glance, go over, go through, interpret, know, learn, make out, perceive, peruse, scan, see, skim, study, translate, unravel, view, flip through, scratch the surface, leaf through, pore over, bury oneself in.

regard (verb)

concern, interest, be relevant to.

resort (verb)

address, devote, direct, employ, exercise, frequent, go, go to, haunt, look to, recur, repair, run, try, turn, use, utilize, visit, take up, fall back on, head for, make use of, put to use, benefit by, recur to, avail oneself of, bring into play.

touch (verb)

bring in, consume, cover, drink, eat, handle, note, partake of, speak of, be associated with, be a party to, center upon, concern oneself with, get involved in.

Sense 1

blurt, broach, crop up, cross-refer, pertain, pop out, rake up, slip in, touch on, trot out, come out with, bandy around, flag up, lay before, work around to.

Sense 2

bring around, get onto, instance, list, mention, return to, lead up to, slip into, come on to, drag into, lead with, tell of.

Sense 3

quote, turn to.

Sense 4

bring back, invoke.

Sense 5

cite, indicate.

Sense 6

escape, intimate.

Sense 7

reference, say.

Sense 9

note, throw.

Sense 11

come up, mean.

Sense 12


Sense 13


Sense 15



allude to.


bear on.

take counsel


turn to

resort to.

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