Pronunciation of Subservient
/sʌbsˈɜːvi͡ənt/, /sʌbsˈɜːvi‍ənt/, /s_ʌ_b_s_ˈɜː_v_iə_n_t/

Antonyms for subservient

ex-acting, non compliant, non aligned, dis united, most disunited, set asunder, dis embodied, noncompliant, more compulsatory, Compulsatory, most unregimented, more self determining, most unaided, non partisan, most compulsatory, selfgoverning, highhanded, cut apart, selfreliant, latest word, most divorced, un controlled, ex acting, non-compliant, ex tensive, nower, more apportioned, faddiest, more guiding, more self ruling, most freewheeling, more declining, more partitioned, most self-ruling, self governing, self sufficient, imperious, unsubmissive, run of the mill, cut in two, re-fusing, dis-embodied, prevalent, most apportioned, freewheeling, monarchal, unnecessary, self-governing, most sundered, more selfdetermining, on own, pre dominant, non-partisan, selfruling, faddier, para mount, selfcontained, more selfruling, more declinatory, monarchial, most self-determining, most monarchial, most selfdetermining, more asunder, un-limited, most guiding, most refusing, more freewheeling, insubordinate, most self-governed, most declining, sovereign, more prevalent, self contained, most apart, Declinatory, more unregimented, self ruling, most predominate, selfsupporting, un-connected, self reliant, on one's own, over weening, nonpartisan, on ones own, un connected, unregimented, most asunder, disobedient, un regimented, more unallied, in dependent, most self determining, uni-versal, self-governed, most self ruling, most partitioned, Refusing, most disassociated, self governed, dis associated, dis-jointed, separate, put asunder, selfgoverned, most monarchal, controlling, un-aided, most selfruling, un aided, more apart, more monarchial, most objecting, nowest, un-regimented, cut two, independent, on one own, self-ruling, faddy, Unallied, re fusing, Over-bearing, unaided, most unallied, up to date, high handed, more unaided, dis jointed, autonomous, more self-governed, over bearing, overweening, pre dominate, in use, pre-dominate, dis crete, in-dependent, more sundered, most declinatory, para-mount, dis-united, most severed, most selfgoverned, more disunited, selfsufficient, most directing, more divorced, un-controlled, un allied, far between, un constrained, selfdetermining, useless, more severed, self supporting, uni versal, pre-dominant, more self-ruling, over-weening, re gular, more disassociated, more predominate, re-gular, unhelpful, re-quired, more refusing, more self governed, more objecting, more self-determining, un-attached, self determining, more parted, pre vailing, domineering, unservile, un-allied, dis-associated, set apart, re quired, dis-crete, Self-determining, in halves, most self governed, more monarchal, more selfgoverned, re moved.