Pronunciation of Voluntary
/vˈɒləntəɹi/, /vˈɒləntəɹi/, /v_ˈɒ_l_ə_n_t_ə_ɹ_i/

Antonyms for voluntary

reflex, un controlled, hanging by thread, nonvoluntary, over bearing, more nitty gritty, crucial, unwilling, Unmeditated, more climatic, re-quired, most something, required, in flexible, casual, re-flexer, forced, in-fallible, most reflexive, more life or death, in sincere, un-controlled, unwilled, more all important, name game, more top priority, more inevasible, touch and go, more irremissible, vegetative, most all-important, impetuous, of note, uncalculated, most returnless, most compelled, un-escapable, hurryup, most frontpage, more nittygritty, more ordering, frontpage, more reflexive, most esteemed, coal and ice, hurry-up, most nitty gritty, no turning back, toppriority, most coal and ice, Compulsatory, un-intentional, most willless, para mount, ordered, un-witting, most bottom line, most demanded, more highpriority, fore most, unpremeditated, more calledfor, incidental, un-prompted, highpriority, more frontpage, more willless, most unescapable, more called-for, more demanded, high handed, indispensable, more esteemed, most will less, on thin ice, importunate, un-calculated, in sincerest, bottomline, more coerced, re-commended, vital, fore-most, will less, most coerced, more compulsatory, in-sincere, more bottom-line, most impelling, more name-of-the-game, most name of the game, Inevasible, inadvertent, requisite, in escapable, purposeless, more grudging, name of game, most irremissible, in-evitable, more hurry up, most nitty-gritty, impromptu, more top-priority, re-flex, in sincerer, in-exorable, conscript, all important, top-priority, highhanded, most life-or-death, all-important, more something, un intentional, pre-scribed, in-escapable, unwitting, spontaneous, more life-or-death, most called-for, more inerrant, draftee, most allimportant, more hurry-up, aimless, touch go, re-levant, willless, most life or death, front page, most top priority, most conscripted, reflexive, random, most meat-and-potatoes, life death, climatic, most unmeditated, most right hand, unavoidable, locked up, re-flexest, calledfor, more uncalculated, de-served, un-intended, involuntary, more meat-and-potatoes, un-willing, more righthand, top priority, desultory, enforced, slavest, insincere, bigleague, nittygritty, life-or-death, nitty gritty, unprompted, driven, more underlined, righthand, prerequisite, un-meditated, de served, inerrant, Returnless, important, more necessary, most compulsatory, open shut, most will-less, name-of-the-game, more showdown, extemporaneous, more unprompted, un deniable, unforced, be grudging, life and death, un intended, right hand, most called for, more name of the game, most nittygritty, most front-page, unconscious, more coal-and-ice, hit-or-miss, namer, life or death, accidental, most high-priority, most hurry up, most ordering, in evitable, far reaching, un witting, front-page, un meditated, farreaching, un avoidable, compelled, more front page, un-avoidable, most hurry-up, necessary, most inerrant, in-sincerer, para-mount, more condign, more impelling, conscripted, mandatory, most right-hand, kneejerk, coal-and-ice, pre-requisite, most inevasible, most front page, un willing, most underlined, most toppriority, in errant, most grudging, most unprompted, un-thinking, essential, obligatory, impulsive, most calledfor, abrupt, more returnless, un escapable, allimportant, in voluntary, most uncalculated, Ineludible, high-priority, compulsory, more hurryup, more conscripted, most showdown, most highpriority, un-deniable, meat-and-potatoes, re flex, more ineludible, re quired, will-less, unvoluntary, Over-bearing, open and shut, condign, un conscious, most bottom-line, most ineludible, more unescapable, most begrudging, more bidding, more front-page, more will less, mattering much, most coal-and-ice, re flexest, un calculated, more compelled, ex tensive, nonelective, in-dispensable, un-conscious, Irremissible, of the essence, goaded, most all important, un thinking, more will-less, re commended, pre requisite, in-flexible, un prompted, in-errant, inductee, under lined, more begrudging, more called for, urgent, sudden, more right-hand, autonomic, chance, imperative, un-natural, most righthand, bottom-line, most bidding, of essence, unescapable, most condign, be-grudging, in fallible, haphazard, under-lined, re flexer, of substance, most high priority, incumbent on, in-voluntary, in-sincerest, re levant, in dispensable, un-premeditated, more unmeditated.