Sit On Top Of

Pronunciation of Sit On Top Of
/sˈɪt ˌɒn tˈɒp ɒv/, /sˈɪt ˌɒn tˈɒp ɒv/, /s_ˈɪ_t ˌɒ_n t_ˈɒ_p ɒ_v/

Synonyms for sit on top of:

administer (verb)

administrate, boss, carry out, conduct, control, direct, execute, govern, head, head up, oversee, render, ride herd on, run, superintend, supervise, crack the whip, be in the driver's seat, be in the saddle, hold the reins, pull the strings, pull the wires, run the show.

dominate (verb)

call the shots, command, dictate, domineer, eclipse, handle, influence, lead, lead by the nose, manage, monopolize, outshine, overbear, overrule, overshadow, predominate, preponderate, prevail, reign, subject, subjugate, sway, tyrannize, Superabound, detract from, prevail over, play first fiddle, rule the roost, lay down the law, hold sway over, have one's way, have upper hand, keep under thumb.

operate (verb)

administer, carry on, drive, keep, maneuver, manipulate, ordain, pilot, play, ply, steer, wield, work, run things, be in charge, be in driver's seat, be in saddle, call the play, call the signals, make go.

oversee (verb)

baby-sit, captain, chaperon, eye, herd, inspect, look after, overlook, quarterback, shepherd, skipper, survey, watch, keep one's eye on.

preponderate (verb)

rule, reign supreme.

preside (verb)

advise, chair, officiate, operate, do the honors, be at the head of.

rule (verb)

bridle, curb, decree, dominate, guide, hold sway, order, preside, regulate, restrain, take over, be in power, be in authority, keep under one's thumb.

supervise (verb)

keep an eye on, deal with, preside over, take care of, be on duty, be responsible for.

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