Pronunciation of Lose
/lˈuːz/, /lˈuːz/, /l_ˈuː_z/

Antonyms for lose

Preyed, let out, searching for, wend one's way, out did, baby sit, took prize, wast par, got fix on, dis-agreeing, bettered oneself, run things, are a par, marshal, beating the system, cramping one style, biff, up braids, re channel, breaking bank, portage, mis-used, fit out, over-laying, being blessed with, nose dive, put to flight, put one finger on, up-ends, art favored, re late, luxuriating in, de terminating, transcend, hiked up, scrape up, brake spirit, making payment, over-power, being conscious of, Mortising, Secerned, break ice, is useful, mis-leading, be-witched, flips through, putting in to effect, got out line, sold a bill goods, turns corner, anchor, re plenishing, going on foot, dis quieting, does a number, Mounded, be authority, being granted, de-liver, un-hinging, overing, learn, gat a likeness, Handing, dynamited, gotten right, out-gun, breathe new life in to, came to life, showing the way, melted away, set out, beating off, am ears, stuck to, trip over, overcome, cracked books, catches in the act, taking effect, were conspicuous, am established, fore-stalled, gave appearance, didst well, give a going over, show the way, rendered null void, drink in, asservates, de rives, Disarraying, does a bang-up job, ex plained, wert power, hitting bulls-eye, wert top of heap, broke smithereens, be setting, head lining, catalogged, pre vent, ready, un-balancing, comes to terms, putting practice, art running, were power, caught up with, forces down, wiped off map, cross out, going as far as, happened up on, put in hospital, come on like, did duty as, gets fat, re-turning, cooks ones goose, gives life to, streamlining, cropped up, haunt, co-oked, co ordinates, scratched the surface, re duce, ran circles around, show about, being one's lot, be-spoken, ex acerbating, are sold for, pro vide, cross-hatched, be convenient, psychs out, caused setback, out rivaling, hits the bull eye, got ones hands on, dis-organize, going back on one's word, dis-confirms, puts in place, give going over, out-steps, hitched on, coughed up, hang one's hat, striking dumb, re vitalizes, goes whole hog, bring to, drave up wall, going to town, cover up, saving ones neck, finds a way, turning against, comes to rescue, nit pick, dis-claim, exposes oneself to, re aching, came to order, be-devilled, comes to snuff, put over, kept mind, making an impression, un bind, re-strain, un-lock, forces up on, be fogged, make a mess of, Diagnosticate, worked way up, kept in mind, re-veals, break the spirit, took care of, leading astray, gain, move on, dealt a blow, falls ill with, keeps company, did a turn, counter-attacking, ran with ball, playing off, sweep away, evulsed, haddest tree, head up, sur mounted, Rifting, bring order, throws curve, snap up, jampack, were ordained, give just desserts, de throning, de tour, lit in to, getting the message, argue in to, be come, walk away with, having it coming, overbear, outwit, appropriate, photoengraved, dis-proves, coming one, is told, out reaching, pays out, in-validated, dis enthralled, swore up and down, in-vested, art in possession of, got results, throw together, leads to altar, de-livered, mis treat, crack down, live on, buncoed, cutting to pieces, coined phrase, outrun, gotten upper hand, yields profit, were inflated, carries the day, meet head-on, note, re covered, be in line for, textured, doth one thing, catches off balance, lays one out, butting against, inter twisting, take precedence, giving and take, struck a chord, de bunked, brought to one's feet, swapped places, gets fix on, carried to completion, Re-present, ex plicate, fill up, referring to, point the way, bringing forth, jumped down ones throat, get the picture, did to a turn, be on top of heap, gave face lift to, take loan, possess, re-erecting, entifies, gat just desserts, exacting retribution, preponderate, pre engage, give bad time, hits the bull-eye, out class, climb over, swore and down, spoilated, worked on, photo engraving, becomes one, Freighted, saved ones neck, evolve, gets someone's goat, be advantage, de legates, mousetrap, seize, be-held, sending through the roof, keeping up with, de-note, knocks dead, ex-crete, takes life, deliver the goods, be-tokening, giving one's word, bringing close, gotten out from under, breaking down, bonk, passed on, are driver seat, worked into lather, putting over one's knee, snaps out it, forced down, run a game on, represents oneself, comes like, de truncates, tintinnabulates, hath done with, getting off the hook, be-stir, arrive, was insubordinate, cutting quick, kept contact, am effective, drove crazy, nail, out-lasting, closing on, pinned down, actioning for a cause exhibit, am told, disciplined, feeling gut, wert erect, give weight, Flanked, rebel, reeling back in, in-undated, catch off guard, be subjected to, re volts, brings one's feet, de solates, initialling, dost a number on, committed memory, outrivaled, doing exterminate, earns one wings, giving satisfaction, are gainfully employed, come on board, being timeless, played games, tipping over, being master of, letting someone have it, be given ones due, being ordained, adjy, grin bear it, ghosting, flourish, takes chin, straightened out, wast given ones due, attain, subdue, putting toilet, sprang on, returned to form, watching over, Re-forming, pre siding, rechannelling, held fast, voted in, dis heartened, burn midnight oil, gotten through head, inter-mingles, tans someone's hide, took it lying down, deal a blow, re-sides, re-counted, are enough, becomes able, ex-cited, comes to have, double dealt, rendezvous with, de rived, secure, unburies, strook it big, throwing a curve, blue pencil, ring up, take it on chin, turned up on, be coming, nit picked, strikes rich, Birching, got into one head, un locked, head lined, are common, finds way, up-holding, gat comeuppance, re view, gets into one's head, are power, losing balance, Exchanging, am even, limelighting, frothing, bring into existence, hits bull-eye, animadverted on, were aware, earned one's wings, transfer, over-lays, succumbing to, fixt one wagon, gets out from under, re-constitute, doing pratfall, invests in, use temporarily, stakes out, being sanctioned, grew rich, becomes swollen, doing wonders, become swollen, reading riot act, are in receipt of, club, leave in the dust, doeth to t, re coiled, gat on one nerves, selling bill of goods, un-earth, look at, gat the top, pre-arrange, re laying, brought to knees, was on the mend, extending above, hauling in, dis agree, bears fruit, highlighting, struck it big, break bill, gat off the hook, coming to an agreement, came first, clamping down, making money, bursts forth, being common, knows again, cranes, knocked one socks off, makes a purchase, gotten someone goat, dilate, go one better, make a meet, dis heartens, did well enough, in venting, dis-agrees, was usual, is equipped for, salvage, am located, mark off, Individuating, topple, turns head, art superior, is turned on to, gat someone goat, art given one's due, out rivalled, doeth trick, catching act, were accepted, come pass, dis-concerting, putting to death, pays one dues, getting knack of, head lines, getting bigger, be on mend, threw curve, latching on, re presents, re iterated, dis serve, lay claim to, gather, prinks, making point, tugged heart, stood good stead, having upper hand, blotching, makes fool of, are worth, doing to a t, out jockeyed, fore saw, gat the idea, swindle, fell with, puts work, blotting out, are proud of, over-hauls, got into one's head, be-tided, discrepate, gotten married, keeping posted, levigates, open up, refusing work, opens up, saved one's neck, dis claims, be deck, existing generally, Inroaded, sailing through, un-buries, getting exchange, laying finger on, laid claim to, banging out, refuse work, invest, Ferreting, co-ached, were obtainable, make known, pro-motes, took to the cleaners, over-took, gain victory, re-trace, hast a feeling, putting the cuffs on, shuttering, puts into effect, get fat, counter attacking, in quired, enchaining, shooting up, stood in lieu of, drawing in, de-lights, Comminuted, ordinate, got one's fingers on, haddest a jump on, arrived time, sweep off one feet, de porting, gets with it, come up to snuff, came out even, Replevin, quelches, cuts to bits, looking high and low, result in, brought fruition, in-scribes, outjockeying, counter acting, brings close, be-mean, nailed it, lies wait, sub merges, turns the trick, catch on to, reaping benefit, be effective, rising in value, gat past, tripping over, are accessible, prepay, became distended, drunk in, threw the book at, Suscitated, defrocks, adds fuel fire, out rages, get a likeness, haddest keeping, re-modeling, photo-engraves, parachuted, un covers, retrospected, get a whiff, makes longer, be given one due, wast flower, did t, got in touch, clamped down, got there, makes a point, double cross, fast talking, ripping in to, outracing, de-pressing, gives appearance, gets hook, kept under ones thumb, dis charging, plighting one troth, wert proficient, truck with, gat under control, flattened out, re-touches, give precedence, make up for, takes arms, has rights, lead astray, be lot, burnt down, yield, get off the hook, walk with, were advantage, taking prisoner, latching to, un raveling, re-appeared, coming back at, Stringed, becomes a fact, gives ones word, out-gone, put forward, becomes famous, rediscovers, become valid, de luging, bought into, bursted forth, does the trick, scissored out, re-moving, de frocking, Tamped, leading up to, garrote, puts in line, Suscitating, soaked up, dis-counted, is worthy of, sits top of, pro-vides, made one's own, put over one's knee, bring one's feet, diagnosticated, goes through one's head, un nerving, cramps one's style, runs smack in to, place, takes a walk, in-graining, made comeback, be out for blood, show in, hooking up, reaching out, opted for, is plausible, top, over-setting, argued into, corked up, got likeness, climbing to, are in action, gang up, in-spirit, un bound, is blessed with, tries one patience, moved forward, giving thumbs down to, come to have, stagger along, even out, goes town, tailor-makes, dis confirms, walk off with, putting arm on, set free, re peal, de parts, became visual, turn the tables on, put practice, counter check, reap the benefit, Berthed, put freeze on, moving out, Curveted, argued against, in habited, put in line, Differenced, caught off-guard, casts down, un-does, gets ones hands on, zero on, de-ducting, grinning bear it, presented itself, leaved dust, do to t, regains strength, action for a cause exhibit, melt away, are established, consort with, re cycles, dis-arrayed, outstepping, tongue-lashes, cashed in on, art trained, is charge, take stand against, break away from pack, Recommence, climbed over, swears up and down, wipe off mat, weigh on, wast of advantage, Mothering, re double, de-serves, are adequate, fill, get someone's goat, has tree, hurting one feelings, get sick, carrying day, contriturated, de lude, goes over with fine tooth comb, become a fact, wast usual, Belled, disconfirm, put out order, dongs, bring, come to a conclusion, heaping together, produces a result, moves toward, gets earful, throws a curve, counter plot, strikes gold, am sanctioned, get under control, bursting seams, de scribing, spellbind, fore seen, store up, are adjacent to, passes on, came to a decision, outguesses, bare cost, prefer, under mined, come together, meet with, in-vents, re probate, threw monkey wrench in, in corporate, over-threw, dis serves, is current, dis-criminating, goes shopping, doeth a number, crossed the path, Disannul, was in flower, giving back, re-strained, standing in lieu of, gotten one fingers on, re touched, re attaining, fixing upon, doth to a t, doing duty, clocked, in vent, is possession of, wert neck and neck, spot, are left, up-grading, up risen, crack books, reconstitutes, regain one strength, floor, all-owing, be touch, became aware, gat someplace, goes belly up, beating down, Photo-engraving, bollixed, getting out of hock, up-root, photoengraving, are given one due, make a killing, out perform, out living, leave, are just the ticket, gave an idea, wast in line for, gets a hold of, re collect, re-gain, didst t, make certain, breaking the bank, cleaned on, go over with a finetooth comb, being trained, brought the ground, leave the dust, tickled the palm, get in to one head, dis-mounts, brightened up, re-acquired, spin out, forced upon, dis-enthrall, turn topsy turvy, am talented, under-write, cross hatches, cutting down to size, own exclusively, headed up, de frays, out vie, pro-fit, am contact, coming life, clocked in, over-reaching, branch out, gives a black eye, gaining possession, bears cost, art acceptable, steamrolling, be-comes, parented, de stroys, regained ones strength, crossing the path, de means, advantaged, rolls in, lensing, is favorite, run show, wast alive, de scribed, pro-tract, cutting to quick, am accepted, runs into debt, were familiar, kent, flawed, over-bore, getting the jump on, gat the message, art worthy, betters oneself, be ordained, drive to distraction, inversed, makes selection, owned up, work, bring heel, walk over, wrought for, un-balances, jackhammering, made ashamed, reigning over, outguessing, took care of business, putting pen paper, be partial to, under lining, run, over-sees, re directing, Dragooning, get message, art one's lot, ko'd, dis-mantle, be-haves, Emplace, out-fitting, replace, pro vides, lash out, am superior, bartered for, spread, putting in the hospital, evened out, in-fuse, doth the trick, have way, haddest name, co heres, squeezed by, broke for, got shot, be good, pull through, up-graded, locomotes, out-think, be told, busted in, be ribboning, overrun, chouse, art just the ticket, settling a score, pulling fast one, paid dues, Larruped, partake of, total trounce, de-moralize, am prolific, go limit, go up, out-run, reconstituting, drags into, shoot down, re-adjusts, return to, snapping up, Birches, doest turn, drives wall, came to conclusion, closing in on, Poetized, track down, walkouts, made concrete, was blessed with, send forth, gets in to head, art master of, gives impulse, reaped the benefits, dis-continue, putting in hospital, mopping up, grew larger, getting out of the way, being in receipt of, gets what is coming to one, woulds rather, held at bay, gets last laugh, inspires, KOD, whipping out, getting out from under, wert possessed of, dash hope, off the cuffs, nevers say die, insisting on, was in charge, gat one's nerves, go strike, re habilitated, face about, brings ones feet, yielded profit, thinking of, Inching, are one's lot, over rode, has it over, smelt out, putting into effect, Binned, meets up with, am remunerative, with held, Siring, be leaguered, out jockey, cotched, act the part, doing a pratfall, under-stands, anted up, move over, actioned for cause exhibit, spacing, re paid, being realized, waking up, driving insane, come, de-ducts, puff up, earn ones wings, had up a tree, gains on, rings bell, overtop, caring for, brings naught, beared expense, profit, knock down, art talented, over-grow, made decision, work into lather, press into service, counter-poises, doing a number, being on par, take, make a go, wast convenient, puts in harness, comes life, am charge, indwells, strike it big, thrash, drags one feet, glided by, cleans up, getting an earful, tips scales, de sign, were par, re forming, pre-scribe, was power, untwisted, re assured, be-siege, becoming conscious of, in dwells, made first rate, encasing, re constructs, bring ground, gearing up, unbuilds, fustigates, makes waves, bring feet, slip past, haddest ones way, doeth justice to, overtops, contriturating, make use of, dis-credit, comes away with, wast bequeathed, go better, wert line for, dis-embarrassing, adds payroll, knocks ones socks off, counter balance, out-lasted, catches red-handed, strikes dumb, overcompensated, de faced, materialize, puts flesh on, un folding, de-barred, am mend, tanning one hide, took a life, shoot full of holes, dis-integrated, re-possessing, hits the bullseye, catching off-balance, gat going, reaches out, hast a tree, be favorite, bail one out, out gun, saw as, showing one face, strook chord, consorting with, does exterminate, do one proud, smell, call it a day, put lid on, beared the cost, coming on like, gets ready, bringing feet, hitting the bull eye, gat ropes, being left, tug the heart, turn one's head, doeth proud, over-charged, jumped on case, containerizes, shakes down, associating with, shoots up, triumphing over, are worthy of, make reprisal, looking up on, corporealize, seeing ones uncle, entrammels, gotten into one's head, takes the offensive, contributing to, were in commission, feel in one bones, makes comeback, flew by, get the message, soaks up, out-strip, out wit, wert even, counter-acting, read the riot act, gat married, re-produced, in-gest, un loosing, meet face to face, takes to the cleaners, comes out on top, recompense, re ported, under taken, buy, uncoiled, de-cease, reassembled, re commends, be possession of, be entitled to, mop up, re-leased, are ones lot, in undated, hadst over, going through with, interfacing, inter-lace, jumping on, made eat dirt, bringing in to being, chanced up on, make ones home, striking back, pinch hit for, palms, Glimpsed, had the right to, dis-played, in spirited, gat ones fingers on, out-runs, gathered resources, be-devils, does a bang up job, super-abound, messes with head, refused work, Larruping, re-laying, is driver seat, is in driver seat, return compliment, pressing into service, art smitten by, sate on, returned to, re-call, tagging on, reacquired, be-decked, hadst tree, look up and down, are accepted, shot up, de creased, re ceding, jives, batting eyes at, situate, sub join, replevies, un fold, Palmed, break down, snatch, nit-picks, dis-heartened, makes money, chancing up on, are in saddle, art in drivers seat, re imposed, trans-forming, give bad press, Roughhew, hit bricks, being in touch, seeing through, gave the cat onine tails, out live, comes to an agreement, hold bay, drove distraction, sur passed, over turning, stumble across, struck head on, became a fact, catheterizes, boxing in, sets in order, beat the game, wert widespread, lays hands on, photo-stating, de creed, fix upon, doth all right, breaks smithereens, having rights, bring in, goes back word, determinates, pre ceded, corner, clapping hands on, babysit, gains control, hast rights, re paired, impressing as, is welcome, coming in first, rendering invalid, strikes back, was valid, being first, stand good stead, orgasmed, coming out against, was precipitated, running off with, Dynamiting, murder, comes light, catches redhanded, closeup, bringing ruin, swing for, un nerve, wert born with, kept safe, dis-honors, replevining, bearing the expense, beats system, get to bottom, wiped off the mat, made expectant, gets the drift, bear cost, out-did, dis concerted, chagrin, over charges, x-outs, de-signs, grip, photostated, de spoiled, pre scribing, sees one's uncle, Lassoed, in spects, being given one's due, sucker in to, de-stroy, mis appropriates, taking wind out of, sprang for, redirect, over-run, attended to, doeth thoroughly, catching hold of, pre-scribed, steamroll, pored over, over looked, gat in to ones head, be haves, de bars, Perdure, got through, providing sanctuary, get ones hands on, puts to bed, snaps out of it, took place, cross breeding, arrives at, redirected, hast hand, tongue lashed, begged borrow or steal, coming light, putting out action, cleans out, getting something done, reach, filed off, de toured, sur-mise, re-strains, came to light, exchanging blows, flipped through, WORMS, paved way, catching unawares, came into, dis obeys, striking big, counter plots, reigned supreme, calls it a day, has a feeling, close-upping, was long lived, crossing path, running with, gave a going over, shuffle off, draw in, makes ones own, cooks one goose, wert located, regained one's strength, come out even, making off with, being top heap, am worthy of, cracking whip, out stretches, dis patching, hits it big, make a mind to, puts in to effect, out rivals, gets back ones feet, coming into, didst business, gat drift, over taken, render role, give word, re collecting, in-commodes, doth wonders, calls in, cramped one's style, came on board, blunder up on, out fitted, calling forth, intensitying, makes hash of, doing a bang up job, come into existence, pre-scribes, gat back on one feet, outreach, pre-dominates, art commission, up grading, making known, re erected, bartering for, gaining access, un-seating, re claiming, are punished, de-truncates, are realized, coming in to existence, be in commission, art ahead, kept under one thumb, de fend, doth a number on, does well, hath to name, ex-plicated, un fetters, came berth, dis-places, chanced upon, was efficacious, continued to, de voted, laid hold of, outfox, Pirated, gets into ones head, is skillful, trajects, get impression, be promoted, got off the hook, get out of way, separated oneself, be situated, tailor making, walkouted, de-fending, in capacitates, clean up, bring in to being, serve, dis comfit, popped balloon, putting over, were successful, plowed into, ex cavate, brought to feet, made payment, de-fend, re-directs, lay hold of, gets under way, set upon, wast on a par, fore-seen, taking it the chin, be use, is line for, dragging one's feet, checkmate, keeping oneself, rose to crescendo, sub-dues, pyramidding, calls up, regain strength, give impetus, are par, jump down throat, wert aware, art top of heap, un-horsing, snare, is plentiful, rose in value, gets bigger, pull fast one, left in dust, up setting, dis-claims, flours, pre paid, drags ones feet, hadst jump on, Affiancing, put one over on, going through ones head, goes back on one's word, are located, are bequeathed, walled in, Bulwarking, gives impetus, gave an audience to, made a decision, un-balanced, doping out, gat out hock, JIPS, going town, ex plaining, dost to t, making repayment, straightened up, re-captures, conquer, calls the tune, de duce, un-veiling, be incarnate, re-taken, pro-pounding, hoofed it, re conditions, turning upon, gotten ones hands on, ruling over, are conspicuous, gave runaround, came around, dis-imprisoned, hit back, starting ball rolling, went one's way, be speaks, like better, becomes popular, setting context, am with it, doing job, doing trick, gains access, planked out, comes up against, pro fits, art in touch, get the hang of, photoengraves, pulled out of fire, sur-mounts, snapped up, levelling off, putting flight, fall, were in contact, substantializes, re doubled, looks up down, regain ones health, extends above, went to, in-ducting, de ceased, took care business, lived with, taking eye for eye, dis credited, Housed, am in contact, being remunerative, over-charges, pre disposes, enthusing, splinterized, gripe, strikes big, coarsens, Escorted, trans-plant, giving impetus, tripping up, take form, adhering to, sub joined, Peppering, am turned on to, paves way, slapping wrist, descended upon, re-fresh, Palming, puts one's foot down, ex asperating, catch to, ex-acerbating, become infected with, over grow, having in hand, be enriched, gotten last laugh, fills bill, hast hunch, torpedoed, comes to life, live high on hog, being acceptable, wert enriched, take down a peg, Replevy, cooks goose, freezes to, pro-creates, making mincemeat of, wast left, gotten into ones head, gotten hang of, blue pencilled, looked upon, drave up the wall, toss and turn, HIT, trip up, in-creased, reaching top, whacking, sprung to mind, Unfetter, capture on film, gets jump on, take care of, super abound, makes buy, rolled on, wert responsible for, in-gests, wipe floor with, re-starting, breaks face, make purchase, gooses, are flower, wast on the mend, am of use, brought forth, sit on top of, gat exchange, softening up, feel one's bones, rolled over, turned corner, wises to, un furling, re impose, outgenerals, smashes to smithereens, re torts, come from behind, referred to, makes one feel small, counter attack, out stepped, Accroach, de face, made short work of, blundered up on, gat on one's nerves, prehended, tenanted, art prolific, compensate, Enhearten, making a choice, are born with, sandbagged, cramping ones style, did wonders, Copped, pouring out, feels oneself again, jumps on, go through head, pro pose, de-parted, sware up down, de-posited, comes around, were in operation, re funds, am erect, over-running, hadst to name, didst a number on, dis-countenancing, with-drawing, has to name, re awakened, sur mises, ordinated, swearing up and down, fender-bending, signing in, becoming law, shooting full of holes, brake ground, drags over the coals, points the way, position, rode shotgun for, ring, innerves, puts line, made start, strike big, over awed, had upper hand, be fog, out-jump, get drift, de cipher, dis-composed, inter-weaving, make possible, wipe off map, be-ribboning, ward off, reduce, realize, hits back, Shunting, be out of the woods, with draw, being driver seat, dis-enfranchised, comes to order, dis prove, Pothering, clasp, are vertical, pushes pencil, felt in gut, out-placed, runs the show, Reamed, get done, breaks the spirit, pro moting, dis-tributes, clutter, bag it, trying one's patience, paid for, getting set, under-mined, gentling, de-crees, thinks as, running against, have coming, hath hand, cooking one goose, reassembling, make off with, caused to be, knocks cold, acceding to, ex acerbate, cramps one style, give ones word, de-bunk, paying out, de clare, wising to, are top heap, art ordained, get taller, ex-tended, re claims, re duces, puts foot down, shoring up, continues to, wast numerous, ex-cavate, hang in, over-born, out-classing, wiping floor with, counter-act, scatters, in-nerve, doth thing, grow rich, becoming visual, become law, press in to service, outstayed, didst proud, whomp, adding payroll, standing good stead, puts in a nutshell, saves one's neck, take home, capture film, putting an appearance, feathers nest, savvied, re-coil, passed through, started on, crossbreeds, drinks in, hast advantage, go whole hog, cleaned upon, over steps, re-fine, forgathering, un-roll, get jump on, keeping in touch, jive, gave run around, gat back shape, conscribed, pro claim, nose dove, hanged up, fatten, dost a number, retake, goes one better, puts to flight, finger, rally, bursts at seams, art out of the woods, lookouting, were good, get top, whups, art touch, was seized, caught drift, trail-blaze, gotten the top, file off, passing through, be in receipt of, dis embarks, be-lieve, put nutshell, buttons up, get out way, bring off, de motes, rediscover, being ones lot, soft-soaps, putting out of action, dis-appearing, live it up, gotten hitched, shape up, dis-mounted, coming on board, up-sets, carries through, soft-soap, marks up, counter acts, dost duty, over-riding, be-having, stirs up, counter-attack, gets back on one's feet, dis pleases, re placing, ex tending, making selection, over taxes, re lays, travelled foot, gives the cat onine tails, subvert, got hold of, dis tills, wast in touch, avail of, wast prevalent, are good enough, counterchecks, over-tax, carried day, bonking, corporealizing, art granted, walkout, beg borrow steal, get touch, carry to, dis-coursed, meeting face face, getting back on one's feet, held over, retaliate, became able, over run, get the point, bellied, getting nerves, giving work, are on strike, throw book at, over-come, de-spoiled, Blanking, cognizing, being contact, de rive, looked high and low, in-flamed, gat as result, be insubordinate, drives off, inter-lacing, out think, have effect, buying freedom of, re-establish, does trick, am handy, be-netting, settles down, gat out of way, come back at, punched the clock, de-bate, rank, un leashes, dis approves, co-habit, pre-vail, gotten the impression, wast prolific, co habit, re-news, poetize, touches shoulders, out does, carry day, cancelled out, gets the knack of, become real, loading up, causes setback, de frauds, dis-pleases, de mote, be fallen, being on top of heap, in fixes, reach out, Reattain, dis-satisfy, lapidate, pay off, positioning, trans acts, swallowing up, be established, chime, wert good enough, taking loan, striking rich, finishes front, coming to berth, seeing after, does justice to, become conscious of, gets whiff, dragging over the coals, being prolific, hold, gotten the point, inter-dict, twist ones arm, be plausible, being skillful, running by, hitch on, wast gainfully employed, beaking, get something done, de fining, coming away with, scratching surface, overfeed, set order, surprise, hanging hat, being on a par, PREPS, brings home, gotten as far as, grand-stands, becoming swollen, not go for, came to mind, heaps together, over grown, lays one's hands on, out-balance, teeming with, approving accept, pulling out the fire, over-lay, taking over, pro positioning, de creasing, fill position, bring to a close, doth justice to, made a bundle, got out from under, gat around, came terms, gotten likeness, out gunned, leads up to, getting the better of, being equipped for, corporealized, make ends meet, be-labor, re fuses, un-seat, wast displayed, saltated, thought of, counter-balance, breaks to smithereens, de-tain, re side, bilk, put into order, comes an agreement, dis-closed, ostending, pro-generated, give slip, deals a blow, twisting one arm, putting whammy on, grows famous, ex-asperating, jump down one's throat, be-meaning, dominate, makes hit with, gets to bottom, getting a load of, re-sounds, be favored, dis-quiet, profundicated, be-speak, turning up on, ex tort, out-shines, be spoken, gat through ones head, blowing sky high, be handy, art proud of, knocking over, gets hold of, DO, am punished, dis-graces, pre-fix, gotten on with, made fool of, occurring to, befog, crossing one's mind, plighted ones troth, makes knot, burned down, drawing near, Skelp, gets off hook, hast one way, un-fetter, be-have, Brained, dis closes, gave run-around, makes pay through nose, un chain, be devils, Infatuating, be held, being operation, snap back, looks up and down, submit to, personized, propones, come for, staying on, knock for a loop, dis tend, be wilder, goes over with a finetooth comb, re iterating, get better, get bigger, stick it to, paid dividends, am obtainable, Gunning, hath hunch, returning compliment, ran up against, own, doing bang up job, fore stalling, cleaning up on, outgunning, zigzags, spruces, better oneself, had place, do a turn, marks out, am favorite, letting have it, gets second wind, dis-embarked, drag one's feet, gat out way, making use of, breezing in, am prevalent, shape, fencing in, bammed, denunciates, borrow, letting in on, calls tune, imprest as, drag ones feet, untwisting, looks for, wast driver's seat, shotgun, give hearing, get load of, pre-paring, gives work, coming from behind, exercised control, EVERTS, clocking, re-tort, running up, twist one arm, blast, ex-plained, became one, break even, gotten somewhere, gets one hands on, marked out, come to a decision, fanned out, re-discovers, fogged in, dis organize, replied to, hadst semblance, delivers goods, struck dumb, calling day, pops ones balloon, hit the bull eye, coming to life, pressing in to service, provoke, make clear, picked out, make scene, ex cogitate, pro-generating, getting the drift, gets the jump on, kept in view, tan one hide, was with it, avenging oneself, are running, be-guile, did right, compensate for, crossed mind, over-taking, de-thrones, art power, turn out well, pointed to, makes a haul, gotten comeuppance, re-quite, engage, totals trounce, splashes down, outstrip, re-covering, hurt one feelings, was in saddle, are driver's seat, make choice, haddest life, taking header, re presses, art line for, putting up with, laid one hands on, take up arms, counter vail, winning out, winding at, Tamping, be adjacent to, outrivalled, come to conclusion, gotten out way, flaxes, antes up, makes a killing, out ranks, dis satisfy, being plausible, pro position, gets hooks into, hast effect, seeing daylight, made a selection, blew out water, dis cern, chances upon, gets out hock, is in driver's seat, pulled it off, kitted out, teem, bring up short, suckered in to, saved one neck, cuts the quick, denunciating, looking up and down, had all over, turn around, took wind out of sails, dash, counter checked, scratch the surface, lolloping, bringing to, pro-curing, over-topped, execute, being cognizant of, steps into shoes of, be saddle, regrouping, arriving home, comminute, butts against, picked up on, is in drivers seat, be hooves, caught sight of, feel for, lit on, messed with head, Bracketed, gotten point, inverses, dis-embark, de moting, are partial to, prehending, dis approved, make see red, stage walkout, dis allowing, pressed into service, hast title, smattered, makes with, wast possession of, oversupplied, lighted in to, corner market, over supplying, latches to, peck, provides a living, getting on one nerves, take offensive, being convenient, swear down, putting rights, over-awing, tried ones patience, ended run, dawns on, over-reach, de-ciphering, opened up, gat it, doth a bang-up job, goes strike, put appearance, pelt, bearing fruit, de-solating, Mortgaging, is of use, toss off, whanged, be in power, re captures, coughing up, Barbered, dis honored, came on like, dost the trick, race one's motor, wast useful, under-taken, tickled death, cash on, re-paired, going belly up, shoot full holes, re acquire, are on par, saves one neck, progress, co oking, un building, de parted, fixt upon, Subjected, dis array, lived up, be full of, Stropped, trucks with, caught off-balance, walked away with, hitting the bulls-eye, made it big, held reins, stepping into shoes of, closes with, lies in, tell the truth, wast of use, settles with, re kindled, re-cycles, had knowledge of, grin and bear it, venging, gotten out hock, am trained, ex pounded, broke face, tanning ones hide, cracking down, coming berth, taking out, gets well, de-crease, gotten back in shape, weeds out, trailblazes, bonding together, locomoted, de-ciphers, tossed off, dis-entangling, makes the most of, gather up, atone for, up holding, are given one's due, teach a lesson, bloom, out-raging, cleans upon, over sees, reached peak, over flows, re-commend, enchained, going back ones word, putting in to order, payed back spades, splash down, run in, being just the ticket, crack whip, pulls one leg, lying in wait, gets into one head, making party to, become ratified, smashed to smithereens, trying ones patience, go over big, be speak, over shadowed, wert insubordinate, feel bones, be proficient, triumphs over, be sanctioned, knocking dead, coming into being, gotten bottom, art clover, dis appointed, smelling out, dis playing, lays down law, am in charge, dis-mantles, came to have, comes to decision, outblooming, getting one's fingers on, dis obey, answered purpose, pro cure, heat up, gets vibrations, does thoroughly, has place, breaks away from the pack, up ends, plays off, is touch, re produces, laid bare, were the mend, coming to agreement, be-fuddling, got right, over ruled, wast ones lot, have rights, kit out, ropes in, be meaning, out-jockeying, beats the living daylights out of, de spoils, drive up wall, re generated, being a par, dis-missed, didst thing, doest all right, looks up on, wast informed, offered itself, dis confirm, pull ones leg, Fringing, hitting big, go past, am convenient, re-assured, being punished, taking away, gives a break, comes to conclusion, Defecating, inter-lock, re started, marking up, running a game on, gat top, suck in, doest duty, take arms, be in action, plow into, re-adjust, broke ground, oversupplying, brushing against, being handy, being charge, takes for a ride, haddest right to, regained one's health, am running, swear on bible, making healthy, out-blooming, mis treats, get to the top, art current, re-animating, give an audience to, go route, structured, fenderbend, am alive, in-duces, paddlewhacking, gat through one's head, swept off feet, hath up a tree, felt gut, dis solving, nonplus, gat a hold of, returns to, puts a lock on, dusting someone's britches, coarsening, punches the clock, knock, giving hearing, re dresses, savvying, doing justice, dusting someone britches, gat hooks into, about faced, got on ones nerves, go to, de tours, dis-tills, evert, de-positing, pulls leg, coming to one, being accessible, re-straining, are displayed, intuit, tosses in jail, dost to turn, being familiar, de-fends, gross, is taught, brings to heel, go over with finetooth comb, getting on ones nerves, re appear, de-part, looking for, pressurize, look upon, being in driver seat, making a hitch, was par, climbs ladder, be-heading, made a return, enclaving, scraping off, puts into order, drive crazy, funnel, go over with fine-tooth comb, square accounts, gets from, bogarts, out-rivalling, proceed, putting the hospital, coming out even, are given due, pro cessing, cracking the books, apprehend, are drivers seat, came to an agreement, trap, am par, under pin, warmed someone seat, accept loan of, cinematize, paid back spades, taking by surprise, up-grades, un-rolling, separates oneself, flipping through, doth a bang up job, mis appropriated, co ached, gat through, cashed on, dis-solved, over bearing, be longed, has name, fractured, get one's nerves, sells bill of goods, dost bang-up job, dropping anchor, handled roughly, is running, be sieged, re-pairs, get the drift, make meet, starts off, made appearance, goes back on ones word, greases palm, hath the right to, fudged together, pre-faces, in-habiting, re dressing, drove out of mind, doest a number on, re pressing, driving out mind, doth bang-up job, look in, Beggaring, stopping by, catch up with, un-wound, go back on one's word, Exsect, re assumes, wert prevalent, electro-cute, be inflated, Detruncated, put with, is out of woods, implement, art operation, plowed in to, am victorious, making a start, caught hold of, lays claim to, made fast buck, do business, settled down, put squeeze on, re-claimed, bringing back, sign up, sent through the roof, be skillful, tickling pink, cornering market, passed up, in-capacitated, re-move, giving impulse, planting one, make real, sur mounts, lives luxury, cut bits, counter attacked, getting fingers on, doeth bang-up job, hit spot, in filtrated, catches in act, put up with, get back shape, puts over ones knee, being ahead, dealt blow, nixed, was crawling with, bringing up short, am successful, proved wrong, doest the job, breaks down, de sired, bring to ground, hangs one's hat, putting under a spell, rattled one's cage, counter vails, being in driver's seat, lets in, dis regarded, putting to, sideswipe, am the mend, did a pratfall, proving false, re deems, boast, put out commission, piggybacking, over-ridden, in roads, is accessible, Patting, see through, carrying completion, dashes ones hope, over-compensate, ex acts, accepted loan of, were cognizant of, jump on, close with, bring to fruition, found a way, sweetening the pot, took to cleaner, regains ones strength, re-constituting, come to terms, keeps with, hit bull-eye, climbed all over, come in to, ex-terminating, be-deck, hem in, gains advantage, does one thing, in forms, jump one case, CHALKS, fenderbends, puts to good use, over compensate, using temporarily, lapping against, goes on foot, re-acquires, travel foot, payed dues, pre-vents, dis sents, un-zipping, wore on, Trussing, co here, puts toilet, dis crediting, Overshooting, throws into tizzy, housetraining, in-vented, leaved ruins, didst thoroughly, clear, scratching the surface, indulge, Lofting, are with it, did pratfall, dis-obeying, latched onto, decides on, carrying off, art promoted, piled on, came out on top, dis patch, twists one arm, out lasts, re-model, catches drift, gotten impression, outplacing, re-presses, counter-plotted, wast full of, over powers, managed to get, inter-locks, made productive, un-earthed, kept to oneself, looking over, art in clover, re counting, am out the woods, making a fool of, being victorious, drove insane, turning advantage, haddest in hand, outsteps, headlining, got point, ex-pire, bring low, whittle down, counter-check, hitting up, am current, get hooks into, iring, be witching, hit where one lives, leaning on, gat back one feet, found human resources, art just ticket, putting it over, in-cline, be action, fudging together, micro film, making well, thinking as, counter-balanced, brought in to existence, de-grades, find help, dis approve, re direct, haddest one way, wells over, exchanged blows, scores a success, hits big, put pen to paper, pore over, caboodling, pinches hit for, ex acerbated, bring bay, wast sanctioned, pluck, leaves ruins, dis graces, sickened with, pass up, dis-integrating, wiping slate clean, wast top heap, be visible, re-laid, counter act, enjoy, doest wonders, are elevated, de ducting, wert possession of, dis honor, am good, re-commending, inter-locked, brush against, get right, pared down, argued in to, out-living, giving lie to, making possible, put rights, Careering, house train, brought to mind, drove up the wall, dis-interring, popped one balloon, calls forth, get under ones skin, getting shape, cotching, be sets, Exscinding, pressing out, making big, let in on, hits bullseye, super-vised, be heading, gotten better of, force up on, jumping on one case, putting in an appearance, rule over, Tenanting, hitting bullseye, over-feeds, stumbles upon, being told, be-falling, recommences, gave just desserts, bare expense, doest t, be long, doctoring up, chastise, outgo, get on one nerves, put accent on, forgather, be drivers seat, heating up, in dite, giving an audience to, holds together, being possessed of, puts one over on, be comes, come to mind, taking by storm, accumulate, de-parts, bringing order, catches the act, socked someone, becoming distended, de-tracts, carrying through, dis-imprison, latching onto, made pay through nose, be-come, beaned, art receipt of, catching drift, laid siege to, be blessed with, Dooming, re-iterate, is all ears, de lineated, dis burse, wend way, wert remunerative, go back on ones word, out witting, being touch, reigned over, sub-joined, gotten through one's head, intoxicates, disenfranchises, bring to one feet, go through one head, in flamed, dashes one hope, pays for release of, being one lot, had a feeling, did a bangup job, falling with, sent forth, re directs, blew away, dis-entangles, make ones own, gotten load of, sur passes, out-guessed, make hay, steam up, photo stated, overbalances, impinged up on, wends ones way, are aware, dis heartening, driving to distraction, have the right to, gotten in touch, took to cleaners, turn tables on, catching up, paid up, testifying to, re vivifies, didst trick, out-lined, going route, fall upon, qualify, am in driver seat, came to be, gotten someones goat, takes up arms, Companying, re occupies, are proficient, smoking out, defeat, out-balancing, forges ahead, Padlocking, sub bed, go to town, out-ranking, reerected, settle up, smashes and grab, gat fix on, pulverize, art handy, wast in power, close in, dis credit, catch up to, tries patience, being symptomatic, am long lived, come life, doubledealt, re-places, paying dividends, Experiencing, succeed to, giving audience to, un-locks, were adjacent to, dis enthralls, marking off, getting it, be superior, up-set, does bang up job, dis-sents, did job, were sold for, soften up, hit upon, carries off, haddest place, bear fruit, presents itself, lashing in to, out-flanks, bore expense, run on, re served, put back, was superior, was a par, wast advantage, Illtreat, hast ones way, slapped wrist, counter plotting, give attention, tangle, lure, out jumping, axe, mess with one's head, improved upon, feel gut, piles on, plighting ones troth, coming to decision, hast it all over, came a conclusion, oned, strung, rout, has being, falling the lot, concusses, be-tray, walking away with, re present, throwing balance, called forth, Disenthrall, didst penance, in grain, paying up, beat, gat something done, make it, become one, went through one's head, looking high low, scout, dis appeared, turning corner, comes back at, carried completion, be tide, de presses, make a fortune, come up with, knocksed props out from under, brush upon, were mend, countercheck, becoming a fact, am out woods, counter vailed, prepaid, rendered null and void, re-visiting, railing at, monetized, got hang of, de livering, was in driver seat, prevails over, art cognizant of, footed, tugs at the heart, came from behind, over-ruled, garotte, comes in to, takes revenge, dis-solving, rolled back, congressing, gets exchange, won race, frustrate, lighting into, doest thing, makes certain, gives and take, comes against, un earths, dis allow, makes picture, re touching, goes out front, rattles ones cage, closing with, becomes ratified, out-rivalled, covered up, showed gain, giving just desserts, Cobbing, re marked, have a feeling, demolish, re-visit, bringing heel, run up, hit the bull's-eye, hast in hand, shows the way, scrape off, were on strike, grand stands, railed at, pro tracts, re-purchases, became bloated, smash smithereens, shoot up, meta morphoses, incur, dis enthralling, in sure, pays back spades, be numerous, make dent, be leaguering, de stroyed, outrivals, getting out hock, outrivaling, made hit with, hit bulls-eye, swears on bible, squeezing past, re-sounded, sorting out, bringing into being, carried through, boffed, didst bangup job, dealt in, made possible, over feed, dash one's hope, puts flight, does duty, comes have, hast being, bringing to heel, teaching lesson, struck it rich, Levigated, de posing, went the limit, become visual, getting impression, dis course, de luges, out-foxing, is endowed with, defraud, gotten hooks in to, out stretch, being current, make a purchase, pre serves, keeping eye on, gat impression, consorts with, becoming fact, pro positions, lashes into, wast equipped for, put one's foot down, be mused, hosing, voodooing, make good use of, de predating, out flanked, fence in, ghostwritten, un-winds, be driver's seat, scrimp, straightening up, hit bull eye, coming to order, made a killing, warmed up, Garrisoning, re unite, drew near, loot, re lay, takes eye for an eye, re-channelled, came against, dis-tressed, boards up, holding to, out lives, owned exclusively, show talent, didst wonders, regaining strength, giving note for, makes a meet, wear well, re assemble, wrought over, doest to a turn, bears the expense, come rescue, breaking spirit, overtaxed, am possession of, gotten ready, call it day, ganging up, make expectant, honored claim, fares well, out-shined, coming decision, living extravagantly, ensnare, catching up to, shoots full holes, look back on, marked up, gave the lie to, am proud of, runs with ball, hadst right to, kept out, being on feet, were good enough for, gets out way, kits out, dis-located, dis-regarded, upset ones apple cart, availed oneself of, come by, spreads like wildfire, am subjected to, queued, swallowed up, un shackled, keeps under surveillance, inter twist, hadst effect, was engaged in, evulsing, fell victim to, was ever present, doeth in exterminate, holds office, upsets one apple cart, does right, puts whammy on, disimprisoning, out wear, ex-tends, doth ones thing, garottes, over-compensating, brightens up, in gather, point to, finding way, hadst title, dusted someone's britches, was punished, under stand, mis-appropriate, were adequate, buys freedom of, under-went, working ones way up, socks it to someone, drop in, was distributed, works in to lather, sub-leasing, dragging one feet, be witches, up-rise, became infected with, comes in to existence, excels, super abounds, clock in, paying ransom, doth exterminate, re instate, larrups, re-marking, un-riddles, cramps ones style, arrived at, Secerning, gat what is coming one, hits bulleye, hung in, giving run-around, inter weaves, out last, auscultates, soft soaping, barged, came be, de-vised, re vamps, lights on, tintinnabulated, palm, be leaguers, up braided, driving wall, gets the upper hand, springs for, ex asperate, crosses the path, being good enough for, dis enthrall, play off, makes bundle, blunder upon, lay foundation for, pouncing upon, de-scribing, un twisting, ran across, auscultate, Catheterized, disenfranchise, being favored, gat the better of, bringing short, out rivaled, pay ones dues, are trained, doth a number, hurting one's feelings, keeps under one thumb, un rolls, be located, adhered to, rigidified, over-laid, got the hook, rip into, re-established, chanced on, dis-credits, makes fortune, climbs all over, obtain release of, re grouped, co-oking, gets out of way, pre vails, gotten fat, under-going, guard, be ahead, reign supreme, dis satisfies, reach the top, cashes on, gat the jump on, are charge, popped in, play on, out-places, be acceptable, making a hit, ex cogitated, catching off balance, am skillful, be vertical, bangs out, cleaning on, has the right to, goosing up, reaps the benefits, copping, dropped anchor, be mean, being favorite, inks, Cabling, rechannelled, inter weaved, look on, upsetting one's apple cart, dropping by, re-served, re-taking, wast enriched, hast authority, cracked down, lead to altar, hits pay dirt, dis imprisoned, looking after, labors point, became concrete, re butted, rendering null void, giving the run-around, getting better, tumbling into, hurt ones feelings, am on strike, collides with, pro-pound, dis mounting, in-fix, breaks bank, shatter, hadst authority, out general, get rich, art aware of, un-loose, battens down, being smitten by, generate, in-spect, being insubordinate, de-ploying, dis concert, hook on, cracking the whip, overmaster, rising value, suckers into, fill the bill, inter woven, border, bails one out, co-axed, were in receipt of, living with, pro duces, Gaffing, riding out, called day, be on the mend, came to rescue, dost t, over compensating, gat out of the way, threw off balance, wins out, working into lather, trips up, buncoing, Promenading, makes a comeback, concuss, gat out of line, ends run, under-writes, are in drivers seat, boxed in, had over, Zigzagged, fast talk, outplaying, had in hand, outreached, out-doing, out-distances, provides living, doest to t, dusts someone britches, made scene, pullulate, brought knees, wast incarnate, tack on, counter poising, sign for, wast proficient, were located, gat back one's feet, out-guns, gave one an idea, nose dives, re-butting, Inked, ferule, hath it coming, meeting head on, am vertical, up-rooting, dis-perse, pre dominate, dumped on, pays dividend, sur-mises, Cabled, work one's way up, forge ahead, keep touch, were endowed with, think out, brings maturity, doest a bang up job, re occupying, buries oneself in, Peppered, am proficient, kept close, made strides, de lighting, de-clare, Personated, cooking goose, joining up, makes dent, bears expense, de notes, save one neck, de voting, with-standing, makes meet, in-fixes, goes foot, over-set, give the appearance, shotgunned, gat one's fingers on, dis integrated, took oath, gives run around, getting just desserts, crocheting, laying hands on, tongue lashes, breaks for, rendered role, paying for release of, whittled down, doest bang-up job, plays part, pre-cede, de legate, collide with, bollixes, tailor make, sweeps off one's feet, de-pressed, fills a position, smashes grab, pinning down, excel, being in operation, holds on, carrying to completion, buried oneself in, cognize, serrates, comes on like, taking it chin, Foxes, am enough, breathed new life in to, is in authority, overtaxes, came out against, be tides, over-reaches, super abounding, being with it, went back on one word, re presented, re-bounding, having authority, putting over knee, impinge up on, went strike, did business, got taller, photo-graphing, stepping in to shoes of, up-rose, gained victory, doth the job, de-feat, develop in to, went after, pointing the way, dis-honored, re-legate, caught offguard, pulls strings, Roosted, un hinged, dis-closing, steadying, was realized, stamps across, sub-due, lambaste, Initialing, be siege, give a black eye, get in shape, tags along, dis missing, broke down, meet headon, conscribing, pre face, was taught, go back on word, living it up, juiced, under-wrote, in flame, front for, un-built, entifying, made a scene, dis-franchising, gives precedence, sends through roof, put death, in spires, obtained release of, leaves in the dust, under-line, whipt out, wert operation, hanged one hat, putting one's foot down, cross-hatches, wast one lot, catch up, de file, fell on, gives comeuppance, ex plains, ex-plaining, come into, reimburse, had rights, fore-stall, making haul, over-balances, exists generally, showed the way, un-coils, planks out, get it, heading up, prevailing, Patted, coining phrase, Lofted, laid for, fore seeing, comes decision, utilize, re-proves, am in clover, puts in proportion, is proud of, roll up, prep, dis-charging, wast with it, dost duty as, fender bending, picks on, sets on deck, bangs into, catches up with, are in flower, in-denting, swaps places, puts good use, in spired, Unshackle, puts on to, be-hold, dis enfranchise, roll on, dis-proved, are out woods, am top heap, tried one's patience, were running, gets just desserts, arrived in time, is one's lot, strook dumb, re quite, traded in, art in commission, mis-appropriating, auscultating, giving runaround, adjies, making a fortune, was accepted, gained on, getting as a result, making return, Mothered, lead by nose, filling up, cross-hatch, secern, comes out against, imbeds, be-leaguered, doth violence to, dis tending, keys up, pre-disposes, seeing one's uncle, gets fingers on, voodooed, wipes off the mat, dis figure, be-stirs, were ears, wrought way up, is blessed, dis confirmed, meeting face to face, goes places, buys in to, become distended, re-occupied, springs in, in hale, didst a bangup job, prearranging, take a header, un-leashing, makes redress for, be-spake, provides the means, are plausible, fulminating against, tagged along, pro posing, buttoning down, braces up, de-mean, goes see, bringing to a close, out fox, bringing to order, carried the day, sets in context, fluffing, trained in, made knot, be-fall, held to, put in irons, does t, being engaged in, un-riddle, bestow, got something done, laid ruins, drag in to, over spreads, un twist, give cat onine tails, haddest all over, staking out, approves accept, in spiriting, buying into, hogtie, shipwrecks, dragged one feet, dis-play, getting results, descending up on, prehend, draws near, lay ruins, crosses ones mind, re-sounding, ran show, succeeded to, holding bay, tans one's hide, doeth exterminate, comes out even, obtains again, dusts someone's britches, Commoved, am numerous, puts ones foot down, out-rivaling, come against, being in line for, bobbed up, pops in, dis please, transport, won favor, defrocked, reclaim, does a t, prove false, de moralize, de fines, xouting, re-introduces, de ploy, are alive, over-flowed, am blessed with, doeth a bang-up job, regroup, were in touch, load up, bailing one out, cook goose, wast entitled to, coming to rescue, come one, go foot, bore fruit, caught the act, detouring, wast authority, sell one on, buying out, in forming, gets back on ones feet, make a point, take a life, calling up, inter acting, did thing, gave hearing, ex acting, arriving in time, swear and down, crossed heart, called together, catching offguard, swept off one's feet, catching sight of, caught red handed, give new life to, pro posed, de mises, getting a fix on, piles, in nerves, twotime, volte-faces, gaining control, kick around, went over with fine-tooth comb, Hacked, ex pound, turns around, making profit, sickens with, go over with a fine-tooth comb, am top of heap, impinges upon, brake the bank, returns to form, goes back ones word, being talented, pro long, rehabbing, give hard time, turned upsidedown, score a success, returned form, thumbsing down, does ones thing, made meet, regained one strength, gives job to, fall up on, brings to close, dis missed, housebreak, got what is coming one, de-scribed, up-date, ex-tort, hits the bricks, double-deal, de-ciphered, detract from, catalogging, cross hatch, Optate, beating the living daylights out of, housetrains, individuates, be-nets, pulled pieces, honoring a claim, caught off guard, turn upsidedown, beared the expense, putting the arm on, grow larger, payed one dues, upsetting apple cart, thinks of, captivate, sur rounding, wert in driver seat, Outgeneraled, drops down, exsected, catch red-handed, paring down, scotches, make one's home, took for a ride, pull a fast one, sober up, is disposal, re-prove, brought home groceries, keeping with, calls day, is of advantage, de-toured, search for, set down, put out of commission, staid on, am situated, committed to memory, yield profit, stiffed, re prove, singled out, soft-soaped, gives word, reeling in, intertwisted, hang around with, madden, de part, doeth a pratfall, went out front, put shame, going back on ones word, calling the tune, get fingers on, is favored, did a bang up job, up grades, determinating, wreak havoc on, staggering along, rising above, de-filed, goes over with a fine tooth comb, rising crescendo, carrying oneself, becomes better, plunked down, be-long, was in commission, knocking socks off, freezing to, brought to fruition, sweep off ones feet, gain control, guards against, outpace, re peals, out doing, be devilling, gat sick, dis franchising, dis compose, travels foot, brake the spirit, over reaches, doest proud, are on mend, re minds, putting in nutshell, electro cutes, raced one's motor, re commences, out-jockey, rips in to, leads by the nose, is timeless, ex cogitates, with hold, gotten shot, reprocess, brought to one feet, chance upon, called it a day, in fixed, makes repayment, dis-patching, be strike, loads up, Pranking, hits upon, become fact, brings ruin, re-forms, cast down, comes up to snuff, streamlines, gat out line, in-creases, labors the point, pre-vailing, hitting it big, wert accessible, go places, ante up, re new, keeping faith, butts on, hast to name, doest to a t, Make short work of, dis counted, caused be, dis countenancing, turned one on, pulls out of the fire, laying ones hands on, go, gotten back on one feet, flies by, keeps close, am just ticket, earn wings, snapping out of it, get under one skin, going well, un wind, came back at, gotten back one's feet, climbed to, drave the wall, un covered, sub-leases, puts over knee, got on ropes, tumbling in to, re pays, re-fit, take lying down, re-vivified, avenged oneself, puts across, re constructed, doest well enough, get places, find out, out-smarts, pointed way, swearing on bible, comes to mind, in-fusing, diffused, sail through, dis-locating, touched shoulders, inter-weave, set about, rid out, butted against, getting into one head, dost number on, gotten just desserts, call forth, taking a header, evens out, caving in, gets in shape, started anew, Flanking, be good enough, legged, reimposing, lashed into, dis pose, make over, drive insane, existed generally, goes past, Personating, putting out of commission, severalize, making picture, re pealed, get into ones head, am acceptable, do the trick, ride shotgun for, became real, re-appearing, are told, in-spiring, sat down, were out of the woods, gat someones goat, pops one's balloon, severalizes, show ones face, re took, sub scribes, dost justice, gliding by, over awe, points way, bringing to ground, crossed path, brake bank, dis-may, happening up on, brings mind, out-wear, being in contact, art accessible, re cedes, stopt in, priding on, taking wind out of sails, came snuff, reaps benefit, COBS, come to one, dis place, do bang up job, strikes it rich, dis counts, hits bull'seye, played first fiddle, took up arms, re instated, arrive at, carry through, being flower, re commenced, catch off-balance, re-cycled, pro-generates, reached agreement, de light, got through head, being elevated, Ballasting, were given due, de-notes, sets upon, bore cost, putting under magic spell, socked it someone, doing bangup job, falling down, give run around, dis arraying, be disposal, shutting in, art informed, be engaged in, jack up, suffers from, de ceasing, de-coding, doing well enough, suggested itself, placed under arrest, doth duty as, curls up, gat on ones nerves, wert in possession of, am worth, begged borrow steal, grand-standing, sells for, re pulsed, make change, being in action, bringing the ground, subjoin, having over, puts out commission, dis-criminates, put foot down, brought on board, going whole hog, pre paring, set off, carry completion, Scotching, re lapsed, reaped the benefit, resect, psyching up, levelled off, live in luxury, cracks books, got touch, ex-acted, made impression, hold to, whacked, were plausible, feeling for, putting foot down, was favorite, in stalling, reseving, re-leases, catching red-handed, re fitted, solve, pro pounded, throws monkey wrench in, putting in harness, be-net, bemeaned, bang, personates, setting bounds to, fore sees, overhears, not let goes, does in exterminate, hold on, gives one an idea, makes hay, re-acted, rechanneling, upper-cuts, cropt up, giving take, super vise, re united, hath effect, impinged upon, gather resources, out witted, draw breath, prosper, blew sky high, out gone, tied down, were punished, out-pace, was proud of, coming up snuff, get the better of, assenting to, re-veal, de-frays, tans hide, un-earthing, cook one's goose, Substantialize, sur-prises, coming to pass, put an end to, dost turn, making reparations, bunch up, slips by, pro-cured, syndicated, Tonguing, dumping on, house-trained, comes after, puts arm on, pulls it off, got ones fingers on, being even, brings heel, pro positioned, faced about, plunging in to, closing in, re-coiled, scourge, put to, making bow, using up, are inflated, puts irons, am cognizant of, popping one balloon, wind up at, engage in, gets likeness, stick up, re covering, find way, hast the right to, getting comeuppance, out-last, wert in charge, producing result, conserve, baste, art widespread, becoming known, dis patched, de mean, trans acted, inherit, retread, disenthralls, fall with, cooked one's goose, gobbled up, re-lapsed, sideswiping, up turns, gave the runaround, bare fruit, de-creasing, became of, being gainfully employed, wiping off map, be master of, putting harness, mis treating, de signing, were worthwhile, art given ones due, getting the point, gets one's fingers on, swearing bible, art with it, Perking, over-rule, sets down, are use, dost to a turn, Spruced, be useful, wast erect, recondition, catch red handed, arrived home, dis-please, get out of the way, enclaved, re prising, re take, hadst done with, picking out, out-lasts, sit in, pile it on, dawn on, did one's thing, getting somewhere, refers to, re-assumes, proceeding with, kablooeyed, laid ones hands on, over whelm, fixt wagon, in-grain, pro-fess, hath over, busts in, cooking one's goose, re coil, re generate, regains one health, springing to mind, softens up, Curveting, tells from, goes and see, is promoted, de duct, were disposal, micro-film, passing on, dashed ones hope, take course, brought mind, getting with it, in-tensity, over haul, wast on par, out-stretched, drive wall, tore off, were precipitated, pre-ceding, thumbed, being strike, sprung in, were situated, draws forth, dis-regarding, reading the riot act, dis obeyed, re introduce, gotten into head, came away with, were common, dug up, over-whelmed, stumbles up on, blow in, covers up, accrue, runs against, re awakening, took it easy, exsecting, re-strict, over-taxes, out-perform, gives face lift to, were worthy, Hasping, up-lifts, is informed, gat on nerves, sub-scribed, runs rings around, drops by, give the business, dis mantled, out-weigh, has all over, wert convenient, hopped on, becoming able, came to decision, rose above, prehends, be-tokened, Cinching, dis appear, out-witting, piling up, start on, showing in, have a tree, comes a decision, used up, curled up, produced result, enamours, am just the ticket, outplays, purl, got a fix on, re processes, gives the business, counter-attacks, came to a conclusion, photostating, be have, makes hitch, over-powering, give birth to, tell from, am usual, warmed someones seat, gets one fingers on, re vile, extract, endow, talk in to, being turned to, ran smack in to, over-rode, didst ones thing, in-gathering, doest thoroughly, auto graphed, are first, wert out of woods, tickles the palm, being crawling with, un-zips, haddest no end, hanged it up, goes route, gets places, re-dresses, had name, forgathers, put in appearance, dis confirming, turned back, gets on one's nerves, over shadows, compass, un-hinges, nosedived, makes mark, snap out of it, wipes mat, throws together, made bundle, fills up, disannulled, do a number, blow away, rescue, be fuddle, massed, are good, de-tours, counter-poised, is driver's seat, cutting to the quick, dis-enthralls, lucking out, wert partial to, dis-serving, was familiar, art situated, blowing past, shore up, gives bad time, strikes head-on, lock up, in-quired, proponing, rebut, be efficacious, sware down, went over with a fine-tooth comb, regains ones health, repelling danger, fitting out, re-main, de bar, do duty as, swears and down, returning the compliment, take it on the chin, passes sentence, de code, dis embarrassed, ex-cruciate, bankrupts, jumping one case, wert victorious, hits dirt, dis-embarrasses, re-probates, re touches, disfranchises, over setting, keeping under ones thumb, doing well, settles up, calling together, lead altar, turning upsidedown, being established, under-score, gets back shape, defrock, beats game, Tendering, Trashed, de fine, happens up on, takes vows, dis-composing, Worming, de grading, keeps in touch, messes with ones head, pro tract, hit up on, de tracts, dis-tracts, sur-prised, break away from the pack, taxis, getting places, detracts from, be in touch, bare the cost, took effect, reach agreement, lapidating, get through head, re deeming, taking the cake, closeupping, make a haul, doest justice to, super imposes, has jump on, inter-woven, is symptomatic, laying low, didst a t, in-venting, out-jumps, re aping, made a hit, reigns over, left a mark, de-riving, make fast buck, takes down peg, dis-gracing, getting in to one's head, didst the job, de-stroys, over-bears, wast in clover, atones for, fell to the lot, getting through one's head, passes along, pointed the way, dis-integrate, doeth number, gave the works, put pen paper, puts two two together, pre fixes, fell heir to, in-filtrating, nose-diving, enlarge, trans form, feeling again, score, dis-patched, be flower, de frayed, are disposal, is displayed, looked over, push on, make good, made known, coshing, de votes, out runs, re placed, accede to, ex pose, inter-mingled, becomes wealthy, re tain, detruncates, call the tune, ex-tending, catches up, melting away, held sway over, art in action, wert convinced, get ropes, arrives in time, un-nerve, took to the cleaner's, point way, keeps off, dis-honoring, outpaces, rises up, re commence, plow under, stays put, cut to bits, went back on ones word, putting one foot down, threw down, counterplot, accept, pro cures, dis-claiming, co axing, brushed against, taking life, re-start, throws for loop, getting eyeful, kept touch, gat results, catching the drift, re established, were one's lot, tongue-lashed, out reached, keep under ones thumb, padlocks, art authority, met up, Kinking, dost one's thing, subject, draws in, re ached, pass, dope out, wert efficacious, rubs eyeballs, doing a bangup job, were turned on to, de-duct, de-grading, led altar, headlined, re-deems, wert familiar, smashes into, gotten back on feet, putting with, un-twists, made ready, sticks it out, being distributed, representing oneself, ex-changed, win race, step into shoes of, de pressed, come around, comped, throwing monkey wrench in, quarterbacks, subbed, de fending, get into one head, hadst a hunch, knocks over, re-ported, giving job to, out thinks, cotch, moonlighted requisition, trothed, driving up the wall, makes a knot, earned ones wings, mis lead, cut the quick, have up a tree, re-tread, filling bill, march on, gotten fingers on, hath tree, be musing, be friending, un shackle, doth number on, re-introduced, enheartening, coshed, looks high and low, is victorious, look over, bringing maturity, laying in ruins, re-builds, is adequate, de tract, got load of, re pose, close upping, took stand against, had hand, brought feet, putting in place, take unawares, dis locate, is drivers seat, gets a fix on, hurting feelings, gave impulse, art blessed with, setting in motion, re gain, leads on, out-playing, burst forth, brings to fruition, drops anchor, dis-annuls, look in on, am bequeathed, in censed, are in contact, got in shape, Progenerate, came one, got shape, not let went, dis proves, enter up on, come up snuff, un balances, chocks, took the cleaner, re-views, dis-charges, dis entangled, being line for, art alive, gets a load of, co habited, out-jumping, dost number, Thronging, saw after, zeroing in on, rising up, make sense of, were acceptable, Worsting, pull off, sur mounting, swimming in, furrowed, drops on, being successful, take on, dis play, do trick, saw ones uncle, wert established, bollix, played off, got the top, showed one face, am plentiful, in-spires, laid low, sock someone, canceled out, Craned, keeps under one's thumb, piling it on, ex-pose, make happen, bringing knees, were feet, undo, hang ones hat, tacking on, keep, had a tree, gotten the bottom, wast timeless, grooving, blow out water, dis-appears, beats living daylights out of, be mend, is in saddle, Jagging, has it coming, hire, up dating, out generals, dis imprison, spreading like wildfire, snaps up, cracks down, de-serve, in validate, am receipt of, Binning, bring home the groceries, stayed on, is use, brake bill, pointing up, has in keeping, doeth all right, outstaying, auto graphing, in fusing, dis burses, bursted seams, fires up, winned back, re-pealed, congressed, doubledeal, am driver's seat, cost, growing famous, get wise to, re-spect, were of use, makes over, drave to distraction, put proportion, had a hunch, rendered invalid, Barbering, puts the arm on, comes board, gets someone goat, de-bunking, makes active, dis-appointed, wast familiar, occur to, messed with ones head, wallowed in, re-commended, did duty, out-weighs, Stringing, in validated, over flowed, brings to ruin, was top of heap, dashing off, crops up, making it big, take hold of, out-lives, take it chin, closed in, over-flow, made ones home, be punished, dis agreeing, return, doest the trick, laying one hands on, de ported, made home, de luge, wiped the mat, hits bull's eye, show way, bop, be-gotten, gotten in shape, drop anchor, are taught, gave the slip, do violence to, hadst place, coming to mind, tag on, stubbed toe on, stirred up, do justice to, gave thumbs down to, gat through head, ruled over, get under skin, having place, sicken with, hadst name, over taking, slipt past, pre-fixes, comes first, servicing, partnering, talk into, handle roughly, dashed one hope, out fits, ex-plain, ex pressing, gets past, jump, goosed up, be displayed, puts screws to, dis-charged, hitting bull-eye, live to, crack down on, mess with ones head, dis-covering, being all ears, compensated for, pelleting, in-hale, see one uncle, handed onto, take sick with, gotten results, be trays, tenders, thrive, shorted, gat from, fare, x outed, gat shot, dis-mantled, am conspicuous, fore tell, de-bated, getting down pat, re capture, re fund, bear the cost, Braining, de-mises, re-aching, pays back in spades, breaks a bill, lost it, get one's fingers on, inter acted, unburying, rides roughshod, taking course, going out in front, be just the ticket, making amends, pre-served, gain on, didst pratfall, having in keeping, out-stretches, be-speaks, mis appropriate, be valid, cramp one style, puts out action, fell upon, re-presented, re-cede, hath knowledge of, led on, be spoke, copyright, determinated, providing living, designate, take to cleaner, in fix, art the mend, making the most of, wert bequeathed, reassembles, put screws to, gave new life to, cracking books, going better, makes a choice, am smitten by, tries one's patience, de-face, hold back, hath upper hand, bag, sur-rounded, out fit, saying so, got in to one's head, cutting bits, makes ends meet, brace up, gat done, para-chutes, goes back one word, is action, wast conscious of, tongued, Choused, doctors up, hits the bulleye, re imposes, get on ropes, offers itself, being top of heap, walks down aisle, striking gold, jumping on one's case, un-masks, ex terminated, putting line, shaves off, paid one's dues, innervating, doublecross, train in, take cleaners, dis-quieted, catches on, take cake, gets top, caboodled, inter lock, de mise, bring to knees, fall the lot, giving weight, go belly up, re verse, making waves, be worthwhile, knocked one's socks off, makes strides, wound up at, call up on, psyched up, be-stowing, in-spiriting, return to form, breaking away from pack, conceive, de-ducted, made buy, cornering the market, shlep along, re-produces, scraping together, were accessible, putting one away, sub side, wearing on, be worth, in-vest, dis-satisfied, stumbled across, falls by, rub wrong way, re possessed, pre-fixing, doest pratfall, running across, over-whelm, were taught, push around, show, be on a par, out-balances, make money, cough up, whanging, brings into existence, encounter, hits bulls-eye, photo graphing, in vests, becoming valid, over turns, takes captive, becoming bloated, regaining health, does thing, un settles, dost bang up job, become popular, has right to, carried off, be stirring, re erects, art given due, played part, clamps down, call mind, gets wind of, were responsible for, dip in to, shot ahead, has effect, gat upper hand, give one the business, plows under, overgrow, making a selection, wert conspicuous, shows around, Ones, knit, wast contact, de-barks, ponies up, in flames, dis places, winned out, slowed down, climax, un-settle, benet, homing on, re-curred, de served, get to, is born with, jam pack, fore-tell, ex citing, became valid, de-ceased, extended above, un ravelled, messes with one's head, doeth bangup job, pay for, reify, super vising, tickling palm, lashes in to, leads to, outbalance, laid a finger on, tumbled into, re-modeled, over-look, dis till, is responsible for, in hales, went beyond, get through one head, gives bum steer, swore up down, lays waste, give life to, trace, flip through, doeth bang up job, kept an eye on, is strike, de moralizes, leaved mark, come into being, gat back on one's feet, wins race, go beyond, get back in shape, looked back on, were proud of, overtake, knocking down, de cree, pulled fast one, runs into, burst in on, castigate, sur passing, makes grade, out-stripped, were neck neck, overspread, setting deck, entify, caught offbalance, pulls out of fire, puts the hospital, enlist, wending one way, in stalled, squeezes past, dis-commodes, de truncated, coming up to snuff, manages to get, is aware of, out-wit, puts out of countenance, strop, being efficacious, proceeds with, de solate, told truth, pre dominated, exercising control, hitting the bullseye, double-deals, brought into being, in nerved, went one better, wast on feet, un zip, dis posing, going foot, re sting, de scribes, monopolize, wert acceptable, answers purpose, buried in, see, make clean breast of, dust someone's britches, throws book at, de-fraud, sold on, putting good use, in scribes, de frocked, looked after, Purled, garotted, out worn, puts death, bursts on, track, ex-cogitated, figure out, were timeless, letted in on, form judgment, out-classed, monetizes, take turn for better, house trained, made with, glommed onto, out steps, got the knack of, re porting, be obtainable, flash on, had up tree, taking prize, taking care of, be fogs, was one lot, get exchange, earn, hauled in, gat wind of, is in charge, didst number, Preengaged, re animate, microfilming, got into ones head, keep an eye on, run smack in to, slipped by, came an agreement, gotten the upper hand, drives to distraction, rechannels, over come, feel out, arrive time, gets the hang of, gets going, comes rescue, pro longing, flashing on, quarterback, gat to top, stumble, bunches up, throw for loop, stood in, gat in shape, kept faith, paid off, out guess, got wise to, deal in, smash, rub eyeballs, gives a hearing, dis countenance, giving business, under writing, re-channel, be-headed, exchanges blows, wising up, comes in first, re-habilitated, am elevated, were talented, ex-cogitate, shotgunning, over rules, pro tested, gave one the business, was driver seat, pulling a fast one, being worthy of, hoard, am on the mend, being prevalent, hits high spot, fronted for, gat bigger, dis-agreed, taking apart, umbraging, dis-burse, tugged the heart, rubbed eyeballs, get around, brought ruin, dusted someones britches, re-animated, keeping in view, up-braid, outsmart, let have it, beribbon, becoming aware, re commended, getting through ones head, trans mute, dis-mayed, sitting in, coins phrase, made a party to, jumps ones case, draws breath, dis figures, takes prize, out-stay, gives a hard time, alighting up on, being effective, payed back in spades, gets on ones nerves, came together, wert endowed with, hath title, strook a chord, having ones way, gat load of, crosses path, re-processes, makes headway, sucked in, slap on, fills the bill, out staying, hast life, shellack, bringing home the groceries, un-shackling, over balance, developing into, hath jump on, Shafting, springs to mind, cuts down size, striking, doest one thing, gives one the business, Caned, jump on case, gat well, xes out, doing a number on, mopped up, counter-checking, re pair, upsets one's apple cart, was smitten by, be stirs, Pinioning, tatted, made killing, came to agreement, lays ruins, evening out, got one nerves, folded up, come to an agreement, art insubordinate, turns the tables on, pay for release of, de-ceasing, got a load of, doth a turn, gotten one hands on, de-solate, captured on film, art responsible for, heads up, Overgrew, am valid, in dent, were ones lot, un-chaining, pre arranges, housebroke, stay put, Overawing, am driver seat, dis-continues, feeling up, got hooks into, follow, cling to, replevins, lapidates, putting death, trans-acting, Dilapidating, gotten back feet, am action, flattening out, turning inside out, goes beyond, submitted to, make grade, leafing through, un-bury, re-butted, raced one motor, out maneuvered, goes as far as, Companied, getting through head, having hand, getting one hands on, making a purchase, takes the chin, rattling cage, giving face lift to, pushing around, hit the dirt, coin a phrase, paying back in spades, is a par, hast it coming, re lease, dis criminate, erase, Buffaloes, Hefted, breaks the record, out-gunned, putting on weight, domiciliate, overborne, rang a bell, gat fingers on, gotten with it, scratches surface, standing in, un tangled, come to head, didst one proud, in cline, de-creases, wast ears, touch down, making bundle, was adequate, re-prising, looks in on, un-doing, runs over, dredged up, staggers along, wast one's lot, developing in to, catches on to, are sanctioned, went one way, beset, wipe mat, bursts in on, takes it chin, digging up, inter mingle, blue penciling, trans pose, wound at, use, wast strike, buys out, re-double, out reach, did one thing, Photostats, taking precedence, pre pared, dis annuls, being enough, blistered, pressurizing, getting the knack of, getting hang of, knocked ones socks off, makes a bundle, take along, give cat o'nine tails, threw a curve, keeps view, uncoil, alight up on, dragged over the coals, puts in hospital, answered the purpose, have hand, be having, snuggled up, lettering, said so, over-feed, overwhelms, throwing curve, doeth turn, find, knock for loop, carry oneself, gets to the bottom, places in formation, buttoned down, boxes in, walks with, cramp one's style, re-models, coming to be, leave a mark, offer itself, placing formation, re erecting, Tripled, get, in flaming, throwing together, wast smitten by, is ever present, catching offbalance, pro-cures, pro-mises, de bate, pointing way, makes scene, voltefaced, make most of, inter faces, tried patience, going limit, be-sieges, dis grace, paid a call, smokes out, over feeding, answer the purpose, quarterbacking, ex-acting, art out woods, Sprucing, walling in, flaxing, being of use, rise, slices off, in graining, piles up, hit the bulls-eye, leave in dust, gat wise to, are blessed, over bears, re-view, brings home groceries, pairing off, raps knuckles, overwhelm, winds at, re moved, takes header, sweep off one's feet, dis-tends, grows larger, fixt one's wagon, fronting for, woulds sooner, showing about, getting second wind, gives the runaround, is just ticket, playing on, growing rich, dis composes, haddest authority, gotten better, wert on a par, come berth, got back on feet, putting across, lashing out at, arriving time, re-called, were established, driving crazy, un buries, punish, cross-bred, dis satisfying, finish front, looked in, Witched, lets out, with drew, pointed up, Replevied, shakes hands, in-spirited, turned topsy turvy, balk, re couping, de posed, grab, pass sentence, grand stand, dost in exterminate, un-covering, dis concerting, hoof it, brings one feet, over-supplied, over runs, de-mise, jumping down ones throat, get one's hands on, pro-positioned, goes back on one word, contract for, being conspicuous, take the prize, was possession of, taking the prize, de-grade, wast first, lights up on, out performed, growing larger, mis-treats, made land, springs mind, impacting on, peppers, gat through one head, tonguelashing, get in to one's head, relocate, in-filtrates, pro-claims, cornered market, co-shed, met head on, over flow, doeth to turn, makes reprisal, Snowed, Carding, end owing, does a bangup job, be left, latch to, are authority, tabbed, meeting headon, put one foot down, reached again, break face, function, blew out of water, did a number, dis tributes, wise to, pro-creating, is neck and neck, hiking up, re-stored, fathom, put a nutshell, comes a conclusion, set right, ex celling, fall heir to, kept tally, fall on, putting out countenance, optating, put down as, trans-planted, judge, set in order, came in to being, arrives home, gotten fix on, uncoiling, getting top, takes stand against, re-occupying, dis claiming, photo engrave, teem with, jumps down one throat, art gainfully employed, heats up, is par, harness, comes terms, is operation, sets context, un cover, be-wilders, being in saddle, got back ones feet, gat hang of, Outgeneralling, ex-cogitating, bring about, sitting on, wast charge, Re-mark, thinks out, become known, be stows, cancel out, worked over, dis-closes, meets face face, fall in with, be realized, hadst coming, meet face face, earning ones wings, pulled a fast one, Imaged, travel on foot, dost to a t, cleaning up, was visible, re-ceding, dragged into, winded at, making fortune, over whelming, brought to naught, swear up down, begin, be-longed, re-instates, latches on to, select, rips into, re vised, re mained, put it over, leaving dust, is above, Bottled, smashing into, making fast buck, dragging ones feet, stringing out, cleffed, pre fixing, giving rise to, Husbanded, capiched, make killing, put the lid on, ran on, wiping off the mat, hath in hand, bettering oneself, thumbs, became fact, raining blows on, make capital, nailing down, paying back, gives one business, wast out of the woods, strook rich, starting on, boiling down, sur-passed, de-siring, un-folding, dis mantles, swelled, mucking up, adding to payroll, lash into, is widespread, carves out, get nerves, de-throning, photo-stated, wast top of heap, out-performing, overshoots, wast in action, ultimates, is proficient, cleans on, staged walkout, pick up, wiling, dis-sent, get the idea, wert precipitated, in-dent, get idea, bogart, pre-arranged, over-came, re-kindle, re activating, tailor-making, did all right, tramples underfoot, puts a nutshell, burst seams, knocking one socks off, hath rights, laying fingers on, fall to the lot, Torpedoes, being obtainable, birch, socked to someone, makes capital of, breaking smithereens, re vitalized, acceded to, takes cleaner, nail it, un build, catch act, over-throwing, have advantage, un-winding, wast plentiful, crossed one mind, sprung on, make hit with, makes mincemeat of, are on top of heap, bought back, tagging along, work over, laying down the law, Preengage, Hasped, maul, pre arranging, goes above, art saddle, gat shape, provide sanctuary, paying off, dis-playing, beat living daylights out of, attending to, knock block off, Whelmed, getting bottom, un nerved, topping off, makes capital, returns form, made capital of, looking and down, un-bound, getting hook, wert enough, keep tally, shored up, re-collected, puts horns on, making of mind to, press on, art full of, homes in on, wert in operation, out paces, forcing down, re takes, having right to, turns things around, hits bulls eye, dis solve, beribboning, pave way, showed one's face, actions for a cause exhibit, dusts off, had being, prove wrong, make bundle, fills position, shoots down, be long lived, giving a note for, performs, brings low, reaches zenith, crossing heart, re forms, went over with a fine tooth comb, re imposing, warming someone's seat, Pragmatize, XING, doing to a turn, am strike, ransom, head-lined, un riddles, in quiring, makes short work of, fix, show gain, nab, trans-literates, getting likeness, trail blazing, re channels, shapes up, affiances, paid back in spades, flows, dis-annul, fall ill with, boil down, discrepating, hold sway over, spoilating, re-gains, out races, over-whelming, counter vailing, out-vied, be decked, wades through, drive, scraped up, are the mend, do t, doth to t, meeting up with, was out the woods, felt up, dis-concerted, wield baton, dis tress, trans-acts, un hinging, out place, hit town, gets an earful, gaffs, art contact, blowing away, are precipitated, held together, re marks, give an idea, dis satisfied, pulls a fast one, caught with, re-commence, turn advantage, ex change, dis-patch, sold one on, recollect, made a profit, have ones way, gotten places, Gaffed, makes much of, pre-venting, dis mantle, pro-create, de-lighted, adjied, came to terms, pouncing on, uses up, making grade, de vising, de-clares, brake down, Trooping, made young again, does a turn, drove the wall, tickle palm, leads astray, falling upon, got act together, puts on weight, be neck neck, tasselling out, tasseled out, photograph, got with, goes that route, labor point, had right to, rolls back, own up, got one's hands on, gave cat o'nine tails, doing the job, lay fingers on, is on feet, tipped scales, cornered the market, out-matched, letting have, innervated, outrank, flying by, prevailed over, para chuting, pro fess, enamouring, gave a bad time, out-rank, laid hands on, out jockeying, de-predating, retro spects, become able, be-thought, finishing in front, out classing, Scotched, was out of the woods, bringing to fruition, laying claim to, out-going, being full of, Bracketing, over throw, re warding, come up on, regained health, were born with, wast at disposal, upset one apple cart, pop ones balloon, brought down on, ex tends, felt out, detracted from, sell bill of goods, were charge, out distancing, gotten hooks into, close-ups, Cudgelled, dis-regards, bob up, over does, getting to the bottom, out ranked, have done with, manages get, am given one's due, jumped down throat, dis counting, set motion, is ones lot, unshackles, co-aching, put in nutshell, am line for, Feruling, Domiciliating, in-censed, skinning alive, be-fogs, was saddle, run with, pre arrange, be-tiding, hitting where lives, makes contact with, electro-cutes, refits, stiffs, availed of, over feeds, takes wind out sails, upper cuts, dopes out, drew in, gives just desserts, were drivers seat, makes ready, dis may, over-take, tugged at, start off, hang one hat, comply with, pre-faced, criticize, get upper hand, cramp style, pops balloon, retain, accroached, wast efficacious, gives the appearance, does business, getting on nerves, knocks down, watch over, gotten drift, am plausible, slipping by, roughhousing, gat one fingers on, gotten back one feet, gave the needle, carved out, is saddle, pours out, drag feet, got out of way, greasing palm, wert on top heap, go along with, jumped case, Girdled, putting a lock on, pinion, got one hands on, re-pose, wast proud of, argue against, having done with, has feeling, moving about, de thrones, fenced in, Cudgelling, animadvert on, writes down, be-decking, out-played, re modelling, gat eyeful, out hitting, tailormaking, brought to the ground, makes a selection, see uncle, doth bang up job, trim, slips away, have knowledge of, provide a living, dash off, un-settled, pounce up on, pro testing, out-reaches, be-labored, adheres to, drive out mind, being convinced, crossed out, de ludes, induce, retreading, be spake, striking it rich, makes distinction, got fingers on, caught off balance, skimp, throwing down, are prolific, has upper hand, refitting, takes it on chin, dis agreed, made off with, folding up, nagged at, out-maneuvers, gives cat onine tails, came after, pre serve, outhussled, advance, in-duce, fight, grew stronger, falls on, closed around, in-stall, climbing on, pulled one's leg, gotten done, under-takes, Planing, doest battle, out lines, closes in on, running rings around, shaking down, tossed jail, goes through ones head, re-pressing, bring a close, draw together, opts for, got vibrations, setting order, disimprisons, doest ones thing, cracked down on, de-stroying, have being, made hay, out-wits, return form, pony up, rubbed in, held on, lighted upon, in-quires, in dents, humble, xraying, are current, haddest a tree, re prised, lie in, ran roughshod over, re-paying, OVERS, scripting, gave take, re-gaining, smoke out, doing duty as, ganged up, re channeling, with-drew, ex-act, re lapsing, re-attaining, wert on mend, try one patience, chancing on, is trained, pre-side, de-cree, pulling one leg, is convenient, gain access, told apart, with drawn, re sided, with-stand, ink, am granted, twacking, re vivify, hadst hand, were worthy of, out smarting, dis-comfits, stops by, came up snuff, trans-lated, was enriched, torpedoing, were in saddle, optates, shuts in, was cognizant of, plunk down, break record, be friend, busting up, rattle ones cage, be just ticket, re-vised, got well, ex-pounded, plumps, bring to order, de serves, out rivalling, spreads over, breaking a bill, found way, re occupied, in-spirits, puts in to order, de-creased, reifies, scrapes together, Helmed, reads riot act, re-commends, make mincemeat of, dis-continuing, keeps in mind, dis closed, drawing together, sweetened the pot, cross the path, art born with, distinguish, shopped for, set in context, de crease, come in to being, deputes, come ashore, see one's uncle, de-graded, re-impose, looked up down, got off hook, re commend, fixed ones wagon, jiving, had keeping, Careered, de-spoils, take care of business, be successful, evulse, dis integrating, art in receipt of, dis-embarks, were prevalent, be adequate, is in commission, lay waste, put end to, being in charge, makes reparations, hitches up, takes to the cleaner's, out-play, warming someones seat, see the light, has hand, do penance, closes on, got wind of, showed way, Counterpoising, catching red handed, gets rich, putting work, falls with, bringing home groceries, re build, running the show, pre-vailed, wash out, outweigh, re-introducing, art favorite, slap down, puts two and two together, made healthy, get shape, coming home, hangs one hat, get an earful, was bequeathed, carried to, are saddle, exercise control, win over, containerizing, do well enough, be even, spins out, met with, marked off, de-codes, pores over, re-generated, took a header, rope in, came home, pro-duces, fore stalls, re-build, pushing pencil, spun out, going out front, dis embarrass, being situated, scripted, learning from, drub, puts under magic spell, stumbled upon, stages walkout, brings to, key up, have in keeping, letting fly, makes a buy, goosing, was conspicuous, out foxing, takes it all, re-pay, get on one's nerves, doest number on, Pollarded, get hitched, doest to turn, handing onto, opting for, fetch, was action, re moving, taking stand against, running into, poured out, psych out, did violence to, cover, de-sires, pays for, comes together, falls the lot, dis locating, trans-posing, gets ropes, putting in practice, sweetened pot, gat a shot, tassel out, hung ones hat, are insubordinate, hitting the bulleye, were at disposal, sorted out, falls up on, told from, out-place, umbraged, ex crete, got hitched, race one motor, up-risen, did justice to, ran into debt, out-plays, putting to bed, gets there, specialized in, making scene, in-gather, bursts seams, gat on ropes, scaring up, guarded against, wast talented, de ploying, hits bull's-eye, fronts for, making young again, up rising, re-traced, get somewhere, dumps on, gave weight, Contusing, wast aware, met face face, re establish, runs on, inter-weaved, art advantage, put in proportion, beating game, super-intending, overhear, measured up, in quire, didst a number, getting to bottom, art realized, un-ravel, catch in act, see as, ran amok, scraped off, did a bang-up job, wracks up, setting up on, tickle pink, live with, in habits, with draws, takes on the chin, chances up on, cutting to bits, did to a t, dragged feet, bobs up, laboring the point, pulled leg, in-duct, got jump on, rap knuckles, wert out woods, piled it on, poured in, refusing to work, boffs, employ, Commoving, makes clean breast of, re-locating, take by storm, ex-asperates, doubledealing, walking with, went great guns, gotten to the bottom, takes hold of, under wrote, be blessed, catching to, gotten on one's nerves, being on mend, be on strike, flashed on, in versed, re proved, de livers, coming be, sickening with, made happen, flatten, dilapidate, falls victim to, getting one fingers on, got on one's nerves, slaughter, rounds out, wast saddle, punched up, re invigorated, in vest, went whole hog, getting back one feet, giving one an idea, striking head-on, mowed down, Craning, wert out of the woods, look after, be-heads, planned for, keeping the faith, de-duces, over see, saving one's neck, put irons, spreads out, out foxes, sized up, re-side, re-furbishing, striking headon, jumping down one throat, in-scribing, pre-arranges, pre-sent, Slotted, availing of, upsets apple cart, taking captive, went on strike, out distanced, throw balance, spring up, net, stick to, gets the impression, recuperate, gat into ones head, dis quiet, clout, is clover, sobering up, clanging, making change, ingathers, gotten back shape, juked, leafed through, put down for, beg borrow or steal, un masked, out-matches, out smarts, out-distancing, crochets, re uniting, be in operation, give one an idea, providing a living, gotten exchange, giving birth to, be-rated, cut to the quick, bringing mind, ex cites, in-capacitating, jump one's case, not heeds, shy away, rattles cage, beat the living daylights out of, be cognizant of, strikes chord, hog tie, para chutes, sandbags, de ciphered, noted down, inter-faces, caught to, trans muted, commits to memory, re-constructing, Innerve, impacts on, run by, be aware, breaks record, get the top, am given ones due, making go, lay bare, stamp, fakes out, un wound, putting under spell, art above, de-ploys, firing up, signed for, outgun, pro-positioning, getting better of, cashed in, putting a nutshell, being given one due, de fended, dis-missing, climbed the ladder, out jumped, out shined, outgeneral, takes along, preempt, buffaloed, give, paying ones dues, Fustigate, re vivified, puts an end to, out-gunning, drave wall, made redress for, be par, getting through, gets in touch, brought a close, Resecting, re freshes, laid down the law, dis-appear, re-plenishing, doing business, de-lude, sticking up, gotten a fix on, crochet, shies away, comes one, wert in saddle, wiped the floor with, take place, give break, tipped over, ex-celled, making capital, in nervate, hit bullseye, hits town, be-stow, gat as far as, over master, are worthy, called in, with-draw, getting one nerves, re maining, gives one idea, figured out, have it coming, goes great guns, outstay, sub scribed, take cleaner, becoming infected with, drop down, gets a shot, dropped down, brake face, weighs in, handles roughly, de-legates, art found, were all ears, refit, un earthing, in-clines, dis enfranchised, goosed, inter-face, reaching agreement, being in drivers seat, re-bound, were incarnate, making ones own, re-adjusted, what goes, comprehend, were flower, revenge, turned one head, requite, bamming, rise above, climbing over, un coiled, re habilitates, doeth wonders, cramps style, make comeback, setting about, crosses mind, striking a chord, counter-plotting, re-take, makes a fortune, getting the picture, lighted into, de bunks, gets one's hands on, catch redhanded, sense, cooked goose, coming order, re-viewed, cross breeds, keeping safe, took hold of, going the limit, wert conscious of, tailor made, doeth a turn, makes the scene, gotten top, out jump, over rides, outstepped, goes over with a fine-tooth comb, knocking cold, out-matching, downed, get out of hock, out strip, convey, give one's word, having a tree, plights troth, re-constitutes, re-mains, dis-franchised, call shots, re marking, taking it all, cutting down size, hadst it all over, reserve, fixed one wagon, giving precedence, keep under surveillance, dis arrays, moves out, in haling, giving a hearing, make one's own, gotten one's nerves, snapped out it, be-laboring, comes in to being, causes to be, up-hold, change position, acts part, walked over, getting a likeness, nevered say die, tickling to death, regroups, wast seized, becomes fact, fake out, out weighed, throw curve, out pace, laid one out, bring in to existence, taking meaning, counterplots, leaves in ruins, re pairing, hadst knowledge of, wending ones way, de siring, photo engraves, struck back, blow sky high, pinioned, losing it, tugging at, shuffling off, got eyeful, went places, be longs, bludgeoned, tailgate, moves on, impelled, gotten back on one's feet, smashes smithereens, leaving in the dust, playing games, gotten as a result, grew famous, takes apart, out rank, sandbag, springs up, shleps along, committing memory, wast on mend, fan out, pre-serves, bring to bay, dost right, psychs up, triumph, re-venged, art numerous, taking hold of, got upper hand, re-habilitating, up braid, letted one have it, getting out line, crack the whip, having tree, be wildering, turned head, yoke, doing to t, tumble into, ex posed, finds help, knock cold, got whiff, made a hit with, un-ravels, wins back, rang bell, runs circles around, dost well enough, wear on, smash to smithereens, catch with, chop down, fell heir, doth one proud, jumps down ones throat, re storing, latched on to, with holding, home in on, picks out, re-vile, hitting on, am one lot, gave ears, re group, tugging heart, win the race, outpaced, reified, were elevated, art conscious of, run rings around, disconfirms, wert seized, de-sign, had done with, show profit, re-visits, exchange blows, laid one's hands on, chopping down, am convinced, gotten in to head, bring to feet, wiping the mat, paved the way, dis-composes, re-directing, take for granted, work in to lather, improves up on, dost bangup job, trans figure, am endowed with, wiping the floor with, kept with, brings in to being, bringing to feet, going over big, pro longs, run in to, pounce on, makes port, over-shadows, un-masking, minors in, re acquiring, is ready, am precipitated, allineated, giving one the business, whops, hadst in keeping, lead to, calling in, haddest to name, in-curred, dis-covered, buys up, hits up on, stiffing, grinned bear it, skinned alive, points up, sweeping away, wipes slate clean, pro claimed, cashes in on, gets shape, keep faith, punching up, nosed out, Detruncating, gives audience to, profundicate, earns one's wings, be-rate, called up, be-fog, is punished, wert profitable, re fusing, over-flowing, de-rives, over charging, pay one dues, out-line, saw one's uncle, snaps back, gat somewhere, happened upon, honors a claim, turns inside-out, Cross-breed, keep in mind, put in the hospital, got exchange, fore-stalls, become rich, Lasted, backpacking, knocksing props out from under, showing around, carry, tosses off, in commode, pounced upon, leads by nose, training in, looking in, re lapse, Photos, gives birth to, trailblaze, looking at, pulls ones leg, take for a ride, thumbses down, giving the run around, makes a party to, have authority, dis countenanced, crossing ones mind, house-trains, x-rayed, hath no end, doing bang-up job, fetch up, go over with fine tooth comb, puts bed, un coils, get through, plights one's troth, are useful, tossed in jail, be trained, stacked up, blitzed, plunge into, out line, rolls up, wiped slate clean, over hauls, engages in, fore-see, paying back spades, pouring in, pour in, be-muse, be-sieged, whomped, pre fix, was convenient, dis-close, adjying, buttoned, am welcome, forms judgment, slap wrist, recoup, sub leasing, bringing ones feet, sell on, sizes up, mis treated, evens the score, comes to light, makes own, de fraud, left mark, ripped into, drives out mind, DUKES, out-hitting, going back word, turns upside-down, de riving, makes feel small, changing position, becoming famous, trains in, inter dict, was blessed, turn upon, skelping, wast subjected to, Mounding, putting in irons, be precipitated, doth trick, being in possession of, wended ones way, come after, living on, in fuses, getting going, being alive, put place, de solated, pinpoint, have semblance, bursted on, Cobbed, in denture, gotten taller, rechanneled, torpedo, be labor, re establishes, hexed, Chaired, bursted in on, showed about, touching down, stuck it out, setting in order, de-moting, got on one nerves, gat there, reaches agreement, sending through roof, turning one on, snafued, bring home groceries, inter-laced, gets to, dis continues, is in power, under pinned, ride roughshod, un-fetters, be-troth, making one's own, am accessible, calling upon, up sets, bestir, made go, out-does, pronounce sentence, doeth well, races motor, gets shot, brings board, in duct, clinging to, owns exclusively, outraced, Disciplining, set on deck, pauperize, art mend, getting past, de facing, nixing, proceed with, drags over coals, cleaned up on, does all right, paid ransom, dis-imprisons, de-based, in spire, lays ones hands on, art in charge, wising up to, whelm, re-lapsing, wast drivers seat, gets back in shape, gat the hang of, de predated, beat game, taking for granted, making longer, sucking in, enfettered, was conscious of, suckering into, re serve, be worthy, brought home the groceries, tripped over, took the prize, making ones home, takes possession, run circles around, re-acquiring, out guessing, de-frocking, takes care of business, un veiled, over did, brings bay, being power, giving the works, light on, met face to face, twists one's arm, gotten second wind, fixes one's wagon, art plausible, take eye for eye, does well enough, cut to quick, bring maturity, bonded together, bogarting, are granted, come be, outbalances, brings to naught, making a profit, holding reins, run with ball, dis-entangled, have one's way, operate, was flower, re-member, hanging one hat, beats the game, kept posted, went way, slip away, gains victory, over-supply, makes blood boil, perdured, dashes one's hope, end owed, wert useful, drave distraction, laying foundation for, giving break, de spoil, be in charge, living high on hog, get picture, Preengaging, made own, re processing, mis-lead, go see, re-modelled, be accessible, be longing, grooved, putting in toilet, move, gotten back ones feet, were strike, over-mastering, re-solving, being neck neck, officialize, flower, pro pounding, take vows, cognized, woulded sooner, unearth, de based, art visible, throwing the book at, having up tree, getting back on feet, am use, jerks around, micro films, re prises, give a bad time, makes impression, take away, threw in to tizzy, Frothed, drawing forth, out wore, dusts someones britches, complying with, stuck it to, off the cuffed, sweeps one feet, with-drawn, reach top, boiled down, carries completion, out match, pinching hit for, doing all right, re-members, be falls, came conclusion, de stroy, sware up and down, Downs, gets through one's head, am master of, saltates, monetize, re-gained, re-possesses, dost penance, break the record, are commission, is subjected to, run over, taking care of business, taking cleaner, bringing down on, didst a turn, keep safe, in habiting, am on top of heap, did number, pride on, gets set, sets about, putting end to, be feet, be-sting, made good, wast in flower, coming in to being, enclave, gotten a hold of, liked better, weighted, de posited, de coyed, make buy, de faces, gets through ones head, in-forming, putting out of order, Riveted, pulled out fire, hold the reins, be ready, plunging into, do to a turn, photo graphed, jots down, over hauling, gotten to the top, made profit, doing one thing, acquit oneself, bust, tell apart, edge, art turned to, catching in the act, is first, were vertical, laying down law, be turned on to, wert saddle, got bigger, be prolific, coming in to, sprang up, gotten down pat, come first, cancel, pulls out fire, am seized, wert in contact, rivetted, get an eyeful, un derwent, pre scribe, jazzes up, dis-countenance, xrayed, pounces up on, was symptomatic, Pestling, jazzing up, looking down, wake up, dashing hope, pulls out it, re commencing, wage, gotten touch, being sold for, re constituted, pre-dominating, re-took, sub-jugate, un roll, making active, rule roost, go on foot, re-cycle, lapidated, lays foundation for, leaving in ruins, wast line for, ex tend, deal blow, rode roughshod, has semblance, over-hauled, Levigating, cashing on, wert good, rises above, hast all over, being out for blood, ex tended, got in exchange, went over with finetooth comb, up rooting, am engaged in, got the jump on, coins a phrase, gives the works, de terminate, flax, with-held, were full of, forgathered, being aware of, is common, shlepped along, boarded up, keeps mind, bringing into existence, drag over the coals, wracked up, haddest it over, sware bible, hath a jump on, come to agreement, gotten on ropes, am good enough, doeth a number on, re aped, doeth one proud, in-dwells, puts in, am drivers seat, making a killing, compensates for, pro bed, under-mining, enfettering, laid in ruins, over-grew, Crosshatching, dilapidates, bring mind, BAMS, soaking up, over-awe, tossed and turn, am ready, pulled through, lead on, hitched up, is good enough, sprang in, put to death, was on top heap, answers the purpose, re-lated, de tains, calling it a day, in-stalling, trans figuring, be devilled, snap out it, re-activating, hook, got as result, brought ground, picks up on, got through to, gat message, contracted for, over balancing, re coiling, keeping under thumb, de fends, indemnify, laid down law, gunned, knocks block off, give a break, sits on top of, prides oneself on, did to turn, de-terminate, being proficient, took it on chin, roofing, make ready, kept view, hadst no end, upper-cut, get hold of, search out, takes the prize, notes down, haddest a feeling, walks away with, wert obtainable, typecast, ran in to, hanging up, made hash of, come head, were touch, catching redhanded, up held, mis appropriating, Pirating, de-solated, over charge, over laid, buffet, jerking around, upset applecart, doth t, went town, re opening, kicks around, Texturing, riding roughshod, give note for, turned the trick, twists arm, bringing a close, brought maturity, in-crease, see light, gives slip, re-duces, sitting on top of, stop in, curvet, go over with a fine tooth comb, straighten out, made choice, are full of, searches for, getting someone goat, put flesh on, gat ready, contused, became versed, chaperon, fixes up on, jumps down throat, wast turned to, getting one's hands on, made money, over mastering, rang up, sub-sides, kept under surveillance, getting wise to, doing battle, re-fitting, hangs ones hat, breezes in, were aware of, didst to turn, pro fesses, burying oneself in, was worthwhile, come out on top, housetrain, had ones way, calling tune, re solves, battening down, were in driver seat, set to rights, disenfranchising, improving up on, shook hands, in-versed, over supply, unhorse, homes on, held sway, taking vows, Wormed, dis-imprisoning, give the cat onine tails, falling to lot, is in receipt of, gathers up, are receipt of, prink, bringing board, make profit, re-cording, are enriched, double deal, likes better, were plentiful, come to pass, enheartened, re-fits, gives attention, were given one due, leading by nose, was worthy of, de-moralized, got sick, Subjecting, puts out of commission, un-zipped, Trajected, enforce, disfranchised, ex-asperated, have jump on, were in clover, Percussed, art skillful, para chute, was skillful, takes cake, peg down, make one home, gets upper hand, typecasts, was good, mousetrapping, grinned and bear it, be enough, wert disposal, outhussle, lighting up on, renders invalid, Repulsing, rattled cage, make a choice, mows down, housebroken, walk, hitting where one lives, catches act, becomes bloated, over topped, re couped, in creases, re sounding, is ears, wreaks vengeance, rechannel, gets through one head, gathering resources, putting finishing touches on, be ribboned, re-captured, makes one own, stretch, re-ceded, jumping down throat, breaks away from pack, did justice, out-vies, diffuses, getting back on ones feet, dis-entangle, re produced, gave impetus, smells out, brake a bill, barters for, pre fixed, get ready, re processed, takes it lying down, taking lying down, dis-patches, reimposes, be receipt of, are effective, outdo, had tree, up dates, HOSED, re-vamps, pay out, rendezvousing with, pro mises, heaping up, gotten in to one's head, re-unites, indwell, works on, is accepted, personate, kicking around, going shopping, play first fiddle, out going, be-leaguer, didst to a turn, pre served, upper cut, starts ball rolling, be muse, out-fitted, in dites, got past, reign over, dis-annulled, dis commodes, art long lived, capitalize on, catch offguard, dost pratfall, jotting down, gives a going over, top it off, out-wears, not heeding, being superior, re taken, pick out, shake hands, lashes out at, even score, moves forward, carried oneself, bring pass, be found, mate, para-chuted, wert welcome, is prevalent, signed up, am realized, putting to rights, came light, earn one's wings, thinking out, have it over, crested, ruin, counterattacking, brought up short, are convinced, got someone's goat, closes in, turns tables on, re-volt, Roosting, dragging over coals, out thinking, bearing expense, out-raged, coming around, set bounds to, over-supplies, made emphatic, try ones patience, walks over, pro generated, were widespread, batten down, gotten on nerves, sorts out, volte facing, being above, lays for, sub sides, having it over, hadst keeping, haddest knowledge of, hold together, keep oneself, wast realized, get as far as, plow in to, having effect, de posit, nosediving, giving ones word, re main, Counterchecking, encase, gets the picture, bring to heel, dis-embarking, discrepates, makes see red, Outgeneraling, came agreement, dis honoring, make a return, taught lesson, hits bull eye, do in exterminate, bought freedom of, run amok, jouncing, driving the wall, re strict, out-jumped, xing out, Bumming, re builded, out-races, doeth thing, rattle cage, got better of, over running, put bed, infix, Beggared, slipt by, are possessed of, dis-courages, outrival, conscripted, up-turned, hit the bulls eye, do a bang-up job, out flank, re-tain, save neck, de-barked, going to, leaned on, feel one bones, put to rights, were blessed, cleffing, hitting high spot, counter checks, are familiar, didst duty, messing with one head, catches the drift, falls in with, is usual, wrought in to lather, throw the book at, were turned to, makes young again, making clean breast of, get vibrations, de-light, turned upon, recycle, getting whiff, inter-feres, giving a break, tensed, hast knowledge of, are given ones due,