Pronunciation of Unafraid
/ʌnɐfɹˈe͡ɪd/, /ʌnɐfɹˈe‍ɪd/, /ʌ_n_ɐ_f_ɹ_ˈeɪ_d/

Antonyms for unafraid:

more weak kneed, shot to pieces, white knuckled, Chicken-hearted, un-earthliest, dis trustful, apprehensive, more chicken, selfeffacing, more foreboding, more terrorized, un-easiest, more ruffled, pigeonhearted, un responsive, most goosebumpy, have a hunch, re-tiring, most chicken-hearted, biting nails, weakkneed, more scaredy-cat, shaky, hair raising, sissiest, more unpoised, un emotional, most delphic, over-whelming, more nervous, most shot, more browbeaten, Observative, weak kneed, feel in bones, anguished, cowardly, in a panic, re doubtable, most discomposed, sub missive, un-emotional, more appetent, un happy, un-willing, overanxious, most disquieted, more uneffusive, more pigeonhearted, more shuddersome, un happier, ex-cited, Cowhearted, get vibes, re tiring, more scaredy cat, on ones toes, in cold sweat, mindful, pushing the panic button, over-anxious, more harassed, more aflutter, un confident, have cold feet, co-wed, un strung, worried sick, having the willies, un-social, dis-mayed, more scaredycat, more unsocial, in securest, most shuddersome, unassured, on one toes, know all answers, dis composed, more unassertive, most scaredy cat, more terrorstricken, have funny feeling, more yellow-bellied, wreckest, un-confident, un stablest, most clutched, most affrighted, goosebumpy, up-set, most unnerved, most stressful, in state, most unrestful, dis-inclined, dis-heartened, most hacked, un earthly, most yellow-bellied, lily livered, more clutched, palpitant, on toes, on thin ice, un happiest, in a cold sweat, in a tizzy, over anxious, un nerved, shy, more weak-kneed, ex-citable, un-earthly, more tormented, more terror stricken, de-voted, more bugged, dis quieted, scared to death, more rabbity, most awed, aflutter, most scaredy-cat, faint-hearted, more anguished, sub lime, unconfident, more rattled, ex citable, more faint hearted, be up on, in a dither, most harassed, running scared, hunted, un assertive, most rattled, over-wrought, scaredy cat, dis-composed, in the know, timorous, more dismayed, uneager, nerveracking, on one's toes, uneffusive, unglued, more questioning, most chicken, more disquieted, un social, more unglued, nerveless, on the job, most yellowbellied, most chicken hearted, more caring, in disposed, insecure, touch go, more chicken-hearted, most jellyfish, more daunted, have hunch, dis tressed, most dreading, selfpossessed, most anguished, troubled, un-easier, de voted, panic stricken, more observative, nervous, most unsocial, scared stiff, most scaredycat, dis-tressed, no guts, fore boding, in-securer, in suspense, more vexed, un manliest, more hacked, most unassured, sissier, most bugged, most weak-kneed, faint hearted, more weakkneed, weak-kneed, in-secure, most terrorized, un-easy, bundle of nerves, un-stablest, scaredy-cat, most flustered, most questioning, un-sure, more affrighted, un glued, more yellowbellied, more overanxious, more hyper, re-doubtable, un-assured, most appetent, fore-boding, dis-trustful, dis-quieted, un restful, most terror stricken, raring, wrecker, un-happy, touch and go, more cowering, more awed, most choked, un-manliest, in know, stressful, softer, unrestful, bundle nerves, rabbity, co wed, more terror-stricken, in a state, shot pieces, pre-carious, goose bumpy, most dismayed, more delphic, yellow-bellied, un-restful, most goose bumpy, most cowering, mis-trustful, un earthlier, tuned in, pre carious, more unrestful, most daunted, in securer, most uneager, most disheartened, more faint-hearted, un stable, in turmoil, more butterflies, Butterflies, most cowhearted, un-poised, more badgered, anxious, most trembling, nervous wreck, jellyfish, panicstricken, more stressful, un-manly, most badgered, self effacing, have stage fright, most aroused, shrinking, solicitous, scared, more milquetoast, Hacked, most weak kneed, up wall, un poised, hanging by thread, dis heartened, strung out, un-earthlier, more cowed, more dreading, un stabler, up the air, most foreboding, fluttery, know ins outs, un-assertive, un quiet, un easy, weakest, run scared, uneasy, more goose bumpy, be upon, lilylivered, sub-lime, afeard, up the wall, most caring, more spooked, un-effusive, ex cited, scared death, un-stabler, most introvert, yellow bellied, un earthliest, more panicked, terror-stricken, un manly, unsocial, most pigeonhearted, most spooked, more shot, un-glued, scaredycat, up tight, most rabbity, un willing, de-mure, shuddersome, terrified, un-responsive, up-tight, fidgety, more unnerved, most terrorstricken, nerve racking, alive to, pushing panic button, more jellyfish, fearful, most weakkneed, more disheartened, know ins and outs, in a sweat, un-quiet, more chicken hearted, un-speakable, up air, most caitiff, in tizzy, up set, panicky, most panicked, dismayed, un easiest, more goosebumpy, know all the answers, more caitiff, more goose-bumpy, having kittens, in dither, more trembling, un-eager, in awe, chicken hearted, in sweat, re served, know the answers, in-disposed, dis mayed, most terror-stricken, more choked, most observative, de mure, mis trustful, tense, most milquetoast, in secure, worried stiff, lacking courage, over whelming, more aroused, most aflutter, un-stable, more cowhearted, taut, frightened, un assured, most browbeaten, most faint-hearted, most fluttery, re-served, most tormented, most cowed, be on, more discomposed, unassertive, on the qui vive, un eager, most goose-bumpy, most unglued, having willies, most butterflies, most vexed, on qui vive, un effusive, hairraising, un-quietest, more unconfident, more flustered, worried, all nerves, most faint hearted, un manlier, appalled, un-manlier, un-settled, un speakable, keyed up, dis inclined, yellowbellied, un easier, most yellow bellied, most ruffled, afraid, more yellow bellied, up in air, terrorstricken, feel bones, goose-bumpy, with eyes peeled, terror stricken, timid, in-securest, un settled, un sure.

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