Pronunciation of Shrinking
/ʃɹˈɪŋkɪŋ/, /ʃɹˈɪŋkɪŋ/, /ʃ_ɹ_ˈɪ_ŋ_k_ɪ_ŋ/

Antonyms for shrinking

disdainful, brave, pageant, lot, profusion, more waxing, toplofty, more half-formed, most fire eating, addition, face, most unweaned, more ungrown, not discouraged, vainglorious, assumptive, accumulation, haughty, more unshrinking, complacent, venturesome, ostentation, incipient, more germinal, Enlarging, immodest, imperious, more stretching, audacity, vaunt, most undismayed, boskier, heroic, intrepid, un sophisticated, halfformed, most pullulating, in-crescent, stiff-necked, un-developed, milk-fed, undaunted, increase, Increscent, chesty, re cent, chivalric, vain, forward, valiant, confident, more foliate, enlargement, superior, most beginning, mushrooming, grow, go-getting, more unalarmed, most nascent, un-seasoned, budding, Inapprehensive, self-conceited, expand, sniffy, more half formed, pageantry, bold, supercilious, un discouraged, undismayed, un ripe, more pubescent, assertive, most pubescent, more verduous, doughty, Crescive, un-grown, bumptious, un-shrinking, proliferation, huffy, most foliate, more undismayed, not put off, beardless, most amplifying, impudent, more crescive, un dried, egotistic, more halfformed, re-solute, bursting forth, half formed, more mushrooming, un-alarmed, most half formed, more unfledged, more increscent, effrontery, most unapprehensive, most increscent, extra, more expanding, un-fledged, germinal, surplus, most mushrooming, more beginning, more fire eating, milk fed, egoistic, undeterred, most undeterred, most vegetating, more dilating, unapprehensive, lordly, most beardless, most fructifying, bosky, extension, hardihood, ambitious, enterprising, un-dried, unshrinking, fierce, more undecayed, be-ginning, most halfformed, prideful, un decayed, most germinal, chivalrous, excess, in experienced, coming on strong, stretching, un-faltering, juvenile, un-flinching, enlarge, most fledgling, more vegetating, un-riper, amplification, fire eating, undiscouraged, plenty, stuck-up, most verduous, boskiest, in-experienced, be ginning, develop, most blossoming, most dilating, un-discouraged, pubescent, display, swellheaded, milkfed, lengthening, Unfearful, more fledgling, more blossoming, more opening, most fire-eating, most stretching, more nascent, unabashed, assured, more unapprehensive, gallant, more sprouting, cavalier, nascent, conceited, most undecayed, pomp, most opening, more undiscouraged, more germinating, foliate, ungrown, more fructifying, un-apprehensive, spread, plethora, consequential, bigheaded, masterful, more unweaned, more beardless, un-deterred, aggressive, unweaned, un faltering, un dismayed, more younger, half-formed, peremptory, more burgeoning, pretentious, most crescive, more fireeating, more developing, more milk-fed, unfledged, courageous, un-dismayed, un apprehensive, in crescent, un-weaned, un weaned, more undried, self-asserting, un-afraid, un deterred, most younger, more fire-eating, pompous, most burgeoning, un grown, insolence, verduous, take on, more amplifying, in-your-face, more pullulating, most milk-fed, most swelling, unafraid, more milk fed, most undiscouraged, flourish, growing, pomposity, abundance, dauntless, most undried, self-assertive, smug, un-ripest, Undecayed, lofty, huffish, dilation, arrogant, more swelling, boast, shooting up, most augmenting, most milkfed, pushy, un afraid, meet, pompousness, enough, most unalarmed, proud, fireeating, presumptuous, un-decayed, shamelessness, undried, expansion, self-opinionated, most waxing, un fledged, militant, un-daunted, more undeterred, un ripest, most milk fed, Unalarmed, overweening, un-ripe, brass, fearless, boasting, un seasoned, most unshrinking, important, un daunted, most sprouting, fire-eating, most germinating, coming strong, un alarmed, most fireeating, un flinching, unshy, daring, expanding, re solute, stretch, adventurous, more augmenting, un shrinking.