Pronunciation of Solemnity
/sɒlˈɛmnɪti/, /sɒlˈɛmnɪti/, /s_ɒ_l_ˈɛ_m_n_ɪ_t_i/

Antonyms for solemnity

inter-ludes, high spirits, re-productions, anarchism, Dilettantism, fakery, whoopee, hypo-criticalnesses, send-ups, duplications, send up, counter parts, wingdings, dis-tractions, coverup, living it ups, re-laxation, mis-rules, to do, imitation, re semblance, boisterousness, jokings, joyousnesses, pre tenses, foolery, re-flection, pratfall comedies, representings, Buffooneries, take offs, up-roar, re creation, living up, re laxation, broad comedies, Aperies, skylarks, transcription, ex-cesses, cheerfulness, echoings, pre-texts, paraphrasings, para-phrasing, hypo criticalness, puton, non senses, re presenting, fun, play, counter-parts, high camps, jives, joyousness, whoopees, mockery, mob violences, re creations, re flection, living it up, high camp, re semblances, re laxations, rompings, sidesplitter, fakeries, dis tractions, high-spiritedness, counter-part, hypocriticalnesses, patternings, mimesises, dis tempers, re-creations, slapsticks, mis rules, glitter, mob violence, cover up, take-off, wingding, re-presenting, high spiritses, shivarees, duplication, runin, transcriptions, non sense, re-flections, low camp, inter-lude, counter part, Fooleries, jollifications, jive, junketing, boisterousnesses, scoffings, sidesplitters, up-roars, re-laxations, broad comedy, levity, pre text, re-production, dis-tempers, re-creation, superficiality, junketings, re productions, skylark, para phrasing, apery, dis-temper, good times, sendup, unimportance, street fighting, take-offs, shivaree, caricature, gaiety, colorfulness, non-sense, travesty, re flections, re-plica, pre tense, farce, pre-tends, re-semblance, pratfall comedy, free for all, phonies, pre tend, pre-tense, hypo criticalnesses, para-phrasings, buffoonery, dis traction, colorfulnesses, inter lude, mirrorings, brannigans, jollification, pre texts, lightheartedness, ex cess, clownings, shallowness, pre tends, send-up, sendups, dis-traction, TODO, para phrasings, hypocriticalness, parallelings, ex-cess, hypo-criticalness, riot, anarchisms, inter ludes, showiness, living ups, brannigan, dis temper, re plica, pre-text, pseudi, lightness, dalliance, showinesses, revelings.