Pronunciation of Commencement
/kəmˈɛnsmənt/, /kəmˈɛnsmənt/, /k_ə_m_ˈɛ_n_s_m_ə_n_t/

Antonyms for commencement

follow-up, sequiturs, hindmost parts, re-legations, out come, conge, fore-ordinations, out-put, pro-rogation, in tents, screaming halt, ex tents, Fore-ordination, sequitur, impression, de signs, extreme, contentedness, go downs, brick wall, part two, re-nown, liquefactions, de cree, dis-continuances, disbandment, de feat, peroration, predetermination, de feasance, out cropping, dis-junctions, ballgame, number up, kissoff, dis-solutions, dis continuities, pro-duct, ballgames, carrying throughs, dis-uniting, lap the gods, doom, sur-face, handwriting wall, INS, to finish, re-leases, de compositions, expiries, absolutes, de feasances, checkings, after-lives, coda, tossup, last stage, out-comes, dislodgments, nth degree, re-actions, re pose, sub stances, illations, ex cess, cutoff points, byproduct, foreordination, patina, ex-terminations, de functions, out side, defunctions, carrying through, de lays, in validations, de-cay, up-shot, re solves, pro-fits, crowning glory, kiss offs, follow ups, NEBS, re legations, crowning touches, far outs, doing to a t, dis charge, lap the god, ex-patriations, any cases, impeccabilities, dis-continuity, de-ferments, dismissal, stopping, de crees, re-lease, weightiness, pinnacle, pre-determination, windup, limit, the worsts, after maths, after lives, predeterminations, high points, Hips, meltings, goingsons, harvesttime, Artifacts, break-off, sign-off, transcendence, re-vocations, sur face, dis-missal, de mise, dis-continuance, hind part, dischargings, breathing spell, entireness, meltdown, over-throws, can worms, outcroppings, exquisitenesses, chasers, fate, pro traction, demise, fore ordinations, pursuance, butt end, blow off, breaking ups, re-vocation, achievings, relegation, materialization, kiss-offs, re scission, patinas, Perfectness, re maining, mosts, pre-dominance, sub version, re solve, death, dis placement, mop-up, eventuality, after pieces, splitups, finale, wrap ups, blow-offs, ex-cess, re-turns, pro-rogations, blow-off, stayings, the mosts, de-terminations, fag end, follow up, breakoff, utter-most, Postlude, Defunction, let-ups, out growth, catastrophe, where ones headings, de ferments, harvesttimes, quiescency, sub-versions, final curtain, disbandments, re peals, causatums, de cays, doing t, heave-ho, Impeccability, last acts, dis integration, out-sides, dis possession, doing it t, concluding speeches, desistances, lap of god, utter-mosts, de-termination, de lay, butt ends, after-maths, consummation, out comes, dis junction, mopups, de-positions, resultant, cleanup, re-solves, mis adventures, ceasings, dis-appearance, dis placements, period, desirabilities, dis continuations, re-laxation, de-crees, dyings, After-piece, wrap-ups, tag ends, consequence, completion, final causes, idealisms, reflexes, finish, de feats, dis patches, omegas, After-life, disbarment, Capper, ex-cesses, carrying outs, pre dominance, dis patch, concluding speech, sub-version, divine will, follow-ups, crowning touch, weightinesses, re mission, where one's heading, pro duces, nullification, re-missions, dis continuation, last out, dis lodgment, liquefaction, way ball bounces, de-ceases, dis-integrations, re action, phoenix, re-straining, crowning points, hind ends, all the way, mis adventure, mis chances, kicks observance, sub stance, flak, old heave hos, inordinancy, phoenixes, signoff, mop-ups, terminatings, in-gathering, cutoff point, fixed future, out-growth, illation, crownings, re spites, ultimates, ensual, de-notations, in take, overturnings, blank wall, last roundups, doing a t, de-mise, fixed futures, end of the road, deterrings, ripeness, dis union, in gatherings, kissoffs, ex tent, height, de solations, elapsings, dis-continuation, mis chance, finalization, dis solutions, dis junctions, contentednesses, dis possessions, last part, de-composition, re-mote, renowns, wheel fortune, cleanups, discontinuance, re laxation, discontinuings, prorogations, out growths, dis-placement, end line, idealism, farthest point, de solation, wind ups, desirability, dissolution, de-sign, upshot, break-offs, re cesses, de-feats, outcropping, ex terminations, de sign, post-lude, passing, heave ho, middle, in validation, doing to t, de termination, ex-patriation, final cause, dis continuances, perfection, result, pro duce, termination, handwriting on wall, quashings, issue, finalizations, inter missions, dis-continuities, dis-possession, blank walls, screeching halts, wrap-up, Rescindment, last roundup, dis charges, closure, up shots, dis-union, final thrill, pro-tractions, desistings, rescindings, dis connections, where one's headings, out-come, pre-destination, hind end, ex-tent, sign off, de-mises, influence, corollary, out puts, mis-fortunes, denouement, pro fit, toss up, re-peals, omega, fag ends, pre dominances, to a finish, max, ripenesses, de-position, over throw, re-flex, re-spite, de-functions, sub versions, in-takes, de composition, de-cree, harvest, closers, brush offs, interregnum, pre destinations, borderlines, dis-charges, where heading, stop, split-ups, split ups, interruption, voidance, fruitages, end, dis-continuations, harvest-time, over turning, final thrills, sign offs, re turns, re spite, conclusion, ingatherings, the worst, neb, de notation, afterpiece, re-percussion, dis lodgments, over throws, the most, re flex, re legation, bringing abouts, in takes, dis-connection, dis unions, way cookie crumbles, re solutions, harvest times, ex-termination, winding-ups, transcendences, sublimity, heavehos, re-laxations, artifact, lights outs, pro fits, mis-adventure, fruitage, after-pieces, lap of gods, post script, post lude, sign-offs, breakoffs, divine wills, utmosts, quiescencies, re actions, dis-placements, value, ending, nib, any case, last parts, de ceases, re-solve, number's ups, end of line, conges, re-solution, break offs, time out, uttermosts, de mises, number's up, last stages, de-lays, where one heading, sequel, mop up, re motes, let ups, re-pose, caudal appendages, out-growths, end road, mis fortune, suspension, windingups, doing it to t, stallings, ex patriations, Re-turn, after math, foreordinations, re-lief, screeching halt, re gards, goings-ons, moirais, fore ordination, dis charging, Desistance, relegations, expiration, bournes, heaveho, pro rogation, re striction, close, all way, Interregnums, after effect, utter mosts, out-puts, re straining, dis integrations, effect, dis continuance, over-turnings, crowning glories, doing it a t, pro ducts, After-math, grinding halts, re-cess, way the ball bounce, synthetics, haltings, re-aping, number ups, dis appearances, re turn, re scissions, inescapableness, re-legation, serviceableness, re nown, re percussions, winding-up, de-signs, expiry, outgrowth, interregna, re-solutions, housecleaning, blow offs, in gathering, way ball bounce, last, up shot, re lease, pre destination, post-ludes, windingup, brick walls, perorations, prorogation, wrapups, re-action, re lief, lap of the gods, winding ups, finishing, sur faces, farthest points, spin off, afterpieces, de ferment, dis continuing, decoctions, tailpieces, heave hos, let-up, de-cease, yieldings, dis-patches, end the line, empennages, re peal, dis continuity, post scripts, brush-off, pre-destinations, post-scripts, bourne, end of road, brushoffs, necrosises, out sides, goingson, dis missals, pre determination, where headings, concludings, a finishes, goings ons, re percussion, pro rogations, de-compositions, decoction, causatum, dis-appearances, epilogue, Deposal, follow throughs, deposals, remotes, way the cookie crumble, lap of the god, de notations, de-feasances, empennage, utmost degrees, re strictions, adjournment, dis-lodgments, mis fortunes, de positions, re leases, in-gatherings, high point, re-scissions, sub-stance, way cookie crumble, dis missal, old heavehos, dis uniting, finis, re flexes, post-script, ex-tents, part twos, in-validation, dis-charging, the max, faultlessness, discontinuation, lap gods, brush-offs, utter most, to a finishes, voidings, dis-connections, dis-possessions, after life, finishings, brushoff, pro-duces, term, blowoffs, over turnings, abolition, head, mis-adventures, dis solution, de cay, chaser, product, handwriting the wall, sake, postludes, faultlessnesses, dis-integration, end piece, de terminations, reapings, closing, croppings, crowning point, de-solation, respite, waggers, re missions, utmost degree, re-striction, where ones heading, wind-ups, over-throw, eternal rest, disbarments, de-solations, garnerings, discontinuity, dis-patch, dis appearance, de-notation, up-shots, the maxes, meltdowns, de-lay, pre-determinations, de-feasance, windups, signoffs, goings-on, rescindments, go-down, cappers, dis-solution, re verse, dis-missals, de-feat, godown, a finish, mop ups, blowoff, re-scission, re-percussions, fruit, de-cays, tailpiece, last outs, storings, re-strictions, de cease, de-ferment, arrest, dis-continuing, re-spites, disunitings, wagger, exquisiteness, in-take, re-flexes, just ticket, by product, caudal appendage, event, effectings, way the ball bounces, inescapablenesses, after piece, re-verse, Excellencies, culmination, you got its, way the cookie crumbles, wrapup, in tent, perfectnesses, terminus, de-function, re laxations, aftereffect, codas, old heave-hos, cessation, de position, rudder, breathing spells, re-gard, re vocations, finises, grinding halt, old heave-ho, passing overs, screaming halts, dislodgment, pro-traction, over-turning, wind-up, de function, cutoff, lap god, end points, wiping outs, end the road, dis-unions, dis-junction, numbers ups, putting offs, pursuances, pro tractions, re-mission, dis-lodgment, ensuals, sub-stances, dis-charge, old heaveho, dis connection, re vocation, followup.