Pronunciation of Conciseness
/kənsˈa͡ɪsnəs/, /kənsˈa‍ɪsnəs/, /k_ə_n_s_ˈaɪ_s_n_ə_s/

Antonyms for conciseness

windiness, expansiveness, repetitiveness, expansion, tautology, Macrology, floridness, flowery languages, copiosity, dis-courses, windinesses, verbal evasion, profuseness, verbomania, largeness, discursiveness, super-abundance, co piosities, lengthiness, in-flection, macrologies, logorrheas, discursivenesses, diction, fustians, beating around bush, co piousness, re petitions, euphuism, repetitiousness, verbigeration, diffuseness, in directnesses, long windednesses, gassinesses, longwindedness, Floridity, pro fusions, pro-fusions, in-directness, talkativeness, stretching, hyper bole, permanence, flowery language, beating around the bush, co-piosity, de-liveries, catalogic, dis-cursivenesses, command language, hyper boles, wordage, catalogics, long windedness, protraction, dis cursivenesses, longevity, periphrasis, bigness, dis cursiveness, Periphrase, gongorisms, loquaciousnesses, pleonasm, eloquence, volubility, spread, gassiness, co-piousness, officialese, dis-cursiveness, Periphrases, elongation, prolongation, dis courses, de-livery, over-abundance, officialeses, super-abundances, de liveries, Purism, over-abundances, in flections, greatness, pro-fusion, wordages, in-directnesses, in directness, ramblings, growth, longwindednesses, de livery, verbal evasions, hyper-boles, extension, indirectnesses, verbomanias, circumambages, re-petitions, verbiage, over abundances, hyper-bole, super abundances, verboseness, indirectness, long-windednesses, redundancy, supererogation, heftiness, Verbality, verbigerations, dis-course, loquaciousness, over abundance, copiosities, bulkiness, gift gab, verbalities, dis course, wordiness, floridnesses, redundances, Circumambage, command of language, re petition, long-windedness, rhetoric, re-petition, prolixity, co piosity, tautologies, co piousnesses, purisms, floridities, expansivenesses, circumlocution, roundabouts, co-piosities, co-piousnesses.